Remember how you voted before the playoffs began … I picked Amat girls hoops .. but St. Lucy’s water polo looks like the real deal

If you were voting now, St. Lucy’s girls water polo sure looks good, so does Bonita girls water polo, which wasn’t on the list. But the favorites that most selected are still in play, Damien boys basketball, Bishop Amat girls soccer, Bonita girls basketball. Curiously, not many picked Lutheran, maybe it’s that smaller school Price they’re worried about. P.S. – For Saturday’s Amat-Bonita game, I vote they play down the street at Edgewood, my alma mater. Covina or Northview are very good new gyms too. I here that Arroyo is probably out, let’s just hope they keep it close, it’s going to pour on Saturday night…

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  • SaintsR4real


    IMO…, you’re missing San Dimas Girls Soccer on this poll.

    It’s a long road, good luck Lady Saints!

    Good Luck to all SGV Teams!

  • SGV Fan

    I saw the first game between Bonita & Amat, great game. I would “Love” to see a rematch. I think Amat has veteran team and awesome fan support. Bonita’s shooters are good but Galarza and Austin from Amat are “very very underrated” players in the valley. Also Amat’s in a serious tough Del Rey League. Taking about battle tested! If Bonita continues to build young team, they will take spotlight in the coming years. They have a good front line (post) players. Great remath if it happens especially for the SGV!

  • St. Lucy’s/Damien in the House

    Good Luck Regents and Spartans!

    To the St. Lucy’s Waterpolo Team: Go for the Ring. Make this 2010-2011 Season the best ever. The Regent Family would love to see another CIF Ring this year!!!!

    To the Damien Spartan Men: Good Luck Friday night in the Semi’s. This is your time. Go for the Ring!!!! Make Sparta Proud!

  • Aaron

    So Bonita girls water polo isn’t for real…I got the Bonita girls basketball team in a rematch.

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Still praying for the Saints to go all the way.