Girls Hoops: Bonita punches its ticket to the Big Dance, wins rematch with Bishop Amat, 65-53; Diamond Ranch falls to Serra in OT, 82-70

CIF-SS girls basketball semifinals
Division 3A

Bonita 65, Bishop Amat 53
Division 3AA
Serra 82, Diamond Ranch 70, OT

At Anaheim Convention Center, 8:15 p.m.
Bonita vs. Orange Lutheran

Bonita’s Nikki Wheatley might be the best freshman I’ve ever seen. At least it feels like that after the performance she delivered tonight. Wheatley helped the Bearcats rally from a 30-26 halftime deficit, scoring 19 of her game high 26 points in the second half to lead the Bearcats to a 65-53 win over Amat and their first appearance in a championship game next week. Bonita won with a solid effort from their big four, who all finished in double figures. Taylor Anderson poured in 17 points and Madison Zylstra and Brianna Kennedy scored 11 each. Amat was paced by Vianai Austin (17 points) and Leeah Powell (16 points). Andrea Villanueva chipped in with 13 and Leticia Galarza had 7. That was it, four players from both teams providing all the scoring. When it was over, I followed the celebration on my little flip cam and talked to Wheatley, Anderson and Bonita coach Darrin Baumunk. It’s great stuff, check it out.

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  • Amat Honk

    Roll, Amat Blue Tide, Roll!!!! Good Luck Lady Lancers! Go Amat!!!

  • Aaron

    Wait…so why can’t this be at Damien? Idk what the capacity of the SAC is at Amat…but Ayala is not convenient for either team.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Aaron. This is a home game for AMAT isn’t it . Not sure why the game is not at AMAT. But either way Ayala seems like a neutral court compared to Damien’s for both parties. Nice try though . As they say no harm in trying . Good luck to both teams but just a little more for the AMAT Girls.

  • Joe Amat

    A smart coach when picking a “neutral site” will try to choose one that his team is familiar with and the opponent is not. Semi-finals must be at a neutral site – defined as a location where the team has not *practiced*.

    Since Bonita has played a game at Damien this year against San Dimas, it hardly would seem intelligent to play at a venue that Bonita is more familiar with than Amat?


  • Aaron

    Amat 73,

    I think you got me wrong here. I only used Damien as an example for this. I think Ayala isn’t the best place as it’s not close to either school. I said Damien because it’s a great facility…I’m sure you would prefer APU though.

  • AMAT 73

    Joe AMAT,
    I knew you would come thru with the reason for the game not being played at AMAT .
    Actually I would prefer the game at AMAT but since we have the CIF ruling from Joe so I guess the Ayala choice seems much more neutral then Damien ( Freudian slip perhaps) and besides I would wager the Pit would come out in full force to root Bonita on and make life miserable for the Lady Lancers.

  • Aaron

    I would be fine if it was played at the SAC…but since I’m not near La Verne I wouldn’t be the one making the drive there…but I think the one to Ayala may be worse.

  • ghettofab


    when all is said in done your still in west covina and were still in La Verne lmao

  • Bulldog1

    At the end of the day, remember, girls basketball is played with a ball which means Bonitas girls basketball will lose, Prediction, by 8 pts.
    Ghettofab, the last time I checked, your little soft town of La Verne had several graffiti littered buildings along arrow hwy, nothing to be proud of my friend, and arent you surrounded by Pomona and San Dimas? The armpits of California?

  • Where does it Start or End

    Your both a great reflection of your city and are getting the backlash you created.
    I agree with really? – you should really check your facts on the academics. Really – you should.

    So does WC have a Heisman Trophy Winner? I mean please, where does it Start or End with you people?
    Bonita does – you should come over to the office and check it out. I’m sure you have never seen one up close its much bigger than a CIF ring.
    We’ll come kiss your CIF rings if your willing to come polish our Heisman Trophy!

    The girls basketball team has been great all year and your prediction might be right and it might not – but ATLEAST THEY ARE STILL PLAYING!
    I think these are the same Bonita girls that bounced the same ball the WC girls do and Bonita beat them by 29! – Ouch!

  • just sayin’

    Wow! People talk about Amat living in the past because they haven’t won since 1996 and Bonita keeps talking about a Heisman -from the NINETEEN-FORTIES when there were about 120 NCAA schools and teams like Hardin-Simmons and William&Mary were on the Top 20! Eric Bieniemy’s 3rd place Heisman finish might be more impressive. Can you polish that 1946 Heisman – or were they whittled outta some log back then?

  • Bulldog1

    Glenn Davis, “Mr. Outside played football at Bonita in 1942 on the school’s football championship. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President of the 48 States of the United States of America, Hawaii and Alaska havent been invited yet, all of the best athletes were fighting a war in Europe or Japan. It must seem like just yesterday to you, you old fart! My great great Grampa might remember that. By the way, Cal Poly Pomona might have that Heisman trophy on display. Cal Poly Pomona? Really? That trophy might be more valuable as an antique! Im sure Glenn Davis was a wonderful guy, from a little town with some class at the time, but if he heard you spoiled Bonita San Dimas Glendora and Clairmont people now, he would turn over in his grave and deny ever going to High School there. In the day, football was the lowest rung on the sports ladder, less popular than Badminton. Could you imagine someone from Cal poly Pomona winning a Heisman trophy these days? Wow how times have changed, now they make the trophy out of metal.

  • AMAT 73


    Come on now man. What is it that has you on a vendetta attack on the folks from Bonita. I see you all over the blog attacking them every which way you can. You have to admit they are having a nice run in all sports. Sure they have yet to bring a title home but you are doing a great injustice to the students of Bonita who are out there giving it their all. It is one thing to go one on one with a fellow blogger but you are going overboard with your attacks. At least they are a school from the SGV still in the hunt reppen the valley. I don’t see WC making any noise at this time in sports other than you harping and harping.

  • Bulldog1

    Amat73, it sounds like your’e jealous because youre being left out of the party. What, no one talking about Amat? Talk about being annoying. Any CIF champs coming out of the beautiful town of La Puente this year? Ok, youre football team gagged on the big one too! Youre not worth it and youre not allowed to kiss the ring!
    There, Feel better now?

  • just sayin’

    Bulldog1 -if I remember your football team gagged two years in a row against the Lancers and any time you step up in competition . Any other championships… who knows? Amat’s girls basketball AND girls soccer are both still in the hunt – didn’t you read this headline? I think that’s EXACTLY what we’re talking about. Sounds like you’re the one left out

  • AMAT 73

    You don’t want to go down that road with me do you. Remember we do have head to head history in football or have you blanked the 2 nightmare games out of your pea brain . Only put my 2 cents in because you are just continually beating a dead horse with your dislike for Bonita and their fans . Nothing wrong with being a homer for your chosen school as you are doing the same thing as them by kiss the ring BS you speak of aren’t you . Bonita is having a great run in sports these days and for to not admit it sounds more like you being the jealous. Oh and about AMAT just scan the blog and see how many threads or pictures contain us and how many contain WC. Just look at what school is mentioned first in the topic of this thread , but you did see that didn’t you. Funny thing is I don’t see WC’s name anywhere .

  • Bulldog1

    just sayin, nice work Sherlock. If you read an earlier post, I have Amats girls basketball team beating the kittens by 8 pts my illiterate friend. Amat setenta y tres of La Puente, still waiting for youre final answer on CIF champions for this year? really, think I am doing a great injustice to the students? Does your kid read this stuff? The kids probably think youre a joke and dont take you very seriously. Of course Fred has a lot of pictures of Amat, but when it comes to picture of CIF champs, there arent any of Amat.
    Like I said earlier, we win with class and humility always.
    just sayin, you may kneel down and kiss the ring.
    Amat setenta y tres, you may not kiss the ring.

  • Aaron

    I do not see “you” winning anything right now. You don’t see me going off on the same nonsense just for nonsense sake.

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron. Bonita hasnt won anything yet either, all year long as a matter of fact. I think you just put the jinx on your girls game tomorrow night. Amat by 8!!! Baseball track and field are coming soon! Let the nightmares continue….

  • Aaron

    Nightmares…? Man you’re scary, the girls will do it on the court. We have faith in them playing hard every second like they’ve been taught.

    Winning is not everything, but it sure is a fantastic result.


  • Dad

    Finally the SGV writes about about this season’s Amat girls basketball .. Oh wait, its about Bonita HS too … nevermind, can’t wait !!!

  • FredJ

    Have we not had a story and result for Amat girls basketball in every round of the playoffs?

  • really?

    stop hating, support your fellow sgv teams…


    Tonight’s games, was a proud moment for Bonita’s parents and teammates. We won this game with pure skill and determination!!!! Our girls worked so hard and deserve their place in final round!!!! I want our girls to know i love them and know that we played a beautiful game tonight!!!!! GO BEARCAT PROUND!!!! WAY TO GO OUR TEAM AND THE SEVEN SENIORS!!!! We needed a year PERFECT!!!!!! CONGRATS LADY BEARCATS!!!!!!

  • Fun night. Amat couldn’t match Bonita (Nikki Wheatley) in the third and that was that. She is incredible. Hopefully the Bearcats beat O-Lu for all the marbles and Amat makes the state playoffs. Maybe they can meet again, no?

  • Bulldog1

    Nice job Bonita Girls. Now win the big one and get the ring.

  • Bonita03

    Bulldog1 you must be a little fat man that can’t play sports or your kid is a litte fat one who can’ play sports. So why don’t you blog else-where

  • Bulldog1

    Bonita03, this is why Bonita is so disliked and disrespected in the local area. I gave your girls their due props, and people like you come on and insult the congratulator. You have no class!
    At West Covina, we win with class and humility, Bonita, you should learn by our example of class and high moral standards. Bonita doesnt rep the SGV well.

  • Amat69

    Hate so admit it, but bulldog is right. I was surprised to see this morning bulldog congratulating a la verne team, I dont like what bulldog writes sometimes, but in this case bonita comes of looking petty and spoiled!
    Amat fan, I hope what your saying isnt true, if it is that would be completely classless on bonitas part! If youre just making it up because we lost, its totally classless on your part.
    Im looking forward to our baseball game with bonita, I like our chances.

  • just askin’

    if I remember – didn’t Amat lose in the semi’s last year and go on to reach Sacramento and the State Finals vs the #1 team in the nation?

  • Dad

    First of all, congrats to Bonita, their girls played like Champs last night, Amat had many come from behind wins in other big games while on their way to becoming league champs this season, (you wouldn’t know this if you relied on the SGV tribune) … but unfortunately, some of Bonitas’ starters’ behavior afterwards was at best, disapointing … It made for a teachable moment between my daughter & me, Ty Cobb came to mind, a great player, but an ass none the less … BTW Bonita your words provided enough motivation for Amat to want to play you again come regionals

  • Bulldog1

    West Covina High School made history Saturday.
    The Bulldogs, paced by junior Samantha Ortiz, won the first CIF State girls wrestling championship.
    Lots of money being spent on rings in Bulldog land.
    Nice going girls. I love the way All West Covina sports compete. Always with humility and class.
    Fred, Americas High School yet?
    Go Bulldogs….

  • Denise Reynolds

    Seems like everyone on their worst day has more class than Bonita. Whod a thought the girls would have been the one with the least amount of class!

  • another bo hi parent

    this seems wrong, I was around all the girls and parents from end of game till bus ride, did not hear anything but happiness and relief. No racist or disrespectful comments period. The coaches and parents were happy, humble and behaved with class. In fact they worked to avoid a group of upset parents.
    Bonita 03 does not represent this group of adults or the players, neither Bulldog-who can have some cruel words or the Amat folk deserve what was said, and the response really brings a question of credibility and their is not a place for it.
    The game was hard fought, phyiscal at times and well played by both.

    Good luck to both going forward.

  • Uncle Ben

    Theres something special about a winner with class, nothing special about the Bonita girls basketball team, you are tainted! You did it to yourselves. Shame on you. Win or lose you are truly losers!

  • Bystander

    This is ridiculous. People are making up things that were never said and slandering high school girls just because of their hate for Bonita. The Bonita girls acted with class the whole time and do not deserve these false accusations.

  • DR Fan

    I was at the DRanch-Serra game. The reporter who wrote that story doesn’t have a clue on the game. DRanch got totally SCREWED and should have won the game in regulation. The player from Serra that hit the shot with 10 seconds to go in regulation had fouled out of the game. She was then allowed to return to the game after the scorekeeper from Serra changed the book. DRanch protested but the official let the player back into the game. Barnes and Williams were incredible all night long. Barnes finished with 28 and Williams finished with 26. It’s just a shame when people have to resort to cheating kids for their own benifit.

    DRanch had a great play-off run and seems to be peeking at the right time. Now they must wait to hear if they get into the State Tourney. If things fall just right, they could get another shot at Bonita. Both those games were barn burners earlier this season.

  • Aaron

    It doesn’t matter what I think. However, I will say this: knowing the way many of these girls were brought up having grown up in the same community; spreading lies on a blog is cheap.

    Amat lost, the Bonita girls adjusted and made sure they wouldn’t be in the position they were in the last time. Also look at the Bonita team…it’s quite cosmopolitan so don’t tell me they’re yelling out racial slurs…are you serious?

  • Dad

    Bystander, there was no hate for Bonita … the truth is, last night there were Amat families in the mix while a few of “Bonitas starters” were outside the gym (with a Bonita male adult)referring to Amat girls in an inapropriate manner … I understand, it’s easier to deny it, than it is to own up, & deal with it … but, hopefully if Bonita keeps winning, you’ll learn to respect and appreciate your opponents in victory …

  • Brandon Cartright

    Aaron, were you there? Shhhh.I was!

  • Cut To The Chase

    It’s unfortunate that this type of behavior from one player tainted the team and community as a whole (IF) its true. Why don’t you just come out and say who it was? Or the jersey number? Is it because it really never happened and you want to take the attention away from the fact you lost?

  • just sayin’

    have seen a too many games at Serra where there are clock/scoreboard “malfunctions/discrepancies” so it doesn’t surprise me. Although I remember a little clock snafu at an Amat?DR game too…

  • BonitaFan

    Bontia Won the game disscuison over.
    they are being accused of acting with no class but yet not one parent can say who it was or when this happened and one of your players got a T during the game for almost starting a fight so who really doesnt have class ?? Anyways you can leave as many comments as you want leave 1000 but you still lost ?
    So move on ..

  • old timer

    Aaron reminds me of the little league coach that read a book on how to coach. No first hand knowledge what so ever. All through football season we heard the same.

  • just sayin’

    jmcdonoughs right, You Bonita folks would have credibility if you use your real names if you want some girls name or jersey number reviled. It seems to me when theres smoke theres fire. I think the Amat folks are showing a lot of class by withholding names and numbers, but then again you Bonita people already know that.

  • Bonita03

    So bulldog1 says one thing nice to his 32 rude comments. Don’t let the little fat man off the hook.

  • Dad

    Bearcats, you don’t get it … its not about the game, its about character, your girls displayed poor sportsmanship after the game, & it took awhile to calm my daughter down, even after that, my daughter wished the Bonita coach luck, thats what I’m talking about … its about learning to appreciae the game enough to respect your opponent, its NOT about the “black or mexican” but rather the worthy opponent that you just competed against … The SGV tribune prep writers contributes to this too by providing a biased POV rather than acknowledging ALL the positives and achievements of those who compete .. I guess it might be too much to understand the honor of winning in sports when its your first time at it … my suggestion: read a book writen by John Wooden

  • Aaron

    There’s a lot of people on here that don’t use their real names. I use my first name…you don’t need the last because if you really needed to know there’s way more than a handful that know who I am.

    As far as credibility is concerned with Basketball, I’m just a fan of it. Only play pick up games in the gym.

  • Amat69

    Amat dad, what is this, the I got called a Mexican controversy? I am proud to be a Mexican arent you? Dont be afraid or ashamed of our heritage.
    Make no mistake, YOU ARE EMBARASING US! As a school and as a race! We lost and Bonita Won, hopefully if were good enough next year well have a re-match. Bonita is showing tremendous class and restraint in their victory and celebrations.
    Good luck to Bonita. Take home a win next Wednesday in Anaheim.

  • Puro Bcats!

    Nikki W. is the best female basketball player in the SGV, period. I think Bonita will finally win a CIF title. Good luck next week. Go Cats!

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m out golfing all day and come back to all these ridiculous comments about Bonita — this he said she said about comments after a game. I was on the floor after the game and walked out with several players, nothing but class on both sides. If you’re an Amat fan or simply a Bonita hater and you have a problem with something that was allegedly said afterward, call Bonita on Monday and discuss it with administrators. Why would you want to air it on this blog and rain on the parade of a team, their school and community when they should be enjoying their moment? That’s just being a sore loser, and bringing it here makes you an ever bigger sore loser..

    BTW, I deleted several comments and don’t care if you don’t like it.

  • Denise Reynolds

    Real classy Bonita, Bulldog1 is a great dad, he supports the high school and coaches local baseball teams, he has two wonderful twin boys that are juniors and they are stud baseball players here on the varsity here at West Covina.

  • JRod

    Well the Bearcats did have an excellent game of basketball that night. Congratulation to Bonita on that. But I well enough have seen the best of Amat throughout the entire season, and their performance last night was not their “top noche” performance. On top of that, there were many questionable calls from the refs. If I remember correctly, it was 5 fouls on Amat and 2 fouls on Bonita with just 4 minutes in the second half. 7 fouls in just FOUR minutes? That could also have been a factor on the Lancer’s loss. In my book, I still believe Amat is the better of both teams, but I give credit to the Bonita Bearcats and their win last night. Don’t worry Amat, state playoffs is indeed calling your name.

  • Bonita girls have too much talent…Anderson to LMU,Kennedy will get a D-1 ride next yr.,Wheatley will be in the wnba ,if it’s still around in 7 yrs. that’s not mentioning the all-time leading scorer Zylstra. It was a great 2 games. Talent over coaching. Amat has tough girls and a GREAT coach..sometimes that is not enough.

  • Go Bonita

    Bonita High School Sports is on the raise BIG TIME. Mens BB, Womens BB, Mens Baseball, Mens Football..

    Hate all you want, its the Bearcat Nation!

  • jcaz


    yes, it is true that sometimes teams do have off nights. Jst look a tthat tessor game if you have any doubts.

    BUT, the fact is that the team that played the better game that night, is the team who gets to go home with all teh bragging rights.

    Look, you may be abolsutly right on target when you said that the refering may have some how influenced that game, but if you really look at things objectivly, saying that, or even impling that, is simply sour grapes.

    They won, get over it.

    Having said that, I am sure that the Amat girls baskeball team will have an oportunity to redeam themselfs in the not to distant furture.

    Right now, all I see here is that both teams have won one game against the other. So as far as I am concerned, it’s the tie breaker that makes all the differencve in the world.

    let’s see if good coaching and a couple of tough girls can win the big one down the line later on.

  • Dad

    Amat 69: there were deletions from this blog that take away from the truth, so shame on Fred for creating a false reality with regards to the ugly side of sport, your responce is your opinion, and that serves the purpose for this blog, but you know nothing of who I am, my mexican family or what my daughter has contributed to Amat basketball … so STFU ! … I am proud of these Amat girls, win or loose, and make no mistake, loosing to Bonita was not sour grapes to us who represent Amat that night, the Bearcats have talent, played a good game, and were benificiaries of good coaching adjustments, hustle, clutch shooting and poor officiating. None of that though speaks to how one should act when you win, or loose for that matter. It’s unfortunate that people far from what happen that evening make judgements of what was said of how some reacted to that type of behavior after the game … Fred is welcome to talk to the Amat girls about this if he’s really interested in what really went on, but today we’re past it, moving on and preparing for our next opportunity this season, proud mexican or not, YOU are a jerk, and as far as i’m concerned this season is far from over …

  • Bonita Parent

    :Great game for us but I want to give Amat’s #21 Vianai Austin a shout out. She played an awesome game and she is just as talented as our players. I like the game of basketball and despite her technical foul, she was going to the basket with style and played good defense before she fouled out. Come on fellow Bonita folks, lets keep it real. Austin is a very good player!

  • Amat69

    Amat Dad,
    Looks like I touched a nerve. Youre still an Embarrassment to our school and your daughter.
    So much for losing with class. Looking at the big picture now and listening to your goofy ass rants; Im glad Bonita beat us they have more class than our girls and you. Congrats, Dad, your daughter is well on the way to being a spoiled loser little brat like her Daddy!

  • Amat Alum

    To the Bonita Parent, Thank you for the compliment regarding Amat’s Vianai Austin. That was a comment which was much needed between both schools. Austin’s is a good player and she’s had an outstanding year. Like some of the Bonita players, Austin will be also playing next year in college (I think SF St or a school in SF). She’s following the same footsteps into college like her brother Dominique Austin who was a 2 time SGV football player at Amat and currently playing at the Univ of Arizona. Both are good kids from a very good family. Good luck to you in the finals.