Hoops: Boys and Girls player of the year? Boys and Girls first team? Coaches of the year?

While we wrap up CIF championships this week, time to start discussing the big decisions. Who is your boys and girls basketball player of the year? Who are the boys and girls coaches of the year? And finally, the Tribune first-team is made up of the player of the year plus five players, so start your nominations. Should look like this
Player of the year:
Coach of the year:
First team (any combination of five, can be three guards, two forwards; two guards, three forwards or a traditional two guards, two forwards and a center).

Bonita photo gallery, last team standing: The Bonita girls basketball team will face Orange Lutheran in the CIF-SS Division 3A championship on Wednesday at the Anaheim Arena, 8:30 p.m.

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  • Aaron

    Girls:Darren Baumunk, I want to say Madison Zylstra but it may be Nikki Wheatley and what an accomplishment that would be as a frosh.
    Boys: Matt Dunn, don’t know enough of the players to make that judgement.

  • No Brainer

    POY will be easy selections. Chris Reyes, Damien, Boys POY and Nikki Wheatley, Bonita, Girls POY.

  • sgv basketball

    COY Matt Dunn
    POY Chris Reyes Damien

    1st Team

    Jerret La Verne Lutheran
    Johnson Northview
    Northrup Bonita
    Cooper La Verne Lutheran
    Colletta Glendora

  • HS fan

    Wow Fred, sounds like a popularity question, there’s alot to talent outside of stats. too, but I can understand you asking, seeng that you don’t know much about the subject.

  • Fan

    I would like to see Amat’s Vianai Austin on first or second team. I saw her play a few times and against Bonita. She scores, rebounds, and plays defense against taller players. She’s a very underrated player for Amat. Nikki Wheatley for player of the year!


    You need to put up some names and stats their are to many schools and kids. Help us out Freddy I would hate to forget about anyone that is deserving.

  • FredJ

    This is for you to discuss, I’m not proving a list, I have a list in mind that I’m keeping to myself and discussing with staff. For those who can’t access rosters, stats or names because several schools don’t provide it, welcome to my world.

  • Joe Amat

    go to MaxPreps and you can check them out. Except maybe for at least one notable school !:?)

  • daily ref

    anderson-bhs POY
    coach baumunk

    coach- dunn
    POY between or co reyes/jarrett would have said northrop if beat damien his number must be crazy???

  • Lut Fan

    said:PoY Jerrett La Verne Lutheran top #10 in the nation,all tournament team both Beach Classic SC.,Bass Pro TOC,solid stats all yr!played big against Price ,game high 26pts. shut down there best player to 10 pts. should i say more ,no dis respect to the other great players in the SGV!

  • all around

    Poy Jerrett lavern lutheran
    1. Butler- Bonita (the other guard is selfish and horrib;e)

    2. Reyes Damien- super junior

    3. Johnson- Northview Big time scorer

    4. Cooper Lavern Luteran Best one two punch around

    5. Rodriguez- As tough as they come

  • review

    from what I saw
    Baumunk- bonita
    Zylstra/ Anderson bonita co-POY
    boys-Dunn Damien

  • POY – Anderson – Bonita
    1st Team
    Austin Amat
    Barnes – DR
    Zylstra – Bonita
    Galarza – Amat
    Wheatley – Bonita

  • keeping it real

    poy-anderson bhs
    bonita coach
    johnson- nview
    dunn- coy

  • I will take a stab at it

    Are we talking strictly SGV or can we consider teams that play in the leagues that contain SGV players such as the Sierra League with CHHS and Ayala? Just asking.

    For starters, if we are going with just strictly geographically SGV teams I would go with the following:

    Jerret (LVL)
    Reyes (Damien)
    CJ Cooper (LVL
    John Gilliam (Is Upland too far East for SGV?)
    Johnson (Northview)
    Northrop (Bonita)

    Colletta not even in the top 20 and defnitely not top ten

  • Buddy Ridel

    Ray Santos, Nogales HS lead guard (Valle Vista league) should be league MVP. 54 pts in 1 game, UNSTOPPABLE all season long. Valle Vista coaches knows who I’m talking about. Give the kid what he deserves!

    Dunn for coach of the year

  • Girls Fan

    Fred could you tell us at least what standards you staff will be using? curious like stats or Competition?
    My picks for girls and we have some good players in the area this year!

    Wheatley should be the wise pick. If Anderson is considered for POY because of her all around game then Amat’s Austin should be considered to because she does the same things for Amat. Being in the CIF finals helps Anderson.

    POY: Wheatley-Bon

    Very good players this year but hard choices!

  • I got it right

    COY: Dunn -Damien

    POY: Rodriguez – Amat – tougher than they come; willed team to Semis last year and quarters this year.

    1st team:
    G. Cooper – LVL – makes that team go
    G. Colletta – GHS – outstanding year in always tough baseline
    F. Francis – Northview – strong season; outshined Johnson
    F. Reyes – Damien – dominates on both ends of the floor; makes temmates better
    C. Jerrett – LVL – force to be reckoned with; great one two punch

    honorable mention: Butler – Bonita – 4th best guard in the Valley.

  • You got it wrong

    Johnson and Francis both averaged 21 ppg this year, but Johnson averaged more rebounds, assists and had fewer turnovers. Johnson was much more of a team player who could be counted on to show up every game. Francis also benefited from Johnson being doubled and tripled teamed.

  • vicki

    Its sad some schools in div 3aa werent even elgibile pick any players not even to recognize for 2nd team…just because you are a first and second place team..There are still other individuals that werent on those teams that should have been recognized…Its a shame! šŸ™

  • watch the game

    go to a couple games besides your team before you comment on sgv
    Dunn- damiencoach
    jarret- lvl POY
    northrop- bonita no brainer, if in semis…POY
    cj cooper- lvl another no brainer
    johnson- nview, explained well alread
    reyes- might be co-poy?
    watson-rowland or gholor-walnut
    baumunk- bonita
    zylstra-bonita, underated all time scorer ever
    anderson-bonita poy no question
    wheatley-bonita wow a freshman
    barnes- dr easy pick
    austin-amat big time future

  • just play ball

    Bonita’s players are great Taylor Anderson played well this season Believe that she is there ex-factor.
    how about the point guard from amat for the girls team? she is ex factor as well? what do you think

  • Fan Too

    Bonita’s Anderson is a real good player but she doesn’t play defense to add to her ex-factor!

    Amat’s PG-Villanueva is a solid all around player but not the “true PG” like wheatley who can get her teammates the ball.

    Someone who hasn’t been mentioned is Monrovia’s Gina Henderson. Awesome point guard but no supporting cast at Monrovia. If she would have stayed at Amat, Amat would have been rolling at a different level. Gina’s has great PG skills and should be considered 1st or 2nd Team!

  • just play ball

    what do you mean the pg from amat doesnt get her teammates the ball. Thats all she does and plays defense. Its due to her scoring that she goes unnoticed. you can not say scoring is looked at the most because i know forsure defense is looked at the least. she held the leading scorers of all teams to just a few points every night. She held the monrovia girl to only 10 points when they played i believe. But dont get me wrong the pg from bonita is spectacular.

  • just a fan

    The pg from Amat cannot be in this discussion, she came up short for her team in the playoffs. Almost costing them a couple a games in the first couple of rounds, and then being thoroughly outplayed by both Anderson and Wheatley of Bonita in the Semis. Gina Henderson should of stayed at Amat and would have shined for sure. The pg from Amat actually “held” her to 18 that game, 18 of her teams 30. Yeah some great defense she plays. What did her great defense get her team? nothing. Wheatley and Anderson should be co-POY, and rest of first team should include Austin from Amat (great future), Barnes from DR (spectacular all year), Williams from DR (underrated junior; potential POY in 2012), Zylstra from Bonita (outstanding shooter), and Henderson from Monrovia (can flat out play; she got game)