….and don’t forget about the spring: Baseball/Softball tournament updates

With several winter teams advancing to their respective CIF State tournaments, let’s not foget that there is some solid spring tournament games this week.
South Hills continues its rivalry game against West Covina tonight at 7 at Maverick Field in West Covina. Charter Oak faces La Serna at Henderson Field in Glendora in the Glendora Tournament. The San Dimas softball tournament also begins today, with an intriguing game between Los Altos and Glendora at 3:15 p.m. at San Dimas. Charter Oak also hosts West Covina at 3:15 p.m.
Here’s today’s schedule
Bonita-Northview Tournament

Arroyo at Keppel, 3:15 p.m.
South Hills vs. West Covina at Maverick Park, 7 p.m.
Glendora Tournament
Ayala 9, San Marino 0
Glendora 3, El Rancho 2
San Dimas Tournament

Los Altos vs. Glendora at San Dimas, 3:15 p.m.
West Covina at Charter Oak, 3:15 p.m.
Northview vs. South El Monte, at San Dimas, 5:15 p.m.

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  • scores

    scores from tonites games please.

  • realBASEBALL

    south hills won 13-4. anything u have to say now Bulldog 1?

  • Allen B

    Darn, the way DUMBDOG1 talked, I thought West Crackvina was a good baseball team? I guess they fall real short like his height! I am just glad these kids don’t let there mouth overload there butts like DUMBDOG1 does!! LOL!! West Crackvina is more known for gangs at school, then sports!! They took CIF in gang banging, oh I am sorry they came in second and had to kiss the ring! LOL! This guy or gal is the JOKE of the SGV!! Always running his mouth and all you hear is bla, bla, bla!!

  • Bulldog1

    We got beat last night Sherlock, pure and simple, we certainly didnt play even close to our potential and our pitching was awful. A few bad calls from the umps too, but not enough to cost us the game. Its early in the pre-season.
    We win with class and humility always.
    realBASEBALL, Alan BOY, Im not surprised you didnt come by to kiss the ring, That takes men of courage!
    Bulldog Fever.

  • Ro

    Amat wins big against Orange lutheran
    final score 10-3

  • realBASEBALL

    Bulldog 1 your welcome to come to south hills and kiss the baseball ring from two years ago or the 10 straight league championships?

  • Allen B

    BUMBBOG1 WAKE UP!! You have no ring!! Your a JOKE!! Everyone on this site and in the SGV knows your a JOKE!! Just deal with it and SHUT YOUR TRAPPPP!!!!! Until you grow more and become a man, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!! My daughter is taller then you!!

  • just sayin’

    Big crowd at Maverick to watch the Dawgs beat WC.
    Here’s a pic of Bulldog1 Jr at the plate

  • the Real Housewives of Walmerado

    All things considered, you’d think papapuppy would be springing for a a team pizza party. His fave team scored more runs on South Hills last night than they did in the whole of 2010.


    The should sign the little troll up now to lead the parade down cameron.

    We’re number four, we’re number four, we’re number four.

  • BaseballNUT

    Hear that? UMMMM, me either! I think it’s the sound of SILENCE from the “DOG”. You say you win with class and humility, what is it when you lose? blame the umps, and bad calls I see, AFTER ONLY two games. Dude, its going to be a LONG season in here for you I expect you to slowly disappear by the end of the month.
    Nice job to the Huskies, and Lancers for SOLID WINS Monday.

  • Allen B


    Your photo of Dumbdog1’s little off spring is a clasic!! I have a daughter that is a senior at Bonita and one that is a freshmen cheerleader at South Hills, so I root for both teams. It looks like they will both have a good baseball season this year. Wish them and all the other SGV teams good luck on the up comming season. Not West Crackvina though!! See what you did Dumbdog1, you have me disliking West Crackvina now!

  • betweenthelines

    Hey Folks, I agree that “bulldog” is making it very easy to dislike him and “his team” but let’s keep the players out of the negative comments. If some wish to critique their performance that’s one thing, but to stoop to “bulldog’s” level and “make fun” of the players, that’s over the top.

    This area has some great talent, lets try and match that with productive comments and discussion.

  • Bulldog1

    Alan BOY, Yes I know you have two daughters, my boys had them! over this last weekend for a little two on two playing b ball. My sons said they were really talented players. Why dont you come to one of our games, and well play some b ball afterwards. Bring your gear and be ready for a good ole butt kickin!
    We always win with class and humility.
    Bulldog fever.
    P.S. Your Bearkittens got waxed today by a third rate team, Ill bet you blame the umps and not your weak players.

  • jmcdonough

    For someone who has a daughter going the drug and loose girl capitol of So. Ca. high school, you shouldnt be calling the kettle black! South Hills has the worst possible rep. when it comes to party girls and drugs. Especially the cheerleaders!

  • hey buldog how does our azz taste covina 10 w.c 5

  • Allen B


    After seeing that picture of your Junior up to bat on this site, I think my daughters would step on your Junior like the roach you and him are!!

    jmcdonough – West Crackvina and Chartercrack have the worst reps for drugs in this area clown!! See what the crack did to DUMBDOG1 Junior? He NEVER GREW!! Oh, that may be DUMBDOGS1 fault for now growing him self!! Are you and DUMBDOG1 lovers or just Crack buddies?!! Both of you back to West Crackvina and go back under the rock you came from!!

  • hey bulldog1

    if you win with class and humility, what do you lose with?

  • Bulldog1

    Alan BOY, your daughters have a nickname for my boys, Tripod and when theyre here they switch up all the time. I dont really know what that means but I cant keep them away from the house. You dont have to be very tall to make a great living playing baseball. I guess we have the same record as Bonita now, but we beat a better team than the team Bonita lost to.
    So. Hills Huh! That explains your older daughters fetish.
    We win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog Fever.

  • Aaron

    Yucaipa-CIF Finalist

    And you beat Keppel? But were crushed by South Hills? I don’t get it.

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron, nobody expects you to get it. So Ill keep it simple for you my friend, Yucaipa doesnt have even close to the same team they had last year. Neither does Bonita, I guess!
    We win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • Aaron

    I think either you’re a fool or a damned fool…not sure which one. I also think you’re blowing a lot of smoke.
    Does Yucaipa have the same team as last year? Probably not…but we all know that West Covina might beat Walnut in baseball this year, but no one else.

  • just askin’

    Bullpuppy – so which of the boys is this?

  • Allen B


    His name is not bulldog1! It is DUMBDOG1! He does not talk sports on here, he likes to put down high school kids, because he is not happy with him self! He says he is 5′ 5″, but I would debate that! Just ask in, posted a picture of DUMBDOG1 in his post above. This is how little of a man he really is! I would bet money he is not as tall as he says he is. He has short mans complex!! West Crackvina baseball team has not been good in years and they still aren’t!! This clown post on here, just to get a response from other posters. I guess, since he has not wife, kids or any thing else, he has to get some human contact by nothing else but this site. Go get a life DUMBDOG1, you SUCK!!!


  • Dumb and Dumber

    Hey Bull froggie

    Didn’t you get the crap beat out of you by SHHS? Oh, please talk some more you LOSER!

  • SaintsR4real

    Helluva game this Thursday night @ San Dimas 6pm.

    Arcadia 2-1 @ San Dimas 3-0 (in tourney).



  • Bulldog1

    Alan BOY, I noticed you have used a picture thats supposed to be one of my sons. I thought it was really funny the first time I saw it, funny the second time I saw it, now Im bored, you are Boring! Thats why wifey left! By the way, that kid has a major league uniform on! Just like my boys will. Alan Boy, while my two boys are playing major league baseball, your two daughters: if theyre lucky, will be sitting in the stands watching my boys play, thats if my boys even remember their names. Dumbdog or Bumbbog when youve been drinking, both nicknames are just fine, Im sure youve been called worse.

    So, whats the deal with one daughter at South Hills and the other at Bonita? One of them living with the ex. and her new pool man? Or is the older one specializing in cheerleading and partying?

    We always win with class and humility.

    Right now it appears Bearkittens and Bulldog baseball arent going to be going to be playing each other for the tournament championship, damm!

    Bulldog or bullfrog or dumbdog or bumbbog fever.


    Children, children!!!! It’s high school baseball!!! You guys sound like a bunch of 13 year old girls.

  • Father Dave

    Now Ive heard it all, USC calling someone You guys sound like a bunch of 13 year old girls.