Baseball/Softball Update: Finals set in area tourneys

Here’s the scores and schedule:
Thursday’s Scores
Southern California Pre-Season Tournament presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Alta Loma 12, Northview 2
Los Osos 6, Damien 1
South Hills 7, Redlands East Valley 1
Bonita 6, Rancho Cucamonga 1
Paloma Valley 3, West Covina 2
Yucaipa 8, Los Altos 7
Covina 10, Keppel 4
Clint Harwick Tournament
At Henderson Field

Claremont 6, El Rancho1
Crescenta Valley 4, La Serna 0
San Dimas Tournament

Northview 14, Walnut 2
Los Altos 19, Ontario Chrs. 0
Charter Oak 11, South El Monte 3
Glendora 3, La Canada 2
West Covina 4, Alta Loma 1
Burbank 5, Nogales 4
Bonita 7, San Dimas 6
Southern California Pre-Season Tournament presented by Dick Sporting Goods
Championship – 7 p.m.

Los Osos vs. Alta Loma, TBA
Third place – 3 p.m.

Northview vs. Damien, TBA
Clint Harwick Invitational
At Henderson Field, unless noted
Championship – 7 p.m.

Ayala vs. Claremont
San Marino vs. La Serna, at Glendora HS, 11 a.m.
El Rancho vs. Charter Oak, 11 a.m.
Crescenta Valley vs. Glendora, 3:30 p.m.
San Dimas Tournament
Championship – 2 p.m.

Northview vs. Glendora, SDHS Varsity Field, 2 p.m.
3rd Place – Charter Oak vs. Bonita, SDHS Varsity Field, noon
5th Place – La Canada vs. Los Altos, SDHS JV Field, noon
7th Place – San Dimas vs. West Covina, SDHS Varsity Field, 10 a.m.
Ninth Place – Burbank vs. Walnut, SDHS JV Field, 10 a.m.
11th Place – Alta Loma vs. South El Monte, SDHS Varsity Field, 8 a.m.
13th Place – Ontario Christian vs. Nogales, SDHS JV Field, 8 a.m.

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  • Bulldog1

    Bulldog baseball is off to a good start, the lose to the Cameron queens was a fluke. One of my boys has our only win so far, I just wish the rest of the team would pick up their game, he shouldnt have to carry the team all year!
    Were just trying different players at different positions for now, anyway we are in the same position as, South Hills, Los Altos, Bonita, Damien and all the rest of the teams that sucked out this tournament, looks like Glendora and Charter Oak sucks too. League play hasnt started yet and we will kick the ever-loving crap out of whatever team gets in our way in our weak Hacienda league! Other than maybe Diamond Bar
    Soon the whole SGV will be invited to kiss the ring.
    Winning with class and humility always!
    Bulldog Fever….

  • Just curious

    I am confused. Can someone please explain how Bonita got placed in the consolation bracket with one loss and Damien got placed in the semi-finals, when Bonita beat Damien ? How does this bracketing thing work? Thanks.

  • who cares

    Bulldog 1,
    Liked you said” weak Hacienda League” that’s the only way you win a ring, no competition.

    You got smoked by South Hills.

  • Southern California Pre-season Tournament

    Standard tournament tiebreakers in most tournaments are determined by how many runs a teams gives up in their pool play. Yes, Bonita beat Damien but Damien beat Yucaipa and Yucaipa beat Bonita creating a 3 way tie for the #1seed with all three teams having beat each other. Damien gave up the least amount of runs breadth the three teams, thus, advances as the #1 seed.

  • geat for the sgv

    Quick question bulldog1, how can you say you win with class and humility, and then you invite people to “kiss the ring”?

  • cov80

    hey bulldog what about the azz whoppin c town put on u in football and baseball put that in your pipe and smoke it

  • shfan

    #5 South Hills: 13
    #4 St. Lucy’s: 0

    5 inning mercy rule

    Hmm….Where will South Hills be ranked when Fred does next weeks rankings?

  • off the meds this morning?

    Looks like psycho mom has diarrhea coming out of both ends

  • hmmm

    Good question shfan. Maybe SH can be #1 and get the presigious SGV Tribune #1 ranking award. Maybe then, you can buy a whole bunch of newspapers and take then to work, send them to grandma to show that we are ranked #1, I’m sure they will be cross-eyed bored. Make sure you put the newspaper clipping next to the Brea Tournament 9th place trophy, oh, they didn’t give us one. I’m sure you will have one made. Get a life.

  • shfan

    I don’t care about the rankings. Fred is never right about the rankings anyways.

  • Bulldog1

    geat for the sgv, geat? It would be rude to exclude anyone without good reason the opportunity to kneel down, pay homage and kiss the ring, Great question! And at least I have the guts to admit the Hacienda league is weak, with the exception of Diamond Bar and us of course. Winning with class and humility always is just part of our Bulldog DNA. Before the football season started for anyone familiar with my post, I called it when I said we would win CIF and take the ring and that kh could kiss the ring kh has now knelt down and kissed the ring and I want to give everyone deserving enough the same chance.

    Americas best and favorite high school, with class and humility always.

    cov80 you guys played a great football game that night and put the wood to us real good, thanks for the wake-up call! But then decided to choke out the rest of the season, I really thought you guys would be better, but you just turned out to be a disappointing crappy little football team from Covina again! At least now your claim to fame will always be: we were the only team to beat Americas CIF champs.

    Hey good luck with that baseball season that hasnt even started yet! You wont even be able to beat Roland, walnut or Bonita this season.

    Bulldog Fever.

  • hahaha

    Yes so true westco is americas best and favorite highschool…top ranked in everything, best and brightest come out of westco high and work at the best del tacos, and the most superior liquor stores…….with class and humility of course hahahaha

  • can you wait????

    shfan said:
    Hmm….Where will South Hills be ranked when Fred does next weeks rankings?

    shfan said:
    I don’t care about the rankings. Fred is never right about the rankings anyways.

    It is a long time till Wednesday’s newspaper comes out, I’m sure you’ll be up at 5am looking for that paper in the driveway, can you wait that long? I hope you are not disappointed, but don’t pee your pants while waiting. It’s a long season and if you thought the Bonita and the St. Lucy’s game meant something, good for you. All I know if the rankings are not to your liking, you will be the first one to go turrets on Fred. There is good bi-polar behavior medication that you should look into.

  • shfan

    You’re the one who knows that the rankings come out on Wednesdays.

  • bigdeal

    fish is still a fish and sh bites lollllllllllllllllllll

  • wow

    shfan said:
    You’re the one who knows that the rankings come out on Wednesdays.

    You got me there, no fair, your 2 year old helped you with that response.

  • Eough Already

    Keep your fingers off the keys and let the players do their job on the field. The numbers will speak for themselves. Stop.