State playoffs: Bonita girls explode in 4th quarter to topple Bell-Jeff, La Verne Lutheran boys roll over Orange Lutheran …

Bonita keeps rolling in state!

Division 3
Second Round
La Verne Lutheran 75, Orange Lutheran 58 — Trojans were up 40-15 at halftime! As I’ve told Robledo and Ramirez, Division 3 was the best and deepest division in boys hoops this year. This is what happens when a D-3 team (La Verne Lutheran) plays a D-4 team (O-Lu). It should be noted that O-Lu pulled within 61-52 with about 5 minutes left before a 6-2 run sealed it for the Trojans.
Division 3
Second Round
Bonita 67, Bell-Jeff 52 — Nikki Wheatley scores eight of her team’s first 12 points of the fourth to send the Bearcats to the semis. Bonita led 40-27 in the third, then fell behind 43-42 before going on a 23-4 tear.

Bearcats fans should see a lot more of their starting five tonight.

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  • Nice

    BONITA won 67 to 52 in a tough, tough game…


  • socal_local

    Isn’t anyone updating tonight’s girls basketball? Not important enough?

  • SD Saint

    Congrats from the Lady Saints keep it going. Good luck on Saturday! Enjoy the ride!

  • joe

    La Verne Lutheran 75, Orange Lutheran 58 (F)

  • Way to go Trojan Nation!

    Grant Jerrett owend the night tonight and played like a man possessed. He showed more emotion and intensity than I think he ever has and finished with 30 points, 20 rebounds and 11 blocked shots! CJ Cooper was en fuego from the perimeter and handled the pressure very well. Kudos to OLU for getting the game down to 8 after trailing by 25 at the half.

  • Allen B

    Congratulations to the La Verne Lutheran Boys basketball team!! Keep it up and win a state title! Lets keep the excellent sports season going in La Verne!!

    Now to our Lady Bearcat. WAY TO GO LADIES!! The bearcat ladies are putting together a once in a lifetime season!! You all played GREAT!! Keep it up and bring a state title home to BONITA!! Proud of all of you young ladies!!

  • barbara reynoso

    CONGRATS to the Lady Bearcats & Coach D!!!
    What a terrific win!! Coach Baumunk & the girls
    are AWESOME!!! Good Luck!! And keep that
    fantastic spirit & momentum going!!

  • Basic

    I was worried about this game but the team really played well, and actually I think the Bell-Jeff’s competitive attitude actually will help the Lady Bearcats against Serra.

    Great game ladies and the best of luck tomorrow!!!

    Congrats to our school up the street too. LVL is really representing the SGV well, keep it going guys…

  • Baseball Nut

    Does anybody know how the West Covina baseball team is doing? I hear the cupboard is bare. I know Southhills laid the wood to them, but what can you expect when all the good players leave for other teams. After the terrible basketball season it sounds like football can’t start soon enough.

  • BaseballNUT

    I see we have a imposter using the same name as mine. Sorry to say I didn’t type that previous post, and I can care less about WC baseball, other than I want a them to represent our SGV.

  • be prepared

    Good Luck Lady Bearcats. Make sure you bring 4 scorekeepers, one just to keep track of the fouls; as many video cameras as you can bring, one just focused on the scorebook; and when Serra’s players foul, make sure your crowd yells out how many fouls that player has. Just be prepared.

  • Bulldog1

    BaseballNUT, you are really mixed nuts! First you come on here bagging on West Covina, and then apologizing for it and say its not you! Youre a liar! Your more of a wack job than Alan Boy, Amat73, Don and Basic bonehead. Since you asked, Bulldog baseball is off to a good start, the lose to the Cameron queens was a fluke. One of my boys has our only win so far, I just wish the rest of the team would pick up their game, he shouldnt have to carry the team all year!

    Were just trying different players at different positions for now, anyway were are in the same position as, South Hills, Los Altos, Bonita, Damien and all the rest of the teams that sucked out this tournament, looks like Glendora and Charter Oak sucks too. League play hasnt started yet and we will kick the ever-loving crap out of whatever team gets in our way in our weak Hacienda league! Other than maybe Diamond Bar, nobody can match us.

    BaseballNUT, how come its not baseballNUTS? You only got one?

    We win with class and humility always!

    Good luck to Bonita girls, but when they lose, Fred, will you please! Please! put a picture of the winners up? Or, at least put up a picture of the Bonita cheerleaders wearing Bridesmaids dresses! The Bonita cheerleaders are always welcome to kneel down and Kiss the Ring. Nobody likes to watch the agony of defeat over and over again!

    Bulldog Fever.

  • its over

    Fred, Aram, Steve-
    Bulldog and what is surely multiple names, has finished this blog, he is frankly a jerk, serves no real purpose and has effectively removed any fun or real dialogue. It is over, he can kiss my and no doubt many others but_.

  • Bulldog1

    its over, You my surely kneel down, pay homage, and kiss the ring! You’ve earned it!
    winning with class and humility always!
    Bulldog Fever….

  • nomoregames

    bulldog1(aka jinx)do your self a favor quit why your ahead lmao…………………

  • Bulldog1 is a joke amongst other not so nice things

    5’3″ 110lbs x 2? I have chunks in my stool bigger than that. If your shorts a big enough, you could fit one in each of your pockets. Way to pop off frotto. of course, I write this with class and humility always.

  • thetruth


    you are a disgrace to west covina and their fans. please stop with the ridiculously comments. all you are doing is making a well respected school look classless and dumb

  • Bulldog1

    Ok, the truth is, were on a roll this year! Nothing disgraceful about it, fact weve won more CIF championships than any other jealous little high school program! And we do it with more class and humility always! The truth is we are not done yet! We have the best looking cheerleaders, and they dont have to ware Bridesmaids dresses! I dont know why just a few of you losers feel you need to pick on me, I have been blogging for years as Bulldog1, and Im not hiding! Im proud of it. If you feel like saying something mean, say it in person if you have the guts! So, feel free to come on out to see the mighty Bulldogs play baseball, and while youre here, feel free to stop by and kneel down and kiss the ring
    Bulldog fever.

  • Don

    Charlie Sheen and the little dog.

    Charlie and the pup are both in a massive state of denial; the pup about sports success and Charlie regarding his personal allure.

    Both appear starved for attention.

    Neither seems particularly proficient at impulse control.

    Other people, in relation to these two fall into three categories: Those who loathe them, those who want to help them, and those who ignore them. The last path seems the most prudent.

    Both are guilty of humiliating their small children in public.

    Both are obsessed with something they don’t have. Charlie and credibility and small dog and a ring.

    When you google Charlie Sheen, you get 582 million hits. There seems to be much less interest in mr. bull.

    Charlie is too short to see over the top of his car; mr. dog is too short to see into the window of his.

    Charlie lives in a hilltop mansion between Bel Air and Sherman Oaks. The lil’ dog doesn’t.

    mr. bull’s problem might be correctable by adjusting his serotonin reuptake while Charlie’s problems may be harder to fix. I suggest both get a dog and avoid anything stronger than Diet Dr. Pepper.

  • JFR


    Are you still angry that you weren’t allowed to go on those rides at Disneyland, “height limit 5’6”. Still to stupid to realize that his words in here are going to have a direct impact on his sons. Father of the year.

  • Bulldog1

    Don, You left out a few categories, the overwhelming amount of people who want to be just like us, or the goddesses that want us desperately all the time, or the people that hang out with us because were the best! Yes, thats right Don, WINNING and being the best! Not sure what school you rep. I guess its safer for you that way. I should go back and force myself to read some of your crap to find out. At West Covina we win with class and humility always. However, it was fun chanting Bulldog Fever at our football games as we were stomping the Will to Win out of opponents. Most of our opponents must have just felt like giving up. Please let me know what school you rep. So we can have a special surprise waiting, and then we will stomp the Will to Win out of you too!

    I dont know why you decided to pick on me, my comments are always classy and to the point.

    JFR, My God, you’re stupid! but Thanks, the accolades just keep coming! I dont like those rides at Disneyland theyre scary!

    Don, the nonsense you just wrote, while being nonsense, was well written, just earned you the right to personally kneel down pay homage, and kiss the ring! Congrats.

    Bulldog Fever.

  • Don and DoubleDoucheDog 1 love it

    Don, that might be the best come back on a loud mouth idiot ever. Nice work. With all the “we” this and “we” that that Bulldog1 aka short litlle Napoleon writes on this post I thought he had to be French, as in OUI OUI!!!! Come on Bulldog, you haven’t won anything and I am pretty sure that the double midgets certainly didn’t contribute on the gridiron and that championship. Not taking anything away from the Bulldogs, after all I am actually a WCHS alum, but come on man, you guys have won 2 football championships in like 40 years and 2 championships over that span of time does not a dynast make. Whatever other titles the Bulldogs have won, I would bet you can count on one hand how many in all sports even if you include the sport that uses a shuttlecock!

    I submit this with the utmost contempt for you with a side order of class and humility!

  • thetruth

    the truth is i don’t have a problem with west covina, they are having a great year. but the stuff you say about other schools is ridiculous and classless. thats probably why everyone picks on you because you walk in here and continue to talk trash about other schools.

  • Bulldog1

    The truth can be harsh sometimes, if you want flowers and ice cream and cake, go to a wedding or a funeral. If you have read any of my past comments I always congratulate the winners. In the old days the losers used to be killed. (Thats harsh)
    We always win with class and humility.
    Bulldog fever.

  • thetruth


    you know its not always about winning. this is high school sports not the pros. these are kids we are talking about. sports are suppose to teach these young athletes the ups and downs they might encounter in the real world. it should emphasize that if you work hard it will pay off in some way and no matter win or lose you know that you left it all on the court/field. high school sports is suppose to encourage respect for fellow athletes no matter what school they go to. its about representing your high school, community and in this case the sgv as well. winning is only a small part of the equation.

  • Bulldog1

    Winning is only a small part of the equation you kidding right? Why do they fire high school coaches that dont win? If you can give me a good answer, you win the discussion and I will Kiss the ring! of the school you rep. I hear you Mommys and Daddys whining all the time about coaching blunders and whose kid should have started and why you lost. Honestly, Ive never heard of anything more stupid.
    Winning builds character and confidence, I guess thats not important either? Show me a good loser and, Ill show you a loser!
    We win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • thetruth

    you’re not seeing what im trying to say. im saying varsity sports is suppose to be about hard work and knowing that you gave it your all in the game. im not saying that winning isnt important its just only one part of the game

    an example for your question is something you will like to keep your attention, cif finals football game. west covina vs bonita. im sure you were there right? that was the best high school football game i have ever been too. both teams gave it there all. honestly no team deserved to lose that night. yes west covina came out on top but barely. congratulations. but if you look at how those kids played you know both teams represented their schools and the sgv proudly. #20 of wc played amazing btw talk about determination. and even though bonita lost those bonita kids should have no regrets just by looking how they played that season and that night, they left it all on the field.

  • Bulldog1

    Ok, the truth, you just made my point! look for example at the softball folks going at it! you have now earned the opportuniy to “Kiss the Ring”
    Winning with class and humility always.
    Bulldog Fever….

  • Winning not very often and losers always.

    Bullpuppy – so by definition

    G Volleyball 3-15 LOSERS
    B Water Polo losers
    G Water Polo losers
    B Basketball 5-21 LOSERS!
    G Basketball 14-13 1st round exit = losers
    G Soccer 1- 18 LOSERS
    B Soccer 3-16 LOSERS
    Baseball 1-4 losers
    Softball 1-3 losers

    need I go on?


    Hey mini me did your boys play on the football team and how did you manage to get a ring . Did you take one of your boys place at the ceremony since you could pass for a student or did you get one for being the mascot. Small barking bullfrog .

  • thetruth


    i would love too but may i ask what ring are we talking about?