Baseball/Softball: Glendora wins SD Tourney

Carly Argyle leads Glendora to the San Dimas Tournament title, 8-3 over Northview.

Here’s some scores from the area baseball and softball tournaments:

Clint Harwick Tournament
At Henderson Field

Claremont 14, Ayala 1
3rd Place – Crescenta Valley 11, Glendora 3
5th Place – Charter Oak 5, El Rancho 2
San Marino 17, La Serna 5
MVP – Kenny Chapman, Claremont
San Dimas Tournament

Glendora 8, Northview 3
3rd Place – Charter Oak 4, Bonita 3
Brea Olinda Tournament

South Hills 13, St. Lucy’s 0, 5 inn.

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  • SHBaseball

    South Hills beats up on Los Altos 11-3

  • coparent

    seen some really bonehead mistakes in my time but the bonita coach bunting the runner over from second to third in international tie breaker down by 2 takes the cake. Who hire’s these guys? what a fricken Idiot thanks for the win bonita i feel sorry for your kids though they really played their hearts out kudos to them, your pitcher is a big kid and a good player. KC go back to T ball where you belong. One of the bonita parents told me this guy coaches travel ball wow what team is that? I thought the bonita parents were all whack jobs last year but now I feel their pain there’s nothing worse than playing for a rec ball coach Good luck Bonita your gonna need it!

  • bhsmom


    Thanks for the sympathy its going to be a long season for sure congrats to your team they played well. I did not recognize your pitcher is she new?

  • bhsmom

    almost forgot he coaches team smith 18a

  • anony

    Yes started is a freshman Clemetson- did a great job..senior starter out sick…

  • bhsmom

    freshmen pitcher nice she did a great job!

  • glendorabballpop

    what a joke that was the dumbest call ever by a coach in the history of sofball/baseball.Bhs coach has an IQ of 4

  • softball guru

    Big news with the South Hills High School Softball Program. There has been a Diana Barnard sighting the crazy pitchers mom from the last four years. Oh never mind I made a mistake. It is the this pitchers mom. Christy LaFollete. How does South Hills get so lucky with such great parents. Another crazy parent for Coach Fisch to deal with.

  • wcfanlmao

    you should do a blog on the top coaching blunders of all time.

    1. bonita softball coach sac bunts down by two runs in the bottom of the eighth (bonita loses 4-3)

  • ScottHiguera

    COParent’s comments are not reflective of Charter Oak Softball or Charter Oak High. As the team’s head coach, I am disappointed by the lack of tact and class in the comment made about Ken Carlson and Bonita Softball, and regret any ill-will caused by the statement. Coach Carlson runs a first class program and has always been the utmost professional both in and out of competition. Please contact me directly should you have any questions: 626 915-5841 ext 431.
    –Scott Higuera, Head Coach, COHS Softball

  • intheknow

    Coach Higuera,
    I second your comments on the BOHI coach. It isn’t your parents commenting, they are the comments from some of the BOHI parents that don’t have the nuts to man up..

  • lmaowestcoastassoff

    dumb and dumber,
    save your praise and grace coach H. I thought you didn’t read the blogs lol and in the know plenty of parents man up! didn’t notice your real name on the signature card? how about giving some other kids a start once in awhile, does every player have to be on your travel ball team to play?

  • toocool

    blogs are blogs and made for people to vent and express their opinions. Coaches who come on here and cry like baby’s deserve the ridicule they get you man up coaches, stop the snibling, start coaching your players with class and dignity.

  • shfan

    2011 Charter Oak Softball Tournament starts tomorrow at the West Covina Field of Dreams

  • peaceloverockenroll

    how many games tomorrow and who is the favorite to win it all?

  • shfan

    I’m not sure how many games there are tomorrow but I’d probably say that the teams that are going to be in the championship bracket are South Hills, Glendora/La Serna, Charter Oak/La Salle, Bonita

  • Lookingin

    To all the disresptful bloggers that obviously don’t have anything else to do with your lives. If you really have something to complain about on a personal basis about these coaches of how they coach, you all should be saying it to the coaches rather than hiding behind these stupid blogs – you people are pathetic! And for the EX-COACHES that are talking crap, we all know who you are and you should not be saying a word, because guess what you are not in the Head Coach Position for a reason, because you are the idiot that couldn’t do the job and that’s why Coach Carlson for one is doing a hell of a job with all these girls that give him a 110%. So, Shut your mouths and let the coach do his job that you wish you had and let the girls do what they know best “Play Ball”. By the way finishing in 7th place in the 16U Nationals is still considered losing! So, quit hangin your hat on that theory and get over it!

  • Ken

    Scott, thank you for the kind words and the phone call of concern! But truly, I wouldn’t give it a second thought! As truly I dont get to caught up in the opinion of others. And I certainly don’t care about the opinions of the bloggers. And as for the bloggers, I am so excited to see such passion in your writings. Scott, truly, good luck with your season and we certainly look forward to your tournament…

    As for my fans! I wish all good luck in your blogging! Keep up the good work!!

  • Ex-Angel

    Lookingin; So you have heard the famous 16U National story as well? Funny thing, he is the only one telling the story! In fact I heard that coach Carlson and Teamsmith had to come to the rescue of some of those kids to get them recruited. And didnt he get fired from La Verne College?? But hell everyone makes mistakes– Right??

  • parent

    Lookingin / Ex-Angel,

    I see that both of you have been ran over by Mr Sandoval. And yes he is the many faces of the blog. But when you have a meaningless life such as his, he must be allowed to have his moment in fame or shame? you decide? Yes he burned my kid as well an many others??

  • Intheknow

    I don’t know anyone who respects this guy. The only reason we tolerate him is because his kid is such a great person..

  • lookingin:

    Ex-Angel, the problem here is this individual keeps making mistakes. How embarassing for his daughter to have deal with him. He really needs to crawl under a rock and stay there so, he can’t be heard!

  • Onlooker2

    ??? He seems like a stand up guy to me. Always treated my kid and family very well. He was an excellent coach to his daughter.

  • GD

    Speaking of coaches, Scott Fisch has been coaching SH softball for many years with his asst. coach Jim. Fisch asked Jim to leave the program last week after Jim told fisch that he was tired of Fisch playing daddy ball and that SH lost many games because of that. Fisch is a coward and couldn’t take the truth. The team as four captains and all four are seniors icluding his daughter. That is such BULL!!!!! let’s pick the captains base on performace and attitude not because she’s the coaches daughter! Jim, you are going to be missed by all the girls. After all those years Fisch should have given you a little more respect.

  • bhsmom

    KC,your a bitter fool!
    three weeks ago my daughter came home and told me how you invited mr. sandoval to run your practice. She told me how you addressed the team on how much you respected mr. sandoval and what he knew about the game of softball. At your request he was there teaching your players the game why?.When he was there my daughter learned more from him in two days then in two seasons with you. Your a FRAUD and a PHONY keep yelling at your players and blaming them for your short comings. For a coach who says he doesn’t read the blogs?what a comedian you are let go of your ego its obviously gotten the best of you here. If mr sandoval is so bad cut his kid its as simple as that.The entire valley saw you do what only a coach with limited experience and knowledge would do.TRYING TO COVER YOUR ASS AND BLAME THE KID, A COP OUT AS USUAL EVERY PLAYER THERE KNOWS THE TRUTH! YOU NEED A PIECE OF HUMBLE PIE MY FRIEND BUT DON’T WORRY ITS ON ITS WAY.

  • Dori

    Stop it!! All of you fans/parents for Bonita, stop it now. If you have a problem, discuss it at the appropriate time with the coach, at the appropriate time!! The blog is not the place. Don’t embarrass the girls or the program this way, they work too hard for this type of behavior!!

  • public opinion


    We all know that you are referring to Brian Sandoval! And no doubt he has done some good for players and possibly the sport. But it seems to me whenever or wherever this person shows up at a game, he really works hard to turn it into a look at me, Im the greatest thing that has hit the game frak show! And if you really listen to the guy, he spares no expense to trash others to promote himself. So it is good to see that someone cres enough about him to say something about him.

  • dang

    Dori and BHSmom:

    Seems to me you can take care of this problem by going directly to the source. Talk to the problem Dad. Get a handle on this before it gets out of hand like last year with SHHS. BHSmom, talk to the coach instead of calling him out on the blog.

  • Onlooker2

    He does know how to play the game. Very well. What’s your point?

  • Enuf

    GD, for real? on the blogs? so check this out from a bonita parent on their drama “Get a handle on this before it gets out of hand like last year with SHHS” isnt that embarrassing to you? stay off the blogs. you aint doing anyone any favors putting any SH issues on blast.

  • DG

    Enuf, Please save the good parent act! Take your own advice and STAY OFF THE BLOGS!

  • shfan

    GD: Do you know how dumb you sound? Why would you base your captains solely on performance? Would you make a player who ditched class, showed up to practice late everyday, was on academic probation, drinks away from the team, and just came back from giving birth captain?

  • DG

    Shfan, I think you’re the one who sounds dumb, or should I say stupid.
    ” Would you make a player who ditched class, showed up to practice late everyday, was on academic probation, drinks away from the team, and just came back from giving birth captain?” But how about someone who doesn’t miss practice, shows up gives 110% and performs like a true captain. Or should we just hand it to someone who misses a game for a dance shows up half ass abandons her team a captain? Let’s face it you are an idiot and you have no idea what you are saying. Someone has to be proud to be called captain because you’re a senior, HAHA! what a joke.

  • shfan

    Missing a dance falls into that category you idiot. Get the point. You’re helping me prove my point. Thanks for that.

  • Aaron

    Bonita is 7-2…holy shit…what will it be like over at Las Flores if we start losing?

    Parents…come on.

  • DG

    Shfan, exactly so you mean to tell me those 4 girls deserve to. Be captain, why because they are seniors. That is Fisch’s excuse so his daughter can get the I’m captain patch. You mean to tell me that there isn’t another girl on the team that you don’t see or think has proven them selves,COMMON WAKE UP! So the senior that left the team for a dance and starts every game is a true leader, right? You are killing me.

  • shfan

    Uh oh, you used caps. Someone must be yelling. What am I going to do now? You sound so tough. I’ve never seen an “I’m captain” patch. Can you let me know where to find one of those for future use? I only know where to get the “C” patches. You seem to have scouted out all the places that oyu can get one for your daughter. In my eyes, the captains should be 2, 5, 10.

    Are you going to move to wherever your daughter goes to college so you can talk to her professors and maybe even her softball coach to help her through her college career?

    Oh, by the way, can you explain how to “COMMON WAKE UP”? I’m confused. I don’t know how to common. Please learn how to spell and get back to me with your next comment.

    The sad thing is that you have to be a South Hills parent from what I can gather from your posts. I’ll be waiting for your next comment because I know you’re dying to reply.

  • Captain Morgan

    shfan, get help!

  • DG

    I agree with Captain Morgan, shfan needs help. You have lost your mind if you think 2 is a captain. Please stop sniffing the brown stuff on fisch’ s ass. What has 2 done the last 4 year besides being the daughter of the headcoach, Wait I know she has done something no other girl has done she has been on the Varsity team since 8 th grade so she is a 5 th year varsity. Shfan, maybe your daughter never played competitive softball so you would not know what a true leader is if it bit you in the ass.

  • shfan

    Wow. I really don’t know how you can do that. I guess you can use the 5th year thing for your grand kids since you’ll have them in say 2-3 years if you’re lucky. Maybe 1. Drop your stupid bluetooth headsets and grow a pair.

  • DG

    Boo hoo! Sounds like someone got exposed. Dont worry your secret is safe here, Hahaha!!!!!! Just stick to reporting all the SH scores.

  • shfan

    I am officially retiring from either reading or posting on the blog. I can’t stand talking to retards. Come to the game on Wednesday and explain to me who got exposed. Don’t forget your helmet and make sure you close the windows after your helper gets you off your short bus.

  • DG

    Promises, Promises!!! Please do us all a favor and stay the F off.

  • whathappenedbhsmom

    What happened bhsmom. Did KC shut you up. Im sure
    thats what happened after team parent meeting. Keep it coming, its hilarious. If I would be a BHS softball parent, how embarassing that would be.

  • BHS

    We will do our talking today when we kick the crap out of those losers from Charter oak…..BET ON IT…….

  • classic

    “If I would be a BHS softball parent, how embarassing that would be.”

    typical 3yr old mumbo jumob