State playoffs: La Verne Lutheran beats Harvard-Westlake, Bonita girls lose to Serra

Grant Jerrett was all over Harvard-Westlake, helping La Verne Lutheran advance to next weekend’s CIF Southern California Regional Finals at the Galen Center.

State playoffs
Southern California Regional
Division 3
La Verne Lutheran 61, Harvard-Westlake 45 — The Trojans face La Canada in a battle between two schools that are on the furthest ends of the SGV, geography-wise.

Southern California Regional
Division 3
Serra 59, Bonita 49 — The careers of Madison Zylstra, Taylor Anderson and Jaclyn Smith come to an end. But what an outstanding run!

Here’s the Los Angeles Daily News story on La Verne’s big win

….and from the South Bay Daily Breeze, Serra’s win over Bonita.

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  • Bulldog1

    Good luck! If you win the State championship I will kiss the ring, when you lose, you will kiss mine! Bring the Bridesmaids too.

    We always win with class and humility.

    Bulldog Fever….

  • Allen B

    Any update on the game?? Thanks!!

  • jj

    31-18 serra up at the half

  • debo

    LVL 61 – 45 Harvard-Westlake – FINAL

  • Trojan Fan

    Trojans Win! 61-45 Way to go boys!

  • Allen B

    Congrats to the boys team!! Way to go !!

  • Allen B

    Congratulations to the lady Bearcats!! You ladies had an outstanding season!! Very proud of all of you! Keep your heads up, you all have bright futures!!

  • SD Saint

    Congrats on a great run ladies. By the way Brianna Kennedy is only a jr. The other senior is Jacklyn Smith

  • sgvpride

    Anyone know where lvl will play LC at?

  • LC vs. LVL at Galen Center (USC) next Saturday at noon.

  • Bulldog1

    The wedding store in La Verne must be doing a booming business making bridesmaid dresses. Time to pay homage, a deals a deal, Lady Kittens its time to kneel down and kiss the ring.
    We win with class and humility always.
    Feel free to see how we win bulldoggy style when we run up the score on your lowly baseball kittens while chanting Bulldog-Fever

  • thetruth


    you have absolutely nothing to say here in this basketball thread. bonita > west covina in basketball. nuff said

  • Bulldog1

    Come on Steve, No Pictures of La Verne Lutheran or Serra? Winners please! Why the same old pics of the losing team or its coach? Lets at least throw La Verne Lutheran a bone and show the winning team in action. Unless nobody was doing their job and didnt rep. the local SGV team here?
    the truth is: you know Im right! And the Bearkittys sucked out.
    Winning with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • no kidding!

    Why is Bulldouche! even on this post? It is about basketball. I think the last time the Bulldogs did anything in basketball they were the Spartans! Also, from what I read on this site, it is funny Frotto would even write about basketball since he sould need a step stool to sit down on the bench

  • Steve Ramirez

    Ask and you shall receive, Bulldog1. I’m doing by best while covering Citrus and Mt. SAC up here in Ventura at the CCCAA basketball Final Four.
    I think I need a vacation…oh wait, that’s starts on Monday – a week in Arizona for spring training!

  • Bulldog1

    Thank’s Steve,
    Enjoy your vacation.
    Baseball Fever….

  • FredJ

    I leave for a week and Lutheran is still playing … amazing…Thanks for everything Stevie R., u were on top of it all…

  • Nice Work Steve!


    what camps are you going to see? I hope you make it out to Camelback to see some White Sox and Dodger games! Great venue and you might get a treat of a lifetime if you interview former South Hills HS legend and current White Sox Third Base Coach, Jeff Cox. Guaranteed to be a treat for sure!

  • still here

    1-could not agree with the truth more, bulldog has nohting to add in the bonita vs wcovina basketball discussion, girls gm 1 58-46, gm2 65-36, boys gm1 76-32, gm 2 71-41, seems to me its over?
    2-Congrats to LVL keep it going!
    3-Congrats to BHS girls great run and a ton of class throughout the whole season.

  • DR Fan

    Well Lady Bearcats,

    I have to give credit where credit is do. You guys had a great run. I also have to admit that we were actually pulling for you Saturday night(For the first time ever). Hey Serra is a good team. All that other stuff didn’t have anything to do with the players. For us this was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Next season should be our dream season.

    WE ARE DR!!!

  • Basic

    Well I will start of by Thanking the Lady Bearcats for such a memorable season…THANK YOU.

    Now how about a little love for LVL, so impressive, keep it rolling and rep the SGV.

    and finally, DR, thanks I know that is tough, to pull for a rival so thank you. It’s scary how good your team might be next year, hope we can play you tough, best of luck…

    And finally, again, Thank you Lady Bearcats it was a great run…

  • Glad to see at least a little La Verne Lutheran Love out there

    The Trojans are looking good and peaking at the right time. Getting great contributions from a lot of areas. Starting of course with Grant Jerrett and CJ Cooper, but X man has been phenomenal on the defensive end in the last four minutes of most games. He was awesome vs. CDM and made that win happen and he was equally involved and important against Harvard Westlake. Bruce, Lil E, senior Kevin Payne and Freshman Brian Beard, Jr., aka “BB” came up big at various points on this run to the Regional State Finals. La Canada will be the toughest test yet, but I like our chances. Go Trojans!

  • Steve Ramirez

    I won’t be doing any interviewing, just enjoying the baseball. Today, I saw the Dodgers at Rangers, and saw a monster shot today by Josh Hamilton. It’s also funny watching a MLB game and seeing pitchers running sprints in the outfield, while the game is going on.

  • Very cool, Steve, enjoy!

    Enjoy your time Steve, it should be fun. I am actually flying into Phoenix tomorrow and would love to take in a game, but I don’t think I will have the time to do it. Camelback is nice huh?