Baseball Rankings: Glendora tourney champ Claremont new No. 1; Bonita, Amat, South Hills and Charter Oak right behind

1. Claremont (4-0) — Out of nowhere, we got a new No. 1. The winners of the Glendora tournament pounded Ayala 14-1 in the championship with big wins along the way against Crescenta Valley, La Serna and El Rancho. Hey, they’re undefeated, so they’re on top.
2. Bonita (4-1) — Only loss to a very good Yucaipa squad in the Bonita-Northview tournament. Great wins over Damien and West Valley. Let’s see if the trend continues in a nonleague games against San Dimas this week.
3. Bishop Amat ( 4-2) – Early-season jitters are gone after a huge 5-0 win over Chatsworth on Monday. Pitcher Daniel Zamora looked the best he has all season. If the Lancers continue to pitch well, the wins will pile up.
4. South Hills (4-1) — a loss to undefeated Alta Loma, but a solid 7-1 win over Redlands East Valley, and wins over Covina and West Covina. Now, lets see how they do against Damien in the league opener on Thursday.
5. Charter Oak (3-1) — Only loss was a big one, a 7-0 blanking by Crescenta Valley, other than that they look sharp and dangerous.
6. Ayala (4-2) — Solid 8-4 win over Glendora before getting pounded by Claremont in the Glendora tournament finale. Another tough Sierra League team to keep an eye on.
7. Nogales (4-1) — You gotta love the start Nobles fans. In five games they only allowed 11 runs, which is terrific during tournament season. Coach John Romano’s group might just be the Valle Vista League favorites, and they open with Northview on Friday.
8. San Dimas (4-1) — Great start in the Arcadia tournament, their only loss a 3-2 setback against the host Apaches. However, not too many dangerous teams in the tournament, so jury is still out.
9. Glendora (2-2) — Ended own tournament with losses to Ayala and Crescenta Valley. The Baseline will be rough too, if you take out Glendora, the Baseline has an overall record of 24-3. That’s downright scary.
10. Diamond Bar (1-4) – Never has a preseason No. 1 fall this far after the first week, but not surprised during tournament season, either. They’re a team built for league and CIF. And I’m certainly not ready to give up on them just yet, three of their four losses were by a single run to San Clemente (4-3), Marina (3-2), and Millikan (2-1). They’re getting great pitching, once they score runs they will be fine. I still think they’re the favorites in the Hacienda.

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  • Blue Blood

    BAHAAHAAAHAAA!!! Claremont #1 after winning the Glendora tourney? Ahhhh, OK.

  • just sayin’

    most wins in top ten – toughest schedule – easy choice – you decide?

  • Bonita03

    Claremont #1 what will that last for the next 2 games?

  • Bulldog1

    Fred, How come you dont have us ranked in the top ten? We have an identical record as Diamond Bar with more depth on our squad than they do. Glendora is a joke this year and Ayala is just terrible!
    This is how I see the rankings at this point in this early season:
    1) Bishop Amat
    2) South Hills
    3) Charter Oak
    4) Claremont
    5) Bonita
    6) San Dimas
    7) Nogales
    8) West Covina (Kiss the Ring)
    9) Glendora
    10) Ayala
    Its early, and I have to be realistic for now, we will climb to the number one slot. I really thought Diamond bar would be better.
    We win with class and humility always.
    Diamond Bar and Bonita dont have the class and commitment this season to compete.
    Bulldog fever.

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    I am not sure about that tie Amat has. Where did that come from?

  • Lancerville

    Amat Alumni and Parent:
    The tie for Amat, of which I don’t understand the logic, came from the Servite game. I thought it was a 14 inning game, but I guess they split it, and the score was 2-2 at the 1/2 point. We won the 2nd half.

  • Bulldog1

    Amattrash setenta y tres, I don’t see you complaining about my baseball rankings! Frontrunner,
    We call e’m as we see e’m! we always win with class and humility.
    You still cannot “kiss the ring”
    Bulldog Fever….

  • Amat Alumni and Parent


    I did not think that game counted at all. I thought Palm Dessert was our first official game. Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but I’d rather just see the dumb tie taken off the record.

  • Cause….

    To Amat Alumni etc.

    The tie is because Fred is a tool and doesnt bother to look at MaxPreps (HIS BIBLE) to see that Bishop has a tie in a SCRIMAGE vs Servite. Not sure if it was a tie, but it just exposes what a weak ass Fred is when it comes to sports reporting. Sad thing is he is better than most in the area.

  • Fred Robledo

    It wouldn’t be the time I screwed up pali. Funny you mentioned the record, it was corrected on Maxpreps about the same time you sent your comment … BTW, why is MaxPreps my bible? You think I’m the only reporter who uses Maxpreps for information? Is there any other site you know of for records and stats?

  • Dbarlover

    DBar has problems…if Omana can’t go soon the so called strong pitching staff will be Mathews and pray for rain. Kenny is going to fried by the end of the season again…He as thrown two complete games already this year. DBar can’t hit a lick. Mathews is over .450. The team is hitting .220. Munoz will be OK..he’s got an offer to UCI and he always starts slow because of basketball. The rest of the team…not looking good. There must be six sophomores on the varsity team (and they were NOT a good team as freshmen) and Shibley is determined to play them all. The dads must have really ponied up the funds and the equipment this year. Interesting, a kid who was the number one or two pitcher his fresh, soph and jv year, Tellez, and hit .500 (albiet for the JV team) has not got off the bench even though the soph. are hitting a combined .190! Shibley as head coach is like starting evey game down 2-0. He really is horrible. His hand picked catcher (inserted in front of the returning starter who hit .360 his junior year) hit .218 last year and isn’t close to that this year. Bad hands, bad arm…otherwise great lead off hitter….lol..Left fielder hitting .210 and has never hit a curve ball, Center fielder has all the cockiness and attitude of a star except can’t hit and has no arm….Number 1 in the valley Fred…really….This is the year and it’s not gonna happen. Number 1 in the valley…forget about it…i just hope they can beat Diamond Pomana Ranch…..

  • Ro

    Amat is doing great.2 losses is not bad considering the teams they have played.mission viejo,orange lutheran and chatsworth are great wins.


    Diamond Bar is in desperate need of hitting! 6 of the 9 starters are having trouble getting the ball out of the infield, that is if they are not striking out! Coach Shibley needs to make BIG changes to the offense or risk losing a lot of games this year 1 – 0 or 2 – 1. Too much pressure on Mathews to pitch a shutout and hit a HR to win. I hope the Coach doesn’t wait until it’s too late. Expectations were very high for Brahma Baseball this year. On the bright side Mathews and the rest of the pitching staff has been solid!

  • ?

    D-Bar mus be satisfied with a below average baseball program. There is talent on that team but the coaching is just flat out garbage. They might still be going over pickle drills instead of taking BP off live pitching. I feel for the kids in the program.

  • Factsonly

    The Servite game was versus the Hit & Run program, Cal Hi was a scrimmage for Amat and the first game was against Palm Desert. Max preps is wrong, the Amat calendar on the school website is correct.

  • DHS

    So. Hills was soundly defeated by the mighty Spartans. SH is limited in pitching and will struggle in the SL. Go Spartans! Fred, what do ya think, top ten for the Spartans next week?