Softball Rankings: Amat keeps top spot, but there are plenty of changes in the top ten

South Hills wins opener in Charter Oak tourney: The offensive prowess of the South Hills High School softball team was on display in Monday’s opening-round game of the Charter Oak Tournament at Field of Dreams as the Huskies defeated Monrovia 11-1 in six innings.

1. Bishop Amat (6-1) — I love it when I go out on a limb and start a team No. 1 that had a .500 record last year, and then they start off like this. This is because I knew Amat was legit and they showed it in Arizona, going 6-1 in the Tournament of Champions, plus starting the year with an easy 9-0 win over Covina.
2. Glendora (6-1) — For a change the Tartans had an easy road to the San Dimas title game, but they do boast solid wins over La Canada and Northview. The bottom line is as long as pitcher Carly Argyle is doing her thing, the Tartans are in good shape.
3. Claremont (4-0) — The Wolfpack won a tournament in Upland, but haven’t beaten anyone worth bragging about. Let’s see how they fare in the Arroyo tourney.
4. South Hills (4-2) — Crushed Bonita and St. Lucy’s with losses to very good teams in the Brea Tournament, La Mirada and Northwood. The Huskies swing the bat with the best of them. Moving the rubber back a few feet might pay off for them the most.
5. Charter Oak (5-2) — You can throw out the 18-7 loss to Don Lugo in the second game of a doubleheader. They still score a lot of runs and beat Bonita and Covina most recently.
6. Bonita (7-2) – The ‘Cats win the Palm Springs tournament every year, so I don’t put too much stock in it. I thought they would roll through the San Dimas tournament, but they got pounded by South Hills (12-2), lost to Charter Oak and squeaked out a one-run win over San Dimas. Hmmm.
7. Ayala (2-3) — Just finished a very tough tournament in Corona, so don’t put too much stock in their record. You know when the Sierra rolls around, they will be one of the favorites.
8. Chino Hills (3-2) — Only losses to powerful Valencia and Corona with a notable win over Los Osos. The Huskies are another team that make the Sierra League extremely difficult.
9. Northview (4-2) — Surprising finalist in the San Dimas tournament, but lost in the final to Glendora, 8-3.
10. Duarte (4-1) — After a season-opening loss to Wilson (1-0) in their own tournament, the Falcons won four straight to win the consolation title. Haven’t played too many toughies yet, though.
Note: St. Lucy’s not ranked, full record not updated.

Monday’s Charter Oak Tournament Results
At Big League Dreams, West Covina

La Serna 9, South El Monte 0
Glendora 8, Sierra Vista 0
Bonita 6, Alhambra 3
San Dimas 7, Temple City 0
Charter Oak 6, Covina 1
South Hills 11, Monrovia 1
Tuesday’s games
La Salle vs. Charter Oak, 3:30 p.m. (Dodger Field)
Monrovia vs. Northview, 3:30 p.m., (Tiger Field)

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  • english major

    it’s funny Fred, I , too, thought Bonita would “role” thru the San Dimas tournament, maybe they will only roll thru 1 tournament this year! I can’t believe the #$%^ that you post

  • Really?

    Actually Northwood and La Mirada are both not very good this year….

  • what makes you say that?

    What makes you say that?

  • me makes me say that

    what makes you say that? said:
    What makes you say that?

    let’s try the truth

  • moved up one spot

    shfan is depressed this morning, only 4th in the poll, about as good as it is going to get. At least SH got a nice pic in the paper though, bwahahahahha

  • knows more than Fred about fastpitch

    Fred, your Claremont team will drop out of sight, their 4-0 record includes wins over Azusa,Western Christian,Fontana and Carter……they just might lose every game in the Sierra league, please Fred, get a clue, willya, your rankings are a complete joke to anyone that has a modicum of knowledge about the game.

  • shfan

    I guarantee Claremont won’t be there at the end of the season. South Hills will most likely play Glendora in the Charter Oak Tournament. Bishop will lose in the league they are in.

  • FredJ

    If you know more, then where’s your top ten? Let it be debated Mr. knowitall

  • shfan

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. South Hills
    3. Glendora
    4. Charter Oak
    5. Bonita
    6. Ayala
    7. Chino Hills
    8. Northview
    9. San Dimas
    10. Claremont

  • Blue Blood

    Fred, when do we get to see the Amat girls in action? It sounds like they had a heck of a tournament in Arizona but I don’t see them in any local stuff? What’s up with that?

  • FredJ

    Sorry Blue Blood, you don’t see anything because we weren’t in Arizona last week šŸ™‚ We’re covering them Thursday against St. Paul.

  • Amat Dad

    Fred, after suffering a loss in the initial game of the tournament,these girls pulled through in a total team effort to win the consolation bracket. Way to go Lady Lancers, league begins Thursday but if you continue to play the way you did in Arizona,your ready to take care of business.

  • intheknow

    “I love it when I go out on a limb and start a team No. 1 that had a .500 record last year, and then they start off like this.”

    Fred, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back..

  • ucanthandletruth

    La Mirada is 2-3. Lost to Valencia (Placentia) 8-1..Lost to Brea 8-2 and OLU 5-2. Wins agains Sunny Hills and SH. Northwood 3-3. Lost to Laguna Hills, La Serna and OLU 20-0.

  • intheknowsnothing

    I think you need to put san dimas in the top ten they do own a win over glendora and 7-6 loss to bonita.

  • also

    SD is already half way to the all time team hit record set by MD. How’s the creative scorekeeping going? Can’t really take your maxpreps stats seriously.

  • South Hills

    San Dimas has never kept stats correctly. Everything that is hit fair is a hit. However a runner advances to second without the ball being hit is a stolen base. It’s a joke. They need to put an asterisk on the stolen base record that was set a few years ago. I GUARANTEE that is not legit.

  • SGV Softball Dad

    All you wack jobs:

    Every team out there fudges their stats a little. Stop all the drama and let your girls enjoy high school ball and save all you snivling for your travel teams…….

  • SGV Softball Dad

    SH quit whining about stats, you just lost to Northview you have more important things to worry about……

  • fudge a little????

    In a game, they may only have 8 hits, but report 15. I think last year they reported less than 10 ROE’s total for the season (28 games), in that weak league???? Fudge a lot.

  • Intheknow

    fudge a little????
    Get a life. Who has time to read stats all day long, let alone for all 28 games? If it bothers you so much, keep your own book and you could blog it here. Oh, my bet is you don’t know how

  • lonehill junky

    Obviously you do, if fudge a little knows what an roe is they know how to keep score. Go back to SD all stars where you belong funs sucker lmao.