Baseball: Nogales welcomes itself to the Valle Vista with a 6-3 pounding over Northview; Amat almost blows it, rallies to beat St. Paul 3-2

Nogales opens VVL in style: Nogales High School settled into its first Valle Vista League baseball game since 1982 with a 6-3, league-opening victory over eight-time defending champion Northview on Friday. The Nobles (5-1), who moved over from the now-defunct San Antonio League, were spurred on by a four-run second inning.

Amat Lucky?: Donning their bright green jerseys a day after St. Patrick’s Day, the Bishop Amat High School baseball team needed the luck of the Irish to defeat St. Paul, 3-2, in eight innings in Friday’s Del Rey League opener.

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  • socalbaseball fan

    Diamond Bar 5 Highland(Palmdale) 2. Brahmas improved to 3-4 with Hacienda games this week vs Diamond Ranch of Pomona and Bonita. D-Bar #2 starter Henry Omana has not thrown more than 1 inning this year in 2 games. They need him to challange for the HL title.

  • player

    Fred, Score for SDHS vs LA, WCO vs Rowland and DR (POMONA) vs WChristian?

  • old timer

    western chr – 2
    diamond r -0

    los al- 3
    san d – 2

  • VVL Scout

    Covina 5

    Los Altos 3

  • player

    Anybody know the score of the W Covina vs Rowland baseball game on Friday?

  • Sugarballs

    Who won Sat. Bonita v long Beach? Fri. Rowland v W Cov.? Come on! Baseball season post Prep baseball scores please.

  • old timer

    long b.p.- 10
    bonita – 4

    rowland – 3
    west c. – 0

  • lol

    Hahahaha. WC lost to Rowland! Gonna be another long year for them!

  • just sayin’

    Bullpuppy1 – always losing with – well – just always losing!

  • Bulldog1

    Not bad, one kid leading the team in hitting and the other leading in pitching!
    We lead with class and humility always.
    Fred, please post the CIF championships for this season so far!
    Bulldog Fever.


    You spelled one word wrong .It’s not we lead with , it’s we lose with class and humility.
    ROWLAND – 3
    WC – 0 no another loss.
    What did you ever do to help get those championships ? And who’s ring did you steal ?

  • Bulldog1

    At this point our pitching is, other than my boy, slumping. Our hitting is coming on strong, lead by my other boy, remember, we have lost to two really good teams, dont underestimate Rowland, they got some pretty good ballplayers there.
    Soon youll be lining up to kiss the ring. We come on strong and hard, and keep coming; its just the Bulldog way. When we get going, get out of the way! Just ask Bonita. Baseball season is just getting started my friends.
    Bulldog Fever.

  • JFR


    Why come on here and bring up your kids, be your own a$$ and leave them out of it you tool. I would schedule Mark Kep for a double header next year to open the season so that next time this year you will have twice as many wins.

  • Sugarballs

    Ive been out of the country for 6 months, whos this Bulldog1 guy? Since when did West Covina get a Baseball team worth talking about? Is this the same Jackass who was doing all the talking during football season?

  • Bulldog1

    Stats are stats JFR numbers dont lie, Im very proud of my two studs! How bout you, hows your boy doing? Or his he into Playstation or Nientendo? Hitting under a hundred? Well bounce back once the rest of the team gets it together. We only have two league loses and by the end of the baseball season we will have more rings for you all to kiss. We lead with class and humility always. Once our Star quarterback comes out of the fog, well be just fine!
    JFR, I heard you want to play basketball with me? When and where?
    Bulldog Fever.

  • JFR


    Your banter makes everyone sick in hear everyday door knob, I do mma as a hobby tough guy but for you ill leave it up to you. I have to prep a job in Fontuckey tomorrow but should be back by noon. When and where tool boy, I live in La Verne but will travel.

  • Aaron

    Mr. Noriega…I don’t know you, but I doubt your sons would like you spewing what you have.

    I looked at West Covina’s Stats:

    Look at them again to edit yourself.

  • Bulldog1

    JFR, you live in La Verne Huh? That makes sence now. Well, maybe we can play some one on one after the West Covina, Bonita game on 4/14 bring your stuff! Whats mma? I do mma as a hobby or is it I do my mama as a hobby? I hope you play basketball better than you spell! It will be fun! Fist well watch the Bulldogs take care of business, then, Bulldog1 will take care of business, bring Aaron he can dress up again as a cheerleader for you. JFR, after we hook up you can Kiss the Ring Ill be there, will you?
    Bulldog Fever.

  • Sugarballs

    JFR and Bulldog, you guys crack me up. I may have to come up to West Covina just to watch you play. Should be funny watching a couple of old farts play ball.

  • JFR


    Cardinal sin douchedog, never mention one’s mother. You just turned a silly game into a place you don’t want to go little man. Grew up in WC “on the good side” played LL, pony and Jr all American with many good people who went to WCHS and trying to figure out what went wrong over there. You are a poor representative for a good school.

  • Bulldog1

    JFR, are we still on for basketball? Maybe your boy will be on the mound for Bonita and we will run up the score like everyone else hase my friend. The only thing silly is yore spelling. Thought you were setting up a job in Funtukey. DOUCHEBOY!
    Bulldog Fever.

  • MMA Fan

    I hope it is tackle basketball.
    Take down the Bullpuppy