Sunday Tribbin: San Dimas football already preparing for spring, what is your team doing?

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  • FBFan

    Come on Coach Z. It’s not very smart to publicize your team’s work. Most teams have been lifting and running since Xmas break let out, but if they weren’t, I’m sure you just provided extra motivation for them. So I’m sure that Bonita, South El Monte, Rancho, San Gabriel, Baldwin Park, Covina, Pomona, Nogales, Whittier Christian, Maranatha, and Monrovia all have some extra fuel after watching that.

  • Proud Sd parent


    Don’t worry, we worry about ourselves. We are just proud of the committment our boys have made to play the great sport of football! Besides we are supoosed to be “down” next year!

  • Bonita

    Hey Fred,
    Get off SD’s nuts everything is about them all the time

  • Saint

    Just showing you how we do it when we consider last year was a down year (semis) We got everyone back and all our coaches back with a few new ones. We are gunning for you Bonita. We know you will be ready. But you know what, so will we. Just letting you know. See you at 5:00 A.M. Oh that’s right, you guys are still in bed. Coaches are sleeping off their hangovers from T Philips.

  • Living Legend

    Fred you are a complete idiot, this is just a normal offseason work out. Actually I am sorry, you never played the sport so this is something of a oddity to you.

    Another point you think that pushing it hard in March is were it’s at huh, well just ask BP how that worked out for them last year.

    Last point whomever said SD has everyone coming back, well if by everyone you mean everyone but your best players then you are right.

  • Northview Football

    hahahahahahahah. That was weak!!!!!!!!!! Good luck next year.

  • Flintstone shuffle

    Hey coach,
    At least have someone mop up the bball floor, so all the fat boys will stop sliding around during the shuttles.

  • BHS Baller

    HaHa This video is weak. We’ve been working since we lost to Wesco. The Saints wouldn’t be able to handle monster Monday or change of direction Tuesday. Try running up and down the hill or agility on the blacktop.

  • Where is the coaching?

    Looks like the coaches went to a Junior All American practice and picked up some of these drills. How about coaching during the drills. The coaches are just blowing whistles. For example, the players should not click their heels when they shuffle. Great somersaults LOL. Hopefully SD will get to play in some snow this year since they practiced on a sliding surface. Not impressed overall, but do like the fact the team is together and working.

  • Sugarballs

    Who won Sat. Bonita v long Beach? Fri. Rowland v W Cov.? Come on! Baseball season post Prep baseball scores please. Who cares about football right now?

  • JFR

    The theme music should have been Justin Bieber not Metallica.

  • At least you have a coach…

    It would be nice to have a coach to do these or any type of drills…discouraged in G-town!!!

  • COVINA76

    Saints will be High Stepping out of District Field after they do Battle with the Colts this year.They probably will be High tailing it out after the game.Remember last year ??

  • New York

    Great stuff. Football is year round.

    Does this mean that Coach Z is staying at San Dimas? What is the Glendora situation?

  • Who Cares!!!!

    So how is this better or different than what all the other teams are doing now except that they are doing it at 5:30am instead of 6th period & after school. I am not impressed at all. Actually probably makes the athletes more tired and less likely to focus in their classes than anything. This doesn’t improve their team, just makes their GPA’s get lower.

  • wormseyeview

    Baseball & Track where they should be.

  • Dan

    Living Legend,
    Why you going ballistic on Fred, at least its a football topic in the middle of March on this multi sports, not just football blog, I’m just glad for that, maybe Aram can use it for some inspiration on his FOOOTBALLLL BLOGGGG,,, HELLOOO ARRAAMMM ANYBODY HOME OVER THERE??? Sorry Aram I lost it for a second, must be offseason withdrawls, had to come over here to find my football fix. Could you post something up some time this week?