Softball Rankings: It’s starting to become clearer, Bishop Amat, Bonita and South Hills looking like league favorites

Above: You won’t find many better defensive catchers than Amat’s Jackie Carlin

1. Bishop Amat (7-1) — Not sure who can hang with them in the Del Rey and already off to a great start after going .500 last season.
2. Bonita (11-2) – The ‘Cats haven’t had many days off, already competing in three tournaments and winning twice. Looks like nothing’s wrong with them at all.
3. South Hills (7-3) — Since their shocking 3-2 loss to Northview in the Charter Oak tourney they’ve looked great, beating St. Lucy’s followed by wins over Covina and San Dimas.
4. Glendora (7-3) — Covered one game last week and already sensed a little friction in a loss to La Serna. The Tartans are too good for that, hope they get it together quick.
5. Ayala (3-3) — The Bulldogs played a tough nonleague schedule, but are 1-0 in league after beating Charter Oak, 5-3.
6. Charter Oak (7-4) — The Chargers can swing the bat and do enough in the circle to be competitive. They’re the type of team that can beat top contenders, but also lose to teams you never thought they would.
7. Claremont (8-1) — I kept hearing I had the Wolfpack ranked too high because they hadn’t played anyone. They finally played a good team in Chino Hills and lost 9-0. Shows what I know.
8. Chino Hills (4-2) — Huskies open league with a 9-0 win over Claremont.
9. West Covina (4-3) — After a slow start, Bulldogs have won three straight in getting ready for a wild Hacienda league race.
10. Northview (6-4) — You have to give it to them for knocking off South Hills, but the Vikes are like the rest of the Valle Vista. Good, but nothing great.

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  • once again…

    I don’t like your 7 and 8. I think they should be flipped. How can a 7 be ahead of an 8 if the 8 beat them 9-0 while the 7 played nobody impressive before the 8? It made sense in my head. Anybody know what I mean?

  • whitey

    nothing like Freds lack of common sense, Claremont gets schooled by Chino Hills, as a result he drops them down 3 spots, just above Chino Hills, has to make you wonder if the medication needs to be re-adjusted, doesn’t it!

  • Amat Dad

    Fred, Amat’s still going strong despite a scare by St.Paul. Was hoping to continue going, but looks as though Mother Nature is putting a damper on that. Hope that it doesn’t interfere with the momentum that our softball team was building on.

  • Fredbleedsblue

    Your statement alone puts bonita in the #1 spot and chino hills should be a close second.Like the midvalley guy said not drinking the kool aid just yet. You seriously need to get out more and see these teams play and who they play. What looks like on paper isn’t always the case. Your beloved Amat plays nobody including Mater Dei they were dropped from the fab 50 quicker than you can say overrated.Two words for you body get a clue oh wait that was three.

  • FYI

    FYI to all of those who try to keep stats. Know what you are doing before bringing up stats or even recording stats. You don’t give assists to pitchers after a strikeout unless its a dropped third strike and somehow they get the ball back and throw to first. Only the catcher is involved in getting the putout.

  • anyone know?

    Does anyone know the Chino Hills/St. Lucy’s score from yesterday?

  • no excuse for ayala

    u write a story re sh in paper but dont cover the big game against ayala. recap-#10 lead off for sh opens door with a HR in 1st inng to put sh on scoreboard, and #5 slams door shut w/walkoff 3 rbi HR to win the game in bottom of 7th, final scr 7 – 6. score shuld have been 6 – 1 ayala. 3(count’em THREE)key walks w/2 hits in the 7th did ayala in. way to fight til the end sh,congrats! ayala coach, maybe next time do what sh did and chge ur ptchr even if in 7th inng when she starts giving up walks and hits

  • Regent Gary

    What has happened to the SL softball team?
    Also the coach has been very quiet and not reporting scores to the Tribune. What gives?

  • FredJ

    Bishop Amat was in the tournament of champions in Arizona, by far the toughest tournament that any area team has competed in….While Bonita has won two of three tournaments, they do have a couple losses that make you wonder, particularly during the San Dimas tournament…

  • Lady Lancers

    What?………What?………I thought so.

  • Bigdog

    our pitcher pitched a great game yesterday with ten strikeouts and only four hits. Ucla bound Brod hit a lead off double in the third and Sh couldn’t move her over and Knapps stroke out the next three batters. Ayala had fifteen hits, that is a win in any game. Brod is a true leader I was sitting there and was watching her call the game and leading her team, she did not let them give up. She told all the girls to get on the fence even when it was the bottom of the seventh and they were down 6-1. I have heard a lot about her but to see her take control of the team like that is impressive. Her voice was heard!Great job SH. Knapps way to come out strong, pitched a great game kid.

  • did not play

    The Chino Hills/St lucys game was cancelled

  • shfan

    Do you know why? Just wondering?

  • fields too wet

    fields at Chino Hills BLD were not playable

  • Response to regent gary

    I have noticed the same:

    No box scores or scores in the paper, no updates on maxpreps, no roster on maxpreps, by all accounts, have only played 5 games so far?? A program in decline? Anyone out there?? What is going on?

  • keepdrinkingthekoolaidfred

    you base the entire argument on bishop amat going to the tournament of champions. Did they win the tournament? A Fake argument fred they have won NOTHING, but the anointed one makes them Queen Bee. Seriously check who they played and their records you will be amazed by their horrible losing records. With the exception of fountain valley and a loss they played know one in that tournament of merrit. Not one other team has a winning record. You talk about st paul giving them some major test on the blog like st paul is a great team and they lost to santa fe fred, santa fe has six losses. Man you are drinking some major blue & gold kool aid.

    Fred.J said:
    Bishop Amat was in the tournament of champions in Arizona, by far the toughest tournament that any area team has competed in….While Bonita has won two of three tournaments, they do have a couple losses that make you wonder, particularly during the San Dimas tournament…

  • true

    7. Claremont (8-1) — I kept hearing I had the Wolfpack ranked too high because they hadn’t played anyone. They finally played a good team in Chino Hills and lost 9-0. Shows what I know.

    Fred the smartest thing you’ve said all year.

  • AMAT 73

    You have it all wrong. The koolaid is gold and the cups are blue. CHEERS !!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Trouble in Bearcat land…we need a serviceable number two pitcher. I haven’t been to a game but I know for a fact that Anissa Sanchez…a freshman has been beyond overworked. However, when Carlson figures out who the number two is be prepared for another deep run in the playoffs and Sanchez becomes more experienced and the team starts clicking more with the addition of Courtney Gano.

  • era

    Sanchez(bonita) her 1.86 era impresses me the most in the post 40′ pitching error anything under 2.00 is legit.

  • cif

    thought you might find this interesting?

    1. Valencia/V 1. Bonita 1. Bishop Amat
    2. Temecula Valley 2. Rancho Verde 2. South Torrance
    3. Etiwanda 3. Oxnard 3. South Hills
    4. Simi Valley 4. Cerritos 4. Charter Oak
    5. Edison 5. Don Lugo 5. Downey s
    6. Los Alamitos 6. Lakewood 6. La Serna
    7. Santa Margarita 7. Laguna Hills 7. Warren
    8. Foothill 8. Cajon 8. Highland
    9. Newport Harbor 9. Chino 9. Chino Hills

  • Amat Dad

    I take it that you were at the tournament of champions. If you were then you would of known about what happened when Amat was faced with losing their ace in the 1st game. Sanchez picked it up and pitched the next 4 games w/some needed help from a JV pitcher who stepped in and did a fantastic job. If you want to check stats look at the team B.A. which is .383…I don’t know who you think should be #1 but CIF agrees with Fred and ranked Amat #1 in Div3..Skies R Blue and the futures Golden…..

  • keepdrinkingthepunch

    amat dad
    cif agrees with fred for division-3 only. south hills, charter oak, glendora, chino hills, ayala and bonita all would put the smack down on bishop amat. Its a shame they have to run and hide and play in out of the area tournmements. If fred wants to continue on this bridge to nowhere like he did with clarmont so be it the cream will rise to the top and his lesson will be learned.

  • Looking4SD

    Completely invisible and not ranking. What’s up?

  • Amat Dad

    koolaid drinker,
    Run and hide? They were playing in 1 of the 3 top high school tournaments in the west.It’s obvious that you look in Max Preps for info, but if you do your homework you’ll see that Amat plays D1 teams like Santa Margarita, Saugus, Mater Dei,and Santiago, all are top teams that you’ll see in that tournament as well as the Santiago tournament. Don’t know if your problem is with Fred or Amat but it’s a long season, and rankings don’t really mean much, cause it’s not how you start it’s how you finish…and since only Northview and Covina were on the schedule, check to see how we finish.

  • shfan

    Fred, I’m just wondering. What is your reasoning for putting Bonita ahead of South Hills. I’m just curious.

  • 888

    a 12-2 bonita team and south hills losing to an average northview team. Although south hills beat bonita that would not happen today a well rested bonita squad is playing well. Sometimes its not who you beat but who you lose too.