Baseball Rankings: Bishop Amat on top again; Charter Oak, Bonita, Glendora, Nogales surging

1. Bishop Amat ( 6-2) – Lancers allowed just two runs in last three wins, which includes a 5-0 blanking over Chatsworth. They’ve won six straight since starting 0-2 to let the SGV know who’s at the top of the chart.
2. Charter Oak (4-1) — After opening the Sierra with a big 4-1 win over Ayala, the Chargers get Claremont at home today hoping to leave a big imprint in the new league.
3. Bonita (5-2) — Suffered 10-4 loss to Long Beach Poly and opens Hacienda with a huge one at Diamond Bar on Friday, most likely against Mathews.
4. Glendora (4-2) — Opened the Baseline with back-to-back wins over Upland and Rancho Cucamonga and gets Alta Loma on Friday. You find out how good teams are when tournaments are over with.
5. Nogales (7-1) — The area’s biggest surprirse beat Northview to open the Valle Vista and swept Arroyo on Saturday. They get San Dimas next.
6. Damien (3-3) — Spartans look great in Sierra opening with over South Hills. If they can pitch, they have the bats to swing with anyone.
7. South Hills (4-2) — Opened the Sierra with a 7-4 loss to Damien, showing once again if you don’t have the pitching in the Sierra, each game is a fight.
8. Claremont (4-1) — After looking so great, Wolfback humbled in Sierra League opener in 5-0 loss to Chino Hills.
9. Chino Hills (5-2) — Beat previously unbeaten Claremont 5-0 for their fourth straight wins.
10. Diamond Bar (3-4) – The preseason No. 1 is slowly crawling back after Hacienda League opening win over West Covina. The proof comes Friday at home against Bonita.

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  • On Top

    and life is the way it should be.

  • Homer

    Garza from Bonita vs Mathews from Diamond Bar on friday. This should be one of the best pitching duals in the Valley this year!

  • ?

    That game will come down to coaching and the small details that are always over looked. Bonita has all the advantages there. D-Bar beat up on 2 weak teams last week. I Predict Bonita in a close one and that is only because Kenny is on the bump.

  • Bulldog1

    Fred, you have Bishop Amat rated #1 because of the weak league there in right? The Hacienda league is the toughest league in the valley, as were finding out.
    Rio is a good hitter, but not much for fielding, thats why hes at 3B not SS.
    If youre going to rely on Jay Anderson .154 or Wallace Gonzalez .190 for any hitting, it will be a one-man show. Its a shame they take up vital spots in the line up. Just pitch around Alcantara and Ruiz and you win! Hows that for coaching? Andy Nietos a great manager, Im sure hell get the most out of his ballclub as usual. Can hardly wait till the game with JFR. Congrats to Amat girls soccer, its nice to have a ring, huh girls? Great job!
    Bulldog Fever.

  • Amat81

    Bulldog-1 did you ever even play
    baseball? You sound like a real jack__s
    I fell sorry for your to midget sons.
    They can’t play baseball either

  • just askin’


    since when is Orange Lutheran, Chatsworth, Mission Viejo, Corona, and LB Wilson in Amat’s league?

  • NotSince1995

    Congratulations to the Amat Girls FUTBOL team on their winning season
    The Beisbol team…? Thats the same old story. Can we all say Over…Rated…!
    Over…Rated…! 5 clap…Yankees style! C’mon…Over Rated…!
    Not in 2011 either…

  • jcaz

    I always get a laugh out of this when a few of our blogers throw in one of these types of posts.

    “Congratulations on a well earned victory, you guys really deserve it because, your good…..but in truth, and in my opinion, you guys really suck. You always have sucked, and you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag !”

    It’s always the same thing you know….

    Someone comes in, says something cordial at the begging of the post, but always ends it with a ditz.

    Then, what makes it all so very predictable, the other bloggers come back at the guy with…. “Your an idiot you know that ?”

    Then the guy will always say something like…..”but I gave them all the props ! Didn’t you read what I just posted ?

    And then of course they come back at him with, blah blah blah.

    Before to long it starts to look like a Wilson football thread.

    Too funny people….

  • JFR


    I’m still trying to figure out why a middle aged man with kids in HS would make a joke about “me doin my mom.” I think you would be better off if our paths never crossed in the future, I no longer have to carry the torch for bashing you because everyday you seem to add on a couple more enemies. I hope your kids help turn it around at WC and for their sake and I hope you tune it down in here also for their sake.

  • D-Mo

    CO 3-1 over Claremont


    Bonita vs Diamond Bar will be a battle. Diamond Bar should not overlook Diamond Ranch on Weds. DB is going to need more hitting against the good teams after beating up on a couple of weaker teams, no offense WC but you have little or no pitching! Against better pitching DB will suffer with their light hitters.

  • Bulldog1

    JFRDOUCHE, So, I guess the basketball game is not going to happen? I hope my boys can turn the WC team into winners, and quickly! The Hacienda league is tough! I hope our paths do cross my friend, you seem like a nice guy, I hope your boy can turn it around too, according to Maxpreps, you had no pitching Saturday against Long Beach Poly.
    Bulldog Fever.

  • VVL Scout

    Covina 13 northview 0 F/5

  • KMfan

    Will Kenny Mathews start the Bonita game? If so, D-bar will win, no doubt about it.

  • Uncle Ben

    Wallace Gonzalez made a big mistake going to Amat, Their football team lost with him and hes hitting .190 and hes not very good defensively, so what gives? Glendora baseball seemed to do just fine last year without him. He seems to be the kiss of death for whatever team he plays for! Whats next? Does he have great grades? Before anyone gets upset for pointing out his stats, theyre clearly listed by name first and last in maxpreps.

  • old timer

    I agree with you . Been thinking the same thing, all these people writing back at him and frankly the others were the ones that started talking about his kids first.As bas as he has been , the responces are even worst. Could believe threatened him and yet the others were the ones talking about his kids. very surprised at some of the others talking back to him.

  • JFR


    I don’t have a kid that plays for BOHI, just never liked your bashing of BOHI girls when they were winning in multiple sports. Yes I grew up on the good side of WC and yes I live in the great small town of La Verne, sucks to be you.

  • Bulldog1

    JFRDOUCHE, So, whats the bad side of West Covina? wheres that? What a cowardly thing to keep sayin! Thats why people dont like you much! Youre a premadonna! Are you too good for the rest of us folk from WC? Maybe you have a grand kid or great grandkid at Bonita. Who knows who cares? I do know you dont have the guts to say where you think the bad side of West Covina is. Again I ask, wheres the bad side of WC?
    At the whole city of WEST COVINA we live with class and humility always! And we are all proud of what we accomplished this year. JFRDOUCHE, you may never Kiss the Ring,
    Bulldog Fever.

  • melissa

    youre such a JERK! you are a snob. you dont rep La Verne very well. youre from w/c ? are you racist or just an old fool ? I am proud to live and go to school in w/c and call myself a bulldog !

  • jmcdonough

    JFR fool,
    Are you an idiot? Why would you say something so stupid? Im curious to hear what you think the bad side of West Covina is? And youre a bulldog! Shame on you, jerk. I may have to agree, you dont have the guts! You certainly dont have any class.

  • JFR

    Idiots from the west side of WC, I love how I’m a racist for stating I played at SH and kicked the crap out of you back in the day. I’m starting to think that all of you are tooldog or his boyfriend commenting on here.

  • ????

    what happens when san dimas beats northview?

  • player

    Did Amat play today?

  • JFR

    Im ashamed have to of lived in W/C. The people are rude and stupid, thats why I moved up to La Verne. W/C has changed for the worst! I couldnt wait to get out. The truth is, its all the bad side now. That previous comment was not me!

  • Know The Game

    Player- Amat and all of their studs were postponed until tomorrow (weather permitting) @ La Salle and their rag tag bunch.

  • JFR


    I hope you look at the URL to know I didn’t state that crap. I always own up to my own stupid crap except when my employee gets on my computer to whack me out. Bulld!ck is still a tool and can’t wait to see him.

  • JFR

    To all bent Bulldog fans, I said my peace but someone else came on using my JFR name and I have asked fred to look it up.

  • jmcdonough

    Have you been drinking again? You sound foolish. You come on here and write something stupid, then claim it wasnt you, maybe an employee? What a jackass! Make up your mind; are you from SH or WC? Do your employees hate you that much, boss? All of your comment say the same thing: IM AN IDIOT!!!!
    Go Huskies/Bulldogs?

  • JFR

    Mc doughnut, I went to SH and kicked the crap out of you guys back then. I ran into Bob Mount the other day and will take in his class when I think about you guys in the future.

  • statsdontlie

    I think Damien should be lower than #6 due to lack of pitching.

    Glendora at #4 seems to be having problems on defense as they have allowed 14 unearned runs vs 11 earned runs? Wow 56% of runs are unearned…well at least that keeps their pitchers ERA down!

  • AMAT 73

    What I find to be very comical is how all these haters know so much on our teams and athletes.I bet when they open the paper on log on to a website they look up AMAT first.As I always say love us or hate us we are always on your mind . For all the WG haters out there , he is doing fine for AMAT.He is a Lancer and that is all you need to know . His grades (whether good or bad ) are the concern of his parents and himself and no one else. Our ball team is doing fine and if you feel we are overated so be it . We do not make the rankings in any paper or internet site so blame them . Seems to be a whole lot of AMAT koolaid being poured because many think highly of both of our teams. By the way notsince95 thanks for the well wishes to our Lady Lancers soccer team .It shows you do have a little bit of sense afterall and you really don’t hate us all that much. Bullfrog1 how in the hell would you know what it feels like to have a ring. What did you do to earn a CIF ring in WC’s three CIF titles this year? I have asked you that question before but like always you dodge the issue. Maybe our girls should be asking you , don’t you wish you know what it feels like to earn and wear and CIF Championship ring ? You will never see a blogger from AMAT post something as ridiculus as your kiss the ring bs because we really do win with class not like you profess to do . You should take a lesson from WC Dan and learn what winning with class is all about.

  • Uncle Ben

    Amat 73.
    I think the schools should post the students grades on-line along with the teachers name and class taken for all to see just like Maxpreps does for statistics, maybe some of these teachers would try harder to teach. As for now, youre right, its no ones business what an athletes grades are. As for your ballclub, not your fault its overrated, the SGV Trib. has beergoggles on when it comes to Amat, everyone including Amat knows that. Amat 73, youre right about everything so far. However, the kiss the ring thing is funny! You know it, I know it, and even JFR knows it. The people who act mad about it are jealous they didnt think of it first. I am familiar with WG and believe me Glendora was ecstatic to see him and his baggage go! Just look at the results. So you just keep on telling yourself he is doing fine for AMAT.He is a Lancer and that is all you need to know. Everyone else will be better off, because hes your problem now.
    Sincere, Congrats to the Amat girls soccer team, CIF champs. Representing the SGV with class!

  • DB v DR

    DB 6
    DR 1

  • jcaz

    Uncle Ben,

    You know what dude ? You sure do know how make a kick-AZZ serving of rice, but really big guy, whats your beef with this kid and with Amat in general anyway ?

    So what if he left your school and moved on ?

    And, So what if you think were always over rated…..

    I mean honestly, what does all of that have to do with the price of tomatoes anyway ? Nothing right ?

    Get over it already dude, leave the kid alone and let the Lancers shine in the spot light, if only for a little while ok.

    Geezz la-weez dude !

  • Uncle Ben

    Sorry jcaz, I just dont think Amats any better or worse than any other high school. I went to Amat and then USC then NFL just dont like false praise or hype. Thats what it has to do with the price of tomatoes.
    You see jcaz; I can be an alum without being a Homer. I really pull for the athlete with character! No matter where they go to school. I just hated the way Wallace Gonzalez and his family tried to destroy Glendoras sports. Now Amat my Amat cant win.
    Oh, by the way, NotSince1995 is an ass.

  • Bulldog1

    Fred, wheres the story about our impressive league win over a very good Walnut team?
    Our freshman stud Joe Olguin pitched a strong 5 innings striking out six in our 2-1 win yesterday. Were just getting started, they boys are feeling good and strong and looking forward to more Hacienda league play on Saturday. Im looking forward to my Basketball game with JFRDOUCHE, I am practicing my free-throw, although, I dont plan on calling any fouls. Although I plan on giving a few hard or flagrant fouls
    Congrats again to the Amat Girls, CIF championship nice club to be in. Lady lancers, a bit of advice; be selective about who you let kneel down and Kiss the Ring you now belong to a special club of winners that not many can say or prove they are in. Im sure the lady lancers, like us win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • AMAT 73

    Uncle Ben,
    Nice to hear you’re a fellow Alum if your being honest about that fact. Kind of suprised you write on WG being your problem now if indeed you are a Lancer .If Glendora is better off now that he is gone good for them. Although I am a fan of all our teams my main hope for all the students and the student athlete at AMAT is that they take advantage of getting the most of the educational value that AMAT has to offer them . Don’t get me wrong the titles and banners are great but the education is first and foremost. I am sure you can attest that the teaching you received at AMAT prepared you for USC as many Alum have stated that very fact. Again like the ratings I don’t believe you see any branded AMAT blogger heapping praise on WG’s play on the field . You know at AMAT it’s all about the team effort and not any one individual although many have walked the hallowed halls . We win as a team and we lose as a team.