Girls Soccer: All CIF Released; Amat’s April Juarez and coach Ruben Gonzalez earn top honors; Duran, Todd highlight Division 6 honors

CIF-Southern Section Teams
Division 3
– April Juarez, Jr. Forward, Bishop Amat
COACH OF THE YEAR – Ruben Gonzalez, Bishop Amat

Players Name Grade Position School

Makenzy Doniak 11 Fwd Ayala
Alexis Weaver 12 Mid Ayala
Alicen Wright 12 GK Ayala
Alyssa Cabral 11 Def Bishop Amat
Jessie Gener 11 Def Bishop Amat
April Juarez 11 Fwd Bishop Amat
Yazmin Montoya 10 Fwd/Mid Bishop Amat
Haillee Worrell 12 Mid Bonita
Brooke Elby 12 Fwd/Mid Flintridge Prep
Connell Studenmund 11 Def Flintridge Prep
Kristine Pasek 12 Fwd Granite Hills
Rayana Speight 11 Fwd Granite Hills
Jill Wierzbicki 12 Def Granite Hills
Rebecca De Iorio 12 Def La Mirada
Kimberly Griffin 12 GK Pacifica/Garden Grove
Rachel Webb 12 Def Quartz Hill
Sierra Duarte 12 Fwd Righetti
Lara Wilson 12 Mid Righetti
Alex Magnifico 12 Def Serrano
Katie Pound 12 Fwd Serrano
Taylor Will 12 Fwd St. Joseph/Santa Maria
Victoria Camaj 11 Fwd St. Lucy’s

Players Name Grade Position School
Jasmine Cornejo 11 Fwd Artesia
Lizette Luna 10 Mid Ayala
Nicole Ragomo 11 GK Bishop Amat
Kate Lyon 11 Mid/Def Flintridge Prep
Megan Guzman 11 Fwd La Mirada
Allyson Lods 12 Mid Lancaster
Lauren Stupin 12 Mid Los Altos
Taylor Nelson 12 Mid Pacifica/Garden Grove
Lauren Young 12 Fwd Pacifica/Garden Grove
Heather Jones 12 Mid Quartz Hill
Kristen Osuna 10 Fwd Quartz Hill
Ivy Diego 10 Fwd Righetti
Alexis Long 11 Mid Serrano
Sophia Pacino 12 GK Serrano
Chelsea Villascuesa 12 Def St. Joseph/Lakewood

Players Name Grade Position School

Gaby Zamarripa 12 Mid Artesia
Maya Jones 10 Def Ayala
Lyanna Farran 12 Mid Bishop Amat
Kelli Creese 11 Def Bonita
Bianca Frontino 12 Mid Cerritos
Casey Cousineau 10 GK Flintridge Prep
Becky Lyons 12 Def Granite Hills
Sam Whitehead 12 Def La Salle
Tara Cofer 12 Fwd Los Altos
Nicole Nsa 11 Fwd Mayfair
Korrie Dill 12 Def Pacifica/Garden Grove
Samantha Ellis 12 Def Quartz Hill
Mallory McNulty 10 Def St. Joseph/Santa Maria
Alexandra Quincey 12 Def St. Lucy’s
Stephanie Catone 11 Fwd Walnut

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Katie Donahue, Jr. Fwd, St. Margaret’s
COACH OF THE YEAR – Johnny Marmelstein, St. Margaret’s

Players Name Grade Position School
Malia Abdallah 12 Def Alverno
Katie Hernandez 12 Mid Beaumont
Annie Weis 11 Mid Cate
Brittany Cox 12 Mid Crean Lutheran South
Sarah Hopper 12 Fwd Hemet
Rosie Robinson 11 Fwd Hemet
Megan Siepler 12 Fwd La Canada
Kelsey Douglas 12 Def Laguna Blanca
Khalalah Todd 12 Fwd Northview
Jade Vehawn 12 Def Northview
Mikhaila Bowden 12 Mid Ocean View
Kara Pedersen 12 Fwd Ocean View
Maribel Duran 11 Fwd San Dimas
Shannon McKee 12 Mid San Dimas
Marian “Annie” Wenzlau 12 Mid San Marino
Maria Guillen 12 Def Segerstrom
Lizbeth Rodriguez 12 Fwd Sierra Vista
Angelique Ulmer 10 GK South Pasadena
Katie Donahue 11 Fwd St. Margaret’s
Michelle Lancaster 12 GK St. Margaret’s
McCaully Patch 11 Mid St. Margaret’s
Salena Gallardo 10 Fwd Tahquitz

Celina Minissian 11 Fwd Alverno
Rebecca Vanderbyl 12 Mid Beaumont
Brennan Cusack 12 Fwd Cate
Jennifer Gordon 12 Mid Hemet
Talia Saleh 11 Mid La Canada
Kendahl Anderson 12 Mid Northview
Aleanna Vargas 11 Mid Ocean View
Rachel Jones 12 GK San Dimas
Carlee Beckler 12 GK San Marino
Savannah De Sousa 12 Mid San Marino
Karen Silvas 11 Def Segerstrom
Jessica Lopez 9 Fwd Sierra Vista
Taylor Colliau 11 Def South Pasadena
Natalie Barbaresi 11 Def St. Margaret’s
Alexis Cordero 10 Mid Tahquitz

Kelsey Dodson 11 GK Beaumont
Anne Larsen 11 Mid Crean Lutheran South
Jenica Zenter 12 Def Hemet
Morgan Rittichier 11 Fwd La Canada
Lauren McAlister 12 Fwd Laguna Blanca
Guadelupe Lara 11 Fwd Nogales
Amber Viloria 12 Def Northview
Kaitly Katsuki 12 Def Ocean View
Brenna Van Hoogenstyn 10 Mid Sage Hill
Viviana Preciado 12 Def San Jacinto
Cindy Rubio 12 Med Segerstrom
Jasmine Loera 10 Mid Sierra Vista
Marian Slocum 12 Def South Pasadena
Olivia Collins 12 Def St. Margaret’s
Cassidy Constantino 10 GK Tahquitz

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  • AMAT 73

    Congratulatons to all the Lady Lancers who made the all CIF team . Also April on her POY and to Coach Gonzales on COY. Great job.

  • girls soccer fan-

    When will girls & boys soccer ALL LEAGUE and the all area teams be announced?

  • :

    Congratulations April you are a great player, also coach gonzalez, but coach stick to coaching the girls that is where your heart seems to be

  • Congrats to all the Bishop Amat CIF winners and Coach Gonzalez. Awesome job Yazmin. Only sophmore to make 1st team. You deserve it. Your a dedicated player and awesome to watch.

  • moms4kids

    Congrats to all the CIF area winners. Special congrats to all the Amat Lady Lancers and Yazmin for being the only sophmore in D3 to make 1st team. You are a complete and dedicated player.

  • Anonagain

    You mean Duran, Todd, McKee (first team) highlight division 6 honors, plus Jones (second team).

    In choosing all-area first team you’ve got to give strongest consideration to the girls who played in CIF Finals and regionals. There are only two local teams that did: Amat and San Dimas. To make it so far (and especially to win CIF, as Amat did) says a lot about the players. You should consider several players each from Amat and SDHS for first team all-area honors.

    You should also consider all-CIF in your choices. If you look at the lists there are not very many girls from the SGV and the Tribune’s coverage area, so it is a rare honor to receive all-CIF honors. These girls should be given strong consideration when you’re choosing first team all-area.

  • Bulldog1

    Fred, wheres the story about our impressive league win over a very good Walnut team?
    Our freshman stud Joe Olguin pitched a strong 5 innings striking out six in our 2-1 win yesterday.
    Congrats again to the Amat Girls, CIF championship nice club to be in. Lady lancers, a bit of advice; be selective about who you let kneel down and Kiss the Ring you now belong to a special club of winners that not many can say or prove they are in. Im sure the lady lancers, like us win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • Soccer Lvr

    Anonagain, I think he means Todd, Vehawn(Northview)Duran, McKee (San Dimas)Rodriguez (Sierra Vista)highlight Division 6 honors – First Team

    Anderson (Northview)Jones (San Dimas)
    Lopez (Sierra Vista)- Second Team

    Lara (Nogales) Viloria (Northview)
    Loera (Sierra Vista) – Third Team

    Congratulations to Sierra Vista’s Jessica Lopez, the only Freshman to make it on any team!

    Congratulations also to Lizbeth Rodriguez and to Jasmine Loera. GO LADY DONS!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Let me tell you it is far below any Lancer to come out with the kiss the ring bs. Our teams carry themselves with much more class then that . We will leave that kind of foolishness to people like you who do not know how to act like a winner. If you are insinuating membership in some club you belong to count us out .

  • All Area/CIF/Whatever

    What I want to know is who does the voting? Is there any mathematical calculation for who gets these honors or is it just someone’s opinion of who was best? Teams that went further have less players represented? We know who decides All Area and we hope that he/they take all aspects of these kids and their accomplishments into consideration.

  • LA Futbol

    Stupin Get’s Screwed AGAIN!

    How the heck does Victoria Camaj from St. Lucy’s make 1st Team All CIF and Lauren Stupin from Los Altos does not? Let’s compare:

    Goal = 11
    Assists = 7
    Team Record = 13-8-2
    Team CIF Rank = 8
    Playoffs = Lost 2nd Round

    Goals = 23
    Assists = 13
    Team Record = 19-4-4
    Team CIF Rank = 6
    Playoffs = Lost 2nd Round

    Now I’m not saying Camaj isn’t a good player. She’s outstanding from what I’ve heard (have’t seen her play). But there is simply no way this can be explained. I’m sorry but Lauren got screwed once again! Once by the league and now again by CIF.

  • Laurens Dad

    LA Futbol said:
    Stupin Get’s Screwed AGAIN!

    Thank you LA Futbol for the nice compliments, as Laurens proud parents, we also feel slighted by the selection process…however, as noted so well in another blog on this site by Nikki Wheatleys dad, we also feel that this will not effect Laurens past or future achievments. We believe Lauren has a bright future ahead of her at CSUF both academically and athletically.
    We are just a little disappointed, but grateful for all the memories she had at LA.

  • Math should count

    I dont believe that “CIF” votes. Isnt it the coaches? Same ones that screwed her the first time with alittle help from their friends?

  • Monika

    Congrats to all the girls in Division 6. Ocean View made history for their school by getting to the semi’s for the first time. They were also the only school that even challenged the ultimate champion in their run to win Div. 6 (OVHS (1) -v- St. Margaret’s (1), St. Margaret’s ended up winning in PK’s).

    As for how people are selected, there are only one or two people you can blame. The coach and/or the school’s Athletic Director. They are the ones that nominate players and based on how far you get in CIF determines how many players are added to the list.

  • Anon


    I think you’re right that coaches (with AD’s signature) nominate players for all-CIF. The forms are available at It’s also true that CIF is only recognizing first team all-CIF this year but the SoCal Soccer Coaches Association is recognizing, first, second, and third teams. That’s why only first team is listed on the CIF website.

    But I don’t think it’s quite true that how far you get determines how many players make the list. Northview lost in the second round and has a total of 4 players on the lists; San Dimas went to finals and only has 3. Tahquitz lost in quarterfinals and only has 3. Hemet lost in semi-finals and has 4. Maybe the Northview coach nominated more players than the other coaches.

    I hope that when Fred makes his all-area selections, especially first team, he takes into consideration how far the teams went in CIF. Teams that go deeper should have more players on the all-area list too.

  • Laurens Dad

    “LA Futbol said:
    Stupin Get’s Screwed AGAIN!”

    Thank you for the support LA Futbol! As Laurens parents, we also feel that she was slighted this year, she had made 1st Team All-CIF last year as a Jr. and had similar numbers this year on a highly ranked champion team…that usually is enough. However, as another parent spoke so well on a different blog on this site about thier freshman basketballer, this will not change the past or the future accomplishments of Lauren and we believe that she still has a bright future ahead of her at CSUF both athetically and academically. We are still very proud of all her hard work.

    Disappointed Dad

  • AnonII


    So what would keep a coach from nominating their entire team? How many nominations do they get and then who votes on which of those get in? Seems to me there is still the question of who makes it in the end. And why is So Cal Soccer, an organization that a school/coach has to pay additional money to belong to in charge of it? Shouldn’t it be up to some body within CIF to make these decisions? Im confused.

  • Socher

    Camaj is not outstanding.