Baseball: To be continued, Amat leads 9-4 with game suspended in the 7th

In other games of note Diamond Bar beat Diamond Ranch 6-1 in preparation of Friday’s showdown against Bonita. West Covina edged Walnut 2-1…In the MVL, Arroyo clobbered Rosemead 11-0 (Mark Roche with a homer and pitched a two-hitter) and Mountain View beat El Monte 6-3.

By Miguel A. Melendez, Staff Writer
Just about every element was covered Tuesday afternoon at La Salle High School – from first-inning controversy to sixth-inning comedy to a bizarre ending in the seventh. The same could be said about the weather – cold, dry, windy and wet. It culminated when the umpire suspended the game for the second time because of rain, leaving Bishop Amat’s 9-4 lead over La Salle to be settled in three weeks with one out in the bottom of the seventh.

Bishop Amat’s David Berg was on the mound and threw one pitch to La Salle’s Michael Pedote before the home-plate umpire called the game.

Bishop Amat coach Andy Nieto and La Salle coach Harry Agajanian met near the mound to discuss the outcome. The game resumed moments later, but it wasn’t long before a wild pitch hit the backstop with La Salle’s Nick Crow at the plate, prompting umpire Chris McNeise to call the game.

The game will resume April 15 at La Salle, when it’s next scheduled to host Bishop Amat.

“(The umpire) said he thought the pitcher was slipping a little bit,” Nieto said. “Our pitcher said he was fine and they wound up giving it another go. As you saw in the last inning, (the rain) didn’t let up.

“We said at the beginning we’d go suspended game, and that’s probably fair.

“Unless the (Del Rey League) bylaws say something different, we’ll continue next time. If for some reason our league constitution says it has to be an official game, then we can’t
change the rule.”

Nieto was frustrated in the first inning after Adam Alcantara was called out at home despite the ball slipping out of the catcher’s glove.

“It was a big call,” Nieto said. “Whether he was out or safe, I felt it was rushed a little bit, but it wasn’t a factor in the game.”

Bishop Amat junior left-hander Daniel Zamora, who struck out the first four batters, pitched 4 2/3 innings and gave up five hits and two runs.

Bishop Amat had two three-run innings, in the third and fourth. Alcantara’s home run on the first pitch to right field in the seventh capped Bishop Amat’s scoring.

“They’re not ranked No. 2 for nothing,” Agajanian said. “They’re good. They play well. They’re steady, nothing phases them.”

La Salle’s Chris Williams hit a solo shot to center in the fourth to make it 6-2, and Nick Brown homered in the sixth, jumping on an 0-2 pitch for a shot to center to make it 8-4.

There was a light moment in the top of the sixth when McNeise called time to point out that La Salle left fielder Garry Goebel was wearing a sweatshirt, drawing small laughter from the crowd, as well as from Goebel, who pitched 3 2/3 innings and was one of four pitchers La Salle used.

“Goebel is a good pitcher,” Agajanian said. “He’s still coming back from basketball, so he’s struggling a little bit right now, but they’re a good lineup too, so you can’t make mistakes against them.”

Above: Amat pitcher Daniel Zamora has been a key figure in the Lancers’ recent success after a slow start.

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  • Bulldog1

    Fred, Thanks for the story about our impressive league win over a very good Walnut team? But why the picture of yet another Amat player that didn’t play yesterday? Just can’t get enough of those Amat Players? How come we can’t get a picture of some other school? is it you don’t go anywhere else?
    Our freshman stud Joe Olguin pitched a strong 5 innings striking out six in our 2-1 win yesterday. Were just getting started, they boys are feeling good and strong and looking forward to more Hacienda league play on Saturday. Im looking forward to my Basketball game with JFRDOUCHE, I am practicing my free-throw, although, I dont plan on calling any fouls. Although I plan on giving a few hard or flagrant fouls
    Congrats again to the Amat Girls, CIF championship nice club to be in. Lady lancers, a bit of advice; be selective about who you let kneel down and Kiss the Ring you now belong to a special club of winners that not many can say or prove they are in. Im sure the lady lancers, like us win with class and humility always.
    Bulldog fever.

  • sam medina jr

    Mother nature gives the Whittier Cardinals ther 2nd win yesterday Vs. El Rancho. In my opinion you win between the lines. The game should have been postponed & resumed for a later date.

  • FredJ

    Nobody’s kissing any rings in West Covina baseball, they’re 2-6 Bulldog..I figured the best ballers in the spring are the West Covina softball team, not baseball, so I covered West Covina’s 14-1 win over Walnut yesterday, so I guess i should say you’re welcome for the story about West Covina’s impressive win over Walnut…


    Hey Bulldog1 read the article!!! The player that is pictured threw 4 2/3 innings yesterday striking out the first 4 batters.

  • AMAT 73

    FREDJ YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!! Loved that post to bullfrog1.

  • Bulldog1

    Amat 73, dont be so impressed with a win over La Salle. The drupping we put on Mark Keppel was more impressive? Nice to see some originality in the two teams mascots name; Lancers.
    Fred, when do we get the CIF ring total by high school for this year? Thanks for the props about the lady Dogs, theyre really good!
    USC Fan, Zamora pitched the day before yesterday, if you read the article! Old news bro.
    Bullfrogg Fever.

  • just sayin’


    La Salle is 6-2
    Keppel is 2-6

    we’ll see for sure after Keppel get’s swept by Alhambra – who La Sell already bet 7-1

  • Bulldog1

    Fred, I really liked the video you guys (Steve, Aram and you) did for upcoming ballgames, especially during football season; you really did a great job with that!
    There are some great match-ups you can cover this weekend, like Bonita vs. Diamond Bar (Kenny Mathews) and West Covina vs. Rowland, and South Hills vs. Chino Hills. All are league play and all great teams. Dont worry about hurting Amats feelings the have a gimmie Saturday against Santa Monica.
    Bulldog fever.

  • Amat Alumni and Parent


    Amat plays St. Monica on Friday and West Torrence on Saturday. Also the picture of The “Amat player that didn’t play” was actually their starting pitcher yesterday. Amat did not play the day before yesterday. Where in the world do you get your info from?


    Thank you Amat Alumni and Parent!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I know you have trouble with your spelling but now your comprehension as well. Let me help you out , the game with La Salle was suspended due to rain therefore not a win just yet, only a pending win if we are fortunate in the finishing of the game at a later date. I also never said it was an impressive win . I will leave that for wins against Chatsworth and teams of that caliber. Now for you to consider the win against Keppel impressive speaks volumes for the state of your program. There are many lancers out there but there is only one that is THE BISHOP AMAT LANCERS . I see you are taking a liking to the bullfrog name. Also it’s Saint Monica.

  • cov80

    thats funny west covina NEVER has a gimme game thats because you guys stink kiss that

  • SGV Baseball fan
  • RIC

    to change the subject. a question that maybe some of you guys with great baseball knowledge can answer. my nephew is 13 and going to highschool next year,he has a fastball of around upper 70s and a good curveball.what kind of pitches should he try to learn in order to become a great pitcher in highschool. no one in are family has ever played baseball so we cant show him much.

  • ?????

    Drop the Curveball and develop a good circle change up for the next couple years. Work on location. Practice good pitching fundamentals, arm motion, stride and balance, dont forget confidence.

  • BP Braves

    Here’s a bombshell…

    Baldwin Park 3
    San Dimas 1

    8 innings

  • reality

    You are going to the blog for help? You got to be kidding. Every dad or uncle that has a 13 year old pitcher thinks he might have the second coming of Koufax. Why not let him have fun. Don’t let any coach burn him out. On these blogs you will find coaches promoting traveling teams, year-round leagues etc. Most of this type has unfullfilled dreams themselves. Watch out for them. If the boy keeps enjoying organized ball you will eventually find an experienced coach that has the boys best interest at heart and he will send you guys in the right direction for some good coaching. Circle change-up? Sheeeeeeeesh

  • AMAT 73

    The person you should seek out is kh a blogger from Bonita who’s son KC is a big contributor to their ball club. He is a coach and has MLB experience. He hasn’t been on blog in quite some time but he could probably give you some input on what you’re asking. Not knocking the bloggers but kh knows his stuff.

  • JFR

    The person you should seek out is Bulldog1 a blogger from West Covina who’s sons are big contributors to their ball club. He is a coach and has experience. Hes been on blog for quite some time but he could probably give you some input on what you’re asking. Not knocking the bloggers but Bulldog1 knows his stuff.

  • AMAT 73

    You are one sly blogger. Hey when is the match up between you and your best pal bullfrog1 . I here Fred is taking bets and has bullfrog1 as a 100-1 longshot .

  • Know The Game

    Don’t judge everyone on here just because there are a few individuals who like to run their mouths without having a clue of what they’re talking about. You might actually be surprised to know that there are quite a few ex professional athletes chiming in who can give good advise to RIC. ???? made an accurate statement in advising to drop the curve ball. The change up is the best pitch in baseball (to your dismay) and it will be an advantage for any 13 yr old to learn that pitch instead of the old deuce (save that for the later teens). RIC, I will add that playing lots of long toss is also beneficial for strengthening the arm.