Is Glendora going to name a football coach soon? Spring practice just around the corner

Glendora is keeping mum on its next coaching hire after Mark Pasquarella’s recent resignation. Soon after the football season ended, I heard that La Puente coach and former Glendora assistant Brandon Rohrer was a lock to be named the next coach, but the school is dragging its feet. Apparently, the school might be waiting on Pasquarella to make another decision, which could be leaving the school entirely for an administrative position elsewhere, which would free up a teaching position to go with the football job. If Pasquarella remains at Glendora, it’s possible the Tartans may have to hire a walk-on, which is probably why a coach hasn’t been named yet. If the Tartans go the walk-on route, I can’t think of a better person than former Monrovia coach Steve Garrison, who took the ‘Cats to three straight title games in the 90s and knows his stuff as well as anyone. Garrison coveted the Glendora position a few years back and lives in Glendora. He still teaches at Monrovia but is currently a walk-on assistant at Northview, but should that opportunity at Glendora become available, he would be a good fit given the Tartans situation.

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  • baller

    Glendora should be an attractive job for a head coach even with the meddling parents but it is impossible to get a coach that will take them to the next level as a walk on. All head coaching contracts should have a stipulation that if you step down as head coach the teaching position could be subject to termination. The landscape has changed tremendously.

  • Trojan Man

    In a few years my little man will be wearing the red & black , sure would be nice having some young gun stick aruound for the LONG TERM.

    Fight On

  • No Chance

    A walk on would never survive the Glendora politics. Glendora already has the tendency to be an every man for themselves enviornment and the lack of visability of a head coach would only fuel that. Especially if the walk on doesn’t hire some of the coaches who are teaching there who by the way want the head coaching job.
    The best chance Glenodra has is to hire from within even if the credentials are a little lacking.

  • Old school

    I vote for: KEN EDWARDS

  • GoWest

    Sounds like the Burbank district. Same lame politics and average results.