CIF Softball Rankings: Bonita, Bishop Amat and Duarte all on top of polls; South Hills No. 3

Like baseball, not a lot of strong representation in the polls, except at the top. To have Amat, Bonita and Duarte all No. 1 is impressive. However, the only other ranked team is South Hills in Division 3 at No. 3.
CIF-Southern Section Softball polls

Division 2: 1. Bonita, 2. Oxnard, 3. Rancho Verde, 4. Cerritos, 5. Don Lugo, 6. Laguna Hills, 7. Lakewood, 8. Cajon, 9. Chino, 10. Arlington.
Division 3: 1. Bishop Amat, 2. South Torrance, 3. South Hills, 4. Highland, 5. Downey, 6. La Serna, 7. Mira Costa, 8. Warren, 9. Crescenta Valley, 10. Oaks Christian.
Division 5: 1. Duarte, 2. La Canada, 3. Savanna, 4. SA Calvary Chapel, 5. Hemet, 6. St. Monica, 7. Temple City, 8. Lompoc Cabrilo, 9. San Jacinto, 10. Montebello.

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  • fyi

    charter oak was ranked 5th in d3 but the loss to st lucy’s must have hurt they’ll be back though,

  • Amat Dad

    Looking forward to seeing some games this week if only mother nature cooperates. I know that practice isn’t a substitute for games, so hope the Lady Lancers regain the offense they displayed earlier. Go Lady Lancers! Long season left, just play them 1 at a time and you’ll do just fine. Maybe it’s what Anguiano needed to heal with 3 games scheduled in 3 days, Sanchez will need some relief.

  • shfan

    Hey Fred, what do you think accounts for the lack of San Gabriel Valley teams in the CIF polls? I saw the baseball polls too. Lack of talent in the SGV or better talent elsewhere?

  • just sayin’

    shfan s – in all sports most teams in the SGV are afraid to leave the Fish Bowl and play tougher competition outside the valley. Hence they get no respect

  • shfan

    Good point.

  • 888

    Like wise some teams are afraid to play in the fish bowl and lose(AMAT).

  • just askin’

    888 – hilarious. so you’re saying teams shouldn’t go out of the area to search for the better competition?

  • Coaching

    No what 888, is saying is teams like Amat don’t want to play the local teams because if they lose they lose more than just a game, they may lose some of those top recruits. Gano when he was over at LA was a perfect example of that. Gano would never and I mean never play Bishop Amat, because he didn’t want to take the chance of losing to Bishop Amat and losing some of that top talent that he was getting. On the other side of that coin Bishop Amat’s baseball program isn’t all that and they will loss against some of the other local baseball programs and that is why they don’t play many of the local teams.

    I have a friend in the Bishop Amat football program he says the talent over at Bishop Amat isn’t any better than many of the other local programs. They do have a couple D1 kids where other programs may have one. The difference is in the coaching over at Bishop Amat they can and will pay to get top coaching whereas the other public programs don’t have the funds. I believe there are a few D11 teams in the Valley that would compete with Bishop Amat’s football programs if coaching was equal. Talent wise Monrovia has more top talent than Bishop Amat; they don’t have numbers and coaching to compete with Bishop Amat.