Montview and Mission Valley all-league teams here, kind of shocking that Imari Brown not the Montview MVP for 25-3 Duarte, who breezed through league with an 11-0 record

I finally received the Montview and Mission Valley all-league teams, which I will post Thursday followed by all-league soccer teams next week. Tribune winter all-area teams are scheduled to run April 11-16, and we’re still finalizing a date on the annual Tribune/Star-News all-star basketball game, which will either be on April 15 or 16 or April 23 it appears. Now, I know I made a big stink about freshman Nikki Wheatley not being on the the Hacienda League first team, but the Montview League voting had its share of controversy too. Duarte was 25-3 and blew through league with an 11-0 record with a sophomore named Imari Brown who nearly averaged a quadruple double. Brown averaged 17 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and 8 steals a game, but was not named the league MVP …. The MVP went to Workman’s Evelyn Herrera, who makes a strong argument averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds, but the Lobos finished fourth and missed the playoffs. I’ll let you decide whether the Montview voters got it right, but in my books you give it to the best player on the best team, especially when they win league by such a lopsided margin. But also, lets be fair to Herrera, anytime you average 25 points, that’s special too.

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  • sgv

    Fred- you guys continue to do a great job and I hate to be a pest but can we get the skinny on the 2011 all CIF teams for girls and boys basketball please?

  • carla hargrove

    WOW What do Imari have to do to get respect in the Montview League it looks like she a very good basketball player almost averaging a triple double and i see she had 6 quaddruple doubles amazing to me. Have anyone did that this year in the Montview League and she’s only a sophmore. What is this league looking at obviously not the all around stats. she was also CIF TRIBUNE PLAYER OF THE WEEK made 1st Team all League and can’t get MVP of the Montview League at least CO-MVP so all the hard work this young lady did means nothing to this league wow something should be given to her from the league i’m just saying numbers don’t lie. Congrats on your great season Imari can’t wait to see your game next year……

  • SGV For 30 Years

    If you look on the CIF website the ALL-CIF Teams are posted on there.

  • Please

    Do some research Fred before you start poppin off on stuff you have no clue about! Did you see a single game that Evelyn Herrera played in this year? I doubt you did, because you wouldn’t question a thing if you have. No disrepect to Duarte at all…..they were the best team in the league and ran right through it. But Evelyn was just ridiculous this year. Her official stat line was 25 pts, 10 rebs, 6 assists, 6 steals, and 4 blocks per game! Remember the love affair that you had with Cezar Guerrero? This girl is CJ on the court except for the fact that she plays defense, passes the ball, makes her teammates better, and actually has respect for the game and others. And did you state that Workman “missed the playoffs”? Evidently you didn’t hear about how they smashed a highly ranked St. Monica team in THEIR house…a game that Evelyn just happened to score 39 pts!! Again, do your research! You missed out on an exciting Lady Lobo team that was just formed under their new coach in late June! Not to mention, they didn’t have a single senior on the team.

    Fred, get off the lazy boy, put the laptop down, and stop backing up to your paycheck! Get out to actually see some games so that you can have somewhat of an educated opinion or take….like a REAL reporter is supposed to do.

    What a joke…..

  • sgv

    good point on the website for cif, but that is not as good as reading about it in this paper or blog, no wonder newspapers are going away

  • stephen brown

    well first off, with all do respect, evelyn herrera had a great year, but when your picking M.V.P should’nt you look at the most well-rounded athlete, the one’s who impact the game the most, i would think so. I’ve checked the young lady evelyn herrera’s all around statistics,I’ve seen and heard of players who’ve scored 25 points a game, that’s nothing brand new, but check Imari Brown’s statistics and tell me have you ever seen anyone that well-rounded, that versatile, now im talking over 17 points, 14 reb. 9.8 ass. over 8 stls. a game, now as you can tell…if she wanted to, she could have averaged over thirty…but she had to play within the coaches system, and team cause she’s a team player not a one man show she was’nt called quadruple threat for nothing, that’s actually true just look at the numbers “C’mon Man”. like i’ve said i’ve seen 25 points a game b-4….but tell me have anyone ever witnessed over 10 triple doubles in this league ever no! along with 6 quadruplre-doubles who really knows about BASKETBALL, she’s a five statistic basketball player along with block shots which she does also, duarte girls was 25-3 workman lost 10 duarte went undefeated when workman played duarte and lost, with no disrespect, who had the better game Imari Brown had 31 that game over 12 reb. over 10 assist, and 8 stls.that is a triple dub, 2 assist off of a quadruple-dub. Evelyn herrera had 24 points and did’nt impact the game, now mountview league never had a player with quads & triple lets do our research, they’ve still beat workman the last two years and still can’t get respect, what will it take. M.V.P. should go to the player with the best all-around game, don’t you think, not just points, imari is not just a mountview league player, she won multiple championships for the summer travel ball team in pasedena and been around. With no racicm intended, but only 2 african-american young ladies have gotten M.V.P. in this league with predominantly latins no disrespect towards anyone but that’s how it is folks, it’s staggering to me how people just look at scoring and losses over staggering numbers that no one ever heard about or ever seen, who’ve ever heard of 10 triple-dub, 6 quads and 25-3 record going to state, now if anybody know anything that’s M.V.P. baby C’mon man! but this is MOUNTVIEW LEAGUE.LOL. Imari was number #1 in the u.s. in assist & steals as p.g. sophmore #1 in the world in reb. in p.g. position as soph. ranked in the world check the statistics on did the mvp voting was’nt looking at everything firmly, the way it should of been looked at.It seems to me it was already in the bag even if Imari Brown would have had a quadruple-dub every game right lets keep it fair people.She was a great impact her freshman year and didn’t get respect then either. what more do this league need to see from this young lady Imari Brown.