Football: Weekend conversation continues, sources say Glendora assistant Jerry Lewallen frontrunner to replace Pasquarella

Sources have confirmed that Glendora assistant Jerry Lewallen is under strong consideration to replace Mark Pasquarella as Glendora high school’s next football coach. With the uncertainty of a teaching position available for a new coach, Lewallen is already a teacher in the Glendora school district, and appears to be the front runner. It appears that La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer, a former assistant coach under Pasquarella who had serious interest in relocating to Glendora, will likely remain at La Puente unless Glendora guarantees a teaching job to go with football, which appears unlikely. We also hear that Glendora is seriously considering former Northview football coach Todd Quinsey, which might be the school’s best walk-on candidate. Quinsey knows his stuff, he most recently was an assistant with Charter Oak’s football team, and is the girls basketball coach there. A decision, sources say, could come as early as next week. Glendora is on spring break, so nothing is expected by the end of the week.

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  • Trojan Man

    If Glendora HIRES a WALK ON , the program WILL SUFFER.
    On the lower levels a walk on works , The Head Coach NEEDS to be ON CAMPUS on a DAY TO DAY BASIS,He needs to KNOW WHAT his guys are doing.

    Best of LUCK whoever gets it , I hope it’s some young blood who’ll make a COMMITMENT to stay put for a while , it’s a shame to see these coaches now a days with NO LOYALTIES !
    Here today , there tomorrow , back gain next week.


  • just sayin’

    Trojan Man – be careful what you wish for with that “young blood” theory. Some valley school’s have gone that route with no success where Bishop Amat has done OK with hiring experience

  • U hual

    Looks like the Glendora players are going to be the big losers. If I’m them I move to another school that can be a winner. It is proven college coaches like kids who come from winning programs. Btw lewellen is not at Glendora he is at goddard the middle school. Also Quinsey is a substitute teacher at this time. None of these guys can compete in the baseline or the inland division. Sorry it’s just the facts. Time to rent a new residence.

  • Mike the Clone


    Frecking beautiful, just what Glendora needs one of the Lewellen’s to stick around. For goodness sakes G-High The Lewellen’s are part of the damn problem. Send them packing and get damn serious about your football program will ya!!! Quick screwing around with these goof ball know nothings.Let them coach JAA where they belong.(If there even)

    Good Grief!

    Mike the Clone

  • correction

    U Haul,

    the story above does not mention Lewellen as being at Glendora HS, its mentions him being part of the Glendora Unified School District, thus he would not be considered a walk on coach, since his pay check is from the Glendora USD no matter what school within the school district employs him….

  • GHS

    Have been hearing from other dad’s about coaches from other programs contacting our kid’s and their parents about transferring. Still amazed by all the sleaze we have in high school sports.

  • Agree Completely

    Clone in the words of your idol Jim Rome.

  • Considering A Transfer

    @ GHS
    Do you really want to put the program in the hands of the Lewellens? You must be a Charter Oak fan and wish for our demise.

  • GHS

    @ Considering A Transfer

    Panicking is never a good way to make a decision. Let the smoke clear first.

  • Staying positive

    What most outsiders dont know is Glendora as a city has some characteristics that do not lend it self to reach its full potential athletically. Glendora is a great place to raise your kids if they are not playing team sports.
    Glendora is a white collar community that has parents that care about their kids and will go to any length possible to make them successful. This includes the best private training/coaching, the best equipment, and an ultra competitive attitude. However the parents are so competitive they wont train or work as a team because they are all looking for an individual edge. Competition is healthy on the field but off the field it drives bad behaviors that impact the success of the team
    Many families are second and third generations making a tight nit safe community. However the lack of turn over in families limits change. You need change to evolve and I dont think GHS has done that effectively. You hear on this blog all the time you need to get outside the fish bowl to see what the world of sports truly has to offer.
    The Lewellens are a nice family. However they will be sure to take care of their friends and try to try to make it as fair as possible. Will they confront problems head on and manage in way to benefit the team and program, Their track record doesnt indicate that. This job is even more difficult for an outsider. These issues are deep routed and difficult to see. Insiders wont openly acknowledge them there for wont help an outsider fix them
    Just ask Coach P as trying to manage this complex maze wore him down and are the cause of him losing his fire and desire to coach.
    My kid has graduated and moved on so I have no ax to grind and I tried to keep the post positive while still addressing the real issue which simply put is GHS is an all about me sports program. This is not going to get better anytime so because the community doesnt really want it to get better.
    However after writing all this I think an insider like the Lewellens are a good transitional choice until GHS can figure out the right long term formal. After all GHS isnt really ready for the type of coach that will make them a winner and drive change.
    Good Luck to Lewellens and GHS

  • eye in the sky

    Eye in the sky

    Fred your sources are way off. It has been confirmed that Glendora high athletic director has and is in the process of interviewing Glendora resident and 2 time national championship coach Lenny Rodriguez, who has coached at Mt. SAC from 87-97, also coached at University of New Mexico from 98-07, and helped bring 2 national championships as def. coordinator at Mt. SAC. Coach Rodriguez has interviewed with the school and is by far the most qualified head coach to apply. Coach Rodriguez does not need a teaching position, has a full staff of very experienced coaches on both sides of the ball and is awaiting word from Glendora to see if he is accepted. there is no other coach that has his qualifications as a professional coach. If Glendora closes this deal with coach Rodriguez it has hit the jack pot with the right coaching staff for the baseline league no other applicants have his experience. Lets hope Glendora makes the right decision the athletes and the community deserve this opportunity.

    Good Luck Tartans

  • ?????

    I know who the new Glendora football coach is! Fred has deleted some of my harmless post, so youll just have to wait.

  • Trojan Man

    Coach Rodriguez sounds like a GREAT CHOICE !

    DO IT !!!

    Fight On

  • FBFan

    I hope for his sake that Coach Rodriguez does not take this job. He is a no nonsense kind of guy and the community of Glendora is not ready for a man like Coach Rodriguez. I could see the “buttonwearers” as MTC calls them, complaining about Coach Rodriguez when he challenges their little babies into becoming men.

  • reality check

    staying positive,
    trust me when i tell you, that glendora is not the only place in the valley that has overbearing parents that think they know everything and believe that the world revolves around their own kid. this is a growing problem everywhere, that has been kicked into high gear over the past 10-15 years. every parent these days think that their little johnny is going pro or the next d1 scholarship phenom. the truth is that the worst of the bunch are parents that never played ball and have no idea how good you need to be to move onto the next level. for those of you that fit this category, i invite you to visit mt. sac during the week to see how good players can be and are still not be good enough to move to the d1 level of college. should be a reality check for most of you clueless parents. lets see if good ole ghs has the balls to pull the trigger on coach rodriguez, if they do then it will be a great hire. Hopefully coach r is ready to insert his foot in some peoples a** and move the program forward.

  • I’m Just Saying!

    @Reality Check didn;t Mt.Sac give us the disaster Kevin Prince? I wouldn’t hold Mt. Sac in such high esteem.

  • FBFan

    I’m Just Sayin,

    Mt. SAC has won back to back national championships…. I guess that means they shouldn’t be held in high esteem.

  • I’m Just Saying

    Whoopie a JC National Championship !!!! Don’t tell me you went to GHS and you thought league titles were a big thing too, Right?

  • Not a Lenny fan

    I’m not a very big Lenny Rodriquez fan. He has had a history of making bad decsions. When he was fired from Rocky Long’s staff he was fingered for getting players illegal online courses that they never took. He was also hired in fired at Redlands last year for not disclosing that info to Redlands. The NCAA knows all about him. Do we want our kids coached by a guy with low character. He’s perfect for JC and he should stay there. He had a good guy to be coaching High School kids. If they hire him they are going to get a guy who is very open to scandal.

  • eye in the sky

    hey not a Lenny fan. You ungrateful loser where were your morals last year when Pasquerella was allowing fist fights, doing players homework in the weight room, do you want to look a gift horse in the mouth for suggesting players get help online with studies. I hope your stupidity is not contagous, ghs deserves the best coaching for its athletes. Your an obvious napolean lewellen fan you stupid idiot.

  • eye in the sky

    Hey not a lenny fan. Coach rodriguez is not applying for a teaching position. He is a glendora resident of good morals and character who has a proven record of success and recomendations.

  • Mike the Clone


    The more I talked to the locals the last two days. I had to ask myself…..

    Why in the hell would you want the Llewellyns (and you damn well know they have a package deal) in charge of what “COULD BE” a program that could be taken to the next level in the right direction. Do you honestly think they are the answer? Interim or NOT.

    We have enough money in this town to throw at the program. Quit buying damn uniforms every year and start paying for a staff. Invest in the kids. Despite what some losers think we have MEN that are tired of being called BABIES.

    Step up you self centered “buttonwearers” stop buying your Seadoos and your four wheel drives to drive across Sierra Madre feeling macho about yourself. It’s time we get OUR act together. We will be cellar dwellers in the Baseline with the Lewellens. It’s time to strap them on and get serious or we will be bragging about being cellar dwellers and not YOUR oh mighty league titles.

    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone

  • wrong

    @ I’m Just Saying

    Really? Kevin Prince went to Crespi H.S… Have you not been paying attention to H.S. football outside of the Valley? Because it’s pretty clear you haven’t been paying attention to College football… Kevin Craft went to Mt. Sac.

    Any more wisdom you would like to impart on us?

  • I’m Just Saying

    @ Wrong Said
    Sorry on my wrong last name mistake.

    Dear Kevin Prince sorry I put you at Mt. Sac. Please accept my apology.You are no where near as terrible as KEVIN CRAFT from Mt. Sac!!!!!

  • eye in the sky

    Jerry Lewallen is a nice guy but lets get real he is a middle school PE teacher who was part of Pasquarellas down fall. He was a terrible position coach and to consider him as a head coach is either stupid or desperate.If glendora hires him and the parents stand by they deserve what they get cause you’ll be the worst of the worst in the baseline league. The kids and the city deserve better than the lewallens wake up.

  • Sierra League Fan

    While on the Topic of new head coaches. I have been told that Tom Inglima @ Ayala has been fired. I knew he has been in hot water the last couple of year but I guess the Principal finally pulled the trigger. She stated that they had to let a PE teacher go and Inglima was last man on the totem pole. Fred can you please look into this and confirm it.
    This is crazy to fire a coach 3 weeks before spring FB. My bet is that they will hire in house. Randy Reems or Manny Saiz. Breaking news…you heard it here first….lol. Fred let us know if this is true or not.

  • FredJ

    I just got off the phone at Ayala, Inglima is still the coach…

  • Sierra League Fan

    Thanks Fred…Parents love to talk…lol. I heard this from an Ayala parent who’s kid used to play Jr All american FB with my son. People love to spread rumors.

  • Aylala Fan
  • APach25

    So if I understand the previous link, did Chino Unified open the Ayala job ‘while’ Inglima is ‘still’ employeed?