Baseball Rankings: No movement in top five, but we welcome La Puente and Sierra Vista to the Top Ten, dropping Damien, San Dimas

Breaking News: La Salle tells our Miguel Melendez that Amat was awarded an 8-4 win over La Salle in a game that was called in the 7th inning because of rain a few weeks back. The teams were supposed to finish the game on Friday with Amat leading, then play their third and final game afterward. It appears that is not needed now, making Amat 6-0 in league and La Salle 5-1 entering this week’s home-and-home series between them.

1. Bishop Amat ( 12-2) – The Del Rey should be decided this week with the Lancers playing a home-and-home against La Salle. The Lancers host La Salle today, then go there on Friday.
2. Glendora (9-4-1) — Not ready to move Bonita or anyone else ahead, not while they’re on top of the Baseline. Three losses have come in tournaments, don’t put too much stock in that. They’re 4-1 in league.
3. Bonita (12-3) — Bounced back after 10-0 loss to Glendora to win the Arcadia tournament. They go back to the Hacienda this week, facing West Covina at their place on Wednesday.
4. South Hills (10-3) — Playing great ball after sweeping Damien following a win over Charter Oak. They have won five straight and trail league-leading Chino Hills by a game in the Sierra League standings.
5. Chino Hills (9-3) — They haven’t played since March 31, but return Wednesday against Claremont. Not completely sold on them yet, but you have to respect the fact they lead the Sierra.
6. Diamond Bar (9-7) – The Brahmas return after a week off to face Los Altos and Diamond Ranch, two games they have to win to keep pace with Bonita.
7. Sierra Vista (12-3) — Coach Brett Stevens has done a masterful job the past three years. The Dons always have solid pitching, this year no different.
8. Covina (10-6) — Ended the Crescenta Valley tournament with losses to El Segundo and South, but are still 5-0 in the Valle Vista and could meet South Hills Wednesday in the Gladstone tourney championship.
9. La Puente (9-3) — Considering one loss was a forfeit to Azusa for hitting whiffle balls prior to the game, (which is utterly ridiculous), the Warriors are having a great season. Considering Warriors coach John Hermosillo is a first-year coach and it was the first week of league, couldn’t Azusa had just told him, “hey, we’re not allowed to do have batting practice prior to league games,” and all would have been settled. Do you really need to protest and take away a one-hitter from La Puente and possibly a league title just to get your third win of the season? Sportsmanship works both ways, you know.
10. Charter Oak (7-7) — They’re holding on to the tenth spot because they’re 3-2 in the Sierra League, easily the toughest league in the area (not counting the Baseline).

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  • Bulldog1

    Fred, where will we be ranked after our upcoming win over the 3rd ranked Bonita team? Im a little surprised were not ranked at least higher than Charter Oak! Where is that article I asked you to write about West Covinas dominance this year?
    Whats all this concern about my real name? You all have a little Egg on your face now! Reality got it right about Fantasyland comment. I still dont think Brian Murphy would come on here, hes smarter than that, or at least I hope so.
    I predict a 6 to 3 beating over the Bearcats tomorrow. We will play with class and humility as always.
    Dan/Brian Murphy/Sybil, you may view and Kiss the Ring before the game.
    Bulldog Fever.

  • fredj

    Think I will be at the more competitive game by the tennis courts, West Covina, Bonita softball…

  • Baseball

    West not very good at all in baseball. I took time out of my day to watch them play and they got blown out twice. Next time I go to West Co is to watch the Dukes play. That will be time I will never get back.

  • kh

    fred still talking to yourself.
    you said glendora three loses come from trny,and you dont put much stock in them,then why did you leapfrog glendora over bonita after a meaningless win for glendora as you say?.
    we blow
    out tc, then waxed arcadia my find feathered friend.

  • Bulldog1

    Twas the night before the Drubbing,
    And all the Bulldogs ballplayers were sleeping comfortably in their dog house.
    The kittys were scared and couldnt catch the mouse.

    The grass was cut and baseball field was freshly groomed,
    As the Bearcats were waiting to get broomed.

    At the end of the day as it started rain,
    The Bearcats were humbled to pay homage and Kiss the Ring
    Bulldog fever.

  • socalbaseball fan

    According to Max Preps Diamond Bar play Pacifica tomorrow and Los Altos on friday. The brahmas are playing in the Don Lugo tournament which has games in different weeks. Next week D-Bar plays Los Alamitos and D-Ranch.
    I wish the Hacienda would play a 3 game league series like a lot of league play.

  • baseball

    D-Bar better strap it up these next 2 weeks. We are going to find out who they really are. Hope they save Kenny for Los Altos. Pacifica has a solid team and should jump on D-Bar from the get go.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Pacifica is a good team(11-5) with 2 losses against Edison(#1 team D1) and a loss vs Lakewood. Expect D-Bar to see Pacifica #1 pitcher as they play Don Lugo later in the week. D-Bar will throw Omana saving Mathews for league games vs Los Altos. The brahmas have trouble scoring runs against good OC teams.

  • Going Yard

    Bulldog 1

    One thing you got right “Sleeping in their dog house”. That’s exactly what’s going to happen as Bonita brings the WOOD. Night night!

    Kiss my ring dude! D1 National Champs…..

  • Me

    bulldog 1 return to your g**d*** water bowl and munch on some disintegrating meatbones for crissakes! every F***ING kiss the rihg THIS AND kiss the ring that IS old old old N YOU BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD cHARLIE SHEEN ANYWAY! STFU FCOL

  • World Series


    10-1 Loss today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to the can of whoop @ss you had waiting? bahhhahahahahaha what a joke. Looks like you LOST with no HUMILITY and NO CLASS. Just another loss, just another spanking, something the bullgirls are used to. lol embarrasing. Return to your doghouse now. lol

  • socalbaseball fan

    Another bad loss for D-Bar vs Pacifica 7-3. The D-Bar coach treats these games like throw away games using their #4 or #5 starter vs a good team like Pacifica. Right away the brahmas are down 5-0 and facing a good pitcher. Not sure why Omana did not start this game. Time for the brahmas to get a new head coach next year. The cifss will send D-Bar out on the road in the first round like last year.

  • baseball

    hahahha I can predict the future. Why enter tourny games if you don’t care about them? Man the coach at D-Bar has no clue out there. No way they will ever get rid of the coach him and the AD are buddies. guess D-Bar likes being average. Be careful D-Bar might even loose a close one Friday with LA’s ace on the bump. Pencil them in for a wild card game AGAIN!

  • ?

    Come on D-Bar!!! What the heck is going on over there. You guys are better than that!!! So sad to see so much talent go to waste.

  • Aaron

    When all you have is Kenny Mathews…

  • kirkjohnson

    Hey fred, I believe Gladstone is still is 1st place in the Montview and beat La puente, and if not for late inning heroics (3 run dinger) would have swept La Puente. I believe Gladstone should be in the top 10. I guess we will see next week when they square off against Sierra Vista for (2)!