Softball Rankings: This would have been a great year for Bishop Amat and Bonita to meet; but in our poll, Amat still No. 1

1. Bishop Amat (15-2) — They continue to win, beating Lakeside and West Ranch in the Corona tournament over the weekend. But this is make-or-break week in league, facing St. Joseph on the road today and at home on Saturday. Both teams are undefeated in the Del Rey.
2. Bonita (14-2) – They’re looking so good their last three wins were all shutouts, but this is step-up week at West Covina on Wednesday, which is where we will be for the big game.
3. South Hills (11-5) — Finished off a good week with wins over Chino Hills and St. Lucy’s. When all is said and done, the Huskies probably win the Sierra.
4. Chino Hills (11-4) — The jury’s still out, they still have two games left with South Hills, St. Lucy’s and Charter Oak, so a long, long way to go.
5. West Covina (11-5) — They’re a half-game in front of Bonita with a 3-0 record in the Hacienda, with Bonita undefeated at 2-0. It appears these are the top two teams, so Wednesday’s game at West Covina should tell us a lot.
6. Glendora (8-6) — The Baseline league is simply proving too tough, the Tartans tied for last place with some tough games coming up. But in our neck of the woods, they’re still a top team.
7. Charter Oak (9-6) — The Chargers had a week off to regroup, re-energize or re-something. They sit in fifth in the Sierra, but it’s still early and there are a lot of games left.
8. Ayala (7-7) — If they lose again, maybe it’s time to drop them out of the top ten. They’re here outta respect, but a 9-7 loss to Claremont doesn’t help the argument.
9. Duarte (12-1) — You can make the argument they haven’t played anyone or the Montview is weak, but 12-1 is 12-1. Welcome to the top ten.
10. San Dimas (9-5) — They also had a week off, but are still 4-0 in the Valle Vista, which isn’t the strongest of leagues this year.

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  • shfan

    When South Hills wants to win a game, they are almost unstoppable. I say almost because they don’t win every game. Their offense is outstanding but their pitching needs work. La Follette is off and on. Don’t get me wrong. When she is on, she is a great pitcher (i.e. 2010 playoffs). When she is off, she is awful (i.e. 2011 Charter Oak game). She needs to work on her mental toughness. She got hit in what I thought was the knee or thigh with ball while she was pitching. She completely fell apart after that. I understand if she was injured but she was just hurt. She needs to step up because her team depends on her to be there. She will pull through though. Big week this week. 2 against St. Lucy’s and 1 against Chino Hills. Do work!

  • Be Fair

    Fred, why don’t you let someone else provide feedback on the Sierra League…you are too bias and always seem to make comments on how well Bishop, Bonita and San Dimas girls are doing. There are girls on the Sierra League teams, that are doing well, but you don’t seem to mention them — by name. It’s getting to the point where your comments are considered moot. Who covered the Sierra League before? I’m sure they know more about the Sierra League girls and can provide the publicity that they deserve, like you do for the others.
    Let me make it clear, I’m not saying the other girls don’t deserve the write ups, they are doing well, but I’m saying the Sierra League girls need their fair share.

  • huskies fan

    shfan, La Follette is more than off she can not hit a spot. Its hard to play defense against that type of pitching. The fielders are prepare to play the ball where its suppose to be pitch and then she misses her spot and the ball is hit 160 ft keep or a homerun. We have a good hitting team but we can score five runs but it doesnt help when La Follette gives up six. Her parents are blind also they think every hit is an error, what game are they watching, you can not defend a ball hit that hard. La Follette needs to Stop making up excuses, she Let her team down. Her parents need to Stop making excuses for her as well.

  • 888

    huskies fan,
    Quote”you can not defend a ball hit that hard”

    This is what you get from 43′ all the pitchers are getting hit hard just look at the ERA’s in the area.Its time to play stellar defense behind your pitching the teams that make big plays are the one’s that will win more. Even the top pitchers in the state are getting hit and of course errors are hurting them too. Suck it up!,stop complaining and make the plays.

  • Web Surfer

    Be Fair – A bit of advice….? Be careful what you wish (ask) for. The minute your daughters name shows up on the Blog she becomes a target for all the disgruntled. Even if she is doing well and having a great season! There is always someone waiting to take a cheap shot. Enjoy her season; pump her up, keep her working hard and the real accolades will come. This has sadly turned into a forum where adults can attack and discredit the accomplishments of student athletes without accountability for their words. Not the place I want my kids name showing up. Anyway just a bit of unsolicited advice regarding wanting “ink”. Take it or leave it, but either way, best wishes and good luck to your student athlete all the same.

  • hey 24

    How do you defend balls hit over the fence? Walks?? Line drive ropes to the gaps??? Suck it up!, stop putting balls right over the plate.

  • shfan

    BWhat plays did the South Hills defense need to make when Charter Oak hit a grandslam in the first inning? They didn’t have a chance to do anything before, BOOM, 5-1 deficit. She gave up two singles, a hit batter, and a grandslam in the first. Nothing the defense did effected that stat line.

  • Fred Robledo

    BE FAIR,
    Understand that some teams don’t provide stats or rosters, like South Hills softball, no stats posted anywhere, or St. Lucy’s, no roster or stats….Instead of complaining to me, why don’t you complain to the Sierra League schools who are supposed to provide information for us to share with you.

  • Huskies Fan

    888, you have got to be kidding me! The pitching distance has nothing to do with a pitcher hitting her spot. Yes, if she hits her spot and the ball was just hit hard there is nothing that the anyone can do the pitcher did her spot but when you leave fat meatballs down the plate then guess what dude, you didn’t do your job. Bottom line La Fallotte needs a lot of work. She can’t carry Sh with her pitchingnand showed that last Thursday at the Charter Oak game. Shfan, you can’t defend anything that is hit that hard and over the fence. Try telling that to La Fallotte’s parents.

  • 888

    And who’s calling the pitches? some blame has to go there. Did the coach call a time out? ultimately the coach controls the game and the buck stops with him or her. Pitchers are going to have bad outings especially from 43′ all was good when you pounded bonita 13-3 and said they were overrated lol now the shoe is on the other foot like I said suck it up!

  • jimmythegreek

    Fred your top ten team ERA’s

    Los Altos- Solis (0.33) 42-innings 28k’s
    before Bonita game 10hits and west Covina games hits not marked?

    Chino Hills- Innamorato 0.82 60-Innings 58k’s

    Bishop Amat- Sanchez 1.35 57-innings 40’s

    Bonita- Sanchez 1.57 89-innings 53k’s

    Ayala- Knapp 2.57 46-innings 46k’s

    Charter Oak- Clemetson 3.11 36-innings 25k’s
    Andrews 5.54 36-innings 39k’s

    San Dimas- Celaya 3.83 53-innings 14k’s

    Glendora no stats guess low 2.0’s

    South Hills no stats guess high 2’s

    West Covina no stats guess low 3’s

  • huskies fan

    888, it doesn’t matter who calls the pitches you still have to hit your spots. Like I said stop making up excuses. She pitched a great game against Bonita but its JUST ONE! What about the other ten bad ones. Shows what type of pitcher and player she is when her catcher has to come in and pitch for her. What a shame.

  • kiss the ring

    I would expect the best hitting team in the valley to score more than 3runs lmao.

  • jimmythegreek

    888, it doesn’t matter who calls the pitches you still have to hit your spots.

    This is a pretty naive statement the days of the 111 fastball from 40′ are gone coaches have to actually understand the game now and yes know how to call pitches.

  • huskies fan

    Kids the ring, We did it was 7-6 remember. Lmao too!!!

  • real softball

    VV league is reck ball, so it’s numbers should not be included with the real leagues.

  • Be Fair

    Web Surfer, thanks for the advice! Based on these blogs, sadly, you are right. Best wishes to you too for a great season.

  • stronglydisagree

    be fair,

    Have you ever heard the phrase there’s no such thing as bad publicity?


    Fred, Really? So South Hills and St. Lucys do not provide stats, but what about Chino Hills? They are leading in the Sierra League and no mention of any of their players. And yes, their stats are available. How can you make the statement about any team being best in the valley when you do not have all of the stats available to you for an accurate assessment? All I’m suggesting is to either keep all ranking comments general (as a team) or make better efforts to note other girls that are doing well on the other teams.

  • Fred Robledo

    Be Fair, sometimes in comments I mention players, other times I don’t, it depends on what I feel like pointing out about certain teams. You’re not really asking that if I mention certain players that I have a responsibility to mention a player from every other team are you? Plus, this is a blog and you’re free to give a shout out to whoever you want, that’s what this is for.

  • Be Fair

    Stronglydisagree, Yes, I have heard of the phrase you mention, but that is not relevant when there is a lack of publicity (of other individual players).

  • relaxkiller

    Be Fair,
    You have to remember Fred just started covering all of the teams in the sierra this year. I’m sure it will take him awhile to get familiar with your program. Girard(Arizona State) and Blando are hitting the ball well but no doubt the most impressive is Innamorato’s era.

  • finallyhits!

    St. Lucy’s bats are finally waking up! Beat South Hills 9-4. Laura Swan went 4-4, Dani Mavridis and Brandi Harkness were both 3-4. Danielle O’Toole held Brittany Rodriguez to one hit, a solo hr in the top of the 7th. Regents are unbeaten at home. Don’t count them out yet.

  • Dan

    Do you or anyone else have the results of the West Covina girls scores vs Los Altos and Rowland from last week?


    finallyhits! said:St. Lucy’s bats are finally waking up! Beat South Hills 9-4. Laura Swan went 4-4, Dani Mavridis and Brandi Harkness were both 3-4. Danielle O’Toole held Brittany Rodriguez to one hit, a solo hr in the top of the 7th. Regents are unbeaten at home. Don’t count them out yet.


  • dontstartdrama

    Wow! really?!HEREWEGOAGAIN

    Was excited about the game hits finally happening and since no one has come on here this year has given props to SL girls (including the Tribune) wrote a blurb. Of course this was a team effort but the SL bats had been quiet since the beginning of the year and wanted to give props to the big hitters yesterday. Don’t know who JM is but just a SL sb fan who, along with the many other people, was glad the bats of last year were finally waking up. Keep things positive, we don’t need drama like the other area teams Jeez……

  • score

    South Hills beat Chino Hills 6-2. The Sierra League keeps getting more interesting. St. Lucys is at South Hills tomorrow.

  • gamer

    We played St. Lucy’s last week. I know their pitcher Caroline Smith. Good pitcher, she shut us out and I think she is a sophmore. Their #1 O’Toole is very good. With good pitching and when they hit, they are tough to beat. Chino Hills will be tough down the stretch. The Sierra without a doubt is the toughest League in So. Cal. No easy game and alot of talent!

  • 777

    dont start drama

    “we don’t need drama like the other area teams Jeez……”

    keep your sht to yourself and leave the rest of the sgv out of it. Like your any better on the hill!

  • Good game today

    The SH and SL softball game will be interesting today. 4th time they meet this year. I hope the Tribune covers it.

  • FredJ

    I’m covering St. Lucy’s and South Hills if it doesn’t get rained out …. Don’t complain about Trib’s St. Lucy’s coverage, hopefully I can find a roster at the game…

  • ah ha!

    found it! stats/roster for SH on GAMECHANGER!!! now, whose willing to pay 10 bucks to see the actual stats??lol

  • SGV softball dad

    Blah Blah Blah we all know that South Hills isn’s as good as Fred thinks they are so lets move on.

  • Intheknow

    Why are you using old blog comments?

  • FredJ

    Because I screwed up and typed over and old thread instead of starting a new one….Once I saved it, it was too late, so I moved this one over.

  • Coach of the Year

    I would assume that these are all off stats, You played more games you look better on paper of course! The leagues outside Sierra and Baseline are so weak, Even the best can’t hold it together to the Sierra’s last place team! What ever. Take St Lucy’s for instance if they had a coach with at least a nugget of softball knowledge they’d be great, All the talents there, 2 Outstanding pitchers, But the coach is what is holding them back. Same holds for Bonita, They would be stronger if the coach was better seasoned and knew the game. San Dimas is way over rated, Always has been by the tribune writers. Chino Hills schools are always strong and should mop the floor with anyone they play. Talent is half the battle, Coaching is the other!

  • the coach is responsible for reporting scores

    This was posted 3 weeks ago, assuming it is about the SL softball coach…….

    < <<<>>>>

    ………it seems nothing has changed… folks pay alot of money in tuition, I would expect more from the school and staff. Have the parents approached the athletic director or the principal?

  • u know

    coach of the year: quick question how could bonita get any better .. they have the best record compared to any team posted on here including bishop amat.. they have played the most games and only have 2 losses…no one is saying they are perfect but who is

  • george

    The last time I checked 15-2 is better
    than 14-2 !

  • george

    AMAT is 16-2 Respect the fact that these
    are 2 good programs!Playing good softball
    lets hope they can finish what they are destined to accomplish!!!!!!Representing
    the SGV!!!!!!!!!

  • the coach is responsible for reporting scores

    let’s try this again:

    This was posted 3 weeks ago, assuming it is about the SL softball coach…….

    fred not to blame said:
    Note to AtleastIcare:
    You are blaming the wrong person. Fred only knows what the coach or school official report to him and that goes for maxpreps as well. It is the responsibility of the home team to report box scores, but the coach is also free to report the box scores for tournament and non-league games, all it takes is a simple phone call to the paper. Our coach has our scorekeeper do it. Maybe your coach does not care to report results, I saw your team does not even have a roster published on maxpreps, and obviously no stats, this may hurt your player’s chances of being recognized for all league awards. Also, I don’t understand denying your players the recognition to get their names in the paper, the players like that kind of stuff and it is one of the fun benefits of high school ball. It must be demoralizing for your players.

    ………it seems nothing has changed… folks pay alot of money in tuition, I would expect more from the school and staff. Have the parents approached the athletic director or the principal?

  • strikezone

    As far as the 43′ thing the problem is more that its a hitters srike zone Most if not all have pitched from there for 2 years or so.The umps have squeezed the box so much you almost have to serve it up to be called a strike!Seems like this is the year of the round plate.