Bonita’s 6-foot-8 lefty Adam McCreery set to make season debut on Saturday

Bonita baseball coach John Knott said lefty Adam McCreery will make his season debut on Saturday against Long Beach Cabrillo at their home field as part of the Centennial Tournament at 11 a.m. McCreery, who hasn’t pitched while recovering from an elbow strain, has been working the bullpen the past couple weeks and feels great, according to Knott. He will likely go only two innings or 30 pitches on Saturday. “In the last few days I’ve had about 20 (Major League) scouts call or email asking when he was going to throw. We think the time is right to get him some work and we will see how it goes from there. Adam has a future beyond Bonita. We realize that and want to be as extra careful as we can. Adam really wants to be back, but we need to take it one step at a time.”

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  • Lance Bishop

    I’m sure he will be ready for the Amat game on April 25th @ Mt. Sac.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    McCreery is currently the #2 pitcher at Bonita. There is no way he deserves the start against Amat. Garza has definately earned that shot. Lets just hope coach Knott makes the right decision. Either way, good luck to the kid and his future.

  • Basic

    Great kid, best of luck to him…and btw, I think the plan was starting against DB and not BA as DB is a league game…

  • settle down

    Tummy (mr. Garza) lasagna,

    Calm down, Knott will do what’s right for “the team” since its not a league game. It doesn’t matter anyway, right?

  • TheObserver

    We’ve been waiting all season to see Adam pitch. Let’s hope the arm is ready. I know he is fired up and wanting to help the team. Adam’s a great kid. Good luck.

  • 64342

    The Senior will start when ready, League or not 2 innings is a good BP! mr. g sit in stands and enjoy the game. young g is making it on his own. Good Luck on the bump Adam.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    With all due respect to the McCreery and Garza Families, I speak on behalf of neither. I am a supporter of Bonita baseball and only wish to express my opinions. Please do not stir up any controversy between the kids or their families. I was simply stating that in Adams absence, Justin has stepped up and become the most dominant pitcher in the Valley. In doing so, in my opinion, he deserves a shot on the hill against the #1 ranked team in the Valley, league game or not. Every high school kid looks forward to these big types of games. Not for individual accolades, but as another great challenge. There is no doubt in anyones minds that had Adam been healthy all year, he would most definately deserve the nod. Unfortunately for him, his injuries have kept him out and Justin has been there to more than fill the void. Again, I do not wish to start any controversy and I hope the rest of you, as adults, will take my posting for what it is, just my humble opinion. I wish both boys along with the rest of the ball players in the San Gabriel Valley the best of luck.

  • settle down


    So, in YOUR opinion, McCreery is #2 and he doesn’t deserve to pitch in the game against Amat, but you don’t want to stir up controversy with either family??


  • Tommy Lasorda

    settle down, Im not sure what the “tummy” thing that you keep refering to is, but I have not been negative towards anyone. Obviously Adam hasn’t pitched all year so yes, he is not #1, in my opinion. How can someone that has not thrown a single pitch all year be considered #1? And aren’t the blogs here to express opinions? If you dont like what I have to say, don’t read it. Again, I have not been negative in any way to any one. You are making it much more. The McCreerys and Garzas are both great families with great kids that Im sure they are very proud of. Dont turn my opinions into more than what they are.

  • BHS Parent

    People always like to either be like winners or take “shots” at them.
    Tommy’s analysis is sound and correct. “settle down” is just trying to stir the pot.
    Adam will be just fine, I am looking forward to seeing him pitch.

  • Don

    May I respectfully submit that as much fun as the Amat-BoHi game will be, it has no bearing on either team’s overall success this season other than the victors dubious honor of bragging rights for the next calendar year.

    Every team starts the season with a few goals like: beat crosstown rival, and win league, and win one more playoff game than last year, and win division, etc, etc. Beating a specific, non-league opponent, (even one as formidable and well though of as Amat or BoHi), has to rank pretty far down that list. Now for us here on the blog, the Lancer faithful, the BoHi boosters, we have a nice talking point for a few weeks in what otherwise might be boring league races, but otherwise, I’d like to suggest folks just try and take the game as another contest. Neither team’s season hangs on the match.

    Now for the blog, for Fred, Steve, and the strap hangers like no sense and lil’ bull, THE GAME is huge. Sort of this decades version of those Glendora C O games a couple years ago, lots of buzz, plenty of discussion and trash talk. The lifeblood of the blog, the mothers milk, if you will. But still, it’s only one game, and it doesn’t even count in the league standings.

  • No reason to stir the pot

    Hey Tommy

    I think your missing the point of settle down you havent been negative, but there was no reason to go there with the #2 comment and create any dissension within this ball club.
    You are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is also read by the team. Letem both think they are #1 and keep those competitive juices flowing so they and the team both win.
    Baseball is a team game and last time I checked there were 2 league games a week so plenty of mound time for both and the other quality pitchers on the Bonita staff. Nobody (mostly the team) is going to care who the #1 or #2 is if Bonita is winning. Knott is going to put the best team on the field for game days that gives them the best chance to win.

    Lets root for whoever is pitching and let this team continue to stay in stride for a nice CIF title run

  • Tommy Lasorda

    no reason to stir,
    That sounds fair enough. Again, I was just expressing my opinion, not trying to put anyone down. My comment was just in reponse to others saying Adam should be ready to go against Amat. Im sure once Adam is ready, Coach Knott will do whats best for the team, no matter who it is. With a strong and healthy Adam ready to go, Bonita will be very hard to beat. Stay positive and continue to cheer all these young men on.

  • Results?

    Funny stuff here. The reality here is that Garza is Bonita’s # 1 guy and deserves it! He’s done an amazing job and has lead his team with some big wins and his AB’s are strong too!

    Until McC can prove he can pitch, and be effective, it’s a mute point.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Another great game pitched by Bonitas #2 Brandon Murfett!

  • 64342

    Knott: “In the last few days I’ve had about 20 (Major League) scouts call or email asking when he was going to throw.”
    Hey TL!
    It must be nice to have your #3,4,5 pitcher or what ever “your opinion” is today of McC. to bring the bigs to see your boys play. Thanks AM

  • socalbaseball fan

    Diamond Bar 5 Los Altos 0. 4 hit shutout for K Mathews. D-Bar only had 3 hits in the game. Next vs Los Alamitos in a Don Lugo tournament game. May be another throw away game for the brahmas unless Omana starts.

  • Show me the money

    Little idiot 643

    It’s about projections on what he can do at the next level. Arm problems have to be resolved before anybody will draft a kid on “projections”

    That’s way the collective agreements will be changed soon. Too much money at stake with projection guys.

    Look at MaxP, hasn’t pitched in a comp game for over a year, and throwing your a## off for one inning and any scout team is dangerous. Too much summer abuse. Prevention before extension is how you protect a kid from these guys who just want to see 90+ for their scout cards.

    obvisouly, daddy doesn’t get it…

  • Nice

    Well I have to say averaging 3 strikeout an inning is pretty good….Nice job back on the mound Adam…

  • TGee

    socalbaseball fan,

    socalbaseball fan, baseball and ?. aka THE THREE STOOGES
    Keep your unwanted comments, selfishness and negativity to yourself. It takes a team effort and all the boys including coaches are doing just fine.
    The team would be better off if the three stooges just stay away AND if coach is so bad pull your kids and leave. Mathews and Omana both don’t have the letter “I” in there name. There is no “I” in TEAM people.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Daniel Tassone looked great yesterday getting the win against Div. 1 Long Beach Cabrillo, didn’t allow a run in 5 strong innings of work.