Burroughs baseball cancels season over allegations an assistant coach served beer to athletes

Emilio Urioste, principal of Burbank John Burroughs High, said Tuesday he fired the school’s varsity baseball coach and canceled the remainder of the season after discovering that an assistant coach served players beer during a recent Arizona trip.

This from the Burbank Leader .A Burroughs High baseball player said the school’s administration has canceled the remainder of the varsity season following allegations that an assistant coach served beer to Indians athletes.” The L.A. Times has reaction from the school, the school revealing that during a trip to Arizona, “an adult coach purchased beer and made it available to students while in their hotel rooms. Eleven team members admitted to drinking beer during this incident. Seven team members admitted to being aware of the beer but not participating in the drinking.”

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  • What??!!

    They suspended the 7 players that didn’t drink too?? They r being suspended rather than being given a pat on the back for standing up to the peer pressure and not drinking with the other players?? Wow, thats just wrong! And the ones that did drink…did they do it because the COACH was offering it and they were afraid that if they didn’t, the would get benched, or not fit in?? I could see a suspension for them, consequences, right? But those that didn’t drink…Wow! I would be at the school district with my lawyer.

  • reality

    CHILL!!!! This is exactly the type of story that people need to wait until all the facts are in. Rumors will abound. Gimmie a lawyer?? SHEEEESH!!

  • Ben Dover

    What could this coach have been thinking? First, it is wrong and against the law. Second, Kids talk, it was only a matter of time before one player told a friend and so and so on and you get the picture. What a big stupid!

  • The Dawg

    I would immediately purge my kids from that school and send them to another on hardship! CIF cannot deny that waiver with this situation!

  • Anonymous

    All of these articles: LA Times, Burbank Leader, and this one with the Tribune Affiliates lack depth and all of the facts involved with this situation.

    All guilt aside, if the uprising here is about HS kids and drinking (or anything else HS kids do), than look at their parents. If you don’t want your kids to do something, than do a better job raising them.

    J.R. Schwer has little to no culpability over something he knew nothing about. He is a good, kind person and NONE of you HS sports junkies have any right to comment on his character. He is the type of person who would give the shirt off his back to someone who needs it.

  • What??!!

    True, Anonymous, that parents should do a better job raising kids…lead by example. But what about those 7 that refrained from drinking? Should they have been suspended too? Perhaps they were trying to follow their parents example and stayed away from the room with the booze. But yet, they still get suspended? That suspension, and the reason for it, goes on their academic record/transcripts, that colleges will see. I dont think thats fair. Were they supposed to leave the hotel, call their parents to have them come pick them up and take them home? alot of pressure and a lot to ask for from hs kids, who probably didnt want to get their teammates and coach in trouble.

  • not right

    Has anyone read anywhere what sanctions, if any, the administrator on the trip faced. The principal fired all the coaches and suspended all the players, but what about the administrator that was on the trip too. You would think that’s what he’s there for, to oversee this type of behavior. If it’s the coaches job to oversee the kids, it’s the administrators job to oversee the coaches, especially on a trip out of state in a hotel. I’m not saying he should be fired, but he should face the same length of suspension of students, at the very least.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say that Fred removed the the last part of my post which really brings some things in the Pacific League to light. We’ll see if this gets in.