Nobody does it better that Remkus …

I love how Gladstone coach Rich Remkus and crew take care of their field. After both teams took infield, Remkus and his guys rushed out like a Major League game and re-raked the infield, cleaned the bases and as you can tell, Remkus meticulously cleaned around home plate. I can’t think of anyone who year after year takes more pride in their “field of dreams,” like he does. Even the bases were so white they looked like they just came out of the bag.

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  • Tommy Lasorda

    Outstanding field. Probably the best in the Valley.

  • Wish it were us…

    Can you send them over to the Ayala softball field??? lol

  • The 2 best!

    Remkus is the best. Right after him though is Quinley @ CO.