He finally makes his choice, Bonita quarterback Garrett Pendleton going to Cal Lutheran

Garrett Pendleton is going to Cal Lutheran, where he will certainly have a huge impact. In a shortened season because of injuries, the 6-foot-5 QB came on strong in midseason, helping the Bearcats advance all the way to the CIF-SS Southeast Division title game against West Covina. Although Bonita lost 37-33 in a thriller, Pendleton had arguably the best game of his career, completing 26 of 42 for 352 yards and a touchdown. In ten games he threw for 2,033 yards and 22 TDS.

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  • extra fun

    Good for him. Not everyone gets to continue after HS. Good to be a big fish in a small pond.
    But where’s Aaron? Non-Scholarship Division III??? After everything I heard about this kid – couldn’t you get him more than that?

  • Aaron

    Like with a lot of really good players sometimes a kid doesn’t get the shot he deserves. Not just in Pendleton’s case but with a lot of others Title IX has hurt football in California when you think of all the programs that used to be in SoCal and across the state, with them gone that is decreased opportunity. Good for Garrett to be able to play and also earn a solid education.

  • Football

    I heard Garrett had been in touch with Utah, Northern Arizona, Colorado St. and Portland St. so i am curious why he didnt go to one of those maybe its a family thing???

  • Hey Fred

    Fred where did you hear this. I was told by a reliable person that Garrett has been offered by Utah and ASU and is still deciding.Maybe it is a Lutheran thing.This kid was a stud last year

  • sgv scouting

    I can tell you that Utah has not offered the kid. As far as Arizona State is concerned, I can’t speak to that. Although the way Arizona State throws offers out there, Fred will getting an offer from them today….

  • bye bye bulldog

    thanks fred. good job!!

  • Bulldog1

    Have a wonderful Easter, good to see SGV sports doing well.

  • Dan

    Fred I see you emptied the trash on this thread,
    nice job. Even before I read a single post on this thread I knew the haters would come out of the wood work, sure enough of the first ten post I saw on here early Saturday half of them were put downs on this good kid.
    Congratulations to Garet P. on a great senior year, and more importantly for going to college, all the haters out there say what you want but all he did was shread every defensive back 7 that he came up against. Of the 14 teams that West Covina played last season there was no other QB that picked apart our defense the way he did. Even with 30 seconds to go in the title game I was relieved that the kickoff bounced into the hands of our kickoff team, I didn’t want to see the ball in his hands again that night.

    SGV scouting, nice of you to diminish the accomplishments of kids getting offers to ASU. I take that if you had a son recieve a scholarshp from there you would turn it down since according to you they’re throwing offers out to everybody? Last I checked they were still in the Pac 12, come on James you can be better than that.