Football: Check out Aram Tolegian’s spring all-encompassing Top 25 on “In the Huddle”

No surprise that Aram’s All Encompassing Top 25, which includes teams from the Whittier Daily News and Pasadena Star-News is led by Bishop Amat.Click here to look at all the teams. For you Trib folks, I’m publishing just his Tribune teams so you have an idea of how Aram is ranking the area in the spring….Is football really almost here again?

Fred’s two cents: I told Aram Covina is too high, I would put them No. 6 behind Chino Hills and South Hills. Aram talks about Covina’s big three, Vinny Venegas, Geovantry Ainsworth and Billy Livingston, but I think South Hills’ big three of Jamie Canada, Jamel Hart and Vincent Hernandez are better, plus the Huskies are deeper. Aram nailed the top three, but I do question Glendora at No. 9 and Diamond Bar at No. 10. I would have probably included Diamond Ranch and San Dimas instead.

Aram’s Top Ten Tribune football spring rankings and comments:
1. Bishop Amat — QB Ruiz, RBs Moore and Shay, WR Sanchez, TE Velasquez all back on what should be an outstanding offense. But is the ‘D’ finally going to be a PAC-5 championship-caliber stop unit?
2. West Covina — The program is on fire right now and although several key veterans graduate, D-1 prospects in RB/DB Solomon and DE Meaders return. Not to mention RB Aaron Salgado.
3. Charter Oak — QB Santiago to WR Gilchrist could be the area’s most lethal combo. Young RBs Garcia, Scoby and Vaughns all a year older and a year stronger. Lines and defense are the big questions.
4. Covina — Easily HC Thomas’ best team since 2006. QB Livingston, RB Ainsworth, WR Venegas all among area’s best at their respective positions and there’s plenty of veteran experience back on both lines and defense. Scary.
5. Chino Hills — Decimated by graduation, but since when do the Huskies not have excellent talent to work with? QB Chavez is back, so that’s one headache out of the way.
6. South Hills — QB Hernandez and RB Hart return and star-in-waiting Jamie Canada could be back in time for league. Huskies lose a lot on both lines, but who in the Sierra League is really capable of mowing anybody else over?
7. Bonita — Lots of buzz already about the lower-level talent that HC Podley and staff will have to get game-ready in a short amount of time. All they need to do is learn how to win under the lights, according to most area pundits.
8. Damien — Coaching staff goes from good in a veteran kind of way to good in a youthful kind of way. Two years of Gano saying “We’re going to be pretty good in a few years” should begin paying off this fall.
9. Glendora — Obviously, the upcoming decision on who the new HC will be looms large. No QB Jeffries around anymore, but RBs Holmes and Victoria return. Tartans may not be Baseline good, but they’re still good enough to throw a scare into just about anybody on this list.
10. Diamond Bar — The Brahmas look like a legit threat to be second place in the Hacienda with QB Omana, RB Clayton and WR Katrib all back. The defense will have to be better and as will the lines. But remember, DB was 6-4 last year and just got a year better.

Worth watching: Schurr’s Aaron Cantu is graduated and gone this June, but would love to see someone top this video he put together dubbed, “trick shot quarterback.” You do it, I’ll post it.

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  • Fred Robledo

    No, I think there is Amat and nine other teams that form a top ten … Will not ranking them as high, even though they probably deserve it, make ya feel better?

  • Sierra League Fan

    Here we go again…all Amat…all the time! Maybe “THIS” will be the year they win it all. I guess if you keep saying that all the time, maybe one day it will become true.

  • 12th man

    Amat’s defense will have to average 12 points or less to have a shot at winning the pac5..There are too many powerhouses in the pac5 that have explosive players & tons of offense~

  • Scoop Jackson

    Dude, “Trick Shot Quarterback” was posted on another site last week!

  • jcaz


    I just have two questions to ask of you here.

    Number one, when and where is the annual all star football game to be played at this year, and number two, when you get a chance, can you once again create and post that list of the football games that are to be played, on the week by week basis like you have the last two years running ?

    I often use that list to plan out what games to go to long before they are even played.


  • NotSince1995

    This is the number 1 team that hasn’t won since 1995 correct…?
    The #1 teamt that got smoked in the playoffs by Lakewood and Tesoro the last 2 years running…correct…?
    The #1 team that can’t put up a defensive line to stop their Gramma Cliotilda from going the Dollar Store…correct…? Or to the Gonzales Northgate Market for her bag of Chicharones…Correct…?
    BTW, who is #39 in the picture…? Is he really a Defensive Lineman? I’m just going by what MaxPreps is showing.
    I’m just askin…
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • FredJ

    Not Since … if everyone played in the same division, you can make that argument, but they don’t. This area hasn’t won an upper division title since, well, 1995..

  • NotSince1995

    A) No Pac 5 in 1995
    B) Egypt too was great one and
    C) This 2011…
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Living Legend

    Not Since…you are an absolute donkey, no one in the valley has beaten Amat in a very long time. No one below them on this list would beat them this season, so yes they are the best team in this area and deserve to be the number one team. The number 6 team on this list play Tesoro 2 years ago, a tesoro team that did not even make the playoffs that seasn and they beast south hills by 50. Bishop plays these types of teams almost every week in league and in the playoffs so for them to post back to back 10 win seasons in that division is deserving of the number one spot in this valley. All this coming from a guy who is not a huge fan of Amat, but from someone who gets it unlike you.

  • AMAT 73

    Man you got it bad real early this year. You better slow down there boy or you will not make it to opening kick off. If you want to know who number 39 is buy one of our wonderful programs on your next visit to Kiefer because we all know you do attend our games.
    Living Legend ,
    You are totally wrong this guy is huge AMAT fan . He can’t go a week without thinking about AMAT . We are all he has to make his life worth living.

  • Blog Police

    Well the sewer is backing up again! And it’s not even football season yet. Nonsense1995 has yet another mouth full of Amat dripping out the corners of his mouth. Wow, already with the racist banter scumbag? When do we get the menudo jokes? Maybe some gardner humor? Don’t forget the Raider fan jokes! Those are always your go to gaffs. Probably not time to break out the “A” game yet huh? Keep up the comical obsession with Amat but the Klansmenesque humor needs to go. Jerk!

  • Joe Amat

    Heres an interesting one to throw in the Pac5 mix. Thad McNeal (who I’m on record as not one of my favorite people) has left Lakewood to take the job at Carlsbad (his alma mater. That’s a great Pac5 job that’s available and could make or break Lakewood.

    Freddy – good response.

  • Observer

    im sorry but Livingston is 10x better then Hernandez from south hills and those other guys cant handle the athleticism of Venegas.. Hart is in that offense where hes obviously getting the ball 20+ times a game while Ainsworth is getting it probibly 10 im sorry but you are wrong about south hills over Covina. but its Fred always hates on Covina.

  • X’s and O’s

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. West Covina
    3. Chino Hills
    4. Charter Oak
    5. Damien
    6. Covina
    7. South Hills
    8. Claremont
    9. San Dimas
    10. Bonita

  • NotSince1995

    So predictable with your response…
    Did you notice that none of them answered my questions…Not Oldman73, not Blog Trucha, and not even NightofTheLivingDead…! Hey LivingJackA$$ – When was the last time your beloved little boys won anything with a CIF trophy attached to it…? Blog Trucha – What are you doing reading my posts anyway…? Can’t stay away, can you little girl…?
    As usual, You Can’t Handle The TRUTH…
    Not Since 1995 have you won a Football CIF Championship…am I wrong? Notre Dame, The NY Knicks, Colonel Ghadafi, and The French called today to say that they use to great also…! LMAO…
    FredJ, if everyone played in the same division, you could put a real list together, but they don’t. Not when your little boys keep dodging the teams in the SGV. You won’t play Chino Hills, La Habra, Charter Oak…? Instead you play safe teams like Garfield…! LMAO…! You wanna see Greatness…walk down the hall to the Amat Girls Futbol Team…They are the Real Champions of Fairgrove Ave…!
    Lancers JAA Football = Over Rated…5 Clap / Yankees Style…Over Rated…Over Rated…
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • jcaz

    BTW, did you all happen to notice that nonsense, kept his mouth shut throughout allmost the entire football season last year ?

    If I am not mistaken the only time he even started to make his comments were both at the begining of the season (much like he is right now), and, after Amat got eliminated.

    All the while, he was as quiet as a church mouse.

    You know, I think that when Amat starts to win their games this year, that we will not be hearing to much from him. He has a habit of keeping quiet when he looks compleatly foolish.

    Well, most of the time anyway…

    Yup he’ll be as quite as a church mouse that’s for sure, but somehow, even if he does decide to keep it quiet, that i’ll still be smelling a rat that’s for sure….

  • Living Legend

    Not”with-a-women”since1995: I know you know nothing about football, what I didn’t know was that you are delusional as well. You talk about people not being able to handle the truth, the truth is that Amat is the best team around here. Tell me one team that beats them in this area? When teams have stepped up to play them for the most part it has been a blood bath. Lets look at local teams records versus Amat: CO 0-2, DR 0-2. WC 0-1 or 0-2, Damien is like 1-5 in there last 6 against Amat and the list continues. Yeah that record against local teams doesn’t merit the a team being the number one team in the area, get real.

  • Reality Check

    Im not an Amat fan by any stretch of the imagination, but simply by default one would have to list Amat as the best in the Valley. The San Gabriel Valley is probably the weakest area for football in the entire CIF Southern Section. The San Gabriel Valley hasnt been dominant in football since the late 1970s. As good as West Covina was last year, they probably dont even make the playoffs if they played in the Baseline League and probably come in last place if they played in the Serra League. Thats the same Serra League that Amat contended for the championship last year. Probably the only other team in this area last year that might have had a chance against Amat would have been Chino Hills, other then that, Amat would have easily beaten all others by 2 or 3+ touchdowns. The San Gabriel Valley football people need to come to grips with the fact that our teams play in the minor leagues, and that we cant compare our minor league apples to the major league apples of the Inland Empire, Orange Co., Ventura Co., and the entire Pack 5.

  • just askin’

    Nonsense95 – You mean that Loyola team that beat Upland, Mira Costa, and 11-2 Valencia? That Loyola? Must be weak. Notre Dame – the one that beat Loyola? Millikan, Marina, Compton , Cabrillo – were they on Amat’s schedule? Another question – as an example. Is Edison any good? They’re “Not Since” When? Even better – how about Lakewood?

  • AMAT 73

    Yes I remember 95 quite well along with 61,70,71,92. Also surprised a young buck like you forgets so quickly . Servite is coming off a CIF championship last season. But maybe since they lost in the state championship game you consider them losers also . That sounds like something your twist mind would come up with . I know you begin to shake and foam at the mouth when you get attention from an AMAT fan but at least compose yourself so can hide the fact that you are a total idiot. To put a spin on your theory , if AMAT is the number 1 team in the SGV and we are such losers according to you , what does that say about all the teams in the SGV. One other thing I will leave you with, what in your life have you ever won or have been a champion in besides being the biggest jerk on the blog .

  • Blog Police

    FRED, you re-set this thread and you bring along selected posts. I find it interesting that you bring the racist rantings of BIGOTsince1995 and the rest of the others behind. I think it is time to reflect on what you are putting out there? It’s different when this imbecile posts at random but when you CHOSE to bring along his racist posts to keep the thread going, arent you in a sense keeping him relevant? Seriously Fred, what does he really bring to your Blog besides racism, insults and a lack of meaningful contribution? Ban the clown and do us all a favor.

  • Fred Robledo

    First, I erased at least ten comments before resetting the thread, and I reset it because it’s a good football topic and I post so many threads they get lost quick. So, every now and then I will move a thread up that I posted a week earlier and when I do, I look at the comments and delete what is necessary.

  • Trickshot Qb