Baseball Rankings: Bonita earns number one by taking down number one; South Hills and Glendora right there too

1. Bonita (18-3) — You can dissect Monday’s game all you want, the final score still says Bonita 2, Bishop Amat 1, moving the Bearcats to No. 1 in our poll, and well deserved. To have a Brandon Murfett to go with Justin Garza with Adam McCreery looming in the background is a scary staff come CIF. Maybe now the Bearcats will finally get the recognition they deserve outside the SGV.
2. Bishop Amat ( 21-3) – Losing to Bonita may have left a sour taste after winning the National Classic and jumping to No. 8 in the National Rankings, but the focus is still on the Division 4 title, where the Lancers are still ranked No. 1. However, in big head-to-head games since 2008 against area teams, Amat is 1-3. They lost to Northview in 2008, San Dimas in 2009, beat South Hills in 2010 and lost to Bonita, 2-1 Monday night.
3. South Hills (14-3) — Bonita and Bishop Amat deserve the top two-rankings but this is why the SGV is so good. South Hills could compete with both of them and have a chance to take over first in the Sierra with two games against Chino Hills this week.
4. Glendora (12-5-1) — The Tartans are pulling away in the Baseline with a two-game lead in the loss column. To emphasize again just how good the Valley is, remember that Glendora beat Bonita 10-0 in the Arcadia tournament.
5. Chino Hills (13-5) — The Huskies are still up a game in the loss column against South Hills with a home-and-home against them this week. Chino Hills is at South Hills Wednesday and South Hills goes there on Friday.
6. Diamond Bar (11-9) – Only record that matters is 6-1 in the Hacienda with a huge game at Bonita on Wednesday, figuring ace Kenny Mathews and Bonita’s Justin Garza will go head-to-head again.
7. Sierra Vista (16-3) — The Dons and La Puente both have 9-1 Montview records and won’t play until next week. But like a lot of successful teams in the Valley, they’re doing it with pitching, defense and great coaching.
8. La Puente (13-2) — The Warriors won’t play its big league games against Sierra Vista until next week, but they have an intriguing game on Wednesday at Damien. Kudos to La Puente for scheduling up and taking on the big boys.
9. San Dimas (15-8-1) — The Saints pulled out a dramatic 10-9 win over Covina to move into a first-place tie with the Colts in the Valle Vista. The Saints are coming on strong and playing well.
10. Covina (13-8) — Mark May 10 on the schedule, that’s when San Dimas visits Covina for the rubber game and likely the Valle Vista League title. Between now and then, however, the Saints and Colts must keep on winning.

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  • Ex-Cat

    congrats to the bearcats on a big win giving them a huge step into the next few weeks and getting closer to that CIF ring!

  • just sayin’

    if it’s all about beating #1 – Glendora beat Bonita. Shouldn’t they be #1?

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Well deserved for Bonita and Amat is still one of the best. They were just beaten by a better team last night.

  • One Mans Opinion

    Big win for Bonita and bragging rights are yours. You have a “nice little ballclub” over there at BoHi and last night victory was yours, congrats. That being said, I was not overly impressed with your pitching last night. They got the job done but not in the overpowering, overly impressive, adjective, adjective way some of you are trying to make it sound. Multitude of mistakes by my Lancers and all very costly. Disappointed by the loss, congrats on the win, but still not convinced your a better team, albeit you WERE last night. Enjoy your “Status” as it appears you are now considered a #1 now that you have beaten a Better Team, funny how that works huh? Hope the RJ Foundation made lots of money for a good cause last night, lots of people in attendance. And before you start blasting the Amat faithful, don’t get all crazy on one mans opinion because I’m entitled to it just like you’re entitled to yours.

  • One Woman’s Opinion

    One “Mans” Opinion your an idiot. That’s my entitled opinion. Bonita great job!

  • One Mans Opinion

    Tommy – Obviously I disagree with you on the better team comment. When a team loses One game to another team it does not negate the record or accomplishments of the beaten team. Lot’s of very good teams lose a game. Beause the Angels lose a game to KC does not mean that KC is hereby dubbed “The better Team” that year or if the Lakers lose to Sacramento the Kings are a better team that year? C’mon, let’s try to keep it in perspective…They were better….last night. As you will soon read, that’s all that really matters to most. Whatever floats your boat.

  • enjoy for a day

    You know what happens next right, Diamond Bar and Mathews will beat Bonita Wednesday and Amat will be No. 1 next week again. That’s baseball. If one win means everything Bonita, Glendora should be ranked ahead of you, right?

  • One Mans Opinion

    Woman – Very well spoken. I’m sure you’re a role model for all young women. Take the time to come on the Blog and call an anonymous poster an “idiot”. Thanks for the contribution, now go back to watching The View,Oprah or whatever it is “Sports Nut” like yourself watches.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Mr “Opinion”, obviously you didnt see the “last night” part. You can b*tch and moan all you want. Bonita beat Amat last night, end of story.

  • One Mans Opinion

    Tom-No need to get Hormonal Brother. Not “B*tching or Moaning” just an opinion. You’re statement was taken out of context as my nose is still out of joint due to the loss. I do see the “last night”. I just get bent about gross over generalizations(?). If it’s in perspective, it’s all good. My Bad.

  • BaseballDad

    One man’s opinion,

    Well using your logic if you weren’t impressed with Bonita’s pitching then you must be less impressed with Bishop Amat’s hitters? They only managed one run against this unimpressive pitching performance.
    Yeah, your post comes across as sour grapes so you can understand why others would get upset. Last nights win doesn’t answer all the questions on who is the best in the Valley. All we do know is that last night Murfett’s pitching held a team that scored 9 runs against a highly regarded St. Francis team. I’d say that was impressive.
    What team is better…last night it was that “nice little ballclub” from Bonita.

  • FYI

    ALL sporting events are about who is the better team “that day”. Determining who is the better team has to be based on a much broader sample, such as a season or a head-to-head series. Since this is the only time BONITA & AMAT will meet, let the speculation begin. That’s why boards like this thrive. Regarding last night’s game “Opinion” is right. . . AMAT made numerous mistakes that did impact the result. But then, isn’t the “better team” defined by who makes the fewer mistakes? I’m pretty sure BONITA coaches are not beating their chests today about beating AMAT yesterday because they know that all those AMAT errors & base running mistakes helped them win. But, they are proud, I’m sure, that their guys never quit, that their #3 starter pitched a complete game win over a rated team, and that they completed their mission; be on top at the end of the 7th inning. Several great performances but play of the game? KC HUTH throws out tying run at the plate. Game changer that pumped up his team in the process. Props to AMAT, but BONITA won a big game & something else; a renewed respect for their defense, the depth of their pitching and the confidence going into the stretch run that they can play with anybody. The real winner, also, is the SGV. Probably the finest group of high school baseball teams in the world.

  • Don

    Great game for the fans. Great game for the bloggers. Nice to see the two talented teams match up for a good cause. Also nice to see respectful, polite fans on both sides cheering on their favorite team.

    So, is there a better prep Outfield trio anywhere than Henley, Huth and Gelalich? BTW, nice to see the Amat microphone guy get Matt’s name right and does John Knott just get better every year or what? He has been a terrific Coach since day one but is really coming into his own as a manager of big games.

    Speaking of coaches, my second favorite moment of the game, (after the throw by K.C. Huth), was seeing Umpire Ken Mort abruptly end Nieto’s yapping. That set the tone for Andy and really, who wouldn’t want to see Mort handle ALL of the games involving Napoleon. Good umpiring all around: fair, active, and consistent. Nice to see a prep crew work a two man game so well.

    Third favorite moment was David Berg’s head first dive and tag to save a run at the plate; totally gutty, totally sacrifice your body kid, Amat style. (Note to Andy: No more of those.) :-@

    Now for both teams, the real job. Stay healthy, close out league play strong, and improve on last season’s playoff run. Job one for both teams is to end up #1, in their own division.

  • One Mans Opinion

    BaseballDad – Ah, yeah, Of course it’s gonna sound like sour grapes because I identified myself as an Amat fan??? Bonita’s hits fell and Amats didn’t. If you were there, you’d have seen Bonitas outfielders running down a lot of Amats long balls “that didn’t fall” much like the picture at the top of this thread. Amat had no trouble putting bat to ball and driving the ball. Bonita had some sharply hit balls but still got a lot of help from Amat miscues (scored as hits). Sour Grapes, Sour Lemons it doesn’t matter, Bonita was better “last night”. BTW – Nice post Don……Time to move on and turn the page. Good Luck to both teams from here on out, Bring home the Hardware and let set up a re-match for next year!!!

  • So funny

    Its funny now that you lost the Amat Nation wants to get all logical and thertical. If we played 10 time blah blah blah…
    If you were humble maybe we by it but no chance now. Your lack of humility has cost you in CIF over the past few years and your on that path again. after all “that’s why kids come to Amat”
    Bonita was the better team last ight and that’s all that counts anything else is just nonsense.
    You lost not qualification needed.

  • reality

    Thank you to both teams for a great game and great time. It is obvious both teams have the athletes to win a division but in baseball more so than in other sport any team can win on any given day. Sports is a game of inches and more so in baseball. A countless variety of both good and bad things can happen from a missed call to a missed sign etc.etc. I guess one key might be how you react as a team when the bounce does not go your way. Both teams rose from adversity last night and that bodes well for them in the playoffs but in baseball it always seems that a lower seeded team that gets hot at the right time is the one that wins it all. This loss may be the best thing that could have happened to Amat. It takes some pressure off them and conversely it could ramp up the expectations for the Bearcats.

  • Besides Amat/Bonita

    I noticed La Puente now has 2 losses instead of 3. Did Azusa happen to rescind their ridiculous protest against LP? Pardon me if this was already mentioned.

  • 1Opinion from Humble Harry

    Funny – Ha, Ha, Ha. Yeah, right, it’s been the “Amat Fans” lack of humility that has cost it’s sport teams games in CIF? Did you read that statement before or after you wrote it??? Wow, I’m so glad you enlightened “us” with your wisdom “So funny” because all this time we thought it was the actual playing of the games that determined the outcomes!

  • Confused

    How can Amat be ranked #1 in the State of California and in CIFSS be in Division IV.

    I know the crap that little joe is going to come back with. But it gets real simple, Amat goes to CIF SS and says “We were ranked #1 in the State how can you put us in DIV, we need to be playing D1 ball”. Just a guess but I think they will take care of that for you?

    Or is it really all about that easy CIF title, that you somehow blow year after year, kind a like your football team did this year.

  • Lance Bishop

    Confused – Nevermind…..your screen name says it all.

  • baseballfan

    It was a great game by both teams. Amat looked flat and Bonita was ready. The team who played better won the game. It is that simple. I would really like to see more San Gabriel Valley teams play more teams out of the area. This was a good win for Bonita and the Valley. The comment of Bonita getting some recognition outside of the area makes some sense. I think the only way teams are going to get it is play teams outside of the area and play the best teams you can. Knott is one of the better coaches in the area without any doubt. I think some teams should take the Amat’s approach and schedule up against as many quality teams as possible. No one in the SGV plays the schedule Amat does but I think teams like South Hills, Bonita, and a few other could do it. Look at the stretch of games Amat won of the past week. If would be fun to see a Bonita, South Hills, Damien or Chino Hills run that kind a schedule. If they are all successful it would be huge for the Valley.

  • observer

    there will be 3 titles this year in the valley. Amat,Bonita and Glendora

  • Father Dave

    Look what happened when we stepped up just one Div. higher, we were beaten soundly by a very good Bonita team.
    No, lets just stay right where were at, the Bath water is just right in Div. IV.
    Dont go getting any crazy ideas!

  • Outside Observer

    Game last night was worth the price of admission. Hope that the foundation raised some nice $ for their cause.
    As a long time outside BHS baseball observer (since 2005) Knott gets his teams to compete but he does have some nice talent to work with. Several of the Seniors should get to play at the next level and their next coaches are going to be pleasantly surprised.

    Matt Gelalich Baseballs version of Big Game James. Continues to play big in these types of big games. This kid wreaks havoc on the base paths and can flat out play CF. Plus, plus speed in outfield, great reads and plus arm too. Swings a pretty nice bat too.
    KC Huth Its been noted before, cannon arm and why coaches dont recognize it in warm ups and try to run on him is beyond me. Plus, plus arm and plus speed. Motor is always running. Plays RF like a line backer. Pretty good hitter too.
    Mark Lindsay Underrated backstop. Seems baseball smart and just goes about his business. Very quiet behind the plate, sets ups hitters and blocks well. Seems like pitchers trust him when throwing the dirty stuff. Catch and throws are above average but seems to turn it up a notch with runners on. Bats not too bad either.
    Rob Mier Best hands Ive seen. Effortless turn on a double play. Really good range. Can hit the ball a ton and for average and runs well.
    Adam McCreery What more can you say: 6-8 Lefty that touches 90 and a ride to ASU. Hell be fun to keep track of. Coming back at the right time to help his team.
    Brandon Murfett After last night, there should be no more doubters. He has settled down and seems to be trusting his stuff. Seems like a quality kid with a great family. Love video on the blog humble kid who just loves to play. Heard he is off to Mt. Sac.

    There are a few other seniors that get some time and no disrespect to any of them, just havent seen enough of their play to make comment.

    There are several underclass who are contributing big and will also get a chance to play at the next level: Garza, Row, Castro, Henley. No disrespect for not listing their strengths, but just wanted to acknowledge the Seniors. And no disrespect to any other teams in the SGV I agree there is a ton of talent out there.

    Knott wont have to re-build, just re-load. Nice problem to have.

    Stay humble boys..dont look past your next game at a time.


    Just saying again! Glendora beat the hell out of Bonita, based on this formula
    they should be number 1…I defy any SGV school to schedule what Amat schedules, the Best in So. Cal and in the country…Then and only then if they come out with 21 straight wins then it is comparable…The Umpire “MORT” had an agenda, he made questionable to bad calls when he could at least 3…and as bad as Amat played they still should have and could have won… Huth and Mier puckered up big time at the plate…I know, I know Huth has a Hose right…Amat’s runner fell down trying to get back to 3rd and got in the run down. Huth left at least 6 runners in scoring position…Thats why his hick Daddy isn’t on hear barking, he sends his little boy’s Aaron and Don talk his talk…When Rio got on the bump, both could not touch the fastball…both got exposed…Huth should stick to punting…otherwise the baseball world has no need for a 5′ 8 no hit, no pitch 1 throw bandit…The baseball gods humble all, no matter what and no matter where…Look for Bonita to have a big let down against an inferior opponent…Amat knows the feeling, so will BoBo Hi

  • Basic


    Yes we all know Amat knows the feeling, they’ve known the feeling many times before, no need to remind us…I mean we all know why they are still in Div 4, right??? It’s because of all those great wins against the “Best is So. Cal and in the country…” ohh and all those Titles too…you see how much of a dushbag one can sound like?? So stop being one… most know that Amat is a great team and have no problem admitting it, but don’t down play Bonita because they beat your team, just be aware the Bearcats are a good team too and they played better and won the game, nothing against Amat, it happens, and it will happen again and probably to BOTH teams…

  • settin’ you straight

    Father Dave – you’re a fool. it’s not about a little step up in divisions. here are some of Amat’s victims so far:
    Esperanza – D1
    OLu – D1
    Mission Viejo – D2
    Corona – D1
    Chatsworth – D1
    LB Wilson – D1
    Cypress – D2
    Camarillo – D1
    not to mention the top teams in the NATION – like El Capitan and St Francis – in the National Classic.

    Confused – you are also a fool. your guess is wrong – it’s not that easy. one team can’t move up unless the whole league moves up. it doesn’t matter if they think Amat’s ready – they’d have to move up La Salle, St Paul, St Monicas, etc too.

    Basic – don’t group yourself with Confused. Poor company

  • Father Dave

    settin’ you straight,
    Those teams are pretty much everyones victims šŸ™

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Some of you are just complete idiots for coming on here bashing high school kids. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but trash talking kids? I hope it makes your old lonely non-athletic @ss feel better when you go to bed at night.

    BTW, did anyone see the crazy lady at the game the other night? One minute, she had on a Bonita shirt and was screaming like crazy. A little while later, she was over on the Amat side screaming like crazy. At one point, I could have sworn she was standing on both sides at the same time screaming back and forth! I could have sworn I was seeing double. Crazy lady!

  • The Truth

    This is fun,

    Great reading, now consider this looking into the future:

    This is the year for Bonita to win D3. They are deep, deep, deep in pitching and have playoff experience,, and have a great defense, with being strong up the middle, which is key in baseball. As always if they run into a buzz saw or a team that has a few guys that can hit D1 caliber pitching (south hills maybe, beckman) one never knows. But make no mistake this needs to be their year with this group.

    Amat, I like their chances, their team, and hate to admit it, their coaching. For them it will come down to pitching and defense. And when they play Palm Desert who is loaded with D1 guys. I think Palm Desert will get them but one never knows.

    So I have Bonita as D3 champs and Amat losing to Palm Desert. South Hills making noise and spoiling seasons but not deep enough to win it all this year.

  • LancerVille

    Tommy Lasorda said:
    OK Tommy, how many cervesas before you started seeing double? lol !
    I’m sure the twins are rolling on the ground on this one!!

  • jcaz

    On a lighter side, Baskin Robbins is having a 31 cent per scoop sale today only (WED) between 5-10pm.

    I’ll try to post this on a few other threads. Maybe sometimes we need a little “cooling” off time eh folks ?


    Fred I was reading your blurb on the Bonita team and why they deserve to be #1 locally; however, “the attention they deserve outside of the SGV” will only come when they start playing better teams. There schedule is less than impressive to say the least. Coach MUST start scheduling better games against bigger opponents when the opportunity presents itself. Why didn’t Bonita play in the National Classic? This would bring them some attention, just like Amat got. Good Luck to all SGV Teams from here on out.

  • shfan

    Hey. Am I the only one that sees this?! #1-5 of both the baseball and softball rankings are the same except for one and two being switched. CRAZY!!!

  • Amat Nada

    The ONLY reason Amat plays up, is because they can’t get ready for playoffs in a crap league that there in. What one blogger noted, since coming out of D5 (LOL) they can’t FINISH anybody in D4…

    Bonita simply out coached and out play Amat.. Period, end of story

    What did there schedule do for them last night? What has it done for them in D4? Simple answer…

  • Reading Comprehension 101

    Nada – Where does even mention the Amat v Bonita game? Sounds like you’re getting a taste of the “defensiveness” that Amat bloggers get when “anyone” mentions something about their team? WWW is right, you have to schedule better teams if you want recognition, PERIOD! Beating the Walnuts, Los Altos, Rowlands, Covina or W.Covinas of the area does not get you the recognition you Boita fans are obviously seeking. You got “A” win against a very good team. ENJOY IT but stay realistic. IF you want to be recognized outside of the Tribune and the SGV Area you will have to start playing and beating better teams. You appear to have one signature win this year (Amat) as far as I can tell by looking at your season record. Anyway, I just thought it was funny to see a Bonita poster come on here and get defensive. Good Luck! To “ALL SGV TEAMS – IN ALL DIVISIONS”