Baseball: Bonita and Garza do it again, beat Diamond Bar 5-1 in Hacienda showdown

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
Bonita High School baseball coach John Knott worried how his team would respond in a trap game after beating nationally ranked Bishop Amat in Monday’s area showdown at Mt. San Antonio College. He worried how junior pitcher Justin Garza would respond in a Hacienda League rematch for sole possession of first against Diamond Bar’s Kenny Mathews, the Cal State Fullerton-bound lefty who he outdueled in an eye-opening victory in their previous meeting.
But like everyone else, Knott’s learning that Garza isn’t fazed by anything, nor are the rest of his guys.
All Knott’s worries were put to rest after Bonita jumped on Diamond Bar for three runs in the first, then leaned on Garza, who was nearly perfect leading the Bearcats to a 5-1 victory, losing a shutout after giving up a two-out run in the seventh. (To continue click thread).

“I thought he (Garza) was stellar,” Knott said. “He set the pace for us in the beginning of the game.”

Garza retired the Brahmas in order in the first, then the Brahmas’ offense went to work, taking advantage of a hit batter and a Brahmas error to jump to a 3-0 lead in the bottom half.

After Mathews hit Bearcats leadoff hitter Justin Row, Matt Gelalich turned what was supposed to be a sacrifice bunt into an infield single, out-racing Mathews to first.
Mathews nearly battled out of it, getting a force at third to get Row on Robert Mier’s sacrifice bunt attempt and a fly out to center.

Still, with two outs and Gelalich on second and Mier on first, Thomas Castro lined a single to left that Brahmas outfielder Jason Kimsey charged hoping to make a play on Gelalich rounding third, but the ball rolled through Kimsey’s legs, allowing Gelalich and Mier to score for a 2-0 lead, with Castro advancing to third on a two-base error. Mark Lindsay singled home Castro to go up 3-0 — a huge cushion for Garza considering he had given up just three earned runs in 42 innings prior to taking the hill.

“We’ll take a base any time we can get one,” Knott said of Diamond Bar’s miscues. “We took advantage of what they gave us.”

Mathews hit four batters in all. He hit Row and Gelalich in the fifth, and both later scored on a Mier single and K.C. Huth fly-out to make it 5-0. Garza, who improved to 9-0 after entering with a 0.40 ERA, made it look easy, battling out of his only tough spot in the fourth after an error and single put runners on first and second with no outs.

Garza responded by picking off the runner at second, then getting a strikeout and ground out to end the inning. Bonita, ranked No. 2 in Division 3, improved to 19-3 and 7-0 in the Hacienda, pulling two games ahead of Diamond Bar (11-10, 6-2) in the loss column.

What’s so surprising about Garza is that he barely pitched last year.

“He’s one pitch at a time, one hitter at a time,” Knott said. “I’ve never coached a kid with this kind of execution. We can almost throw three pitches at any time with him, and he’s got confidence behind it.

“His poise has been incredible. His ratio, his tempo, all the things you would like in the make-up of a great pitcher he has.”

Knott’s only regret is that he didn’t pull Garza in the seventh. Garza gave up a two-out double to Jonathan Munoz, then Victor Telles singled home Munoz for the Brahmas’ only run. Garza allowed six hits and struckout six.

“Even in the last inning where I sent him out after he’s thrown that many pitchers he doesn’t let that affect him,” Knott said. “He doesn’t come out and throw a first pitch ball or walk the next guy, he comes out and pumps out strikes and continues to put the pressure on.

“I know it’s a little disappointing he didn’t throw a shutout, but ask him or our team, it’s not about that, it’s about the win. It’s not about how pretty it looks or how good of a win it is, it’s about getting the win and moving on.”

Mathews went the distance but dropped to 4-3 after giving up seven hits and striking out just four.

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  • Schooly

    Two great competitors! Garza having a D1 scholarship season!

  • FYI

    Bonita = best looking uniforms in So Cal

  • player

    Gerat to know SGV baseball and our Tribune sports page is being recognized. I was in the OC yesterday two individuals sitting next to me at John W airport were talking high school baseball. They knew their baseball for sure. Many teams from OC and SGV were mentioned. It’s coming to the end when the games are a lot more exciting. Keep it up boys and girls from the SGV. and please send in your scores. I am out of town again and hate waiting for coaches to post their scores on maxpreps. Thanks ALL Keep up the good work TRIBUNE SPORTS

  • Best Looking


    You don’t want to go there, the best dressed football coaches in SGV were the Wilson coaches, see what that got them. Too bad they didn’t spend some of that money on coaching clinics; maybe they would still have a job.

  • So Cal

    Any predictions on today’s game?

  • FYI

    Prediction: Low Scoring – I’ll take the under

  • jcaz

    Just an FYI to all you bloggers….

    Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop night today only 5-10 pm.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    After 1, 3-0 Bonita.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    5th inning, same score.

  • Eric Davis BHS ’80

    Thanks for the updates Tommy!
    BTW – The link is actually for those interested! – GO BEARCATS!!!!!

  • bartender

    Garza is good, how fast does he throw?anyone knows?

  • Tommy Lasorda

    There’s that Garza kid again! Not bad huh Fred? Twice dominating your #1. 9-0 is no fluke. Way to work hard kid.

  • Aaron

    Garza is good, those that follow the baseball team more closely knew how good these boys were going to be. Congrats the the Bearcats and Coach Knott, keep it going!

  • player

    Thanks for the updates Tommy Lasorda.
    Garza is no fluke.
    bartender, I was told he hits 86mph 5’8″ 145lbs? Thats what I was told correct me if I’m wrong. The kid is a stud.

  • bohi

    garza has been as high as 89-90 on the gun.

  • player

    No bis respect to Garza. I asked the same question last time I saw Garza throw. Thats what I was told by a Bonita parent. The kid is a stud. Good luck to both team and maybe they play for a 3rd time.

  • just sayin’

    nice win


    Again DB loses because they cannot hit! Granted Garza pitched a great game but this is DB”s MO. They pad their numbers against the Walnut’s and West Covina’s of the league but can’t beat a team with a pitcher who can throw better than 70 MPH. This team is truly in need of a hitting coach. They can’t hit a ball to the outfield! DB better do something drastic because fattening up against Walnut, West Covina and Rowland is going to give them a false sense that they can hit!

  • so cal

    Good old D-Bar hiding in the big games again. Same old story over at D-Bar nothing will ever change. To me seams like they just do not get up for big games. Who’s job is it to get them pumped for the game?

  • TGee

    DB where is the third stooge. always the same song and dance with a different name on the blogs. Bottom line Bonita was the better team yesterday and has played well all year. Keep your head up boys and play ball.

  • ranks

    No respect for Glendora who is two games ahead in 1st place in the #16 ranked league in the nation according yo freeman ratings. Glendora won yesterday 3-1 spreading around 18 hits with big John Alexander jacking 2 home runs to make it 7 on the year.

  • ranks

    sorry score correction 9-1

  • FYI

    Bonita’s JUSTIN GARZA, a junior, is now clearly the top pitcher in the Hacienda League, besting DBar’s Mathews twice now. But GARZA may also lay claim to being not only one of SoCal’s top pitcher’s but also one of the top “unsigned” pitchers. Mathews, with CS Fullerton coaches watching him yesterday, did a better job as the #3 hitter, than at pitching. CS Fullerton coaches HAD to be impressed with GARZA, now 9-0 and an ERA going down from it’s already miniscule 0.40. You could argue lack of run support for Mathews from his DBar offense, but that goes back to GARZA’s dominance; nobody scores much off of him. His live fastball seemed to gain velocity as the game went on. Another nice game, also for the Bearcats, from sophomore shortstop JUSTIN ROW, who is seemingly always on base and contributed some excellent defensive work yesterday as well. Senior catcher Mark Lindsay is quietly have a great season and Thomas Castro keeps coming up with big hits. KC HUTH may be a little inconsistent right now with his bat, but no runner in the league will try to take an extra base on his arm. His swing will return as it always does. Credit too, Coach John Knott & his staff who have steered his team through a tough schedule and find a way to keep them motivated every day. No doubt GLENDORA is playing great and BISHOP AMAT will roll in the Div. 4 playoffs, but in Div. III, the only thing that can stop the Bearcats, is the Bearcats. Don’t look for that to happen.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Just wondering, how many hits did Matthews have yesterday? How did his last at bat go? Again, just wondering…….

  • Agree…

    PO DB Fan and FYI:
    Two very good comments.
    PO DB Fan – you are right on it. Because Bonita is in front, they will face every teams #1. Agree that all teams #1’s are not true #1’s but these other teams “feast” off sub-par pitching and end up All League, All This & That because of stats and Bonita players end up being 10-20 pts lower because they face #1 pitching game in/game out. Not complaining, because I’m sure Bonita would rather have the team wins than be the “Stat” winners. Just saying….

    FYI….right on point. Several kids on this team (seniors) are underrated and quietly having very good seasons and sometimes getting overlooked because of the “flash”. The Juniors/Sophomores will have their day in the sun. There was a post on one of the other “threads” that was great that pointed out the seniors on Bonita and some of their strengths. It was pretty good….

  • 12th man

    Hopefully BoHi will schedule some games next season outside the SGV against top rated teams to see just how good Garza really is??

  • just sayin’

    12th man – don’t hold your breath for anybody in the SGV swimming outside the fishbowl besides the one school that always does.

  • just sayin’ said and

    Loses when they play in the fish bowl!

  • Yaaaaawwwnn!!!!!

    Outside of La Verne, Bonita is just a FISH!

  • YeahRight

    yo yawner……try telling Bishop Amat that

  • Yaaaawwwnn!!!!!

    C’mon Homer, you know what I mean? Right? I know you do, and I really don’t blame you for trying to milk all you can out of beating a Top Notch, Top Ranked Team like Bishop Amat. Hell, don’t you think that all the little local schools that bonita has beaten this year wouldn’t be doing the same thing if they beat The FISH? You know they would. Whenever a little school beats a Big Time School it’s always a “Big Deal”. Bask in the glow bonita, you earned it.

  • Fred Robledo

    All these “outside the fishbowl” comments are a good argument for other sports, not baseball. Look at the past 3-5 years, the SGV has more CIF champions than Orange County, Ventura County, Inland Empire, etc, etc. I think they need to come to us more than we need to go to them. Bishop Amat, as great as they’re outside the SGV, are 1-3 in big nonleague area games over the last four years, what does that tell you?

  • 64342

    Yah Fred, but the sun was in our eyes or the lights were to bright and the field wasn’t groomed and the Umpires were horrible, Andy left Paez in the BP, and we couldn’t find the blue bat,and,and,and?

  • Lance Bishop

    Seriously, I’d rather play on a “Nationally Known” team that happens to be 1-3 versus local teams (in games where the little local schools play it like its their world series) than a team that nobody knows, ranks or has even heard of outside of the immediate area. Good for the two teams that beat Amat but ask about their programs in other parts of the state or country and you’ll get a deafening silence. And you know what Fred….it doesn’t tell me a D@mn thing that matters.

  • So cal

    All those out of state squads and norther Cali squads are just flat out overrated. They beat up on cupcakes. I have watched teams from all over and baseball doesn’t get any better than the SGV or OC. Play the top teams in you area before beating over ranked teams from Maxpreps. Bonita would have done just fine in the Anderson tourny. Best basebll in the USA is played right here in the SGV and OC.

  • Lance Bishop

    Keep telling yourself that then you won’t have to play or schedule any of those overated teams back to back to back to back. You have to play and continually beat the best teams to be considered one of the best teams. And I don’t mean play/beat “ONE” good team. I’m not trying to say that all of our local schools aren’t good, it’s just that they do nothing to elevate their status outside of the immediate area.

  • Basic


    How can you make the following comment “(in games where the little local schools play it like its their world series)” when we all know Bonita started their #3 guy??? Is that treating this game like a “world series”

    Nothing against Amat, because they are a good team but don’t down play the Bearcats.. This year’s team and last year’s team would have both won your “National” tourneys, I mean you play teams that spend half the year in the snow…

  • AMAT 73

    Lance Bishop,
    Not sure why the name but in case you have forgotten at AMAT it’s about hanging banners in the Student Center . Yes the recognition is great when winning big tourneys and goes a long way in the area of scholarships but we have failed in our last couple of attempts to bring it home . I believe it was San Dimas in CIF semis that was one of those big game losses. It would be better to play on a nationally known team that won their division in CIF.

  • get out more!

    Basic – In the National Classic Amat played El Capitan (#6 in the Nation from San Diego), St Frances (#1 in Nation out of Mt View, Ca) Cypress & Esperanza. Shows how much YOU leave the fish bowl. Snow? you’re an ass.

  • Lance Bishop

    Amat73 – I know about banners, and college recruiters and scouts could care less if you won a banner that year or not. Of course “we” at Amat want to hang Banners BUT Recruiters and scouts care about how well you competed and performed against top notch quality opponents! Not “good” teams. You have your opinion and I have mine. “I would rather play on a Nationally Ranked team”. You can play on a Div 4 baner winner who beat a bunch of patsy if you want….I disagree with you.
    Get out more…Good Point!!!
    Basic….Don’t knock it until you try it!!!

  • 64342

    Always better to be on a nationally ranked team who can’t get passed their own local teams? What a joke. What have you done in D4? Oh yah it doesn’t matter because we’re Nationally ranked. BAHAHAH

  • Now what?

    Baseball…Los Altos beats Bonita-5-4!

  • eastsider

    it might look like Bonita and Amat will cruise thru c.i.f but anything could happen. in baseball sometimes your losses come from unexpected teams that you could beat 3 out of 4 times.Bishop Amat has Palm desert to worry about who beat them in there 1st game

  • Joe Amat

    6432, Basic, and others,

    What probably matters most, is that list we saw a couple weeks ago of the number of Amat baseball players presently on Division 1 rosters. Why do you think that is?

    One reason is they have proven, with the schedule Amat plays, they can compete against the best that are out there. Coaches KNOW they can compete at that level – because they’ve seen them in person en masse at those games. Unless you test yourself against teams of that ilk, do they really know? Unless someone sees you – how do they find out.

    A couple few players from other schools in the valley have a chance to prove that in showcases and tournaments during the offseason – but not all kids have that opportunity to play at the elite level. So what happens to those guys? They sure aren’t found on any rosters that’s what.

    I think the proof is in the numbers.

  • Joe Amat

    Found that list of Amat baseball players who are on Division I rosters (in case you were wondering) College Education and playing beyond high school … THAT’S what it’s all about.

    Chris Eusebio

    UC Irvine
    Jordan Fox
    Justin Herrera
    Jerry McClanahan
    Tommy Reyes

    Brady Zuniga

    Paul Paez
    Stony Brook
    Brandon McNitt
    Keith Murakami

    Ryan Goetz

  • eastsider

    @Joe Amat that is why many kids go to Amat,for a better chance of a year they will be getting 2 of the best 8th grade pitchers in the valley because there parents want them to have a better chance for college scholarships. I know of a couple of other players that wanted to go to Amat and to admission test,but are deciding not to because they can not afford it.

  • 64342

    Joe Amat,
    I think it is great that all those fine young men are playing at the next level and D1 at that. Though I did notice you hadn’t mentioned the towns those players came from to go to Amat. I don’t believe they were from the local area as say SH or BoHi’s also fine young men, but Kudos to Amat they’re doing a good job with the current crop and for the most part play well, just need to finish it. Good luck

  • eastsider

    schools like Bonita,GLENDORA and southhills always have good teams and are able to keep there talent.

  • tcbruin

    Joe Amat,

    ummm…ok…on the list below, WHICH of these players was actually ‘developed’ by the current coaching staff or the former coaching staff?

    Most of the players on the list were already at Amat PRIOR to the current staff taking over. Most DID in fact arrive at Amat READY to play at a high level as freshman. The list of players playing in collge under/developed by Coach Nieto is dwindling as time passes. Key word is DEVELOP. Players are NOT developing under Nieto. They stay the same or in some cases regress as overall players.

    As for championships, Amat has NOT won 1 with the current staff’s players alone. As time has moved on and the former staff’s players have left, the baseball program’s potential has slowly eroded t it’s current state: good but NOT GREAT. Underclassmen RRuiz, AAlcantara, DZamora can’t lift the ENTIRE team to a CIF title.

  • Joe Amat


    You’ve made it clear on this blog you’re not a Nieto fan, but I want you to find anywhere that I’ve written this is a result of his work. The debate is the benefits of playing a quality schedule like Amat plays year in and year out. Save the Nieto bashing for another more deserving thread.

    And the bottom line is, regardless of who the coaches are, we have 10 players on D1 rosters today. Who can match that?

  • Recruit



    Joe, the schedule has done crap for Amat, and you can “blow” your horn all you want about this and the D1 guys. Good for the kids, but fact is no rings out of D5? You have to play up in pre-season and tourney ball because let’s face it, your league is very weak..

    Are you saying rings aren’t important to Amat, just moving 10 guys on? Some number in the team approach who wants a ring…

  • riddle me this

    Recruit – you tell us. in your opinion – what is the purpose of high school sports?

  • Lance Bishop

    Recruit – Sure I’ll take a banner BUT a banner doesn’t get you recruited. A RING (in any division) doesn’t get you recruited. Playing and PERFORMING against top notch teams and talent IS WHAT GETS YOU NOTICED AND RECRUITED!!!!! You can knock on our losses, knock on our coach and knock on our Division all you want, but the bottom line is this….Amat players get recruited because they play and perform against some of the best talent anywhere. Their coach schedules and plays “UP” whenever they have a chance or an open date on their schedule. The Amat players that get recruited have PROVEN that they can perform against some of the top players, locally and IN THE COUNTRY!!! I hope we get a banner this year but ultimately…I hope we move some kids on to play at the next level (D-1). We have some great ball players in the SGV and you can Hate Amat all you want, but until your school/coach decides to “step up” and play the best whenever possible, they won’t get the experience or the recognition that Amat players get from their program.

  • Recruit


    Typical Amat response. Excuses!

    Do you remember the Super Bowl Champs, World Series Winners or the MVP’s?

    It’s teams that win championships and players win games. Has playing the best made Amat the best? Or just 10 players the best?

    Does not winning a ring kept little Nieto his job? Are you playing for tourney’s and the pre-season schedule or for a ring? Seriously it’s laughable at best. Ask the team what they want?

  • riddle me this

    Recruit – you didn’t tell us this. in your opinion – what is the mission or purpose of all high school sports? by all means please be specific

  • Lance Bishop

    Recruit – Two things are clear by reading your post. One you obviously have comprehension problems. Two – Your “problem” is with Bishop Amat (maybe even with the coach) and it runs a lot deeper than you know. I addressed your “banner” issue, I don’t know what else to say? Ask the team what they want? Of course they want rings and banners what kid wouldn’t, Hell, what fan, parent coach or player wouldn’t? Now ask them if they would rather get a D-1 scholarship to play baseball or a ring or banner and guess which choice wins? You obviously have an “Amat Axe” to grind but at least stay credible in your “Fantasy” argument where you claim to know what “THE TEAM” wants. Laughing at you “Recruit”, NOT with you.

  • tcbruin

    Joe Amat,

    Not a Nieto fan because he is NOT developing players. MY point is that on the list how many players HAVE been developed BY Nieto?

    To YOUR ‘point’, as time goes on, the list of players on D1 rosters will be SMALLER because players are not being developed enough to GET scholarships.

    Isnt that part of his work?[YOUR ‘point’]

    Playing against quality opponents will only take a team so far if they dont have the skills developed/enhanced by ANY coach/program.

    What you see at Amat is a lot[not ALL] players who get into the program as pretty good players and do not get BETTER via the program.

    As many others have pointed out, Amat HAS to play better quality teams outside of league BECAUSE the quality of the league opponents is NOT that good. Given that, the stats of the roster against league opponents isnt even THAT good.

    To a lot of folks, this DEMONSTRATES that the program may be solid[great kids] but NOT elite.

  • Joe Amat


    If you’ve read closely you won;t find any “praise” from me regarding Nieto and know I’m big on “Amat guys” of which he is not. But I’m also realistic and realize he’s better than most. He’s one of MHphd’s guys and we probably could have reached back and found another candidate with a little work. But it is hard, whether you like the guy or not, to ignore his years of experience, even if you don;t respect hos work, at least watching D1 baseball up close and personal. Far worse candidates are hired.

    MANY incoming 9th graders at schools all over the valley come in “ready to play high level baseball”. But a much smaller % of those players are on D1 rosters. Why is that? If you say Nieto is NOT developing players – you are further proving my point that is the exposure of playing a high-profile schedule.

    And while you;re at it, find that rule that says Amat HAS to play better opponents because of their “poor” league. And if they HAVE to – why don;t the other schools?

    Right. Because they don’t HAVE to… they CHOOSE to. The fact is – they CHOOSE to. For good reason… as evidenced by “The List”. No one, players or college coaches, has to question whether they can compete against “elite” competition – they have already proven they can.

    So you can go on thinking they’re not “elite” and just happen to be fortunate enough to beat elite schools.

    What luck!

  • Just a fan

    Amat Fans:
    Be proud, your team is one of the best in the nation. The coach must be doing something right, even if it just recruiting good players. All coaches will tell you, you can only be so good as a coach, eventually you have to have players to be great. This argument is stale; all private schools have the luxury of recruiting. Get over it.
    As for the D1 players, again congratulations, however it was the players who earned not the tourney or the team. 10 in D1 over the last 4 years or so is commendable. That however works out to 2.5 per year. This year they have 25 kids on the roster. The other 22.5 kids will not get D1 rides and most will end their careers after their senior year of high school. THEY ARE PLAYING FOR RINGS. The coach is coaching for rings. The admin wants rings to continue recruiting and collecting tuitions from these “scholar/ athletes”. The fans, especially the fans, want rings. It is an excuse to change the thread from rings to D1 players; it is as if you expect not to win a ring this year. Guess what; almost every team in the CIF SS will not win a ring this year. It is hard, and even if Amat doesn’t win the ring, they have already had a great year. Be proud, they are an excellent high school baseball team. They are well coached but they will lose games. Except it and get over it. A true fan would not be on the blogs ripping the team because they lost a couple of games. It is so easy to sit behind a computer and rip people anonymously. Good job ripping a bunch of kids and a high school coach who makes a few thousand dollars extra by coaching your kids because most of you parents wouldn’t accept that kind of money, to work that hard, babysitting your kids and even more so, babysitting a bunch of parents who all think their kid is the best athlete ever. You should be proud of yourself.
    By the way, the starting left fielder at UCLA in the college World Series last year went to Bonita. The 21st pick in the first round of the MLB draft two years ago went to Bonita. And guess what, the coach who is supposedly the better coach didn’t win a ring. Last year no D1 seniors in sight and they go to the finals. Now he is a great coach again. If the kid is good the scouts will find them, whether they play a tough tourney schedule or not.

  • just sayin’

    Recruit – where ARE you?
    WHAT is the mission of high school sports? Why do all these schools have teams? Tell us.

  • AMAT 73

    Just a Fan,
    First off believe it when I tell we are all extremely proud of all our teams win or lose. I don’t think you have ever seen an AMAT blogger bag on any of our athletes here on the blog.You may mistake haters doing it , and of them do but we as AMAT fans do not. Do we knock the coaches , yes ,but show me any true sport fan who doesn’t think they could have called it better or done something different during a game. I think your numbers are a little off because not all 25 kids on the team are of the senior class. So count the number of seniors in those years and do the math and it works to a little better than you think in those 10 years. We do expect to win a banner / ring but sending students on to college is what it is all about. As many have written on here the fact that AMAT plays in high profile tourneys and schedules elite teams helps in the fact of getting seen by many scouts and national recognition which relates to helping in the scholarship issue . You also need to factor in the top notch education these students are getting and many go on to continue their athletic careers playing at schools other than D-1 on both academic and athletic scholarships. Don’t know how long you have been following the blog but at one time and still, although not as much as in the past, we have been known as being so proud of our teams to the point of having the rep of being arrogant . Hard to think we would be bashing our teams and players when outsiders have that opinion of us. By the way our coaches do a great job but yes we do get a little over zealous at times when making comments about coaching moves or non moves made during games but more out of love for our teams and our school.
    To eastsider,
    There is financial help for those wishing to attend AMAT whether they are an athlete or not . Have those parents inquire or go to the website and have a look.

  • tcbruin

    Joe Amat,
    Better than most? Please define what better than most MEANS. IF Nieto was THAT good, why hasnt be been tabbed to lead his OWN D-1 program? Experience/tenure does NOT equate to quality in ALL cases.

    Again MY point is that as time goes on, even with exposure, with players that are NOT developed by a high school program, NO amount of exposure will matter. Players HAVE to be ready to play at a high level or programs will PASS on players.[exposed perhaps]. IF players get to the next level and they are exposed as not as good as advertised, the ‘reputation’ of the program MAY begin to be looked upon with caution in regard to players ability.

    There is no RULE that says ANY program HAS to play BETTER opponents, BUT IF Amat[or any team] playing in a league with MUCH inferior opponents, it behooves them to play better opponents. Otherwise when playoffs come a team would/may NOT be prepared for better quality opponents.

    As for proven they can’, outside of the 2011 National Classic, what quality wins does Amat have? No CIF titles for the past 3 seasons speaks volumes. Referring to recent ‘success’ not ancient.

  • Lance Bishop

    I thought the discussion here was about players getting seen while “playing” against other top notch talent (teams), and thereby getting “better” college offers? What scout in his right mind would come out to watch Amat vs. St. Monicas/La Salle/Bishop Montegomery? Exactly so every chance NIETO gets, he schedules his players to play against other top ranked/top notch programs. Win or lose those games, HIS players are competing against other top players in the area/state/nation. When they (the players) show that they can successfully compete against other quality opponents game after game, they are considered to be quality players themselves. Thus the D-1 college offers.
    tcbruin- “MY point is that as time goes on, even with exposure, with players that are NOT developed by a high school program, NO amount of exposure will matter. Players HAVE to be ready to play at a high level or programs will PASS on players.[exposed perhaps]. IF players get to the next level and they are exposed as not as good as advertised, the ‘reputation’ of the program MAY begin to be looked upon with caution in regard to players ability.”
    How does a player get to the next level IF he is not as good as advertised???? Probably because he was recruited by a guy who only got to see him play mediocore teams. A scout who is watching a player perform at a high level against other top notch athletes is getting a pretty good idea of how good that player is when facing similar talent. If I’m watching an Amat player (for example) kicking butt against St. Monicas, I’m not giving that “big performance” a lot of weight. Now watching that same player hold his own against St Francis (No Cal), Esparanza, El Capitan, Palm Desert, O Lu, Mission Viejo, Chatsworth, Camarillo, Cypress, El Segundo, Torrance, Bonita and LB Wilson (I think you have forgotten but some of which were pretty good wins). I’m thinking this kid is probably a pretty solid player! Did his HS coach make him that player? I DON’T CARE…he IS a solid player and he has shown that he is a solid player BY HIS PERFORMANCES AGAINST SOME PRETTY DAMN GOOD TEAMS DURING THE YEAR.

  • Joe Amat


    Nice. Couldn’t have said it better… so I won’t try.


    to clarify: better than most high school coaches… who aren’t being tabbed for their own D1 programs either. A lot of “as time goes on” “if’s”, “would’s” MAY’s” in your post. Let’s worry about all those IF it comes to that. Until then, good that he’s doing what “behooves them”