Could Eric Podley really join Glendora’s staff?

Aram, apparently feeling like he got beat to the punch on Glendora hiring Todd Quinsey, posted late last night that his sources are telling him that Bonita coach and athletic director Eric Podley is mulling whether to join Quinsey’s staff as an offensive coordinator. If it happens, I would assume that Podley would remain at Bonita as a teacher or AD, no way in the world you leave to be a walk-on. I spoke with Podley at Wednesday’s Bonita-Diamond Bar baseball game and he didn’t hint at all that he might be on the move. When I talked to Quinsey Wednesday morning and asked if their were any big-time area assistants that he’s trying to secure that would be surprising, he said yes, but thought it might be a longshot. Stay tuned, Quinsey said he wants to have his staff in place by Friday.

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  • Trojan Man

    I am REALLY pulling for this guy , BEST of luck Coach Q !



  • reality

    I hope this is just not a pissing contest between reporters. Podley does not seem to be the type of man to do something like this without talking to his team first. That would be totally shocking to me and cost him some of that hard earned respect.

  • FredJ

    Between reporters? C’mon, I told Aram, we don’t scoop each other, we scoop them, we’re on the same team. Say what you want about Aram’s sources, but more times than not, he’s right. He doesn’t just make this stuff up out of thin air…

  • Aaron

    Spring Practice starts May 10th…otherwise known as 11 days.

  • Aram


    I only said it, and I said it jokingly, because you are truly the only competition around.

  • Yea Right

    I think he was hitting ofer on the Wilson incident, until we gave him the heads up on Bert. Tell you one thing he still has a few guys over at Wilson pissed off at him on that one. Next time de decides to take the coaches side, he should attempt to make sure it was the right side.

    Just for the record Coach Bert is putting together a real quality staff. I’m not talking about one of those Aram’s legendary staffs. I’m talking COACHING staffs. You heard this hear first the best staff in the SGV. Now with the talent he has returning if this team goes 5-5 I see coach of the year. No program has gone from worse to best like Wilson pulled off this year with this staff.