Softball: Glendora’s playoff hopes in doubt after dropping 4-0 setback to Los Osos

By Steve Ramirez
The stakes were pretty high for the Glendora and Los Osos high school softball teams Thursday.
Win, and the path toward the CIF-Southern Section divisional playoffs was pretty clear. Lose, and you could all but kiss those postseason hopes goodbye.
Advantage Los Osos.
Krista Mann had two RBIs and Hannah Peterson was solid in the circle and Los Osos all but ended Glendora’s hopes for a playoff bid with a 4-0 victory in a Baseline League game.
Los Osos, which began the day tied for second with Upland and one game ahead of Glendora, improved to 12-9 overall and 7-4 in league play. Glendora, which fell two games behind the Grizzlies, slipped to 12-9 and 5-6. Los Osos also has the tie breaker over the Tartans after beating Glendora for the second time this season.

“Our first goal, the only goal we preach around here is making theplayoffs,” Los Osos coach Mike Randall said. “It’s get to the playoffs, and anything can happen there. We’re two ahead of Glendora, and have the tiebreaker over them. But we still have to win
(two of the final four games). We’ll see what happens (in the next two weeks).”
The Grizzlies needed just one inning to gain their advantage, scoring all four runs in the first inning on six hits.
Los Osos loaded the bases with two outs before Peterson made it 1-0 with a RBI single. Mann, who went 2 for 3, then followed with a two-run single for a 3-0 lead. Peterson then scored to push it to 4-0 on an infield single by Kayla Gray.
Glendora starter Carly Argyle gave up just two hits the rest of the way and finished with two strkeouts.
“It took the wind out of our sails,” Glendora coach Reese Mitchell said of the first inning. “We got behind early,and just didn’t muster anything offensively.
“I commented to Carly that she was nails. After the first inning,she only gave up (two hits) the rest of the way, and only one ball was hit hard. But unfortunately you can’t get that first inning back.”
Peterson took it from there, finishing with a three-hitter and striking out eight. Glendora had just one goot chance to score, putting runners on first and second with one out in the first before Brandi Wilson lined into a double play.
“Hannah just pitched a great game,” Randall said. “She allowed just four runners on base, which was key.
“Our bats fell asleep after the first inning, but we’ll take it.”
Glendora also got a runner to second with two outs in the fifth. But Peterson struck out Laura Ampudia to end the threat. She then finished off the Tartans in the seventh, getting Argyle on pop up.
“This loss is huge,” Mitchell said. “We went into the game today a game back of two teams (Los Osos and Upland). We had a chance to get a tiebreaker here and get back up there.
“Now we’re really scrambling, and we need help, and I don’t know if we are going to get it.”

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  • Glendora Fanatic


  • softball fan

    ok, Jeff

  • Tartan’s Rule

    Nice to see the Cancer moving on, everyone knows the problem! Next year maybe the only problem (daddys girl) wont go out for the team.
    Go Taylor, Go Tartan ladies!!!
    Good luck to the boys baseball team.

  • BCH

    Make Glendora softball proud again, Taylor;)

  • Wow

    And who might that daddy’s girl be???
    To me there is quite a few of them on the team

  • Tartan’s Rule

    If the “Glass Slipper” fits?

  • Wow

    Well the glass slipper fits a few girls

  • Tartan’s Rule

    It sounds like you’re waiting for a name?
    Any ideas?
    What, no brain to think with?

  • Glendora Fanatic

    I got my Heart, the Lion got his Courage (Balls), and sounds like the little Princesss and her Daddy never got their Brains.
    Fresh start next year!
    I hope the Cancer stays in remission1

  • Get over it

    Holy Cow I thought Cheer was where all the drama was at!!! Grow up everyone and play ball or get off the team and take your parents with you!!!!

  • tawny

    Jen is a fag and Taylor is a joke!!

  • Bob Powrzanas


    What you just wrote proves what a hypocrite you are. Everything you said was very unclassy and arrogant. Unfortunately, you sound like a Bull Dog Coach, I hope that you aren’t because you apparently would be a terrible influence on young minds. Good luck to the West Covina GIRLS Varsity in the post season.

  • Jen is a fag!! And Taylor is a joke! She complains and everyone’s tired of it!!!

  • Glendora’s coaches are to blame! They need to talk to tree players and Maybe have them make a couple decisions about who plays where! And who hits in what spot! Carly is a phenomenal pitcher! If the tartans have any chance To continue making it to playoffs, this would be there last year! And this could be there last year to actually fiz things, because Glendora may not have a lot of softball players come next year! Also, check Langdon! She needs to learn to be a leader, not someone who yells at people! Some people are meant to be leaders and some are meant to just listen and learn! Taylor has a few rules to learn before she took the position of captain! Glendora could pull out this year! The coaches just need to learn how to play the talent they have!

  • Homer

    Hey Bulldork just remember at the end of the day, you still have to go home to west covina. Priscilla, I believe Langdon is teammates with Gano, La Rosa, Freeman, Lockman, O’Toole, Girard, Green, Gonzales, and alot of other verbally committed Corona Angels. All leaders on and off the field. Sounds to me like your DD needs to just shut up and play.

    Go Cobras!!

  • not from west covina

    Bulldogiestyle is probably from La Puente or Baldwin Park, he must have manipulated the residency rules to have his kids attend his “dream school” of West Covina High. Half the school is not from WC.

  • Bulldog1

    On to bigger and better things, We need to beat Bonita tomorrow to have any chance of going to CIF in baseball, they have a good team. the bottom of their order destroyed us last time. Don’t have anymore time to blog with you my Hefty Glendora girls, however, you may stop by Bonita High and watch us play with the class and humility that you don’t have!
    Bulldog Fever….

  • Humility

    West Covina’s softball team has not gotten the credit it deserves but after reading this thread it is painfully clear why that is so. I am not associated with either the WC Bulldogs or the Glendora Tartans but am simply a softball fan. I have seen both of these teams play multiple times and West Covina is at this point the better team. Even if the talent on the field were to be equal WC is way ahead just based on Glendora’s pathetic coaching. However, the WC softball team and the athletic teams in general will never be granted the true repsect they deserve due to idiots like you Bulldog1. Your ignorance and hypocricy really show with your claim of “class and humility” coupled with “kiss the ring”. Perhaps you should look up the word humility and then start behaving like you have some class and humility. Only then will your teams get the respect they so rightfully deserve. By the way – your claim that the athletic department appreciates you – I am 1,000% certain that the head football coach, whom I have known since he began teaching (well before his head coaching days) would be embarrassed by your behavior. Please don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning of. When you do that and behave in a polar opposite manner it ruins West Covina’s standing in the world.

  • softball fan

    The problem @ Glendora is coach Reese and the Langdon’s. This was predicted several years ago, back in rec ball when the Langdon’s were very shady and Reese couldnt even coach a rec ball team.

  • Humility

    Softball Fan,
    Looking from the outside in, and you sound like you have more history with the rec ball angle, the problem with Glendora is two fold. The first is that the current team looks like it is going through the motions and they really don’t want to be on the field most of the time. Maybe that is caused by continuous turmoil (politics) or perhaps it is a lack of leadership (coaches and team captains). Bottom line is they just don’t look like they care. The second problem is that there has been a serious lack of attention with the lower division teams the last few years. The lower level teams have been loaded with talent that could have been developed to become contributors at the varsity level. Coach Reece has paid not one ounce of attention to some very talented JV teams Glendora has had and that shows when they move up. The JV coach is absolutely PATHETIC. She has not a clue of what she is doing – she has shown she doesn’t even know how to make substitions without umpires telling her what she can and can’t do. Although that coach has gotten a little better in the last year she has provided absolutely no teaching of basic skills because she does not know them. Rolling the ball onto the field and telling them to go win is not coaching – and hours of over the line is not a good practice session. Guess she is just toooo busy posting things about her players on her Facebook pages. Bottom line is that the program is in trouble and until another dominant pitcher (like a Waldusky) comes along it will always be just a middle of the pack team. For the record – Langdon is not and will never be that dominant pitcher.

  • Unknown

    I think you all are PATHETIC…OBVIOUSLY if you feel & believe you can do a better job then the Glendora coaches then you should be out there…You are not in these coaches shoes, so shut your mouth’s until you know & find out the real truth…CRYBABY’S is what you all are…& Get it straight its Reeese not Reece idiots…& The JV coach you think you can do a better job then her then get your a**’s out there…Looks like you are PATHETIC LOSER’S yourself since you have time in your day to be blogging talking bad about kids & checking up on seeing what the Glendora coaches are doing..#1 GET A CLUE & 2 GETTTTTTTT A LLLIIIFFFFEEEEEE…….

  • AJ

    I really hope the comment below that states “..#1 GET A CLUE & 2 GETTTTTTTT A LLLIIIFFFFEEEEEE…….” and “LOSER’S”
    is not from a parent of coach from Glendora High. You should be ashamed of yourself for the use of your grahamer. Are you 17? Because you sure sounds like an idiot and an uneducated person. Who uses that type of language except highschoolers.. Word of advise, proof read what you post, or don’t post at all.

  • softball fan

    hey unknown, so its Reeese not Reece. Thought it was Reese all the time, my bad.

  • Seriously ?

    Ok, it’s Reese not Reeese or Reece. What difference does it make? The results are what they are – the on the field performance is a disappointment and the players are not entirely to blame.
    As far as unknown’s comments goes the fact of the matter is that coaches are always going to be scrutinized and unknown obviously is oblivious to that fact. The “get a clue” comment indicates that a nerve has been struck and that this individual thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for a high school softball coach to not know the difference between a shutout and a no-hitter. It’s acceptable to have a coach who does not understand that bunting with the bases loaded and two outs is not a brilliant move. It’s just fine for the coach to lay down on the dugout bench during a championship game of a tournament. It’s ok for coaches to post things about minors on their Facebook or My Space. It’s perfectly ok for coaches to continually have umpires have to tell them what substitutions can and can’t be made. These are just a few of the JV coaches actions and to most concerned IT IS NOT ok. Maybe all these things are acceptable if you are coaching at your alma mater or coaching the Montebello Oilers but not when you are coaching at Glendora. Got it Alex?

  • glendora fanatic

    Taylor Langdon will save the day!!!!
    Bring back Robert Keeler!!
    Let Kelly pitch!!!

  • Jealous?

    The bottom line is that Taylor Langdon along with the rest of the undeclassmen won the last two games of the season putting Glendora in third place in the Baseline League and giving them a chance for a playoff berth.

  • Not jealous just realistic

    Playoffs with Langdon on mound against a team that can actually hit the ball (unlike Upland) – results : an early 4th of July fireworks show ! She got lit up like a Christmas tree !! Expect more of the same next year !!!!!!