Breaking News: Podley not going to Glendora

Todd Quinsey, the new coach at Glendora high school, confirmed this morning that Bonita coach and athletic director Eric Podley will not be joining his coaching staff, and that he is still in the process of putting his staff together.

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  • reality

    I have seen nothing here that suggests that Podley was considering anything other than where to go on vacation this summer. Did Quincy also text that Gano was not coming over? Can’t wait for your next scoop of……….

  • Aaron

    Think about where Bonita was last season, and although many greats will be taking that walk across the stage there are many that will be donning the Green and White in the fall and this move would have made ZERO sense.

  • Gridiron Gary

    Braeking News: Podley is mulling, Breaking News: He’s Staying. In other words no news at all.

  • saladays

    This just in…

    Vince Lombardi will not be calling the offense for Glendora!!

    Tom Landry mulling it over..

  • Reality Check

    Many greats? Who? Your boy end up in D3. Everybody but you knew he wasn’t D1 or D2. Shows what you know about talent..

    Youre a joke..

  • LOL

    Gridiron Gary: LOL ; your right. Much ado about mulling that led to a dead end. With no comment or “no comment” from Podley, this is not a story; it’s a rumor. If mulling is a story, then there are likely a hundred stories out there of coaches who are mulling doing something other that what they do now. …………… …………..SaladDays: LOL, Vince Lombardi! That’s hilarious. ……… This just in: CIF Mulling Ban on Mulling

  • MasterOfObvious

    Definition of a slow news day: Reporting on stuff that did NOT happen. Also, why does this web site shut down on weekends? No Friday scores? Might be time for a new web site. But I’m just mulling out loud.

  • jsut sayin’

    Master…whatever – This isn’t the Tribs News Website. It’s a BLOG. That means YOU can report things!!! Tell us something important…

  • FredJ

    When one of the area’s high profile coaches is considering leaving to a neighboring school, that’s a story whether he leaves or not. I called coach Podley as soon as I heard he could possibly leave and Podley, probably not wanting to comment, didn’t return my call, and he usually always returns calls. Maybe he didn’t want the word to get out or thought it was better not to comment at all, I totally respect that. But he was definitely considering the move.

  • reality

    Now that the dust has settled Podley still has not commented despite your calls and he always returns calls right? This could only mean that he did not want this story made public. Quincy or one his buds undoubtedly leaked the story to you guys to try and ramp up his profile and pehaps pressure Podley. Podley did not like this outing in the papers because he had not had a chance to talk with his team or staff first. Sans any affirmation from Podley that this story has some truth Quincy probably blew it when he leaked the story.