Baseball: It’s not easy being No. 1, Los Altos ends Bonita’s dream week with a 5-4 win

Days after Bonita knocked off Nationally Ranked Bishop Amat and beat Diamond Bar and Kenny Mathews for the second straight time, Los Altos, behind their own undefeated pitcher in Kyle Peck (7-0), held on for a 5-4 win on Friday. Bonita’s 6-foot-8 lefty Adam McCreery started, gave up three runs in the first and the Conquerors never looked back, leading 5-2 in the fifth before surviving a run in the fifth, and six. So, now I’ve got to ask, who’s number one on Tuesday?>

Other Scores
Baseline League

Rancho Cucamonga 8, Glendora 7
Hacienda League
Diamond Bar 16, Walnut 2
Diamond Ranch 15, Rowland 7
Mission Valley League
Arroyo 14, South El Monte 1

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  • baseball knowledge

    Bishop amat is unquestionably number 1 again.
    It goes to show that in the game of baseball anyone can get beat on any given day, amat iss still one of top teams in the state, let alone the sgv. Bonita was a fluke for the lancers they’ll be back winning today

  • 12th man

    Huge win for Los Altos!~ They should be ranked ahead of Bonita?? Not!..Bonita fans do you see how it works now? Just because you beat a top rated team that doesnt make you the best in the valley..Otherwise LA would be #1 & thats a lil far fetched from the truth..You mite say..”They only beat us by one run” But wouldn’t that be the same as the Amat game? Come to think about it..Bonita beating Amat could have just been a fluke..Just like Los Altos beating Bonita was shocking…One game whether you win or lose doesn’t define you as a team..Just like they say in Hollywood “Atleast you had your 15 seconds of fame” Dont get me wrong, I still think BoHi is one of the top schools in the Valley we will just never know who #1 really is without some kind of mini series playoff system to determine the real King of the SGV~

  • who cares

    who cares who is #1 in April. It only counts in June. WHicever team is fortunate to win CIF will be ranked #1. If there is more than 1 CIF champion, the debates start then.

  • Goals

    I would think that Bonita had the following goals win the season started:

    1) co-host a successful preseason tournament with NV and beat crosstown Damien in the process….Check

    2) Win the RJlegacy game againstg BA since it is probably the local game that received the msot attention….check.

    3) Win League…..almost a check since the effectively have a 2 game lead with 4 games to go (they own head to head with DB)

    4) WIn CIF….we will see

    Not on their list of goals is be ranked #1 by the SGV Tribune on April 30th.

  • more goals…

    Beat San Dimas…check that one off twice. Almost forgot since beating San DImas in baseball is a given for the past 3 or 4 years.

  • Bulldog1

    How about the beat-down we put on Damien? after the wins we will have against Los Altos the Bonita, maybe we’ll be # 1.
    We’re on a roll baby! I see us going into CIF as the clear Hacienda Favorite!
    You’re right, you’re right “who cares who’s #1 in April.
    May is where it’s at.
    Like bowing to the Queen; “you may Kiss the Ring”
    Bulldog fever….

  • Colt74

    Wait…..Colts beat WesCo and Los Altos… that means for the next 5 mins. ( or until South Hills chimes, in whichever comes first ) WE are the #1 !!!!!!!!!


  • Oh ur cool

    I was at every game of the Chino tournement and you were lucky to get the win against Damien. I wouldn’t be braging about beating a team like Damien who is down this year and you were lucky to sqeak by. You should be a little more concerned with your own team and the fact they look like a broken down Sunday beer league team. Over weight, shirts untucked with foul mouths. Ur ring doesn’t bring you any class or respect for that matter.
    PS ithought we got rid of you when south hills kick ur teeth in.

  • Bulldog1

    Thank you, Oh ur cool, I take ass a real condiment! The season is just getting started my friend. We are posed to make the CIF run like we did in football and bring a tear to your eyes. If it werent for a fluke 9 run inning against Bonita, we would be ranked #1 in the valley. Just you wait and see, from this point on its a knuckle sandwich for the Hacienda league, no more Mr. nice guy! let the beat downs begin again,. We will have our Leatherman jackets pointed your way with the CIF championship patch so you can have a good long look, chanting, kiss the ring like we did against the kittens.
    Sorry, Still got all my teeth!
    Bulldog fever.

  • hey Fred!

    South Hills beat Northview tonight 1-0. I also heard that South Hills beat Northview 10-0 after 4 2/3 innings because Northview called it quits! I also heard there was no 10 run separation rule in effect. Sad to hear bout teams quitting like that

  • eastsider

    Los Altos should be number one if they took out the number one team.

  • Forgot Biggest Goal

    Hey, “more goals”

    You forgot who’s won the biggest goal (CIF)!!
    Bonita, STILL can’t win the RING!!


  • Viking follower

    My god Fred! Take a pick. Always trying to build the hype. Hope everyone sees through your crap. If Edgewood was still around they would always be #1 you jack #%$. Hand over to Steve Ramirez he talks facts.

  • like last year

    should south hills start bragging that they beat bonita in the corey lidle tournament just like bonita did ALL last season?

  • Cory Lidle Tourn

    Bonita did not brag they beat SH in CL tourn. KH, a parent of a bonita player did. that was it. Don’t act like a parent on a blog represents the school. he does not.

  • player

    Bonita is a good team and have played well all season.
    They must have taken a bite of some HUMBLE PIE…

  • PTR

    KH does rep Bonita, KC, Rodriquez, Castro, Gelilich and Mier are the core of this team. We were robbed in the Lidle toun. by the umpire. kH is a basaball guinniss!
    We need to get are piching together to beet team like los altos, if where going to win cif.
    Wake up tfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • losing streak

    Bishop Amat loses 14-9 against Torrance who eliminated them in last years playoffs.

  • A-ROD


    Kh is sitting quiet this year. Good for he’s kid and the right thing to do. As far as PTR, that’s his butt boy. And his butt boy is hitting .257 this year. So much for a “CORE” player. LOL


    News Flash Bo Hi Fans

    The problem was.. your stud that some think is the #1 guy got hammered.

    Did he pitch or just try to throw hard? Fast ball was 85/86 at best, not hitting his spots, didn’t have control of NADA. Wasn’t impressed at all.

    He won’t get anybody out with that plan.

  • PTR

    The boy can flat out hit the best natural hitter on the team he always comes out big! knott needs to put him on the mound to! he’s a cor player because he’s one of the best athletes in the league and a natural senoir team leader.
    Wake tfu!!!!!!!!!

  • So Cal

    Scouts left after the 1st inning. Better pitcher was on the bump for LA. CIF is going to be fun this year. No clear cut favorite in CIF

  • Pumpkin Peter


    Dude, I’m LMAO!

    The PTR a dumb @ss! Can’t figure out it’s his kid. Peter Peter!

  • fan

    aye all

  • fan


  • fan

    A Rod and PTR are blog impersonator`s Peter Rodriguez is not writing any of this stuff

  • Oh ur cool

    “fan” How much quicker can you protest?
    you’ve come on here before!

  • fan

    U sound like u have a personal problem m..f

  • Forgot Biggest Goal

    Whos Peter Rodriguez?

  • A-ROD

    PTR,and fan are both peter rodriguez….

  • fan

    Fan is correct I have nothing to hide but u are the @hole A rod AND PTR. I am almost ready to uncover u if u don`t cut this out soon me and Kenny know M…f…

  • eastsider

    overheard 2 scouts at the bonita/amat game say that there has to be something wrong with mccreerys arm because he went from being clocked at 92 his first game back and to being clocked at 87 his next game.


    Fan, you are the only one to say the name Peter Rodriguez, who is Peter Rodriguez? what team does he play for?

  • BH89

    Fan why are you so hostile? Take a chile pill.
    Are you the BLOG POLICE? If you are kick your self out would you.Fan why are you so hostile?

  • PTR

    The Varsity will depend on its core to bring home another win over the mighty Walnut Mustangs.
    Who’s Peter Rodriquez?