Football: Glendora football coach Todd Quinsey finalizes his coaching staff

Glendora football coach Todd Quinsey has finished naming his staff, which is as follows: We will have a story in tomorrow’s paper.

Assistants: Roger Armijo – Charter Oak high school (coached RB/LB and special teams at CO)
Assistant – Jerry Lewallen – Glendora Assistant Coach
Assistant – Frankie Salazar – South Hills DB-WR Coach
Assistant – Ryan Lawrence – Glendora Assistant Coach
Assistant – Marcus Bryan – Former UNLV Offensive Lineman

Also: Quinsey said that athletic director Lee Spengler will be his freshmen coach along with Rod Tilton, who used to be the offensive coordinator at Glendora.

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  • Huh?


    Are you kidding???

    He was ONE OF THE PROBLEMS, most especially at the JV level???? I know he’s a teacher so that makes it easier…


    They may lose players as well!!!

    Wow!!! There’s going to be a parent uproar!!

    Tomorrow’s meeting just go that much more interesting!!

  • Bill Gonzales

    Is Coach Langilotti not coming back to coach the freshmen team? He works great with the kids. He has donated his time with providing them with a “Great” off season program, and my son (as well as other boys) think that he has been the best thing to happen at GHS. What an awesome and caring Coach!!!! Hope he comes back!!!

  • Mike the Clone


    Lawrence and Lewallen, please tell me your kidding, “Q”. I was giving you two years now your getting just one with these two boneheads.

    This guys will do nothing but bring you down.

    How disappointing.


    Mike the Clone

  • Whos the boss

    “Quinsey said that athletic director Lee Spengler will be his freshmen coach”? Like Q had a decision?

  • C Evans

    Quinsey! As a head coach at GHS—You have gotta be kidding. This guy has the personality of a rock, and he’s expected to lead a VARSITY football team. This guy couldn’t lead a girls basketball team. He is BY FAR, the WORST POSSIBLE HIRE—well since he was at Charter Oak. This guy keeps getting jobs and keeps getting fired. Come on GHS and Charter Oak, stop hiring all this JV quality OLD men. I feel sorry mostly for the young men who will have to deal with this guy. THANKS GHS you’re going to regret this…

  • Karma

    Vaniman…Strykula…Lawrence…Pasquarella…Who is the Cancer now? Good to see that G-town is on top of things. It was just a matter of time before people actually told the truth. I guess they finally had enough of this group. Glad to see everything come full circle.