Softball: Bonita freshman Anissa Sanchez delivers clutch peformance in 3-1 win over West Covina

By Fred J. Robledo
Fitting that on senior day it was a freshman who helped Bonita High School’s softball team inch closer to the Hacienda League title. Anissa Sanchez knew replacing area player and pitcher of the year Chloe Wurst would be a chore, especially with the pitching rubber moved back from 40 to 43 feet.
Sanchez found herself in a situation with pressure from the start, asked to anchor the CIF-Southern Section Division 2s second-ranked team. It’s been a work in progress, though there have been far more ups than downs.
But on Friday, in a game the Bearcats had to have against league-leading West Covina, Sanchez was at her best, battling out of jams and doing just enough to lead Bonita to a 3-1 victory, striking out eight and scattering seven hits. (To continue click thread)

“At first I was a little nervous,” Sanchez said. “But after the first inning I felt I was on.”
Bonita (20-4, 8-2), which dropped out of first with two unexpected losses to Diamond Bar and Los Altos last week, moved a half-game in front of West Covina (15-2, 7-2), but the Bearcats own the tiebreaker having beaten the Bulldogs twice.
West Covina has three games left next and Bonita has two.
“We have to do our job and close it out next week, then get ready for the playoffs,” Bonita coach Ken Carlson said. “I’m proud of this team. The way they went down last week, some might have held their heads. But they never strayed away from the challenge. They came to battle and got a win against a good team.”
Bonita only had four hits against West Covina’s Dekota Monarrez, but they scratched out a run in the first, third and fifth to go up 3-0.
Breeanna Sandoval’s ground-out scored Courtney Gano from third in the first, then Sandoval’s single in the third scored Danielle Smith for a 2-0 lead.
Liza Liddell scored from third in the fourth on Vanessa Romero’s fly-out to left, and that was it, the game in Sanchez’s hands.
And did she ever deliver.
West Covina had runners on first and second with no outs in the first, but Sanchez got a pair of ground outs and a strikeout to get out of it.
The Bulldogs got three consecutive singles to load the bases with no outs in the sixth, but Sanchez answered with a strikeout, then got a double play to turn the Bulldogs away again.
Even in the seventh, after Alexis Gonzalez’s two-out infield single scored Ashley Rodriguez to erase the shutout and cut the Bulldogs’ deficit to 3-1, Sanchez didn’t get rattled.
Instead, with two runners aboard and the go-ahead runner and the Bulldogs’ best hitter at the plate in Taylor Castro, Sanchez got a strikeout to end the game.
“She did a great job,” Carlson said of Sanchez. “She’s been working to learn to keep her composure, to stay in the game, to not show too much emotion to tip of other batters. We knew she could do it, but she has to prove it to herself she can do it at this level. Just for her confidence, it was big.”
Bonita shortstop and senior Courtney Gano knows what its like being a freshman on varsity with expectations.
Gano felt the same pressure when she was a freshman at Los Altos with big expectations. She transferred to Bonita earlier this year, and has been a great mentor for Sanchez.
“Her situation was different,” said Gano, who has a scholarship to the University of Washington. “She’s a freshman pitching on one of the area’s top teams, that’s a big responsibility. But when she faced pressure, she came through for us, that’s what you like to see. To get out of the bases loaded jam and get out of the seventh, that’s why we depend on her.”

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  • Fred whats up with that sh-t?

    Congrats! to seniors Kate,Breeanna,Courtney,Vanessa and Chandler you combined for three hits a walk and three RBI’s to win the game. Un like how it was reported you contributed big as seniors should do and are expected to on senior day. Congrats to Dekota M. for pitching a great game for West Covina I believe she only gave up four hits nice job.

  • fredzilla

    Fred whats up with that sh-t?
    “Very well said ”
    ‘fred next time you need a headline find one thats a bit more fitting the defense for bonita came up big when it needed to holding west covina to a run on 8-hits not bad. Scoring 3runs on four hits sounds like senior leadership and solid team work to me great job seniors,juniors,sophomores and of course freshmen lol.

  • Fred Robledo

    Instead of fitting, maybe I should have said Ironic. In any case, I’m not try to please the parents by mentioning every player in the story. The freshman pitched great, was great in clutch moments, and that was the angle I went with. You want every name in the story, go read your high school paper.

  • seriously Fred?

    You missed the point. There’s no doubt Anissa pitched well and deserves credit for a clutch performance.
    NO names are needed but your insinuating the seniors didn’t help and play well when its just the opposite. They actually contributed greatly in their defense and clutch hitting all while Dekota pitched a great game against them.

  • FredJ

    You say insinuating, I say you read way too much into it. I was simply pointing out that on senior day a freshman had the biggest impact, which she did. I didn’t say others didn’t contribute, read the story, it explains how Bonita scored and how well Dekota pitched.

  • seriously Fred?


  • Common man

    You never fail to amaze me, Fred, about how much in love you are with Bonita. Even during football season. We all saw what sideline you were sitting on and we all saw that video blog of your pick versus the Bonita- West Covina game and then that Friday West Covina blew them out of the water 55-21. Get over it Fred. There’s other teams in the league…
    Kudos to pitcher Dekota for a great game. And Centerfielder Alex Blanco for making great plays to help out Dekota.

  • Get Real

    Fred, covering the game and your views is not good enough for these malcontent parents. Thank you for all you do in bring the best prep in the SGV, unbelievable.

  • FredJ

    Now I’m a Bonita honk? What happened to Amat? We follow teams that have winning seasons, and this just might be the best sports year in Bonita history, hence the coverage. Some people still haven’t figured out if you win, and you’re among the best in the valley in your sport, you get covered. Is that so hard to figure out.

  • AMAT 73

    Say it ain’t so Fred , say it so. You have left the confines of AMAT and are now in the arms of Bonita. Oh Fred how could you do this to us . Ha,Ha,Ha. Sometimes these bloggers are really unbelievable . Fred just keep doing what you’re doing. You can’t please everyone but if you would have left out the freshman’s performance , you would have gotten nailed for that also.

  • Fred Robledo

    Thanks for the supporting comments, I realized a long time ago you can’t please everyone. When I pick a game to cover, you anger everyone else who didn’t get covered. It is what it is ….

  • 888

    Interesting how Fred prints 7hits for West Covina but the box score shows them with 10 what gives?