Baseball Rankings: Bonita, Amat and South Hills all with four losses; San Dimas-Covina II today

Above: San Dimas beat Covina 10-9 in first meeting. What happens when they meet again at Covina today at 3:15 with first-place on the line….see ya there.

1. Bonita (22-4) — With Rowland and Diamond Ranch left on the schedule, the Bearcats should close out the Hacienda and keep the No. 1 seed in D-3. Question of the postseason is how much do you use McCreery with their starting pitching doing so well all season? My guess is McCreery will close.
2. Bishop Amat (23-4) — Back on track and just in time for the Division 4 playoffs. Can you win a CIF title without a true No. 1 pitcher? That remains to be seen, but the overall record is impressive.
3. South Hills (18-4) — They remain in a tie for first with Chino Hills with two games left against Charter Oak, who is out of the playoff picture. Chino Hills faces Ayala, edge to Chino Hills.
4. Glendora (15-6-1) — Not many Glendora teams have done well in the Baseline, but the Tartans’ baseball team is an exception, further showing the baseball talent in the SGV, and that coach Henley is among the best managers.
5. Chino Hills (16-8) — In best position to win Sierra league title with two games left against Ayala. Chances are, Charter Oak takes one from South Hills simply because of the rivalry.
6. Diamond Bar (14-10) – Yes, this is the team I pegged No. 1 the beginning of the season, and yes, this is the team I wouldn’t want to face in the playoffs with Mathews and Omana.
7. Los Altos (16-9) — They host Diamond Bar tomorrow for a chance to move into a second-place tie. The snuck up and beat Bonita recently, can they do the same to Diamond Bar?
8. San Dimas (17-8-1) — The Saints have a one game lead over Covina heading into today’s showdown. If today’s game is anything like San Dimas’ 10-9 win over Covina in the first meeting, we’re in for a treat.
9. Damien (13-11) — The Spartans already have locked up third in the Sierra and will be a third-place team nobody wants to face in the postseason.
10. Sierra Vista (18-4) — Got a split with La Puente last week, which was all it needed to take control of the Montview. Still, defense needs some work.

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  • Lance Bishop

    C’mon Fred get it right, Amat should be # 1 based on competition level alone. Sure bonita beat them one time but didn’t los altos also beat bonita? You know as well as I do that the transitive property is crap and cannot be applied here but I also think that you do know the reasonig behind strength of schedule and quality opponents too, right? Whatever, if it helps you keep the “valley” peace and keeps you in the good graces of all involved I will go along with it too. BUT know this, I don’t believe that you believe your own rankings and I know that you know that I know it sells papers and generates hits!

  • TeachDGame

    You are #1 until someone knocks you off that hill !!! You Amat people have been saying that for YEARS… ok, especially on the Football side of this blog…… This YEAR, Bonita knocked them off the hill….

    By the way Freddie…… actually, I believe you win CIF Championships with Pitchers #2-3 …. a #1 only get’s you past the first game….. #2 gives you the chance to get #1 Back on the bump and #3 is the guy who gets you back in it when all hell breaks loose…….

  • FredJ

    Teach, I disagree, in the playoffs, a No. 1 can throw the first game at the end of the week, and throw game 2 to begin the next week. The quarterfinal game is where No. 2’s have to do their thing, then No. 1 can come back and throw in the semifinal and three inning in the championship game if needed.

  • Lance Bishop

    As you wrote it:
    “You are #1 until someone knocks you off that hill !!! You Amat people have been saying that for YEARS… ok, especially on the Football side of this blog…… This YEAR, Bonita knocked them off the hill….”
    I guess that makes Los Altos #1 in the Valley?

  • Aaron

    Lance…stop it dude. The Lancers lost that game, and then lost another to Torrance 13-9 directly afterward. Yes, Bonita dropped a game to Los Altos 4-5. The Del Rey for Bishop Amat is to the Arrowhead league for La Verne Lutheran basketball…a JOKE!

  • AMAT 73

    Lance Bishop,
    The fact is Bonita knocked us off and deserve the number 1 ranking. The fact that they lost to Los Altos should have meant something but evidently not . Maybe a fluke loss in the eyes of the poll but that loss did nothing to hurt Bonita’s rank. CIF coming up so let’s hope the Lancers do what they need to do to bring the championship home and let the playoffs settle the rankings if they mean that much to you . Aaron you need to stop .Saw your picks for all valley and you act as if no other players in the SGV are worth your attention . Especially behind the plate where Saylor is hands down the best in the valley. There are many talented players out there besides Bonita players. I’ve heard of homers and honks ,but you take it to another level far beyond anyone on this blog .

  • Aaron

    You got me wrong on that 73, the fact I didn’t select other guys, is that I honestly don’t know the season the rest of the young men out there are having. I know Garza is having a POY year, and Gelalich and Huth are having great years at the plate and in the outfield. Maybe Saylor is having an amazing year but don’t discount a senior in Lindsay for his great year as well.

  • Lance Bishop

    Aaron…READ the quote BOBO,it was someone else’s explaination for why someone would be ranked #1. If you want to know my stance, I believe that even though bonita beat Amat one time, they are still NOT a better team overall. You were that day. BUT my response was at the absurdity of Fred’s ranking criteria. Unfortunately for Honks like yourself, we (the valley) will never know just how good Garza, Huth, Gelalich et, al would be against other Top Ranked teams because you (I assume by your Homer-ness that you are a bonita fan)DO NOT PLAY very many Top Programs. Plain and yet Simple. bonita is good against local teams and you have one signature win against one very good program. My Lancers need to focus on winning the Div Championship as does bonita, but regardless my opinion doesn’t change. And I was by no means trying to re-hash the only game on your resume that you can use to make your point with. I was merely questioning “Fred’s” rankings and the quoted chaps logic. If it applies to make bonita #1 then why does it not apply to make LA #1? Strength of schedule? Wins against quality teams?

  • Aaron

    Doesn’t that make you a homer as well? I’ve never said I wasn’t one, in fact I believe I’ve stated I was one and a honk at times. However, when I do get the chance to see someone else I do. Although I like to see the Bearcats play before I see someone else.

    It just so happens that the 16th and 17th best teams ranked by the Times beat the number four ranked team. Ok, I get your point…because the big paper ranked them higher means they should be ranked highest in this one.

    I’m presuming the Reason why Los Altos is not ranked ahead or at least closer to the top is because their overall body of work doesn’t warrant it. Maybe you think Bonita’s doesn’t, just for arguments sake why don’t we make South Hills number one and see which one of us has issue with it?

  • Lance Bishop

    Their body of work is probably even worse, but ok, south hills it is! Wait! Do we get anything for being the Trib’s #1 at the end of the season? Ha, Ha…It’s all good Aaron, sorry about the bobo comment and from one Homer to another, good luck in Playoffs.

  • Aaron

    First congrats on a great season for your Lancers and good luck in the playoffs.

  • ?

    Their body of work is probably even worse

    what does that mean — sh plays weaker teams….hey they can compete w you all day long

  • Lance Bishop

    @? – OK.

  • SaintsR4real

    Funny how these irrelevant polls get the best out you guys.

    Aaron, I’m betting the only other talent you have seen out there is some of the Teams Bonita has faced. I’m also betting you probably have not been to more than 2 to 3 games. Can’t imagine a HOMER from each team in the SGV posting their own players on this blog…..DUH!!

  • Aaron


    Truthfully since I’ve graduated back in 2007, ancient memory right. I was only home to watch one complete season of a sport and that was the fall of 2009 for football. I was able to catch the entire Baseball playoff run last May.

    This “Academic Year,” I’ve seen one football game, three basketball games, and two baseball games (back in March). So forgive me for not seeing every game as I have not been close to the SGV for the most part over the past four years.

    Does this make my viewpoint pretty darn skewed and biased? Yes, it does! Especially since most of the info I’m receiving is through conversation with friends, maxpreps, and reading the paper online.

    Good luck to the Saints on the upcoming playoffs.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Palm Desert with a true #1 ace will give Bishop Amat a game. In CBL play Redlands (21-4) won the CBL today beating Fontana 4-3 with the winning run scoring on a solid single by jr 3b Jordan Arrowood. Yucaipa is #2 and REV #3.

  • Colt74

    Look guys…we can do away with all this Homer/honk stuff for Amat, Bonita, S.H., W.C., S.D.,and others real easy……
    From now on lets just make everyone a Covina fan! Problem solved!

    Flame retardant suit……check
    Asbestos underwear…….check
    First aid kit …………….check


  • TeachDGame

    FreddyJ —- you are absolutely right. A #1 is going to get you most likely a W in game 1 and if you are a higher seed, you are going to get a lower seed in that game. Then come back the beginning of next week and give you a good shot in game #2, now you are playing a winning team. The next round is where I felt it is CRUCIAL to have a top notch #2 to WIN A Championship…. you are now in Round 3 of the playoffs. All the teams from crap leagues, those 3rd Place lucky to be in, got the breaks in game 1 teams are all GONZO. You are now left with the best teams as you have gone through 2 rounds.

    So my point was just to WIN the championship, you have to have a very strong #2 and possibly #3 to get your ACE back on the hill for round 4. You are absolutely right, a #1 could get you 3 wins in the Playoffs under current schedule for sure.

  • TeachDGame

    You are absolutely right, Bishop Amat will not walk to a Division championship this year. If they get it, they will have earned it.

    Palm Desert has a great squad, Kriske who threw against amat in Game 1 of the season is a very quality guy. They also have 3-4 guy’s who swing the bat exceptionally well including Steve Garvey’s kid who absolutely MASHES the ball.

    So if Amat get’s the ring this year, they definitely will not have walked through cupcakes to get there. Will be a quality journey for sure, so maybe they have been on a little vacation during league, but the post season will be their journey.

  • randy

    its been awhile, but i’m back,…anybody seen Frank?? MTC pops in once in awhile, those were silly times werent they?? Here’s to hoping the Brahma bats come alive during the playoffs, or that Kenny and Henry can throw complete game shut outs!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

    Git er done!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Where did my post go. Just because I pointed out that you made a mistake in saying Chino Hills played Ayala twice this week instead of Claremont you changed your information and then deleted me???? Why not just say “thanks for clarifying”? WOW

  • ?

    DB will need complete game shutouts to win CIF. Bats are no where near where they should be and we all know you will face everyones #1 or 2 through out CIF. Amat will have a tough time as well especially if they run into Torrance or Palm desert.

  • Lance Bishop

    Personally, I’m hoping to go through both to get to the promise land. We have some unfinshed business with both teams.

  • LA

    Los altos beats DB 6-5!