West Covina High and Citrus offensive lineman Albert Cid commits to UCLA

From UCLA beat writer Jon Gold: Earlier this morning, Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman reported that Citrus College offensive guard Albert Cid committed to UCLA recently, spurning offers from Arizona and Utah.

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  • Dan

    Congratulations on becoming a Bruin Albert, good luck, keep working hard, and chase your dream just the way you’ve been doing. With the way we saw you dominating your opponents at Citrus I think you will step up and do well at the D1 level, see you on TV.

  • Dan

    Fred I’ve also been told that Alberts teamate and former West Covina standout Alonzo Nevarez
    got a ride to Southern Misissipi, Maybe you can verify this.


    Congrats to both of those players from Citrus College! Seen both of those players last season and they played very hard! Also Jesse Tulaii also is from Wesco, who also might go somewhere. The coaches at West Covina are doing something right!

    I’ll also say this, that the coaching staff from AZUSA also care about there ex-players on continuing their playing, so they might end up somewhere. There are several players from AZUSA who are doing quiet well for Citrus, and hopefully they get picked up!

    HARD WORK PAYS OFF FOLKS! Good luck to Citrus Football this coming season and i’ll see you their at CITRUS STADIUM!~

    IRON OWL!!!