RJ.’s Foundation raises $2,200 for charities

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
The second-annual RJ’s Legacy Foundation baseball and softball games held at Mt. San Antonio College and Citrus respectively last month, raised $2,200 for the foundation, Bishop Amat athletic director Mike Manzo said. The foundation was set up in honor of former West Covina resident RJ Gonzales, who was born with a Congenital heart disease and died in 2009 and age 14.
There were two games, a baseball game between area powers Bonita and Bishop Amat at Mt. SAC, and a softball game between Bishop Amat and Santa Margarita at Citrus, with proceeds from both games going to the RJs Foundation charity, which also supports the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. (To continue click thread)

The RJs Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that supports endeavors for terminally ill children and grants scholarships to students from local regional, low-income families to promote professional, academic and athletic achievement.
At the RJs foundation banquet last week, Bonita baseball player Justin Garza and Bishop Amat’s Dominique Davis, also cousins, presented a check of $2,200 to Justin Hayward, the president of the foundation.
“The critical thing is where it’s (money) going,” Davis said. “To the foundation with the primary focus on helping the Children’s hospital of Los Angeles so they can help kids who desperately need it.”
Manzo thanked the foundation for its hard work as well as the Bonita and Amat parents for their donations that directly supports endeavors for terminally ill children.
Amat baseball coach Andy Nieto said Mt. SAC technical services director Vickie Monegan as well as the Mt. SAC and Citrus administrations deserve credit for making both events prosper.
Nieto, who also played at Mt. SAC under legendary coach Art Mazmanian, hopes the RJs Foundation will continue at Mt. SAC and Citrus for years to come.
“We’re very grateful for both colleges allowing us to play there and raise money for this wonderful cause,” Nieto said. “Mt. SAC is a special place to go to, especially for me. It’s the home of Mazmanian and I know he loves being part of this great cause.”

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  • Amat Dad

    Great job for a great cause. However, because of geographics perhaps Amat’s softball team could play a SGV team next year like the baseball team did. I think that had Amat played Bonita this year they could of drawn a much larger crowd, which amounts to more money being raised. Santa Margarita and Amat play each other every year however for an event like this and considering Fred has placed these 2 teams #1&2 all year long, the support of the SGV would of been huge.
    Just an idea, do games have to be scheduled that far ahead? or can they be made on the fly, to be played during spring break?
    Thanks to the RJ foundation and all involved (coaches, A.D’s)for doing such an excellent job!

  • his cut

    Stacy wants half of that money

  • ?

    Man not good at all, $ is missing some where and a lot of it. Mt. Sac must be caching in

  • Fred Robledo

    When you raise money for charities, you have to remember that money raised first covers stadium costs to rent the field, security, umpires, and any other out of pocket expenses. What’s left over after that goes to charity….

  • Don

    When you raise money for charities, you have to remember that money raised first covers stadium costs to rent the field, security, umpires, and any other out of pocket expenses. What’s left over after that goes to charity….

    I’m all for charitable organizations making anything they can but this event had to pull in four or five thousand in gate money not to mention whatever was made on a very active, (and yummy), snack bar plus whatever else they were selling under the easy ups.

    What stadium costs? You have a whole story above this one hammering the Sac Coach because he complained about NOT getting enough money for the RJ charity game. Which is it? Did Mt. SAC charge a fee or not? Shared with the Baseball program or not. Or was the SAC facility provided gratis to the foundation? And while I’m at it, what security? I saw no security at the game other than Mt Sac employees and LACSD Deputies after.

    Umpires? What, $150?

    Out of pocket expenses? Like what? Utilities, water and lights? Cleaning the restrooms or the stands or the parking lots or alongside the left field fence. Prepping the field, or getting it ready for the next game.

  • ForDon

    Don, the Foundation has to pay for the Sherrif’s, at least four of them, all overtime, it’s expensive. Plus, even if there were a 1,000 people, at least half were kids, and several always get in free….plus, this didn’t include snack bar, shirt sales or 50/50, etc, that was already collected, this was purely gate sales i think.

  • Don

    Thanks for the info on the Deputies ForDon although frankly, they seemed to be there only at the end of the game. Tood bad Andy couldn’t get a discount. 😉

    Still would be interested in Fred drilling down a little more on this thing. I know what some of the local districts and P&R offices ding you these days for just turning on lights for a night game or practice. It would be interesting to know what, if anything, Mt SAC gets for a night game at Mazmanian Field.

    FWIW, last season’s Inland Valley Senior All Star game was played at the Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter. Wonder what the rent there is.

  • Homerun

    Wow Don,
    It must be great for the family of RJ to read what you have to say. God forbid that you ever experience the loss of a child, then to build up his memory and do good, only to read your nice words of wisdom.

    Unless you have ever started a non-profit foundation, you have no idea what it takes to start up. You have the overhead cost such as food, shirts, beverages, insurance, etc., sorry Don but its not cheap and not for free. And in this economy, I am sure that business’ aren’t willing to just give product away at no cost for as much as they would like to. Actually deputies were there from start to finish, sorry you didnt get a chance to meet them when you came in. Field entrance was handled by Bishop Amat obviously since they presented a check to RJ’s Foundation. Not sure if Mt. Sac got $$ out of this, I couldn’t tell over the Head Mt. Sac couch dropping the F-Bomb every thirty seconds in front of parents and children because he wanted all of the money for entrance like last year with none of it going back to the foundation.

    When it is all said and done, thank you to all of the members and volunteers of RJ’s Foundation for making this another memorable event. I know my family and I are looking forward to what you have next. Thank you Fred Robledo for writing this, you do not see this charity goin on much at the local level. To RJ’s Foundation, Do not let this bring you down, your all doing a great job, thank you and God Bless!

  • Don

    You wouldn’t know this this homer, but I did lose a child. My brilliant, beautiful oldest son Brandon at age 22 six short years ago.

    I find it interesting that what I wrote as a challenge to Fred, was interpreted by you as some type of personal indictment of the family who started the charitable foundation. How wrong you are. Go back and read my take. I hope these guys make all they can but when you start pointing fingers at someone who is paid with tax dollars, like an employee of the local CCD, you ought to be able to provide a quantifiable accounting of your concerns. If this person is really doing something wrong, they should be held to task. Likewise anyone making accusations that are unfair or unprovable should be outed and similarly hung up. This internet anonymity makes it way too easy to trash people you don’t agree with.

    My problem, the one you didn’t seem to get, is that when the blog undertakes these Expos type posts they rarely follow up with facts or figures that can be corroborated anywhere. The posts are also usually accompanied by anonymous posts which make all kind of accusations. Good for blog hits but not the stuff Pulitzers are made of.

  • FredJ

    Don, you want to take me up on the other thread, fine, not this one. There was a reason I put up two separate threads.

  • Hi,
    This is such a nice blog. I really liked it a lot and I highly appreciate your efforts for putting this up. This is so nice to hear that such good money has been raised for such a noble cause.