San Gabriel Valley all-star baseball game Sunday, June 5 at Alhambra High School; Why it’s not at Mt. SAC is totally disappointing

For the second straight year the San Gabriel Valley high school all-star baseball game will be held at Alhambra High School, an all-star game put on by Nogales coach John Romano and Alhambra coach Steve Geiwecke. The game will be held on Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m.

Fred’s reaction: The all-star game is not at Mt. San Antonio college anymore because Mt. SAC baseball coach Stacy Parker complained that his Mounties baseball team is not getting enough of the proceeds from the gate or snack bar, according to SGV all-star officials. I spoke with Romano about it earlier this month, and he was upset and said he preferred to play at Mt. SAC, but the school’s continued bickering over money made them move to Alhambra. Romano said he would be open to a reasonable split of the revenue, but he did not like being approached a day prior to the event about it and the manner in which he was approached. It’s not the first time Parker has complained about not making enough money. At the RJs Foundation charity game between Bonita and Bishop Amat last month, Parker approached tournament officials on the day of the game about how money would be split at the gate and snack bar, even though Bishop Amat already had a contract signed for the use of the field. At one point Parker even threatened to cancel the game, which obviously never happened, avoiding a Public Relations nightmare for the school. Eventually, Parker backed off and the proceeds from the gate and snack bar went to charity with Mt. SAC collecting money from parking. I spoke with Parker the day after the RJ’s charity game to confirm all information, but he didn’t want to be quoted. Maybe Mt. SAC could take a page from Citrus, who generously offered their facility free of charge for the softball game in the honor of the RJ’s Foundation a few days after the baseball game. Hopefully Mt. SAC gets this right next year, having an all-star game and charity game with the amount of fans that attend is good publicity for Mt. SAC, it should not be complaining over a few dollars, especially when money benefits charities like the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. In terms of the all-star game, I got the impression from Romano and Geiwecke they would still love to play at Mt. SAC, which is where the game should be. It’s a great facility named after the great Mazmanian. Hopefully Mt. SAC officials revisit and become more gracious hosts in the future. Like I mentioned, having an all-star game of seniors is great publicity for Mt. SAC. They already make money from all the parking, why bicker over a few more dollars?

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  • not his stadium

    It is not his stadium, it’s the tax payer’s stadium. My tax dollar goes towards the building and support of those facilities. What a blood-sucking tick. Fred, go over his head on this one, I’m sure the AD or the school president does not know what is going on.

  • TeachDGame

    Also it is a chance to showcase his facilities to prospective student athletes…. there are players at that game who are NOT moving to 4 year schools and Mt Sac would be a logical next step destination. Great recruiting opportunity MISSED with this attitude…. by the way, come on now, how much money is he really missing out on…

  • Take both baseball and softball games to Citrus, they have nice facilities and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some recruit press.

  • Fred Robledo

    In the RJs Foundation game, Bishop Amat already had set up security, brought in its own people to work the snack bar, gate etc, and promoted the event as a fundraiser. People going to the game expected their money to go to the charity, not Mt. SAC baseball, which is why this is so disappointing. If Mt. SAC baseball wants proceeds, they need to bring this up when contracts are signed, and maybe have their own people work the gate and run a snack bar, if they’re so intent on money. That way, the Foundation has the option of using an alternate site if they don’t like Mt. SAC’s financial demands. But to approach Bishop Amat officials on the day of the game and demand they get either the gate or snack bar proceeds is not fair and ridiculous. When Northview and Bonita held their tournament earlier this year with some games at Mt. SAC, the same types of issues were brought up just before the games, which means the tournament probably won’t go back to Mt. SAC next year. Mt. SAC is going to lose more and more events over this and is getting a bad rep among high school baseball coaches, not good.

  • ?

    Mt.Sac is taking a huge dump this year. Parker and his staff need to go. Move the game to Citrus!

  • More Mt. Sac stuff

    This the same reason the Cory Lidle tournament does not use Mt.Sac any more. They wanted over a $1000 for the weekend for two games a day there. This even with the Cory Lidle foundation donating over $10,000 in scholarship money to the aeronautics program and the baseball and/or softball players over the years. I believe last year Mt. Sac kept all the gate money from the RJ legacy game which was not the agreement.

  • JC

    The field at Citrus is terrible for fans and is really just a bad field. This coming from someone who has played and watched many games there. As for Parker wanting money, he should get it. Ask any coach in the valley, that is his field, just like every coach says there home field is theres. Give parker a percentage of the proceeds, youll only be giving him what youve received using his field.

    Have any of you ever played baseball.

  • r u serious

    Parker did not pay for that field. Last I check it was not called Parker Field. Parker should worry about coaching his squad and trying to put together a winning team on the field. If anybody it should be Mt. Sac receiving the funds not Parker. Play that game anywhere but Mt. Sac.

  • BaseballDad

    Yeah I’ve played baseball but what does that have to do with understanding this? This issue isn’t whether or not Parker charges to use the field. The problem is that he doesn’t seem satisfied with agreed upon contracts and attempts to change things at the last minute.
    Every coach is stingy with the use of his school’s field as they should be but to ask for more $$ after the fact is kind of shady.
    I agree Citrus is a subpar field but at least the officials there aren’t headaches to deal with.

  • Fred Olsen

    Mt.Sac is a joke anyways. Take the game to Citrus. Better players, “From the San Gabriel Valley”, Dave Kingman, Darren Murphy, Fred Olsen to name a few are home grown products!

  • reality

    Sounds like you are describing extortion to me. In my experience guys like this are lining their own pockets on the backs of kids. Call the D.A.!!!

  • Steve Ramirez

    JC: It all has to be worked out in the contract. I think that’s what Coach Romano said. They sign a contract and then, according to Bishop Amat and All-Star game officials, Coach Parker comes in later wanting a cut in the gate and concessions. But that should already have been spelled out and negotiated in the contract, whether it be a flat-rate, or a percentage split. That’s how these deals are made. If nothing is spelled out, then nothing else is required.

  • Jackboy

    Art Mazmanian would be disappointed in Stacy Parker, hes building up quite the reputation for being greedy! Coach Mazmanian was and is a charitable man with an eye on the big picture! Theres some value in allowing the big games like the RJ charity game and the high school All-Star game to be played at MSAC. RECRUITNG!!!
    Maybe thats why the ballpark is named after him.
    Some of the local Seniors should re-think where they want to go to Jr. College!
    Imagine, all the best local talent coming to your house.
    What do you think of my come back Fred?

  • luv da game

    Just another example of taxpayers approving monies to pay for “needed nice facilities” then they build em and then we do not get to use them for our kids.

    Its just like gyms, pools, football stadiums, or baseball fields that get built or improved and then our kids have to pay top dollar to use them.

    I hate this.

    Mt. Sac let them use your field!!!!!!!

  • Don

    OK Fred, here you go:

    1. Who makes the decision whether access will be granted to Mt SAC facilities or not? Is the baseball field considered a community resource, like a neighborhood park, or secured from the public for a reason?

    2. What does Mt SAC charge a non profit organization to use Mazmanian Field? What is included, (lights, custodial fee, restrooms, parking, access to snack bar facilities, field prep, etc.)?

    3. Does SAC keep any recovered fees or do they share it with the Baseball program?

    4. Why is this coming up only now? (If you recall, this was an issue we discussed last year when the venue was announced; why wait eleven more months to address it?)

    5. How is it the Inland Valley News managed to hook up the Epicenter last year and you guys are still here kvetching about Parker and SAC?

  • FredJ

    Don, as I understand it

    A: Bishop Amat signed a contract for use of the field and pays a fee. Same with the all-star game or any other game played there. There has never been a written agreement as to how revenue, snack bar, or other monies are shared. However, Mt. SAC does collect for parking.

    B: I believe Mt. SAC charges $125 for use of the field.

    C: Answer B should cover question C

    D: It came up now after more coaches brought it to my attention, showing me it has not been an isolated thing. I was going to write a story after the RJ Foundation game because Parker’s loud and obnoxious profanity-laced outbursts prior to the game, but chose not too, which was probably a mistake. I still haven’t written a story for the paper, but might do so. I would like to talk to Mt. SAC’s AD and administration, haven’t had a call returned yet.

    E: Who is the Inland Valley News?

  • Roster

    OK, i get it…MtSac coaches are going to be on the next episode of American Greed, but i want to know who’s invited to play in this All-Star game on june 5th?
    Roster please…

  • Don

    My bad Freddie, it’s the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

    Thanks for the clarification on the other though $125 does seem like a mighty fine bargain to me considering the quality of the venue even if they do ding you for $3 to park. Also seems like the man hours cleaning up the stands and grounds after the game alone would eat that dough up quick. I think there are Pony/Colt fields that get near that to turn on the lights and unlock the restrooms.

    As for the outburst, did you see it? Kind of surprising that with everyone lugging a camera phone around these days it hasn’t found it’s way to youtube.

  • vote NO

    In the future, when the Mt.SAC wants a a bond measure passed for facilities, just vote “NO”.