Baseball: With a week left then playoffs, time to start thinking Tribune All Area team

I may have to make more phone calls than normal to sort out this year’s all-area, especially when it comes to pitching. Picking two, and possibly three first-team pitching spots out of the players available is tough, I can think of five to seven deserving of first team.
The field spots also will be tough, only four with South Hills, Sierra Vista, Bishop Amat, Bonita, Glendora and Chino Hills having solid years, plus other individuals having great years on so-so teams. In any case, I’ll give you a first shot at it….There are 12 spots, which include player of the year and a coach of the year….

Baseball First Team?
Coach of the year:
Player of the year:

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  • Gospel

    Coach of the year:Chris Beck
    Player of the year:Rio Ruiz
    Pitcher:Justin Garza
    Pitcher:Elias Novelo
    Catcher:CJ Saylor
    Infielder:Nick Cooksey
    Infielder:Ty France
    Infielder:Robert Mier
    Infielder:John Alexander
    Outfield:Matt Gelalich
    Outfield:Adam Alcantara
    Outfield:KC Huth
    Utility:Rouric Bridgewater

  • Aaron

    Coach: Knott, right?
    POY: Garza

    Catcher: Mark Lindsay
    Outfield: Gelalich
    Outfield: Huth

    The rest you guys can pick.

  • As I see it

    I agree with most of the postions from what Gospel said but I would change Rouric Bridgewater to infielder and Ty France to utility because Ty pitches, catches and plays some 3B. Bridgewater is an absolute beast and just because he is on a bad team does not mean he should be overlooked in the end and from what I have been told he has played some outfield as well. Who is Gospel a Bonita dad? Four guys on the team – give me a break. Huth as an outfielder – great arm but a .383 batting average in a lineup that is loaded with protection for him and that’s it. Where is Matthews from Diamond Bar in all this. Hitting .423 and all he has done on the mound – he does play some outfield so if nothing else put him there for Huth

  • Aaron

    Gospel looks more like an Amat guy…Beck is the Amat pitching coach.

  • Gospel

    I am neither an Amat guy or a Bonita guy just an SGV fan. The reason I picked Coach Beck for coach of the year is because of the work his pitching staff has done this year. They have been a pleasant surprise and the dean of all SGV coaches, John Romano, says Chris Beck is the best coach in the Valley.

  • Proof is in the pudding

    You don’t have to necessarily be an Amat guy to know that before the season their “weak” spot was supposed to be their pitching. With the record they have put up against some very good tems and with a supposedly “weak” pitching rotation has to be attributed to someone? Coach Beck gets the credit here. Will he get it the coaches spot? Probably not but the guy should be recognized for a hell of a job thus far. And it just an Opinion, right?

  • Fred Robledo

    Not saying coach Beck isn’t doing a fabulous job, but this award is for head coaches. If Amat pitching had been bad, people wouldn’t be complaining about Beck, they would complain about Nieto. Head coaches get the credit and take the blame, that’s how it’s always been. If you want to use this argument, you go with Nieto for assembling the right staff…

  • No Disrepect – But….

    It has been a long time discussion that SH and a few other schools do not post any stats. If they don’t post – they shouldn’t be considered. I’m not saying SH and other players are not qualified to be considered, but no way for the “masses” or even Fred for that matter to know for sure.
    Somebody can tell us “so and so” is all that and hits, runs etc. but if there are no stats to back it up even to the least bit….we have no way of knowing.
    I know its not the kids fault, but neither is it the fault of kids who’s legit stats are posted and don’t get recognized because of hearsay of the so called parents or experts.
    Man up Fred and hold your groud on this one. You’ve said it yourself before.
    If they complain – just use – NCNSP (Not Considered, No Stats Posted ) – and let the parent complain to the coach and/or school administration.

  • just more info

    Just a little information that there is more than 3 or 4 teams to pick from. I know at los Altos ther is two kids that are very good players, Munoz which is a very good infielder and a great hitter,he also pitches , Camberos is a great catcher with a good arm, he also has good bat. These two kids should also be considered, if you dont know them just ask the hacienda league coaches they usally know best

  • Tommy Lasorda

    I mostly agree with Gospel. Just change Coach beck to coach Knott since pitching coaches wont be recognized. Move Rio to an infielder, Bridgewater to an infielder, France to Utility, add Omana in somewhere, Matthews replacing Novelo and the no brainer, Garza for Player of the Year. Print it Fred!

  • Fred Robledo

    No disrespect — I agree with you that stats should be posted, I always complain to a coach who calls me at the end of a year campaigning for a player to be on the team without a reasonable way of knowing how that player is doing statistically as the year goes on. Baseball and softball are one of those sports where stats are important, especially when naming an all-area team. You know why most coaches don’t post stats? I get two answers, first, they say parents complain so much about how they interpret hits, errors, that they come under attack and that’s it’s not worth it. Second, they don’t want to get scouted. I feel like saying fine, then don’t get upset with me if your players aren’t considered because I can’t follow how they’re doing during the season. But I don’t do that. I have thought about it, and may someday, but I still don’t. I won’t cheat players over issues coaches have with parents, or coaches’ ridiculous fears of being scouted. However, players on teams that do not post stats need to be slam dunks to make the all-area list. They need to be on first team all-league teams, all CIF, maybe a league or CIF player of the year and be on teams that go deep in the playoffs. If I’m torn/undecided between a player whose stats are posted all season to one whose coach drops a .450 batting average on me at the end of the year, I’m going with the player who provides stats. All others on teams with 50-50 records that don’t post stats or rosters have virtually no chance of making it.

  • Fred
    I think Matthews or Munoz should be the MVP, they do more than just pitch, The MVP should be for (all around everyday) players. we will see how there games comes out this week.
    Garza as the pitcher, and this is taking nothing away from his year but the above two names have the whole package.
    Maybe this is the right time to have an MVP and Pitcher of the year award.
    An idea for the name of the annually award
    The Mike Pill award

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Garza is also a SS/3rd basemen and will play pretty much anywhere else you ask him to, and do it above average. He is also hitting over .400 and beat half of the Tribunes top 10, more than once, including Matthews twice. Have a good night!

  • AMAT 73

    Nice to see one of the old timers back in action. Best wishes and hope you stick around for the up coming football season. Maybe the new coach will bring a new attitude and work ethic to LA and you guys get back to winning.

  • what?

    no disrespect,

    really you think that the kids who’s stats are posted are “legit stats” are there really ANY head coaches out there that do their own book or don’t they have a parent in the stands do it or a kid on the bench??
    I’d like to know who if so.

    to deny a player like, say Saylor for one and no, I’m not his dad nor a SH person but he’s up there in the rankings, Perfect Game, USA Baseball, Under Armour, full scholarship at Div 1 school, Afflac All American and can go on and on and you’re going to deny him consideration because his coach won’t publicly post stats? are you high?

  • bartender

    In my opinion, the Player of the the year should be among the next level players, meaning D1 college, KMatt is the one. Garza still have something to prove, has he received any offers yet?

    The coach of the year should be the guy who brings to the school Championships. I think Knott is the coach of the year.

    Most of other players just play for fun. They are going no where after high school. So, it doesn’t matter whether they got the vote or not.


  • player


    Pitcher-Garza-BO-8 and 0 era .000 put the kid anywhere, batting over 400
    Pitcher-Omana-DB-low era .075, 5 and 0′ 2 saves, plays 1st and 3rd, BA .325
    Catcher-Saylor-SH- Best catcher int he state
    infield-BA- Alcantara Best soph can flat out play
    infield-France-SH-make all the plays and can hit
    infield-Los Altos SS Big time player
    infield-Glendora HS 1st baseman, 6’6″ all around great baseball player Hits
    the long ball great D and can run
    Outfield-Bozian- Ayala HS- Hits with power, Has a canon
    Outfield-Johnson-WC- Can hit with the best and a leader in the outfield
    Outfield-Huth BO- Has a canon and has the attitude, player
    Utility-Mathews-DB-among the top pitchers in the Valley, plays 1st,DH has 3 saves and batting over 400

  • 12th man

    It seems the only way your going to settle poy is your going to have to wait until the season is over..Both Ruiz & Garza are having an exceptional year the only way to decide between the two is to see what each one does for his team during the playoffs…

  • Still no disrespect

    I could partially agree with you on my word “legit” – maybe too strong, but at least someone is keeping stats that are relative to the kids talent. Mostly hitting is what I’m referring to or ERA for pitchers. Not errors etc. I do know several schools with coaches who find capable people to get things right and go over the book right after games to fix any issues. Are they perfect – NO – but is it fair to say that over the course of a season of 60-80 AB’s and/or 40-60 innings pitched you are going to get a reasonable judgement on a kids talent. The statistic usually even themselves out.

    You also feed right into my point. CJ is a great player and is listed highly by all the organizations you site but if he is hitting .240 in league (and I’m not saying he is) does he deserve area recognition? I can’t see if he is hitting .240 or .640? You can tell me all you want that he is or should be but how do we know.

    And just because he has a D1 scholarship doesn’t confirm he is hitting .640 either. A coach saw something(s) they liked in him and made him an offer. Still doesn’t confirm he’s hitting .640.
    Saying any kid who has a D1 scholarship deserves area recognition is nonsense. There are plenty of kids that get D1 scholarships and don’t perform at the next level. I’m not saying he won’t because he is a very talented player, but I know way too may “all that” kids who got their D1 scholarship and never cracked the starting line up.

    All I’m saying is keep the measurment tools consistant, because when you don’t all you get is a bunch of people commenting like you have that “I can’t believe you didn’t give so and so 1st Team – that kid is a flat out stud.” It becomes a mine field of personal opinions.
    You don’t see some MLB teams keeping stats and others not – wonder why? Maybe their paychecks are linked to their performance?
    Better yet I can’t remember an ESPN analyst bashing a legit player with stats to back it up. Maybe for their attitude but not for their stats. I often see them bashing a player who signed a fat contract and then doesn’t perform because the “stats don’t lie”. Ala Vernon Wells!

  • SGVBaseball Fan

    Ive checked out a few high school games and have read a few articles. I would like to Vote for Giovanni Rivera from SVHS for Infielder. Exceptional attitude, great glove at 2B, and shows the ability to hit under pressure. I believe is was a game vs Gladstone when he came up to bat with bases loaded and belted a 2 out grand slam. Stats show he is batting above .480. Will be a great player to keep an eye out for.


    Chuck S.

  • TeachDGame

    Ahhhh the stats thing again…. Fred if a HS coach honestly tells you he does not want to put up stats because he does NOT want to get scouted you need to straigh out tell him BS…..

    But that line is the biggest piece of bull^&*% running…. here is a little clue Mr HS coach, you don’t need a STATS line to scout….. A stat line is NOT going to tell me the following:
    * Is he a first pitch swinger
    * what is his HOT Zone
    * how does he handle breaking balls
    * what pitch can we get him OUT with
    * throw him up or down?
    * throw him in or away
    * Does he have Power (aaah just seeing if your awake, yah so I kid with some HR’s probably has a some power – but hey a body / swing will tell you a little…..)

    Here is another little question for a HS Coach that would give you that line…..
    “So, Mr Coach, do you hide your BEST hitter in the 7 / 8 / 9 Hole…. just so no one will KNOW?”

    Nope, here is what a good coach can tell you without looking at any stat line before the first pitch.

    Hitter #1 – this guy usually can run a little, usually finds a way to get on base, feels comfortable hitting late in the count. By the way, I don’t care what a stat line tells me, you ain’t gonna lead off with no kid hitting .050 with an OBP in the same neighborhood are you? FUNNY THING… how many times on avg does the #1 Hitter actually HIT LEAD OFF…. hmmm, if you are lucky, maybe 2.5 times per game, but all this logic crap only plays out perfect in the FIRST inning.

    Hitter #2 – here is my contact guy, usually can run a little (or A LOT) and I feel pretty good he is going to square up on a lot of balls, usually handles the bat really well so I am confident he can make something happen when lead off guy gets on

    Hitter #3 gee, probably about the BEST HITTER in my line Up. I want him getting as many ABs as possible in this game. So, good assumption HE CAN HIT, be careful.

    Hitter #4 2 types, my beefy power guy if I have one, want him there to drive in the other 3 guys ahead of him, if I dont have a traditional power guy, then this is MY NEXT BEST HITTER who I want to get as many ABs as possible. Also, better be a guy who can handle the offspeed, cuz the opposing dugout if they dont know him is going to assume he is a POWER guy who wont see a constant diet of fastballs right down the middle if ya know what I mean

    Hitter #5 NEXT BEST HITTER IN MY LINEUP oh, and this continues all the way down to #9. I dont think there is any big secrets and find it really really hard to believe that most coaches on this planet wont follow some similar pattern. THE ABSOLUTE, I want my best hitters to get as many ABs during the course of a game as possible. YOU DO NOT do this by putting them in the 7/8/9 Hole. Therefore, Stats wont tell me any of this unless I know game by game (which I could) and each AB in that game who they faced and personally know that Pitcher, what his stuff is like, etc. but then again.

    Here is a PRIME EXAMPLE. Wallace Gonzalez from AMAT, I dont give a crud what his stat line says, Im going to pitch him very carefully and can guarantee you he wont see a fastball down the middle in any situation. Dont need to see his stats for that !

  • FredJ

    Teach game, you’re absolutely right, still, the majority of coaches who do not post still say it’s because they don’t want to get scouted. I hope they read what you wrote.

  • Look at the numbers

    This paper and readers are only looking at DB, Bonita, Bishop Amat and South Hills. Has anyone looked at the numbers for players at Chino Hills. Both Sprague and Keller have ERA’s of 1.75 on the year. Acosta is batting about .400 with 8 home runs (anyone else have 8 home runs around). Pongs and Keller are hitting close to .500, Iriart is another .400 hitter with 4 home runs.

    Just sayin folks, look on the other side of the 57 freeway.

  • TeachDGame

    POY is just a next level player?? come on, your kidding right. I don’t agree at all. 80% of all the kids playing HS Varsity ball are not going to be Next Level Players…. oh, unless you count JC ball, then maybe that % is a little higher.

    POY should be the BEST PLAYER for the given SEASON. Who cares if it is a SR, JR, SOPH or Freshman. Of if they have a scholly offer. It should not matter. And YES, you do have to consider to a certain degree level of competition. You have seen it year in and year out there will be some kid hit flippin .650 for Sing on The Mountain Christian Prep (please don’t take offense) and he might very well be a good ball player. I’m sure he is, have to be, to square up that many balls. BUT, you put him against better competition and he “ain’t” hittin no .650. Stats are NOT EVERYTHING. Now I don’t want to get into the AMAT plays Dxxxxxxx crap… Get enough of it on the other threads… hahaha. But you are a fool if you don’t believe that level of Competition plays a key role.

    If you are going to throw everyone into one big bucket, yes, there is going to be debate. But Freddy Boy, I really hope the Tribune isn’t going to sit back and pick the TEAM based on Maxpreps stats….. I would surely hope there is some knowledge or research involved to determine the top players…. You telling me you don’t know who the studs are at South Hills because Smitty won’t post stats? Or any other school for that matter. by the way, didn’t CIF start mandating they use Maxpreps?? Everyone is not going to be happy no matter what is, there is always a DADDY or a MOMMY not happy …. whatever.

    One thing is for sure, there are a Number of candidates out there this year because as was said at the beginning of the year, there is NO DOMINANT team this year in the Valley. The TALENT level is also spread out very evenly to a certain degree, but here is some thoughts on POY candidates (not in any order):

    Garza —- great TEAM effort for sure — as it is EVERY year @ BO Hi , but if Garza does not have the breakout season on the BUMP, that team is not in the position they are in. IF the team doesnt walk on the field with the SWAGGER every time Garza is on the bump knowing he is going to give you a quality start, then things are DIFFERENT guaranteed. By the way, he doesnt have to dominate at a 2nd position to be POY candidate my friends. Example, a dominating SS will field 5 or 6 ground balls a game, maybe have 4 ABs. that means they are involved in what, 10 CHANCES per game. Now, Mr. Pitcher, say he only throws 5 or 6 innings, in a normal HS game they will be involved in approx. 20 situations per game. Who has the potential to make a greater affect..? Catcher is the only other position that can really DOMINATE a game on the field. Not saying other positions dont AFFECT a game (that friggin cannon that Huth has in RF changes any good coaches thought process on scoring runners and can affect some plays, but DOMINATE a game, nope, not enough chances). Back to the catcher, the ability to KEEP a team from running because you will throw almost any runner out DOMINATES a game. Not saying its 100% accurate, but dominating a game should be a consideration for POY.

    Matthews — ability to DOMINATE on the bump for sure. Changes every team that faces him game plan. IN those games you are playing for the 1/2/3 runs a game and looking for opportunities. I think Kenny is one of the Truly Great talents to come out of this area, but he is coming through in a down year for HS talent. Not saying he wouldnt have been just as major a player in other UP years for HS talent, he is cream on the top of this crop. Has been a terror at the Plate this year and hitting very well. But Kennys ability to dominate is on the BUMP. Here has been a tough season if you really dig into stats (cuz I know all of you just love doing that). Kenny is a Dominating pitcher on the hill. He will dominate average opponents for sure. But there have been 5 Big Games for DB this year, I judge by quality of opponent (Canyon, Marina, Bonita & Troy). Now I know what some are going to say, Kenny gets NO HELP behind him other than maybe Omana maybe 1 or 2 others. But. In those 5 BIG GAMES his record is 1-4 given up 7 Earned Runs and 29 Hits (yah I know, no run support) but did NOT DOMINATE those games. Yes, in other games he shredded the competition. A POY DOMINATES ALL. Great Player — YES Great Season — YES Player of the Year — maybe

    Rio —- ah here we go, having another great season, is doing what everyone expected and is doing it against whom everyone expected him to do it against. Struggling a little defensively, but not costing his team games. POY season, not really because he is not Dominating games. A force at the plate yes, but the REAL STORY at Amat this year has been the Pitching. I will be the first one to say I really really felt it was going to be their Achilles heel this year. But Gosh Darn IT, I have to eat my words in a big way! Coach Beck has absolutely gotten it done. Have ALWAYS respected what HE DOES. Hands down, one of the finest Pitching Coaches at that level in the Country. What THAT AMAT PITCHING staff has done this year is AMAZING.. Figured Amat would have to score 5 runs a game to win, but darn it, those kids are giving up an AVG of 2 runs a game. WOW ! There is not a Big Time prospect on that staff (other than potentially maybe Zamora) and to do what they have done HATS OFF TO COACH BECK. By the way, Rookie of the Year should go to Pitcher Berg since Garza s/b POY. Alcantara has really come into his own this season at the plate as well. So overall, TOO MANY key contributors to Amats success this year to pin POY on Rio. Maybe next season

    As for the rest of all valley team, honestly have not seen enough of the other schools play to name every spot on the Roster (that is why Freddie has the job he does, he is supposed to know or find out) .. but one thing is for sure, if any of these names are missing from that team then it really is strange:
    Alexander (Glendora 1b) 8 HRs with these crappy bats, u kidding me. Overall ??

    Oh by the Way — Coach of the Year — KNOTT !

  • TeachDGame

    FredJ your funny…. hell, give what I wrote to them and ask them to refute it the next time they give you that scouting soundbite crap. Hell, I know half of them…. hahahaha

  • baseball

    SGV Faithful,

    Coach of the Year – ?
    Player of the Year – CJ Saylor South Hills
    Pitcher – Justin Garza Bonita
    Pitcher – Rio Ruiz Amat
    Catcher – Saylor/Lindsay SH/Bonita
    Infield – Ty France South Hills
    Infield – Adam Alcantara Amat
    Infield – Giovanni Rivera Sierra Vista
    Infield – Rio Ruiz Amat
    Outfield – Matt Gelalich Bonita
    Outfield – Dom Martinez South Hills
    Outfield – KC Huth Bonita
    Utility – Rouric Bridgewater

  • add one more

    the center fielder for south hills is an absolute stud….he needs some big consideration

  • Great List

    Baseball said:
    Very good list below. Agree with the group listed and have seen all of them play. All can definitely play at the next level.

    Have to somehow get Matthews the list – he’s too good to not be on there and maybe W. Gonzales.
    Good luck to all the SGV teams that will move on to CIF we should be represented well.

  • TeachDGame

    AAAh, I love this place… hahaha

    Last night I was reminded by a friend who I value so dearly about why I left at least one kid off my POY list… I did it for a reason. Because everytime someone comes on here pumping this kid, all the bloggers start trash talking assuming its’ his DAD or friends or whatever just pumping their fists… whatever.. I am NOT his DAD, but I have coached him the last few years and know his game as well as anyone….

    If South Hills finishes this season up and goes deep into the playoff’s, hell maybe if they don’t you still have to consider him… CJ Saylor from South Hills…..

    FreddyJ go back and read the article Aram wrote ! you don’t need Smitty to post stats on Maxpreps, you have stats quoted in the SGV Tribune, you guy’s kind of fact check right… ahahaha just poking fun… The ABUSE this kid is physically taking by Catching 5 innings then being pulled from behind the Plate to Close out Games is DOMINATING…. and I still believe CRAZY for Smitty to be doing cuz it is going to have a physical affect on this kid, although he is stong as an OX… But what he is doing is POY material for sure. I would challenge ANY Sierra League coach who when CJ is behind the plate doesn’t put that Steal Sign away…. you know its’ true. If you think you can run on him, forget it… only chance you have is if the Pitcher is above 2.0 to the plate… and CJ will still make it hella close if not get you anyway…. Then to come in and close out the Big Games….. I would challenge his contributions this season against any…. and remember I think VERY HIGHLY of Garza & Mathews & Others.

    hahaha There its’ out there…. hell you could also consider Ty France as well…. he is having a great season at the plate, great season on the Bump and he is the one who has to come in from 3b when they march CJ out to the mound and put on the tools of ignorance and do a hell of a job behind the dish to help close out the game…. cuz you can’t afford a liability behind the plate late in the game either… although we all know CJ calls his own pitches on the mound…. hahahaha

  • As I see it

    I believe that coaches that don’t post their stats are idiots. Ya, maybe if you have a CJ Sailor that is OK because everybody knows he will be a first round draft pick next year. But why do you automatically team Ty France up with him? I have seen them play six games this year and have talked with other coaches in the league and he is a swing and miss kind of guy – maybe 2 home runs this year with a ton of infield pop-ups because his is swinging for the fences all the time. But everybody has him on the team automatically. Why? Is it because he is going to San Diego State? If that is the reason then the team has to have Kenny Matthews (Cal State Fullerton) on the team last year and all CIF as well – Rouric Bridgewater (Arizona State) on the team last year and All CIF and All State last year – Rio Ruiz (USC) – on the team last year and All CIF and All State last year etc. etc. etc. Taking just those guys this year Matthews .423 BA, 32 hits, 17 rbi’s, 8 doubles, 1 home run, 1.02 ERA, 55 inns., 70 K’s – Bridgewater – .494 BA, 38 hits, 23 rbi’s, 13 doubles, 4 triples, 4 home runs – Ruiz – .470 BA, 39 hits, 29 rbi’s, 12 doubles, 2 home runs, 0.00 ERA, 9 inns., 15 K’s. Here are three returning team players that are going to big time schools that are putting up big numbers just like last year, obviously all three have to be on the team. It took 15 mins. on MaxPreps to find the numbers and a little research from last year to find this information. That is why posted stats are necessary because go ahead and say some dad in the stands is putting these numbers in, I am sure Fullerton, Arizona State and USC know a little something about baseball players. I don’t want to do all of Fred’s job so he can he do the rest of the players, it should take about two hours to get everything he needs and verify it.

  • TeachDGame

    Putting Ty France on the list automatically… seriously, your kidding right… Every single player you mentioned has been on every single list posted so far, so of your 15 minutes of research should have included at least 5 reviewing the previous posts….

    Every one of the players you mentioned are Studs, everyone of them has been mentioned. Ty’s #’s are EVERY BIT AS GOOD as Every guy you mentioned, so, I guess that is why he AUTOMATICALLY get’s put on the list…. “swing and miss guy”… really, wow there is some new information… of course Ty is a Power hitter, not a slap happy singles guy. By definition most times these guy’s are going to strike out a higher % than other type hitters. A trend that continues all the way to MLB by the way my friend…. so if that is YOUR major reason why Ty should NOT be automatically included on any All Area List… come on now, your better than that… by the way, I’d take a “swing and miss” guy who hits at an upper .4xx clip wouldn’t you? Really?

    They are all studs…they are ALL having great years… and the ALL should be AUTOMATICALLY on the list because of this….

  • TeachDGame

    Hey FreddyJ, I was thinking…. you need to expand your First Team a Little bit…..

    Pitchers — 2? No way, really to be fair you need to expand to at least 3, maybe 4 guy’s…

    Infield —- 4? now I know, there may be 4 infield positions, but this only applies if you are going to chose (1) 1b, (1) 2b, (1)SS & (1)3b , now, that really aint gonna cut it… sure you could probably pick each of the positions.. except 2b…. now I know I’m going to get some HUGE flack for this, but come on now, let’s all be honest… and I’m going to throw it out there right now, there are a couple of really stong 2b in the valley, but come on now, your HS coach is even telling you that you are NOT the best infielder on your team… right, come on now, be honest, if you were, you would be playing SS right… so let’s add another 1 or 2 infielders……

    Utility — yah I like this one, but it ain’t really for the traditional Utility infielder who plays 3b, SS, maybe a little second… this is the guy who plays an IF positon and PITCHES. That is the most logical selection…. keep that at one. Because what you really do with this one is OPEN UP another 1st Team Infield spot, honestly right, that is what you are really doing….

    Outfield — OK 3 spots, I get it, I know there are 3 outfield positions in the game… but again, you are NOT selecteing a 1st team LF, CF & RF, you are going to select the BEST OF players. My bet is discussion of these guy’s is going to include 75% CF players, 25% mix LF/RF guy’s… so add 1 more spot.

    Adding a couple more selections to each of these spots will NOT DIMINISH the quality of 1st Team Selections for ALL Valley… in fact it will validate the fact, especially since this year your do have talent spread all accross the valley with some usual studs having great years and some not so well knowns having great years as well…

  • shfan007

    hey as i see it — ask those other coaches from league if they’d rather play with Ty or against him, curious to see their answers.

  • As I see it

    Hey South Hills Dads,

    First of all, I never said he should not be on the team. My statement was he is not the same as CJ Sailor, a person that should be included without stats automatically. His numbers need to be looked at. These kids are ALL real good and going places after high school but to just give him a flyer and say he is the best when only a small portion of people have ever seen him play is not right. So YOU say Ty is hitting in the upper .400’s. That is the whole point of this blog – SHOULD PLAYERS WITH NO STATS IN MAXPREPS BE INCLUDED – with no way for anybody else to verify who is doing what how can an informed decision be made. My comments are on what I saw in the six games, in which he had two hits by the way none of which where home runs. Now does that make him unworthy – of course not. But since you are obviously a South Hills fan and have seen multiple games you have different opinion. When two thirds of the valley has never seen him play how else are we to make an informed decision? Just ask you right! If Smitty posts on Maxpreps I am sure you may be right – BUT HE WON’T WILL HE – so that leads to speculation and the observation of the six games I saw. Afterall, that is all coach Smitty has left us with at this time.

  • 64342

    Hey Fred, Don’t forget the team the SGV Principals were afraid of and booted to the Baseline, Last years D2 Champs are quietly winning the league at this time. They have players with big #’s as well. 2b Cooksey .474 5HRs C Salgado .457 5HRs 1b Alexander .370 8HRs

  • 64342

    Hey Teach, France and Saylor not uncommon, Winterburn and Cage did the same just last year.

  • sgv1982

    Player of the year john Alexander from Glendora

  • luv da game

    Just read this propaganda BS from someone named TEACHDA WHAT??

    Who do you think you are? By the way you posted you could see you were setting it up for a certain young man as POY. Catchers this , dominating a game, punishment etc. Wow. POY hands down Garza. Not even close. Your choice is a very good player. But until we see stats on batting and how many kids thrown out etc. well come on……….. All area ok. Although I hear the catcher from Glendora is having the best season in the area. And 5 HR’s to boot. How many does your guys have? Oh we do not know. So unless the stats come up then maybe the Glendora Catcher should be the first team. He is a senior, too.

    You are one of his and Frances travel coaches, right???? SGV Arsenal. (not to mention Ruiz too) So if you know so much about them, and have the opinion that SH should post stats, one would think you could find out their stats and post them. So do it. I am sure there are many folks here that would love to see them. But see them from the beginning to the end. It is real easy to argue a player based on visible talent. Problem is talent alone is not what the spirit of this team is all about. I agree with you, its all about the player that has a great year, not the player that verbaled to a D1. Or the kid that everyone thinks is going to get drafted.

    You obviously have an agenda TEachda what, and I do not think it is not without a conflict of interest. You should find a blog that deals with travel ball and stick to that unless you truly go to many, many high school games. And not just the ones that feature your visible “guys”. Have you even seen the Glendora kid? I will bet not. At least not this year. My bet is you have none of your SGV players on Glendora so they will not get any love from your umpteen many paragraphs of posts. Oops you did mention the 8 HR guy, sorry.

    Stop pumping your guys.

  • TeachDGame

    Aaah the ripples in the little pond.. you know who I am, big deal. That is why I post exactly how I do and am NOT hiding behind any fake name. 30 second search (as maybe you did) and you know who I am.. great.

    You are funny. Pumping my guys. My list specifically states guys who have NEVER played for me, but whom I respect a GREAT deal.. Garza & Matthews, Huth, Bridgewater . And specifically says my guy Ruiz IS NOT having a POY year and shouldnt get it.. I also pumped another kid BERG who has never played for me. So jump out of that little pond of yours for a while.
    Glendora is having a wonderful year and nope, have not seen them this year, but have seen a very large number of high school games this season. YOUR CATCHER is a GREAT KID and has turned into one helluva player. It has a great deal to do with that GREAT dad of his whom I respect a tremendous amount. I have watched him grow as a ball player since he was 10.. love the kid. He is having a GREAT Season. Salgado hitting .457 with 5 knocks is awesome and because Henley posts his stats on Maxpreps can guarantee he gets condsideration for All Valley. AND HE SHOULD !!!…. Great Kid, Great Season and a very good catcher behind the dish. Alexander mentioned because of his 8 knocks which is some huge power #s with these crappy bats.

    ALL Valley infield is going to be really tough for FreddyJ & staff this year because there are some awesome #s being put up by the guys in the IF this season. Bridgewater at DR (oh, never played for me), Mathews (oh never played for me). Your boy Cooksey looks like he is having a great season .474 5 knocks & 5 triples .

    It is FANTASTIC the season Glendora is having when everyone thought they would have a tough year after the run last season and switching leagues. Maybe now all those little pond whiners will get off Dannys jock. HE IS A FANTASTIC COACH always has been .. your kids are BLESSED to play for him. He knows baseball, has a tremendous background and will teach your boys to become MEN.. I count him as a friend so ya, now you can say Im pumping Henley too which I have done for years by the way.. back when you were probably sitting in one of those Glendora American LL dugouts.

    By the way, everyone has an agenda knucklehead.. including you. This BLOG is built on agendas and promoting discussions and dialogue and you are funny. You are giving me too much credit for my supposed setting up my posts. HELL IM NOT THAT SMART DUDE !!!!!! I post em as they come to me!

  • luv da game

    Guess what, I never mentioned your name, would not do it! But I did feel that those that read your props ought to know the conflict of interest. And sorry it is!!!!! Sounds like you are now feeling a little , hmm, egg on our face!!!! You know darn well the stats of those that are not on maxpreps. So post em. Most likely they will not get posted because they will not match up to the Glendora young man, who deserves his day in the sun whether or not he is all area. And I respect that you did admit you have not seen one of the best teams play this year. Thinking out loud I wonder why you have not seen them since one wants to have the best players for their travel team??

    I just feel that so many kids get “slighted” by the process of which FredJ is part of as well. Heck if I am a betting man, I’ll bet you are one of his backroom confidents that he trusts your opinion on players. My point is thats ok (did you read that) IF and ONLY IF you have no conflict of interest and truly are fair to the kids.

    In this case it is clear who all area should be at a certain position. The young man had to wait for his senior year to play!! Winterburn a fine catcher was ahead of him last year. So arguably this young man with less varsity experience did it all in one year!!!!!! Not to mention using your logic, he arguably plays in a tougher league, and for certain had a tougher strength of schedule.

    I do not see how you can argue any other way? Am I missing something?

    The South Hills players are fine players, without question, and deserve their accolades in a fair manner. They can be recognized in the all league meetings and let their coaches debate the “posting of the stat issue” themselves. As for All Area, well I think FredJ its time to make policy here and do the right thing. No more hearsay, no more well have you seen him play (yep in just 2 games and hes the best at his position, built like Bo Jackson, but I did not see others), you set the rules and if they want to be considered for all area the coach has to allow stats to be posted. By the way , not making the “All Area SGV trib team”, does not stop the players from being considered for all CIF. That is a different process. So make the rule and watch how the stats pour in. And if they do not, well its not on you its on the coach.

    By the way, your condescending “little pond” analogy alludes to you looking at a bigger picture??? That in itself shows your agenda. At least in my pond all the frogs have to jump a certain distance to get to the shore. It is defined and measurable. Nothing is based on hearsay.

    ps: this is not about us its about whats fair

  • luv da game


    Glendora American LL dugout, not bad teach, you are really reaching here.

    Objectively, you would have received a lot more credibility from me and I am sure others reading this if you would have supported a player not on your travel team, for POY.

    My agenda, is really simple, and to be candid, spurred by your posts,

    “Be fair and objective with these fine young men without a conflict of interest”

    And since you portray yourself as being: a mature, fair guy who is some high qualified evaluator of talent and how to play the game the right way, I just wonder why did you not in your posts start off with , “even though I coach these players on my travel team” I feel they deserve this this and that. Now that seems to me as the “right way” to do things.

    But then most likely your “credibility” with the other posters would have been nil and you would have been seen as just another guy with an agenda for specific players.

    This is America and god bless that we can have these kind of exchanges in an open forum.

    I will post later with some stats of players.

  • Lance Bishop

    Luv-OK I know who “Teach” is/represents. How about you? Just trying to gain a little more perspective in this discussion.

  • i think all that is trying to be said….

    Teach D Game – I think all Luv Da Game is trying to say is that those considered for this should not be based on information that the rest can’t confirm. Not that your not spot on in your evaluation and I’ve seen all of these guys play and tend to agree, but by giving these player(s) with no stats also affects/takes away from those who’s information is out there.
    One could argue for those (only looked at catchers) who’s information is posted – right?:
    Salgado – .452 – Glendora
    Lindsay – .391 – Bonita
    Schlarman – .345 – Damien (RHP & C)

    Goodwin – .417 – DRanch
    Gamberos – .393 – Los Altos

    Some pretty good numbers by all of these guys and are playing on very good teams against very good competition too. Just like those “others” who don’t post and are only proped by those who have “seen and supposedly” know.

    I don’t think he is saying they are not worthy or not good players, but to keep things equitable and fair – it should be based on facts and telling Fred to implement it and if coaches comply great, if they don’t – then they shouldn’t complain about it.

  • luv da game


    Thank you a fair question.

    First, I have a strong opinion about the stat posting issue. I believe as I stated earlier that the trib should be firm about this; no stats no consideration. It does not hurt the players from other post season accolades from CIF just our area. It is the trib’s team so they can do what they want. I also believe that regardless of how one judges stats that they are used as a guideline and then others will take into consideration like FredJ stated schedule, competition (like Amat), etc etc.

    Second, I just may be going overboard to demonstrate how the kids that get no PR really deserve some. I am pushing for just looking at the stats, league a team is in, and tournaments a team played in. Since I know the area fairly well, and do not have a kid that is being mentioned (and do not believe he should) then I can be objective with the stats and not with how a particular player looks on a given day or has a skill that just overshadows all others for talking purposes.

    Hope that helps.

  • TeachDGame

    There are a ton a very good points all over this place. Great and viable opinions and I get what everyone has posted. I have gone on record, and you can scroll down near the beginning of this thread and you will see, that I CALL BS on any HS coach who doesnt post Stats on Maxpreps and claims it is they dont want to be scouted.. I honestly believe IMO, it is because those coaches dont want to listen to whining parents in the bleachers complain about the stats, mainly because who might be keeping them. I see a lot of HS teams that will have a STAT Person in the dugout keeping the book. Now maybe the Coach goes back after the game and reviews every play to concur with the scoring. Maybe it is a parent (that would be bad though) keeping stats, who knows. But it does have some subjectivity.

    You can also make an argument over the STATS as well. 90% of the plays in baseball are pretty cut and dry when it comes to scoring. A Line drive single is a line drive single. A strike out is a strike out. But how about the bobbled ground ball, or that backhand play in the hole that doesnt quite get the runner, or the dropped fly ball when the OF is running full tilt into the gap. These can be / have been scored differently for decades. You see it all the time even in professional ball the hometown scoring to keep the no no alive. Or whatever. There is no black and white 100% of the time in scoring a baseball game. This is a very slippery slope when using pure STATS which are NOT completed on a 100% consistent basis from team to team from game to game as the 100% basis for choosing ALL Area Players. Is it the best way to choose a team like this, definitely is the way to start the discussions for sure, but no matter what, there will always have to be discussions about quality and subjective factors in some fashion. Baseball is a crazy a#$ game. It has always been viewed as an analytically driven sport. One of the key sports where success so often is measured by exacting #s or statistics. Look at the rise of Sabremetrics or Money Ball or whatever you want to characterize it as. Baseball lends itself to analysis paralysis. Then you can be comparing results driven data (i.e. stats) vs quality too easily.. example only, not pointing to any specific names or players (damn have to quanlify everything on this board..hahaha), but take one game. You have your #9 hole hitter who sees nothing but fastballs and ends up going 2-4 with 2 weak bloopers down the right field line that drop in (assume he is a RH batter OK) and then 2 Ks looking overmatched . Then you have your 3 hole hitter who squares UP on 4 balls. Drills 2 line drives right at the shortstop and 2 missle shots right at the center fielder. BAM —- 0-4 sucks . Sooo, based on STATS, your 9 Hole hitter is a better hitter than your 3 Hole guy RIGHT? .500 vs .000 . Any good coach is going to switch the 2 next game right ?

    OK, so before you blast back, I KNOW that is only 1 game, I KNOW stats over the season ON AVERAGE even out a little more than this. But it does illustrate that STATS may not entirely lie, but they also dont entirely tell the whole truth.

    Im still chuckling though luv da your blasting me for my last post man didnt you read my FIRST post? My FIRST TWO PICKS for POY consideration were GARZA & Mathews whom I have never coached, ever. I still think Garza has the upper edge. My main belief is still that while BoHi has a GREAT TEAM and some great players they absolutely are sitting in a different position if GARZA doesnt have the MONSTER year and DOMINATING year he has had on the bump. And going head to head against Mathews he got it done.

    Sorry, one more point I ran across I have already expressed my admiration for the Glendora Catcher, but would comment on the Baseline league as whole. Im not sure I would go about expressing it as FAR Better in this area. That league like all of them is down talent wise this year as well. There is not a single pitcher of Scott Fraziers caliber (at least that I am aware of, could be wrong) or some of the other Top Pitchers from a year ago my quick and dirty analysis paralysis is showing a number of local leagues are posting higher BAs on average. I firmly believe it is because of the down tick in terms of high level pitching this year in most of the leagues, not picking on the baseline. NOT saying this years crop is bad, just saying there are not the likes of Plutko, Frazier, others running around the local leagues this year and that is fact.

  • for Luv Da..

    Luv Da,

    Teach is simply stating his opinion and we should all respect that as we listen to yours as well.

    However, you are coming across like a Glendora homer of which no one has bashed GHS or their accomplishments to date. They are having a great season by the way!!

    As for the Arsenal and other clubs like the Bombers etc… Do you even know what they do and how the assist with all these players during the off-season? It really has NOTHING to do about MONEY at all!!

    Oh and actually, Teach does have kids in the GHS program, 1 of which is part of the Varsity squad.

    Keep it real and not make it so personal.

    I’m out….


    Was Looking at wonderboy from Bobo HI…he has padded up against Dia. Bar who cannot hit, Walnut, Damien, Rowland, West Co…there is not 1 ranked team in his win list, I bet the combined record is sub 500 for all teams he has pitched against…Unless he has faced highly ranked teams, there is no freakin way he his POY…at least Plutko last year beat high end teams and is starting at UCLA this year…Garza is NOT D1 material… You cant keep beating the Rowlands of the world 19-0 and call your self a world class pitcher…The strength of schedule is the measure. He does not pass it…Look at who he beat and you will see, no substance.

  • TeachDGame

    BoBoHi —– please oh please give us YOUR NAME. Another person posting with no accountability for their words….. but hey, its’ just a blog, why should anyone be accountable.

    Yes, Mr. Garza has not gotten any of his WINS against what you would call a Quality opponent (we will refute that later), thus the victim of Scheduling okay, so I will now throw it out there. MR. Knott, you are a Helluva Coach, Coach of the Year in my book not just this year but a number of the last few years, you now need to start scheduling some teams from the OC and other top quality programs YOU and your Young Men can handle it !!!! — sorry for the sidetrack. — but there is a win against Rancho Cucamonga which Luv Da is telling us is the premier League in the Area and they are the #3 team in that League, not the Doormat by any stretch and they have a couple of guys in their lineup who can absolutely swing the bat (yes Luv Da — they are players in our program so there is your disclosure on conflict of interest). He also has 2 Ws against San Dimas Who is the League Champion and has some very good bats in the line up (yes Luv Da — 2 play for us, couple others have contacted us) .

    Lost your BET teams he has pitched against are a combined 103-99 per maxpreps ( simple math tells you that is NOT sub .500 — while your pulling your panties out of the bunch they are in, yah I know it is just above, but you made the bet and comment). What Pitcher in the Valley who should be POY has beaten ranked opponents this year. OK, so that is kind of unfair saying only a Pitcher should be POY, I get that (and personally dont believe it myself but just going down your argument) Oh, sorry, San Dimas was ranked #10 in their Div by CIF, he beat them twice by the way, so that is a ranked opponent. Threw against one of the finest hitters in this HS class Bridgewater who was 1-3 against him. Ya, just one game, but against a Bat like Bridgewater, myself and any other coach I bet, would take 1-3 to the Bank. Also Rancho has one of the best HS bats in the area as well who was 1-4 against Garza ( yes Luv Da he is one of our guys, but Tony Gwynn thinks he is a pretty good bat also) But for now, he is only the #1 Pitcher on the #1 Team in the Valley who is 8-0 with a paultry ERA, so since this is an ALL SGV Team, then I guess, that might just still qualify him for the POY, maybe huh.

    Also, nice comparison to Plutko.. IRRELEVANT none the less. No one has come on here and said Garza is as good as Plutko. But I will GUARANTEE YOU THIS. I personally was talking to 2 Different Division I college coaches / recruiters who were at BoHi games specifically watching Mr. Garza he WILL PITCH AT THE DIVISION I LEVEL and will get money to do it ! Mark my words on that buddy. Will it be UCLA, probably not. My boy Mr. Savage likes his RH pitchers at least 6, sorry but he does. But there are a TON of other D1 high caliber schools where Mr. Garza will have the opportunity to get an education and chuck a baseball.. what are YOU willing to Guarantee ????

  • TeachDGame

    Another Pitcher to consider on this first team list whose name has NOT been brought up… ZAMORA from Bishop Amat….

    9-2 2.10 ERA
    Losses — Palm Desert & Torrance (both highly Ranked)

    Signature Wins — Mission Viejo / Chatsworth

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Just a little 411 for Bobo

    Garza is 10-0, going for 11-0 today against Bridgewater and Diamond Ranch.

    03/04 W 8-1 Damien (CA)
    03/10 W 6-5 Rancho Cucamonga (CA)
    03/16 W 3-1 San Dimas (CA)
    03/25 W 2-1 Diamond Bar (CA)
    03/30 W 3-1 Los Altos (CA)
    04/05 W 9-1 San Dimas (CA)
    04/13 W 10-1 West Covina (CA)
    04/20 W 7-1 Diamond Ranch (CA)
    04/27 W 5-1 Diamond Bar (CA)
    05/04 W 9-2 Walnut (CA)

    0.64 ERA

    Damien is a great team in a tough league, Rancho has some great bats, San Dimas is a league champ he beat twice, beat Kenny Matthews and Diamond Bar twice with Matthews and Omana not doing much with their bats against him, Los Altos has some great bats that hit teammate Mccreery hard, beat Diamond Ranch with Bridgewater not doing much.

    Offensively he is hitting .421 against some great pitching. On the field he has some of the softest hands around and can play anywhere.He came up big with a great play on a bad hop against Bishop Amat that would have resulted in runs scored and a different outcome to the game.

    Garza is a great kid that works hard and loves and respects the game. He is as humble as they come, which is hard to find in kids these days. If you dont believe it, ask Fred and also Mr Eric Sondheimer from the LA Times. If you cant appreciate that, I dont know what more there is to look for. Whether he gets any extra accolades or not, he will continue to work hard for his team and go about his business and be as humble as can be. Best of luck to him and the rest of the kids that represent the San Gabriel Valley.

  • luv da game

    now we are talking,

    let me throw in , on another rancho player Teach, Rancho Taylor Grace can crush!!!!! And not sure what Garza did against him but teach and others, I like Teach argument now for Garza.

    Garza has had a high school year that deserves POY. It does not matter if he goes to UCLA, USC, D1, or what even MLB, imho.

    It only matters on this season , now, this year. Not a body of work for 2 years, just this year. So now am I a Bonita homer , too. ha ha. I am for all kids no matter where or what. Sorry I have an opinion about stats.

    ps: lets not forget Amats leadoff hitter and outfielder Alcantara, a tremendous player and Los Altos pitcher Peck who last I looked is undefeated!!!!! oops I am a homer sorry.

    pss: Obviously , I feel that we as observers get to wrapped up on the buzz of this kid throws 95, strikes out 9 a game or this kid hits 450 ft bombs which then overshadows the very good high school player that may hit for higher average, hits in the clutch “rbi’s”, or be a better defensive player, or just gets out after out. Last time I looked an out is the same whether its a strike out or fly out. Point is, I just feel that the under the radar guys deserve their kudos “when deserved” and should not be overshadowed by the 6’4″ bomber, flamethrower, or what unless of coures they deserve , too.

  • luv da game

    repete from my prior post,

    “I also believe that regardless of how one judges stats that they are used as a guideline and then others will take into consideration like FredJ stated schedule, competition (like Amat), etc etc.”

    Very good post on the teams POY has pitched against. I would add to Teach comments, which are very spot on, “strength of coaching factor”. What is very significant is the quality of a teams pitching coach and calling the pitches along with scouting. I would argue that certain leagues have stronger coaching up and down. However, a teams pitching coach is very key in the development and performance of that teams pitching. The best way to measure that is over the years. And by far Bonita, Amat, South Hills, Glendora, Damien, and to a degree San Dimas really stand out. Yes they have talent, but so do other teams which just do not do the same with those pitchers.

  • Look at the numbers


    Can you explain the Tribune’s “All Area Team”? What schools are included? How is the team selected?

    Chino Hills were Co-Champs of the Sierra League (tied with South Hills, CH took 2 out of 3 from SH) and no mention of any of the Chino Hills kids. There are several players at CH that put up big numbers this year.

    I hope that you truly select an “All Area Team” and that means looking outside of DB, Amat, SH and Bonita.

  • luv da game

    I thought the Daily Bulletin is the home paper for the Inland empire. They have their area team and a allstar game too.

    Trib area team should be from SGV valley . Does the Trib even deliver to inland empire?

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Just an update, Bonita beat Diamond Ranch 19-2.
    Garza went 4 strong innings giving up 1 unearned run.
    He also picked up a few hits with his bat.
    He finishes the regular season 11-0.

  • Tommy Garza
    Could you please quit talking about your so much?

  • who’s tommy?

    Talk about Justin all day … he’s a stud.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Mr. Old Timer, for your information, I am most defintately not Mr Garza. I am a fan of high school baseball and of kids that respect the game. Even if I was Mr Garza, wouldn’t I have the right to be extremely proud of my son?