Baseball: Northview, obviously inspired by the picture below, turns back the clock

Northview rallies: Northview High School’s late-inning magic, which catapulted the Vikings to the CIF-Southern Section semifinals in 2007 and the Division 4 baseball title in 2008, made a triumphal return Thursday. Michael Carlos’ two-run single scored Jake Grijalva and Tony Briones and Northview rallied for five runs in the seventh inning to score a 7-6 victory over host Baldwin Park in a battle for third place in the Valle Vista League.

Above: It’s been a long time since Northview felt this good. Today the Vikes are at Baldwin Park for the third in the Valle Vista.

Final week situations ….
Baseline: Glendora (16-6-1, 11-3) needs to defeat Upland on Friday at home to secure sole possession of first. If they lose, they finish in a tie with Los Osos (17-5, 10-4) and a coin flip would decide who goes in as No. 1 from league in the playoffs.

Hacienda: Bonita (22-4 and 9-1) already wrapped up the league title, but Los Altos earned a split with Diamond Bar in a 6–5 win over the Brahmas on Wednesday. Los Altos (17-9, 8-3) is tied with Diamond Bar (14-11, 8-3) for second with a game left. All three will advance to the playoffs.

Valle Vista: San Dimas (18-8-1, 10-1) won the league title with a 13-5 win over Covina. The Colts (16-10, 9-3) will finish second and today, Northview (11-13, 6-5) will be at Baldwin Park (13-11, 6-5) for sole possession of third. The game is at 3:15 p.m.

Sierra League: Chino Hills (17-8, 11-3) and South Hills (19-4, 11-3) are tied for first entering today’s final games. South Hills is at Charter Oak and Chino Hills is home against Ayala. If they finish tied, Chino Hills wins the tiebreaker, having won two out of three. Damien (13-11, 8-5) already has clinched third and finishes at home today against Claremont.

Montview: Sierra Vista (18-4, 11-2) already clinched league and finishes with Ganesha today. La Puente (15-7, 10-3) finishes second with Gladstone (14-6, 9-3) finishing third.

Mission Valley: Arroyo (13-7, 10-3) is at Rosemead today and Mountain View on Friday, needing just a win over either to clinch the league title. Gabrielino (9-11, 9-4) will likely finish second while El Monte (10-9, 8-6) and Mountain View (10-10- 7-6) have work left to finish third.

Del Rey: Bishop Amat (24-4, 12-0) won league long ago, all they have left is Monday’s CIF-Division 4 pairings.

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  • Db watcher

    Diamond Bar is struggling, I see a one and done C.I.F. This was Coach Shib’s last great hope of a 1st place in league. With Kenny graduating it’s all over for Diamond Bar, still hope with tennis and golf.

  • so cal

    I agree LA played a good game and fought until the last out. DB just sounds dead. Too bad Kenny has no help behind him. LA hit him hard yesterday. DB needs to make a change!!!!

  • Hey Fred,
    Glendora clinched the title yesterday. Glendora has the tie breaker over Los Osos. So Glendora is 2011 Baseline league champs.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Who has the tiebreaker if LA and DB finished tied for second. Could be huge as the 3rd place team will be on the road facing a league champion. The brahmas just cannot win games vs good teams especially on the road.

  • baseball

    Looks like all those tourny games DBar thought were not important are gonna come back to bite them. Oh well good luck on the road this year DBar.

  • patrick

    Dude, Omana isnt chopped liver!! Need new coach not players!!! and stop stirring up bad karma!

  • Fred Olsen

    Make us proud Darren! go Vikes


    DB lacks leadership. This is the job of the coaching staff to develop. Coaching staff fails to develop players. Example, Munoz and Mathews have not gotten any better year to year. You have some very good hitters sitting on the bench all year while they continue to use 200 hitters in the field and use a DH that has a hard time hitting a ball out of the infield and K’s against good pitching. DB fails to play like a team and what little team chemistry they had has been ruined by bringing in a Freshman to start in the field with guys on the bench who have earned their way being by passed! Not to mentions the whole JV Team. Coach needs to study the stats and see that half the team K’s against good pitching and can’t even put the ball in play. Unless something is done DB will be one and done and Omana won’t even get a chance to show his pitching skills. Come on Coach, change thing up and put in some hitters!

  • It’s OK

    I guess Kenny is saving his arm for college, that’s Ok, everyone understands that. You can’t say there’s no run support in this case, usually one run is good enough for Kenny. Maybe we ride kenny’s arm for too long, he is just a little bit tired. Dead arm syndrome. Nothing to worry about. We should get Kenny fresh and ready for the first play off game. Maybe let kenny sit on the bench or skip practice for couple of times next week. Then he will give us one win in the play off. Otherwise we could be 0 and done.

  • TGee

    You’re right on. Kids are not making gains. They remain the same or getting worse. DBar is in big trouble. A change is a must. It seems the entire team has no fire, no hustle , no nothing at all levels. Coach seems to put the blame on everybody but himself. I know it’s hard work but basics are a must. Hard 90’s none, big plays ahh a hand full. Big wins NONE. You have a catcher on the bench that can hit when called upon, 2nd baseman on the bench that can play. He can hit make the easy plays rather than errors. a DH that should be playing 3rd, 1st, pitch left field anywhere but the pine. Plenty of kids that can make a difference if given a chance Most of the team struggled with the bat all year. Assistant coach that teaches batting 101 on the side. yea!! A pro hitting coach and look at the teams batting #’s. DB has become a joke.

  • KnowThrGame

    Hey Fred, why is it not surprising that when mentioning all of the leagues, you talk about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams- but when you mention the Del Rey League, it’s Amat and their playoff game?! Spare me the “no one else matters” gibberish. Give credit where credit is due- just like the other leagues.

  • DB FAN

    Playball and So Cal are are correct. DB needs to shake thing things up quickly and hope it’s not too late. Expectations for the talent on that team should be very high. What a waste of talent!

  • So cal

    I cringe everytime I watch DBar play. Such a sad situation going on over there. DBar with Kenny and Omana should have run through League and tourny games. Too bad head coach never took tourny games seriuos and got blasted every time. Please DBar make a change!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so obviuos the head skipper has no clue.

  • Shib’s MUST Go!

    Coaches at DBAR must go! Team leadership NONE,Team moral NONE, Shibley cares more about green grass then the teams well being. Shibley MUST go!Kenny hasn’t exceled under the leadership of Shib.

  • TGee

    DB baseball
    2009-2010 copare 2010-2011
    According to max preps all numbers are down…
    Returning Seniors
    Kimsly batting avg. better .143 last season .266 this season
    Valoria better .217 .302
    Munoz bad .360 .232
    Mathews .471 League MVP .432
    7-3 era .173 5-3 3saves era.102
    Returning Jouniors
    Omana batting avg better.250 last season .323 this season
    4-5 era .521 5-0 3 saves era. 075
    Cavasos bad .250 .206

    Torres ss last year with tons of errors Coach never made a change
    Walters 2nd base with costly errors Coach never made a change

    The pride of the bull is walking fast into the burning hills.

  • I have Watched Coach Shibley Coach for years, he takes pride in the sport and expects the best from his players. I Blog on here sometimes but most of the time I just read comments and wonder what are some of these people thinking. But on this I had to say something, I think some of these Kids need to start being accountable and stop Pointing fingers. This Video is so true for many Coaches. I use to be a Coach so I know what happens, Keep your Chin Up Coach

    Watch this Video!! It is so true in so many cases..


    I agree with HYA, I am a teacher here on DB campus and I have watched Coach with some members of his team. I dont know how he does it ( I would not have been as patient as Shibley has been), some of the so called team leaders on the team are so disrespectful and are in no way a good example of team leaders. Bad sportsmanship, bad attitude with a couple of the team leaders and this is what I see, it is unfortunate but I believe this is where some of the break down is. Support one another and your Coach Brahmas. It is amazing how people hide behind these blogs but are not asking for one on one concerns with the Coach.

  • Concerned DB Fan

    As i was reading this blog, several things come to mind…. Coaching is a hard, thankless, long hour, no pay job and one would think that a coach of a team would actually know more than the parents but not in this day and age. Sometimes even the kids are thinking they know more then the coach as well. I personally couldn’t coach high school athletics. I don’t know how high school coaches deal with many
    (not all) of the parents and the pressure of winning.
    Here is an idea, instead of complaining about your kids playing time ect. ect. maybe think about asking the coach what you can do to help your child improve. Then maybe they’ll play more and maybe the team will win more. It just seems easier to blame the faults of the player on the coach.
    Maybe this is why there has been a rash of coaching jobs open recently because you had better be ready to deal with parents and fans who don’t approve of the job you do. And if you win today, great, but you had better win tomorrow too.
    Gone are the days where a coach stays for years and I think it is all due to this type of pressure put on them. It is so sad, Shibs my hat is off to you, don’t know how ya do it.

  • DB Fan

    Concern DB, Accountable, and I agree, this is the problem. The Coach is who we turn the kids over to to make them accountable. If he is unable to control what goes on then he is letting the inmates run the prison! The Coach should sit the so called leaders on the bench and earn some respect! He can tell the parents why these kids sit and if they don’t like it let them go play elsewhere. The Coach needs that respect! I don’t believe that is going on at DB High. A head coach needs to be more that an expert in his sport. He has to be a motivator, father figure, teacher, disciplinarian, and a leader. He needs to develop and promote leadership and team chemistry. Ask yourself this question, are the players and the team getting better week to week? How about the the program as a whole, is he creating an atmosphere of teamwork throughout the program? Are the upperclassmen mentoring the lowerclassmen? This is how teams are built and dynasty’s begin!
    DB High as a whole needs to get more involvement and support from the parents and not less. They can’t even get volunteers to help out and open the snack shack. Look it’s up the Coach and the Athletic Department to get things going if they want a successful program. Demand involvement from the students and parents. DB has a wealth of Baseball talent. Don’t let it go to waste!

  • TGee

    Everybody know being a coach is tuff and everybody knows it’s even tougher when the entire program only has one field to practice on due to construction at DB. What a perfect opportunity to take control of the entire program as a Head Coach. Taking charge and holding your staff accountable looking at what you have and don’t have to work with all inside the same fence at the same time. Kinda like a college team practices. With the first team, practice team-jv and the little guys-frosh. All working together like a TEAM. Not to hard to figure out since coach played at the college level and has an education. What DB needs is Their coach to coach the basics and coach the way he was coached. I’m sure when coach played he was taught to hustle rather than walk or trotted to his position, Or take a few steps towards 1st base on a pop up or a ground ball, i’m sure he was not on the bench not paying attention to the game. I’m also sure his coach was not letting his administration defend him but defending himself. I’m sure coach was respected because of the way he coached. Time to sack up coach.

  • not a DB parent

    TGEE, It would be almost impossible I know, but if the parents would just sit in the stands cheer the boys on and be parents, stop telling little Johnny that he is a stud and deserving, instead tell him it will be tough and that he will have to hustle and work off the clock. STOP CODDLING YOUR PRECIOUS BABY, teach him how to work for something he’ll appreciate himself alot more, and get off the coaches jock and let him coach SHEEESH!

    PS. Hustling is instilled in LL where the parents coached, don’t blame it on the High school coach.

  • You said it

    Finally someone said it. Also if a person is having so much trouble with the coach, he seems way approachable, set up a meeting with him and act like an adult.

  • Davies give it a rest!

    Every comment defending Shibley is Davies (Dbar’s AD) this isn’t about little Johnny who’s parents think he’s a stud, Kenny Mathews is a STUD! Mathews and Munoz didn’t flouish under the leadership of Shibley. Shibley can’t connect with his players the players have zero respect for him. Just because he played doesn’t make for a great coach prove is in the pudding with Shib. Diamond Bar baseball needs a new skipper!nice try Davies!

  • Hold Yourself Accountable

    Not Davies

  • I Agree

    I am not Davies either, I am not on the Coaching Staff, I am an observer of the team. Some People just don’t get it, it is hard to get a Coach to stay long at a school these days because parents put so much on the Coaches shoulders, Looks Like DB has a Coach that has a Love for the Game and Just expects the best out of his players (Can you believe that), it is not all of the Coaches responsibility to get people involved. They have enough on their plate with little help. Instead of some parents complaining on the blogs or to others, jump in and see where you can help and what you can do to SUPPORT the team and the Coach. For some reason some of these kids think they can have a bad attitude, be disrespectable to the Coaching staff, not go out of their way to be a mature team leader and expect to be constantly cheered too. I saw the game the other day and watched a main player pout and throw a temper tantrum after the game, he went and set by himself while the coach was speaking to the whole team, I see some of these kids throwing their helmets when they are mad after a play, many negative comments coming from the dugout , calling their own plays and not listening to the coach. WOW….again this is not all on this coaches shoulders. Team spirit, ask where and when you can, stop complaining be supportive of your school and team/Coach

  • DBAR fan too

    First I thought this was a Northview blog, what happened?

    SHAME ON ALL THE DB’S POSTERS THAT USED NAMES OF KIDS AND THEIR ERRORS. Most likely the other kids do not get the chances because of parent crying or poor attitude of the player themselves in practice and games.

    Sounds like big problems at DB.

    Second, if I saw my kid not hustle, throw a helmet, disrespect the game, and cry a river, well it would be old school time. Great job of raising an athlete.

    To those that actually believe that DBar should have taken league you are clueless. This Bonita team is going to win CIF and if they do not well blame the coach for choking. And wait til next year. They may be even better pitching wise.

    GET RID OF THIS STUPID SCHEDULE AMD MAKE THE TEAMS PLAY 3 GAMES WITH home and away. Bonita was able to choose who they pitched and when. Some teams faced their ace 2 times. CRAZY.

    Stop keeping kids/parents that donate money and keep the ones that can contribute. Cut the seniors that will never play. Keeping em around never works, just creates a cancer.

  • Not a DB parent

    Throwing helmets? My kid would be yanked from the game by me! To late for the parent to parent so lets blame the Coach. My guess is that if Shib yanked every player for having fits he wouldn’t have a team to field. Then the parents would blame the Coach for not teaching his players what the parents should have tought their children along time ago and that is,

    A) Don’t disrespect the game.
    B) Play hard and leave it on the field
    C) you never know is watching
    D) Be a good team mate

    Feel free to add to this post

  • TGee

    A great coach at any level has control and respect of the entire team. Too bad for next years team, DB’s only player is gone and you might loose little johnny and his mom too. One and done DB

  • DB

    DB does not only have one player on the team TGEE, this type of thinking could be one of the problems.
    A great team has no individual bigger than the team. A great team consists of people who are interested in the same goal and are willing to put forth the SAME amount of effort to see the goal obtained. A great TEAM sets a positive example for others to follow.
    I feel as though they may have a Cancer within that team, to bad.