Pretty Soon, Football’s Back

In a few short weeks, it’s back to football 24-7. We got the go on another fall PrepXtra Football Preview Issue, so the work is about to start, and boy do I need something to do after the Lakers disaster. Any thoughts on the cover or new feature to add is always welcome, just be realistic, personal bio’s on every player is not happening. We’ve got the Inland Insider Tom Kiss and your Coveritlive correspondent Mike “The Cousin,” ready to go. When all the schedules are available, I’ll post the week by week area schedule, but let’s start here: What’s the biggest Week 0 game, Glendora and the debut of coach Todd Quinsey at Charter Oak or West Covina vs. Covina, which might finally explain if West Covina’s lone loss to the Colts was a fluke or not? Or the Smudge Pot, as someone pointed out. Thanks to the scheduling Gods, we don’t have to choose. Bonita-San Dimas is on Thursday, Glendora-Charter Oak on Friday, and West Covina vs. Covina on a stage by itself on Saturday night at the District. Now how’s that for starting 2011?

From everything I’m hearing, West Covina should be better in 2011. Not Bishop Amat good, but good. Thank goodness Tom Kiss covered last year’s championship, great having video of one of the best finals in SGV history.

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  • Dog Town

    It’s Bulldog time again.Good luck to coach magg.staff and all the players.

  • BIG D

    Cover should be year of the running back!

  • And…

    Bonita vs San Dimas on Thursday @ Citrus College!

  • reality

    How about a bloggers page. Invite a few selected bloggers to write about what to look for in the new season and their predictions. Also they may want to share any inside dope they may have and rattle a few cages. It would also stimulate activity for your blogs.

  • SaintsR4real



  • 12th man

    Bohi vs WestCo will go down as one of the best CIF Championships the SGV has had in a really long time!~ Also I agree with Big D..This will be the year of the Running Back~ Fred should try covering all area running backs & there work ethics just so we can watch them as they get stronger each week…

  • player


    I personally think your cover should be of the top prospects in the valley sent or nominated by head coaches.
    I can say Joe Blow is a top D1 prospect D-line guy at 5’8″ 200lbs.

    Let’s show off what we have and take individual or one large group photo of the top kids in our area.

  • front cover

    I believe the front cover should just be all logos of every high school in the SGV try something new and I think it would look pretty nice

  • Colt74

    I vote for front cover of all the area coaches titled ” ALL THE KINGS MEN! ”

    Had a good 3 minute gut buster on how a game a year apart proves a fluke or not. I guess now every time 2 tams play again it will prove the last loss was a fluke. So, if Bonita beats WC this year last seasons championship must have been a fluke too? Come on dude…cut down on the Sriracha!
    It’s warping your reality…..

  • Bulldogs have bite

    The cover should be the CIF Championship plaque. With the phrase “catch me if you can” written under it.

  • Football Fan

    I agree with the below post that the cover should represent all the teams in the valley. Have the coaches pick one kid from their team to represent their school for the photo. This newspaper does represent all the teams in the area correct? Then that should show on the cover!!! I am an Amat fan, but it should represent all teams.

    All in agreement say yes!!!

  • Dan

    Nice of you to put the championship game video up here Fred, love the camera shots of the crowds going crazy after each team would score. The final shot of the People behind the endzone along with the rest of the West Covina crowd going ballistic after George Johnsons winning TD was epic. I agree with 12th man, this certainly ranks up there as one of the best highschool championship games that the SGV has had in a long time.

  • FredJ

    Great thought, but we could never get everyone on the cover ..

  • Joe Amat


    Think about the Sports illustrated March Madness covers They get a photo of a player or coach from each of the schools. That would be kinda cool (… and help “keep the peace. LOL)

  • GameDayatUSC

    How about a “Ring” tied up on a STRING/ROPE like a pinata, with about 6-8 guys wearing their respective jerseys reaching up with their hands. Caption below will say,


  • ???

    Let’s make it the season that Fred reports on all teams not Amat then everyone else. Shocking to me that Fred puts Amat’s bag lady as the lead to this story. Their really is more football in the SGV than Amat. We had to CIF titles last season, and Amat wasn’t one of them, a matter fact not even close.

    Trust me Fred is going to find a way to put AMAT on the cover.

  • FredJ

    Man, the things people find “shocking” these days, you’re watching too much Nancy Grace .. What’s the video at the bottom, is that not West Covina and Bonita’s championship highlights … We manage to cover all the top teams quite well, and Amat the most because of tradition, readership, crowds, and they’ve got a pretty darn good team too …

  • Real talk

    First we all know that Amat is in the toughest league in sgv. Second Amat has a great following. Third we all know that Amat is the big dog of the the sgv. We want to see and read about the best then the rest. That would be like putting the Clippers in the L.A times all the time instead of the Lakers.

  • geterdone

    Cover = A helmet collage of every 11-man HS team in the SGV. Laid out in the shape of the SGV borders, with each team placed in their respective position in said area.

  • jcaz

    Ok, it’s almost football season right ? That means three things here:

    1. That I have to start getting warmed up and begin getting folks accross the valley ticked off at me once again with my “outrageous comments” and….
    2. pizz off 73 once or twice again this season (just for schitz and giggles of course) and of naturally….
    3. Get my jokes ready !

    With that in mind, here’s goes my opening salvo !

    Nonsense was sitting at the bar in the Pub one day staring at his drink when a large, hairy, trouble-making biker stepped up next to him, grabbed his drink and gulped it down in one swig.

    “Well, whatcha’ gonna do about it?” he said to nonsense ?

    Immediately, nonsense burst into tears.

    “Come on, man,” the biker says, “I didn’t think you’d CRY. I can`t stand to see a man crying.”

    “This is the worst day of my life,” Nonsense said. “I’m a complete failure.”

    Number one, I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me. Then when I went to the parking lot, I found my car had been stolen. To make it worse, I didn’t even have any car insurance.

    On my way home, I left my wallet in the cab, then when I got home, I found my wife in bed with another man.

    “So I came to this Pub to work up the courage to put an end to it all.

    I bought myself a drink, I dropped in a packet of Rat poison, and was sitting here watching the poison slowly dissolve into the glass, then you, you miserable piece of poop, show up and drink the whole thing!

    But enough about me, how’s your day going?”

  • 12th man

    Amat football needs to take a script from the baseball team & start competing among the best in some 7 on 7 tourneys…Hats off to South Hills who are up to the challenge on July 9th they will go up against the Southern Section elite programs such as Edison, Long Beach Poly, Corona Centennial, Westlake Village Oaks Christian, Westlake Village Westlake, Santa Ana Mater Dei, Tesoro, Valencia, Bellflower St. John Bosco all taking place at Charger Stadium(Huntington Beach Edison)

  • Dan

    That might of been your best one yet JCaz, funny!

  • Play Da Game

    12th Man – I didn’t know the baseball teams were in any over-the-line tourneys? That’s about the equivalent

  • jcaz

    Dan, more to come. Stay tuned 🙂

  • BIG D

    You have to be invited to that tourney! South hills has won that tourney several times! What other school can say they have beat mater dei,edison,la habra,hart,mission vejo,valencia,los alamitos, oceanside what other school in the valley can say that! cany you say winning!

  • Pac5

    Big D, Bishop Amat can say they have, only they do it on Friday nights, not in the summer

  • BIG D

    My bad pac5! Oh yeah I forgot Bishop and charter oak do it with SH player’s on friday! LMAO!

  • BIG D

    my bad pac5! oh yeah I forgot bishop and charter oak do it with South Hills player’s! I cant wait to see your blogging when servite takes you guys out like the navy seal team took out osama! 🙂

  • BIG D

    Bishop is in the pac5 but really bishop is a pac lie! LMAO oh yeah adn D4 in baseball is a joke at least agree with me with that are hear alumni say this! if dont agree you must be the guru!

  • BIG D

    Bishop is in the pac5 but Bishop is a pac lie! Oh yeah D4 in baseball? thats in embarrasing at least thats what I hear from former player’s! I f you dont agree with me on this one then you must be the guru! LMAO

  • BIG D

    pac5 call me Homer Simpson cause I just doped you!

  • NotSince1995

    My early predictions…
    West Covina will have another great year, but Bonita will take them down in the end. Very difficult to repeat in this environment. Just ask the BishopNation…Oh, wait…my bad…their kids have never even seen a championship game! Sorry my bad…
    Charter Oak and South Hills will rise and compete in the Inland Division. San Dimas and Monrovia will again be at the top in their class.
    LaPuente, Duarte, Bassett, Workman, aaannnnd your Pac5 1st round BishopNation Losers (errr Lancers) will once again Participate in their respective divisions. No CIF Ring for you…Turn out the lights the party’s over…And it’s only May…!
    JCAZ, (aka “maid’s child”), Arnold Schwarzenegger called. He said you and your mom can come back in the house. Maria and your brothers have moved out…! Hah!
    Have a nice day, SGV!

    BishopNation, Its raining again and you’re all wet…

  • Reality

    Amatfansince1995 it has become apparent by your fixation with the Bishop Amat Nation (errr family. Is that how you do it?) that you are in reality a Bishop Nation Backer who is merely trying to spur his team on with reverse psychology. Thanks for keeping us fresh in the minds of ALL….

    To the Bishop Amat Nation #1 Fan – notsince1995 a rousing, hip, hip hurray!

  • Real talk

    I must be missing where all this Amat hating comes from. Why do any of the sgv football teams think they can talk when Amat puts them on the schedule and beats them? Get over it people no teams in sgv can beat Amat. You have to hope other teams like Servite beat them. The point is Amat is playing Servite and any other team worth mentioning. The other teams from sgv play a bunch of teams that can’t even compete with the teams that Amat plays. They talk about there championships like if they won a PAC 5 championship. Come on people that’s like being proud coming in second place good but not good enough. Wait till one of you can beat Amat to talk. Smh
    @big d***

  • NotSince1995

    Hey, what’s Nipsy Russel doing wearing a BishopNation Jersey…? Why is he so angry and fisting the team…

    Real Talk needs a hug from his love child brother JCAZ Schwarzenegger…
    Real Talk, you need to win a CIF Championship Ring before you can “reeelee” talk…Otherwise you are just another Pac5 participant like LB Milikan, SO Notre Dame or Loyola…
    The Serra League is a weak League and you still won’t be able to win it…That’s Right! I said it! That’s Right!
    Now go back to your Bakerfield house and have your mom (err Pati Baena) feed you Schnitzels con huevos…
    It’s another raineee day, BishopNation. And you’re all wet…In May…
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Blog Police

    Klanmembersince1995- Nipsy Russell??? Wow, aren’t you hilarious? I wonder if you would make that comment in person while standing in front of her at an Amat game or anywhere else for that matter? What a racisit scumbag. As noted on another thread, “you are couldn’t keep away from the “Schnitzels con huevos…” joke huh? For the life of me I don’t know why Fred continues to let you post? You bring nothing to the table. You are a tasteless racist antagonist with absolutely ZERO sports knowledge. Hopefully the clock is ticking on your IP Address.” You are a waste of Blog space.

  • Real talk

    @notsince1995 what I’m trying to get across is none of the teams in sgv but Amat can even be a participant in PAC 5. If Amat was to go down in div none of the sgv teams would even know what a championship is . Till a sgv team or the team you played for can beat Amat it’s a BIG DEUCES for you people drinking that big glass of haterade with your peanutbutter and jelly. Jeff, Chad, or what ever your name is.

  • BIG D

    I would’nt say I’m hating, I’m just tiered of bishop not taking care of business trust i root for you guy’s but first round exit’s are not good! It’s like talking to a raider fan and saying we are the best when they have not won a superbowl in recent decades! Sgv teams dont play the schedule like bishop but at least they take care of business and win out! Bishop your bark dont match the bite! Maybe if your staff can suit up you can win it! I’m rooting for you guy’s!

  • just sayin’

    the reality is in Amat’s worst year ever in 2007 they still beat the Division 3 Champion and Rancho Cucamonga who destroyed West Covina that year and did not lose a game the next year

  • Real talk

    @big d I respect that. I feel the same way. The new age Amat players need to know what it is truly about wearing that A on that helmet they are putting on. It is about winning all the time not just when you are at home,all the time. Amat from what I see is always beating themselves. They really need to work on the mental strength it takes to win a PAC 5 championship.

  • Lance Bishop

    BigD I was feelin your post up until the end. It almost appeared that you got it…then you came out with, “at least local teams win out” and “your bark don’t match the bite”? I don’t get how you could go wrong so fast? OF COURSE the locals win out, because the competition isn’t at the same level! Not even trying to get into the whole, comp level debate either. If you know football, you know what I’m saying. Like the previous guy said, If Amat dropped to a local division level I think “winning out” wouldn’t be hard for them (Amat) either?

  • just askin’

    How would Amat do in the playoffs vs:
    Bell Gardens
    Crescenta Valley
    Diamond Ranch

    West Covina
    Diamond Ranch

    would they “win out”?

  • AMAT 73

    big d , notsince, and others,
    What would you like for AMAT to do, drop out of the PAC-5 and move down to D-2 or D-3 and really make your lives miserable . Can’t understand your fight . You cry and hate because we haven’t won a PAC-5 title since 95 but on the other hand biatch and moan because we schedule either D-2 or D-3 teams for pre league you guys see as weak in your eyes. Which is it ?
    You know notsince’s posts to AMAT fans is all fine and the references to Latinos are a bit edgy at times but that Nipsey Russell comment should have never made it on to the blog. Man up and do what you should be doing and delete his posts of that nature. Garnering hits is one thing but to lose your credibility because of him and his racists posts that you allow thru speaks volumes on your view of posts of that nature .