With baseball, softball pairings Monday, the two matchups I want most are …

For baseball this is too easy, I can’t think of anything better than third-place Northview drawing Bishop Amat in the first round of the Division 4 playoffs. Wouldn’t that bring back memories from 2009? Nieto vs. Murphy round II. In softball, I’m not sure Bishop Amat would want it, but what if the Lancers drew St. Lucy’s, third from the Sierra League in the first round of Division 3. I’d love to see St. Luyc’s lefty Danielle O’Toole against the seeded Lancers.

Final CIF Polls:
Division 2
: 1. Trabuco Hills, 2. Cypress, 3. Chaminade, 4. Arcadia, 5. Crescenta Valley, 6. Redlands, 7. Santa Barbara, 8. Harvard Westlake, 9. Glendora, 10. Pacifica …Others, Chino Hills, South Hills.
Division 3: 1. Bonita, 2. Quartz Hill, 3. Alhambra, 4. Beckman, 5. Colton, 6. Paramount, 7. Temescal Canyon, 8. San Gorgonio, 9. Gahr, 10. Los Altos.
Division 4: 1. Palm Desert, 2. Bishop Amat, 3. Torrance, 4. Laguna Beach, 5. Oaks Christian, 6. Indio, 7. San Dimas, 8. La Quinta, 9. Sonora, 10. Colony.

Division 2
: 1. Don Lugo, 2. Bonita, 3. Laguna Hills, 4. Chino, 5. Valley View, 6. Colton, 7. Adolfo Carillo, 8. Arlington, 9. Oxnard, 10. Lakewood.
Division 3: 1. Oaks Christian, 2. Bishop Amat, 3. Warren, 4. Chino Hills, 5. South Hills, 6. Downey, 7. Highland, 8. Knight, 9. Burroughs, 10. Crescenta Valley.
Division 5: 1. La Canada, 2. Beaumont, 3. Savanna, 4. Duarte, 5. San Marino, 6. Marlborough, 7. Schurr, 8. Katella, 9. Keppel, 10. Calvary Chapel.

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  • Scott Fisch

    Great thought Fred. St. Lucy’s at Bishop Amat round 1. The problem is it can’t happen. St. Lucy’s is the third place finisher from the Sierra League and must be placed on the same side of the bracket as Chino Hills, the number one finisher from the Sierra League. Chino Hills will be seeded fourth overall, meaning they must be placed on the same side of the bracket as Oaks Christian. Bishop Amat is the number two seed in D3 and, therefore will be placed opposite St. Lucy’s. I agree with you that I don’t think Amat would want St. Lucy’s in the first round.

  • FredJ

    Scott, that’s only if the polls hold true for the top four seeds .. not always a slam dunk

  • Scott Fisch

    Fred, I am on the seeding committee. I will hold true.

  • FredJ

    Love it, inside info…

  • no

    Fred, northview is not as legitimate as you think. Get over it. They’re not who they were in 2008.

  • Steve Ramirez

    No: Stranger things have happened. I can remember covering Diamond Ranch in 2008, watching the Panthers get whacked by Charter Oak with about a month to go in the regular season, losing by the 10-run rule. There was no way, I thought, they could make a run. But they got it together and advanced to the finals. The beauty of a one-and-done tournament.

  • Observer

    Oh my goodness.
    Bishop Amat is still in Div. 4 for baseball.
    The Lancer girls softball team is Div. 3 for Pete’s sake.
    Nothing like wanting to win really bad.
    Good luck Amat. Hope you win.
    Like they say, if you’re not cheating you’re not trying. LOL

  • just sayin’

    Observer – get a clue before you post and sound like a fool. Teams don’t go into divisions – leagues do. Schools are then tied to where the rest of the league can compete – as well as where they can compete. CIF determines where the league fits and puts them all there

  • Lance Bishop

    Observer –
    Oh MY goodness!!!
    Don’t look now but…… your IGNORANCE is showing!

  • AMAT 73

    Kind of a missleading name isn’t it . Some observer , if you would come out of your rat hole every once in a while this would not be news to your dumb azz.

  • baseball

    Dont worry. Amat got beat by someone last year. Amat should be winning that division every year!

  • JerryWest44

    I would just like to see Murphy vs. Nieto in the Octagon. Set it up.

  • baller


    after talking to some of the girls, Amat don’t care who they face, They are not scared of any team. When Amat is running on all cylinders offence will score a ton of runs and on defence they are solid as they come. so bring on who ever they bring on, if they win they win, if they lose they lose. i know it is going to be a good game any way. in the end i belive that Amat will come out on top. good luck to all that are in the playoffs.

  • Sumthin fischy in Denmark

    Mr. Fisch…if you logic is Sierra #3 must be placed in same bracket with Sierra# 1 why then is Del Rey #3 in top bracket and Del Rey #1 in bottom? Sounds Fischy to me….just sayin