L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer picks Bonita, Bishop Amat to win CIF baseball championships

Eric Sondheimer writes: Junior pitcher Justin Garza is 11-0 with an ERA of 0.60 for Bonita. He doesn’t walk batters, so the only way to beat him is to hope for errors and be patient. Of Bishop Amat, he wrote: There’s no way Palm Desert and Bishop Amat won’t get to the final, right? Palm Desert has pitcher Brooks Kriske and top hitters, led by Ryan Garvey. Bishop Amat has an abundance of effective no-name pitchers, plus future first-round draft pick Rio Ruiz. But Torrance owns a win over Bishop Amat and has talented infielder Trent Gilbert. … Go check it out, Eric handicaps all the divisions.

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  • kh

    bonita baseball is no surprize my friends,look at the athletes on the team,
    the outfield alone has two football all cif 1st teamers in it,whats that tell you.
    go bearcats

  • BaseballDad

    My kids don’t go to Bonita but I have seen Bonita play and they do have a strong ball club.
    This Garza kid is outstanding. He has a poise that is beyond his years.
    But what people (including this paper) fail to mention when talking about Bonita is they have another pitcher in Murfett who can throw with the best in the Valley. He has an ERA of .067 and is undefeated with a 5-0 record. He beat Arcadia in the championship game of their tournament and won the “Pitcher of the Tournament” award. He beat Bishop Amat on the biggest regular season stage this Valley has to offer and yet when talking about Bonita no one ever mentions this kid.
    I think he’s the x factor in Bonita’s run to the championship. With Garza and Murfett..and then McCreery also in the mix, this team looks poised for a good run.
    Unlike Diamond Bar who has Mathews and Omana, who get a lot of mentions by the way, this Bonita team can support these pitchers with some runs.
    They will be tough to beat
    I know there are other players on other teams who are overlooked, probably too many to mention here. I just thought Brandon has come up big this year and deserves the recognition. And I hope that when post season teams are picked his name is in the mix.

  • NotSince1995

    Sondheimer is just selling papers…They have OLu ranked in their Top 25 with a 13-13-1 record. C’mon Fred…!
    Bonita will definately win their CIF division…
    The lower divisions including D4 are open to all participating…That’s my early predictions…BishopNation, can you say Torrence?
    JCAZ, (aka “maid’s child”), Arnold Schwarzenegger called. He said you and your mom can come back in the house. Maria and your brothers have moved out…! Hah!
    Have a nice day, SGV!

    BishopNation, Its raining again and you’re all wet…

  • bo


    Get a life bozo

  • Stay home

    KH is back? trying to pump his kid again!

    ridiculous dude..

  • Blog Police

    BIGOTsince1995- Here’s a good rule of thumb Klanboy, if you can’t spell it, don’t use it! BTW, I’m positive that Amat fans can say Torrance, Hell I’m also 100% certain that they can even spell it! BAAH,HA, HA, HA!!!

  • kh

    staying home. get a job, get out.
    the cream will always rise to the top.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/tribpreps/2011/05/la-times-sondhe.html#_login Mclovin

    The Things people say on this blog are so amusing . Everytime D.B loses its always the coaches fault BIG Question for today Mathews is ahead 3-0 and they lose how is that on the coach was there any errors? What could the coach have done besides put the team in position to WIN which he did Mathews couldnt finish a big game it has happened all year . Bonita played them twice this year one game was close 2-1 the other a lopsided win mathews pitched both games . Garza got the best of him maybe some players and there parents should take a little heat for this as all they do is complain. Stir the pot and of course Blame the coach!!!! Because it could never be that D.Bar just isnt all that good .

  • kh

    must be a great coaching problem to have when you have four pitchers who could shut out bell gardens.
    go bearcats

  • NotSince1995

    “Blart” the Blog-Rent-a-Cop needs a hug from his love child brother JCAZ Schwarzenegger…
    Hey, Menso, stick to the topic and respond to the fact that “Torrance” and Palm De”zz”ert are gonna smoke you before you ever get a chance to smell a CIF ring…
    Division 4 is a weak division and you still won’t be able to win it…That’s Right! I said it! That’s Right!
    Now go back to your Bakerfield house and have your mom (err Pati Beana) feed you Schnitzels con huevos…
    It’s another raineee day, BishopNation. And you’re all wet…

  • Bo knows “NotSince1995” is a loser!

    Seriously dude, get a life. It’s just hs basbeall. Quit being bitter because #1)you were never good at anything, and #2) you get a little jimmy by trying to put other people down. I’m confident BA can win CIF, but even if they don’t you’ll still be scumbag who is nothing but a blog banger. Heres to you “95”, that someday you can move out of your mother’s basement, and get a life. Leave the teenagers alone and get a life.

    And to Fred…Have you ever heard of filtering??? Or do you just like to start drama? I’m sorry man but I think the only blog you should be covering is soccer, but even that’s a long shot. I just think it’s not cool when you get old losers and scumbags here talking nonsense. It’s pathetic and annoying.

  • Blog Police

    Klanmembersince1995- Both Torrance and Palm Desert are very good teams and I’m sure either way it will be a good game with Bisop Amat but I don’t believe they were “smoked” by either team? The only thing “smoked” is the empty space between your ears. Maybe you should read the past scores? Either way I don’t think Amat fans need your concern. Thanks for keeping it real though, the true bigot racisit that you are couldn’t keep away from the “Schnitzels con huevos…” joke huh? For the life of me I don’t know why Fred continues to let you post? You bring nothing to the table. You are a tasteless racist antagonist with absolutely ZERO sports knowledge. Hopefully the clock is ticking on your IP Address.

  • Track Fan

    hey not since95 your messed up dude these are just high school kids theyre just playing for fun and cause they love the game not for creeps like you who like to criticize teenagers on a sports blog cause well thats all you have going for you, you really do need to get a life , and division isnt a weak division and im pretty sure everyone predicts bonita to win….