Sprinting to the finish line, McClain, Lee, Price and Salcido making this year memorable

If you’re not excited about high school track, you never will be. The San Gabriel Valley is known for a lot of things, but producing sprint champions is not one of them. That’s what makes the next couple weeks so exciting. Think of it, if Covina’s Remontay McClain goes on and wins back-to-back state titles in the 100 and 200 meters, he will become the first ever to win back-to-back in both events in consecutive years. Think about that. In the history of California, which has produced some of the best sprinters in history, it’s never been done? This is some great history he’s chasing. Hallowed history. And who would have thought one of the guys who could upset him is in our backyard too, West Covina’s Beejay Lee. It’s unbelievable, and why there is no way I’m missing the CIF track finals on Saturday at Cerritos College. McClain and Lee should win their respective divisions, then will square off next week in the Masters, and if they continue, in state. Bishop Amat’s Kylie Price has the state’s leading time in the 100 meters (11.75). Could the SGV actually produce the top boy and girl sprinter in the state? Price also could double. She’s one of the top long jumpers in the state and could get to the state finals in the 200 meters as well. San Dimas’ Katherine Salcido also could advance to the state finals, and could win a CIF title in the 100 hurdles on Saturday. I’m telling you, it’s a great three weeks for track, and it doesn’t happen very often like this, so enjoy the ride.

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  • fan

    Congratulations to Brittney Fulton from Los Altos High school for qualifying to the CIF Div-3 finals in the 100 meters!

  • the pacific

    What about the Mcfadden kid from Muir he taring up the 300m hurdles and he will win c.i.f come saturday. Congrats to the ones you did point out though LETS GO SGV….where the best athletes are

  • Kat Fan

    Good Luck Kat!!! You ARE SDHS Athlete of the Year no matter what the admin decided.

  • Bob Ramsey

    Remontay’s chance to be be the first to double the 100 & 200 in back to back years is huge! Ranking right up there with the annual beginning of Spring Football practice and the MtSac baseball coach’s negotiating practices. [/snark]

    But what’s being missed here is the extraordinary number of ESGV athletes who have advanced to CIF Finals this year in the toughest section in the country. The Southern Section is bigger than all but three states, and unlike our other sports, is only broken up into four divisions.

    Our area has advanced 45 athletes (and 6 relays) from 22 schools for our best showing in memory.

    Here are the ESGV athletes that will be competing on Saturday at Cerritos.

    D1: Beejay Lee (West Covina)
    D2: Andrew Aguirre (Damien) & Brittany Browne (Claremont)
    D3: Remontay McClain (Covina), Kylie Price (Bishop Amat) & Brittany Fulton (Los Altos)
    D4: Amara Berry (Webb)

    D1: Beejay
    D2: Andrew & Mariella McCormack (Claremont)
    D3: Remontay, Kylie, and Kalalah Tood (Northview)
    D4: Amara

    D2: Patrick MacMullen (Damien) & Mariella
    D3: Frederick Higgins (Diamond Ranch)

    D2: Nick Rivera (Rowland)
    D3: Gilbert Mundo (South Hills)

    D2: Anthony Castro (Glendora) & Nick
    D3: Marissa Scott (Bonita)

    D2: Paul Ross (Claremont) & Tom Ebiner (Damien)
    D3: Alan Callison (Northview) & Marissa

    110/100m Hurdles
    D2: Erika Johnson (Rowland)
    D3: Toure McCully (Bonita), Kevin Chiao (Gabrielino), Kat Salcido (San Dimas) & Sharese West (Northview)
    D4: Amara

    300m Hurdles
    D2: Erika
    D3: Andrew Fischer (Diamond Ranch) & Megan Chenoweth (St. Lucy’s)

    4×100 Relay
    D3: Covina (b), Bishop Amat (b&g), & San Dimas (g)

    4×400 Relay
    D2: Claremont(b) & Claremont(g)
    D3: St. Lucy’s

    High Jump
    D3: Kyle Chiu (Covina) & Kat
    D4: Lindsey Weissman (Webb)

    Pole Vault
    D1: Chelsea Ekelem (Walnut) & Taylor Bernhard (West Covina)
    D3: Dierdre Mercado (Covina), Melanie & Melissa Chhem (Rosemead)
    D4: Bailey Stockdale (Webb)

    Long Jump
    D2: Brianna Holmes (Claremont)
    D3: Marquise Cherry (Diamond Ranch), Nathaniel Smith (Bishop Amat), Kylie, Kat & Sarah Barnum (St. Lucy’s)
    D4: Miya Wensley (Webb)

    Triple Jump
    D2: Klyvens Delaunay (Claremont)
    D3: Deven Thompson (Covina)& Sarah

    D3: Tarez Lemmons (Bonita) & Cassie Ramirez (Northview)

    D1: Julian Ambrosine (Diamond Bar)
    D2: Reagan Henderson (Claremont) & Ivy Nunez (Arroyo)
    D3: Franceline Almanza (Bishop Amat)

  • Track Fan

    bob ramsey is right this is wayy bigger than half the stuff posted on here considering breaking news is some no name coach might go coach football a high school or the possible schedule for bishop amat football next year and some baseball team losing, if you want to run a sports blog you cant be bias to one sport or 2, these track athletes deserve just as much or more credit for what they do compared to most of the stuff you post on here

  • Fred Robledo

    Track Fan, what is way bigger than half the stuff we post? You mean in regards to football and baseball? Those sports have a far bigger readership and following than track, it’s not playing favorites, it’s catering to our audience. Look at UCLA and USC for example, what sports are written about most in mainstream media, football and basketball by a landslide. Are you saying media should cover track, women’s volleyball, men and women’s soccer equally, and other collegiate sports equally? It’s just not practical, but with the staff we have, we try to cover as much track and swimming as we can late in the season when it matters most. In term sof who we write about, sometimes it’s not about mentioning every kid, but focusing on the angle that draws readers in, like a kid trying to double in the 100 and 200 for the first time in history. We could mention a guy who finished fifth in the pole vault or sixth in the 1,600, but the story is the guy chasing history.

  • Track Fan

    im sorry if i came off as a complainer fred i just feel like the other sports such as track, swimming, tennis, water polo, cross country etc deserve more recognition and i agree with you that the majority of the people on here just care for football basketball and baseball and dont get me wrong i enjoy reading about them too but if you try to include more info bout those sports you could appeal to a much wider audience because track and field in my opinion is the fastest growing sport. but you do a very good job with this blog fred it is truly the best prep sports blog on the web, i just hate that alot of those sports dont get the coverage they deserve thats all

  • Track Fan

    oh and just as bob ramsey showed there are a large amount of athletes whose accomplishment in their sport are much greater than those of the football and basketball teams in the same area and that seems pretty significant

  • SaintsR4real

    To San Dimas’ Best Athlete of the Year:


    Good Luck to all of SGV in Cerritos and rest of year.

  • SaintsR4real

    To San Dimas’ Best Athlete of the Year:


    Good Luck to all of SGV in Cerritos and rest of year.

  • SGV

    This weekend is the comunity college state meet and there is a former La Puente athlete competeing in it in the 100 and 200 meters and he is Jacoby Nguyen and hes from mt sac. He is the number 2 runner in the state in the 100 and number 3 or 4 in the 200 meters

  • Anon

    Kat Fan,

    Kat could have been SDHS Athlete of the Year, but McKee (Shannon) should also be mentioned. She focused on soccer this track season but plays two varsity sports and was recruited by and received offers from D1 schools for both sports. Captained the Saints’ CIF Finalist soccer team this spring. Will play soccer at Cal-Berkeley in the fall. Runs the anchor on the Saints CIF Finalist 4x100m relay.

    Rachel Jones was another strong candidate.

    Having said that, go Kat go! Go get ’em at Finals, Masters, and State!

  • amat fan

    Best of Luck to all Amat athletes in the CIF D3 Track Championships:

    Boys 4×100 Relay-Nathan Smith, Nick Gutierrez, Darren Andrews and Kiyoshi Johnson

    Girls 4×100 Relay-Iliana Velasquez, Megan Taylor, Madison Herrera and Kylie Price

    Nathan-Long Jump
    Kylie-100,200,Long Jump

    Go Lancers! Amat will shine!!

  • Jackboy

    Great picture; that guy in orange is yawning!

  • runner

    Fred and Jackboy…what a put down to all the hundreds and thousands of hard working young men and women who work very hard at their track and field events! It may not be the most popular spectator sport but more high school kids participate in track and field than any other high school sport! Congratulations to all the young men and women who made it this far and Good Luck tomorrow!

  • Jackboy

    I ran track in high school 9.6 hundred yard dash. I know how hard I worked. It has nothing to do with an official caught yawning; you Bozo! Grow up and become a man or woman!
    If you cant see the humor in that picture you will never make it in life šŸ™

  • Blade Runner

    Three laps to go, then can I go take a nap?