SEMIFINALS: South Hills routs Amat in stunning fashion, 16-1; Amat baseball rallies, wins 5-4 with run in the seventh; No. 1 Bonita falls 8-2 to Beckman; Chino Hills, South El Monte, Arroyo lose

South Hills’ Sweet 16: The South Hills High School softball team overwhelmed second-seeded Bishop Amat in stunning fashion with a hitting display that went on and on and finally ended with a 16-1 win in Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division 3 semifinal.
Visiting South Hills sent at least seven batters to the plate in six of the seven innings to advance to the championship for the second season in a row. The Huskies will face top-seeded Oaks Christian, a 2-1 winner over Chino Hills, on Friday or Saturday at Deanna Manning Stadium in Irvine.
Unseeded South Hills (21-7) lost in last year’s Division 5 championship to top-seeded Whittier Christian, 4-0, and Tuesday played like a team that has unfinished business.
“We’ll take on No. 1 until we get it right,” Huskies coach Scott Fisch said.

Amat’s Comeback Kids: There’s nothing quite like sweet revenge, especially when it comes in the CIF-Southern Section playoffs against a team that gave you heartache the season before.
The Bishop Amat High School baseball team knows the feeling.
Andrew Gutierrez’s RBI single scored Rio Ruiz in the bottom of the seventh inning and the Lancers rallied from four runs down to score a 5-4 victory over Torrance in Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division 4 semifinal at USC’s Dedeaux Field.
The No. 2-seeded Lancers, who dropped a 7-3 setback to the Tartars last season, improved to 28-4 and will face top-seeded Palm Desert, a 2-1 winner over Oaks Christian, for the division championship at Dodger Stadium on Friday at 4:30 p.m. It’s Bishop Amat’s first trip to a division final since 2008 and first visit to Dodger Stadium since winning the Division IV crown in 2001.

CIF-Southern Section Semifinals
Tuesday’s Results
Division 3

Beckman 8, Bonita 2
Woodbridge at Culver City, 3 p.m.
Championship: Thursday, Dodger Stadium, 4:30 p.m.
Division 4
Palm Desert 2, Oaks Christian 1
Bishop Amat, Torrance 4
Championship: Friday, Dodger Stadium, 4:30 p.m.

Division 3

Oaks Christian 2, Chino Hills 1
South Hills 16, Bishop Amat 1
Division 5
La Canada 6, South El Monte 2
Beaumont 4, Arroyo 0
Championships: Friday and Saturday at Deanna Manning Stadium, Irvine, TBA

No. 1 Bonita falls: Well, whatever Irvine Beckman did to get ready for visiting Bonita and senior Adam McCreery worked as the Patriots battered McCreery en route to an 8-2 victory in Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division 3 baseball semifinals.

Beaumont shuts out Arroyo: Neal hit another home run in the sixth inning and the Cougars scored a 4-0 victory in a CIF-Southern Section Division 5 semifinal game Tuesday.

Goodbye South: The Spartans’ bats then snapped everyone back to reality and did the needed damage for a 6-2 victory over the visiting Eagles.

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  • Fred Robledo

    I got word from someone in the know that Adam McCreery is starting for Bonita today..

  • baller

    Good Luck to all.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Yes A-Mac is on te hill today. Good luck to all the SGV teams today.

  • DHS

    Good luck to the Bearcats and Lancers.

  • 12th man

    Amat may have bitten off more then they can chew~..They have yet to beat Torrance this year & it was the same team who knocked them out of the playoffs last year in the semifinals…Torance is the only team in over 7 years to score 13 runs on the Lancers & they have a good solid squad..some are calling this the finals in div.4 but the reality of it is that any of the 4 teams left could win it all..Good luck Lancers your going to need it~

  • just sayin’

    Amat avenged the Esperanza loss- let’s see if they do it against Torrance and then possibly Palm Desert. No reason it can’t happen

  • not fit for baseball, many women

  • 12th man

    Shouldnt Bonita be ranked somewhere in the top 10 in the state since Edison & Mater Dei both lost?

  • Witness

    @12th man, Last year is exactly that..last year.
    No doubt that Torrance is a good team and they up their game when they beat Amat earlier this year, but Amat is ready to pay back Torrance.
    Go big Blue!
    Good luck BoHi..your gonna need it.

  • Colt74

    Amat will beat Torrance today 7-5. The tea leaves have predicted it….

  • Tommy Lasorda

    2-0 Beckman in 2nd.

  • Right Said Fred

    In softball I think the really good teams will show their power and the ones that got by on an easy draw will show how easy a draw they got (Bishop Amat)

  • the truth

    thanks keep bonita updates coming tommy L.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Bonita bounces back! 2-2 in the 3rd.

  • the truth

    keep bonita updates coming tommy L

  • Tommy Lasorda

    6-2 Beckman


    Bishop Amat girls getting hammered by SHHS girls powerful hitting!

    11-1 in the 5th

  • game over

    Beckman 8 Bonita 2

  • undertheradar

    A big welcome to the fish bowl Bishop Amat! 16-1 can anybody say overrated.

  • Sierra League Rules!

    Now you see why Jesse(Amat) didn’t want to play any local teams. Sierra League had tough teams top to bottom. Even Claremont which came in last place in the Sierra League put up a better fight.

  • TGee

    Good run Bo. Who pitched?

  • Not OC teams haha

    Chino Hills lost a tough one to Oaks Christian 2-1. Way to represent Sierra League! Our league’s teams made it to Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals and Finals!

  • Bonita

    8-2!!! Who the heck pitched. They haven’t given up 8 runs since Arcadia tournament.

  • bubble burst

    Amat would not survive the Sierra League. SL is probably the 3rd to 4th best pitcher in the league, and she kept amat to 1 run. Amat, welcome to the real world.

  • 12th man

    Amat Softball got a wake up call & a Hitting clinic put up by South Hills..This game was over in the first 5 min. of the game..
    (Murphy’s Law)What can go wrong..Will go wrong..Amat started the game with an error to the lead off hitter & it was all down hill from then on..The Huskies were able to put up 5 runs & knocking out starting pitcher Natalie Sanchez in the 1st inning..Amat used 3 more pitchers & brought back Natalie who gave up 6 more runs in the 6th & 7th inning..The Huskies simply Out Coached, Out Pitched, Out Fielded & Out Hit the Lancers for seven complete innings..It was agonizing to watch the game as South Hills kept going yard on Amat pitchers..What a performance by the Huskies hats off to the entire team especially the pitcher who gave up just one earned run & had 2 bombs to center field to go along with her complete domination of CIF Softball the way it should be played..I kept waiting for coach Jessie to put in Freshman Brittany Casini to offset the hard hitting SH team & it never happened..Anytime you come accross a good hitting team thats all over your fastball on your best pitcher its time to offset them with a slower speed & someone who throws alot of junk..Better luck next year Lancers… Huskies bring home the Championship for the SGV

  • Regent Gary

    Almost an all Sierra League final just like Volleyball. Too bad Chino Hills lost a tough one.Amat would be a 4th place team in the Sierra(maybe?)

  • 12th man

    Witness Said:

    Thats wishful thinking!! Sometimes teams just have your number & you cant get over that hump~ I make my opinions based on numbers, stats, & performance & they all seem to favor Torrance..Amat will probbably struggle on offense today lets hope im wrong~

  • Sports Fan

    Will there possibly be a double whammy for Bishop Amat? Softball gets whooped by South Hills 16-1. Let’s see if the Baseball can make them proud.

  • 12th man

    Amat making a comeback its 4-3

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Amat wins leaving Torrance on the field! Holy crap!!!

  • 12th man

    Amazing Comeback!!~ Good job Boys!!~

  • eastsider

    Good thing Amat won otherwise this board would be full of smack talkers saying how overated they are.notice how when other teams choke no one writes anything.congrats to Amat .that is why double elimination would be good for playoffs,great teams like Bonita would have one more chance.

  • pink rings

    get those pink rings ready.

  • old guy 1

    Congrats South Hills and Bishop Amat, good luck in the Finals, you are what’s left for the SGV. 12th man, got a little ahead of yourself, where do they rank now! The Bearcats are to be commended for an excellent run throughout the year. Garza hats off on an exceptional year and good luck next year.

  • shfan

    FYI: South Hills wasn’t unseeded. They were ranked #5 in the final polls and, according to the bracket, were the #6 seed.

  • the truth

    BOHI FANS what happened?????

    I knew that pitching was going to show its head, but ouch.

    How good is Beckman?????

    Fill us in, pleasee

  • Steve Ramirez

    SHFAN: Technically, they only seed top four, then place the remaining teams in the bracket based on league ranking and what place teams finished in their league. Only in basketball do they seed 1-16

  • The Sierra League

    In the Sierra league, every team beat on each other. South Hills beat Chino Hills a couple of times; Charter Oak beat South Hills a couple of times; St. Lucy’s swept Charter Oak 3 games; Chino Hills swept Lucy’s 3 games; Ayala swept Charter Oak 3 games; South Hills swept Ayala 3 games; St. Lucy’s swept Claremont 3 games; Claremont even beat Ayala and Charter Oak. There was a lot of parity and great pitching in the league. I think that is the reason why the teams from the Sierra did so well in the playoffs.

  • Game Over

    The truth

    MCCreery got ripped! I was standing by two scouts yesterday and all I heard was “he has alot to learn about be a pitcher at the next level” Nothing over 85. Nothing impressive.

    And the bats went cold..

    The best team won yesterday and that’s baseball.

  • Fred Robledo

    CORRECTION: In today’s paper, the front page picture reads that Taylor Fisch hit a home run when in fact it was Natalie Moran, who wears Fisch’s jersey and number during the games. Even the back of the shirt says Fisch and that’s how it read on the roster, so our photographer didn’t know. Usually we discuss what pictures to use and I would catch something like this, but our photographer rushed straight to the Amat baseball game after at USC and turned all the photos in at once, after I had gone home, so our apologies to Moran.

  • J. Fisch

    Fred–Thanks for correcting that–Natalie Moran did a GREAT job and needs to be recognized for it!! Great Job Girls !!!!

  • Aaron

    Adam McCreery got ripped, idk if everything he threw was under 85 but he had some pitches that’s for sure, but still got ripped. Then Murfett takes over after 2 1/3 and he gets ripped as well. Bats woke up a little in the top of the third when they got two runs in.

    The boys were swinging at and hitting a lot of balls outside of the zone, late in the game being too anxious, kind of felt like the way they were hitting in last year’s championship game.

    As far as Beckman’s bats are concerned…jeeze they were good. Beckman is a serious team, so it’s not like it was that bad of a game. I do think it could have and should have been closer, but Beckman still would have won yesterday the way they were playing.

  • Got exposed

    Would Amat pitching match up to Sierra League pitching?

    Chino Hills? nope – both Chino Hills pitchers better

    South Hills? nope – South Hills pitcher better

    St. Lucy’s? nope – St. Lucy’s pitcher better

    Ayala? maybe – Ayala pitcher maybe a little better

    Charter Oak? nope – Freshman pitcher better

    Claremont? even – BA pitching even with Claremont pitching

    And all Sierra League pitchers, except Claremont’s, are coming back next year.

  • SL fan

    All of the Sierra League teams are young. I think So Hills and Claremont will be losing the most amount of senior starters but I know So Hills has more young talent waiting on jv to fill those voids. It’s going to be even tougher next year with the sophomores getting bigger and stronger with the experience of this year. Watch out!

  • Bishop Amat

    Fred Why is Bishop Not in D*1….we both know if they were in the upper 3 division they would not be in finals. I wish CIF would stop allowing Power house schools to drop down divisions to win titles. Bishop should be playing A tougher schedule. The real baseball community of Southern California knows, bishop is not that good. Now if they are only good enough to play in D4 then they should not be ranked so high in the state. You can’t have it both ways.

  • 12th man

    Does anyone know if shuttle service will be provided from union station to Dodger Stadium???

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to the Lady Huskies on the victory yesterday . They were ready to play no doubt. Now bring the championship home to the SGV.
    To the Lady Lancers , congratulations on a fine season . Although you came up short still a good solid season . Thank you as it was a great season and a strong effort by all the girls.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bishop Amat said, “Fred Why is Bishop Not in D*1….we both know if they were in the upper 3 division they would not be in finals.”
    I don’t know what season you’ve watched, but they played one of the toughest schedules in California, winning arguably the toughest tournament in the country, the National Classic. This, with a hand-picked tough non-league schedule, proves that Amat can play with anyone in California. And though Bonita lost, they can compete with anyone in California too, especially if Garza’s on the hill. People are too wrapped up in divisions, in baseball, the top four divisions all have teams at the top that can beat each other. The difference is the early rounds, where Div 1 and 2’s parity kicks in, there’s no easy games in the wild cards in those divisions.

  • 12th man

    @Bishop Amat said:
    You apparently dont follow baseball..Amat schedule cant be compared to anyone in the SGV or perhaps even anyone in the state.. Playing teams like Cypress,St.Francis,El Capitan,Torrance,Palm Desert,St. Bonnaventure & not to mention Esperanza a team Amat beat who is heading to the D1 finals…

  • khlovestodrinkandgamble

    Just beacause Knott told you to shut up sometime during the season, doesn’t mean that carma didn’t catch up with you kh.
    Your son is a good player, get out of his way.

  • baseball guru


    Your comments are fairly accurate with AMAT. My comments are not intented to take anything away from AMAT’s accomplishments as a program. I do have a slightly different perspective. As we all know SVG baseball is really good overall. We should be proud of the quality of play within our area. AMAT is one of those really good teams. I do think the weaker league play and the first few rounds of playoffs in the lower division give AMAT an edge to make deep runs within the CIF system. The weaker league season allows them to build confidence and depth for the outside play year after year. I watched almost every game of the national classic and I think 5 teams from SGV had the ability to win that tourney. AMAT did it and you must give them credit.

    The point is there is a lot of parity in this area and the difference between winning and losing is very small. Confidence and momentum year after year become huge within a program. For example Glendora rode last years condfidence of a CIF cahmpionship to win the baseline league this year. They had a really weak pitching staff yet their confidence and swagger won the league before the other teams knew what hit them. Damien makes its third straight appearance in the quarters with an avg. team by knocking off Glendora.

    Heck, just take teams like Glendora, Bonita, AMAT, South Hills, Chino hills, Damien, and Arcadia. Throw them in a tourney together and see who wins…. Any one of those teams are capable of coming out on top.

    Yet on the national stage this year the country will see AMAT playing for another CIF title. I respect the AMAT program a ton as it is first class. I just think there are a lot of good teams and first class programs in this area that won’t get quite the hype as AMAT. Their division in baseball allows for that small difference to give them more opportunities to be better than other programs in this area year after year. And most important they do a great job of capitalizing on those opportunities.
    If South Hills played in last years division are they still playing?? It doesn’t mean they would be playing but they would have a better chance without question. Just another perspective…..

  • No respect

    @so called baseball guru, One thing that I’ve learned on these SGV blogs in that Amat gets no respect at all, in any sport. We have a strong schedule and yet fools like you come on here and start with “My comments are not intented to take anything away from AMAT’s accomplishments” to start your blast. I’ve also learned that their is nothing Amat could do to satisfy people like you. Amat could go 33-0 and still you wouldnt give props without the blast.

  • Lance Bishop

    Your opinion is what it is. I think you’re trying to hard personally, but, oh well. Here’s my perspective; You sound like a parent or coach of a team that did not get enough attention from the local “rag” when you were playing. “We” played hard. “We” played good and stuid ol’ Amat always got the ink. Boo Hoo. So, you feel like you must come on here and explain why Bishop Amat does not deserve to get so much “hype” as you call it. There are other teams that…, look at Glendora they…., there is a lot of parity, they got an easy bracket……JUST CONGRATULATE THE LANCERS DUDE! Perpetuate your “Theories” for why all the other teams in the area are just as good but don’t get blah, blah, blah. It really sounds like you’re trying to explain away the fact that Amat is still playing this year? WHY? Maybe we are just Lucky? Is that satisfy your need to belittle our accomplishment? Why can’t you just be happy for us? We got beat by South Hills in softball and we still want them to briong home the Hardware to the SGV. We aren’t down playing their team, schedule, etc, etc. To coin a phrase mr. baseball guru…….”Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
    Let it go.

  • Get Real

    @12th man, you are letting your emotions get the best of you. Coaching had nothing to do with how well SH hit Amat pitching. To say Amat was out coached is redicules. Get a grip. It wouuldn’t have matter who Amat pitched the way SH was hitting. The next time Amat has a posting on the board looking for teams to play, line up your high school team. Find out for yourself instead of judging by one outing. Best of luck to SH in the ship.

  • Fact or Fiction

    I am not sure if its Karma that caught up with KH or a stiff drink but in any case he got what he deserved. KH came on this blog many times ripping players coaches and parents. Stating things as if they were fact when it was clearly an inconsistent opinion due to personality imbalance. He and his cronies will say he never ripped kids but that too is just not factual. The denial is another example of blogging opinion as fact. Well the one thing we know is fact is no football and baseball CIF title for Bonita.

  • Aaron

    Yeah and how many people on here (including myself) have not called out players and coaches…you guys are pathetic.

  • 12th man

    @ get real
    Looks like your letting your emotions get the best of you buddy~ You obviously dont know the game of Softball….Amat definately got outcoached..I believe South Hills got there lead off hitter on in every inning except for one..& every instance they were able to excecute a bunt to move the runner over & eventually score that runner & they did this for 6 innings..The defense was never prepared to play the bunt or get the lead runner they weren’t crashing in on time they weren’t shifting for the slap hitters..As far as the pitching goes in softball you have to be able to hit your corners & have atleast 2 more pitches to go along with it (rise ball, screwball, curve, change up, drop,etc.) 65% of Amat pitches were fastballs out over the middle of the plate..As a coach its your job to find out what each hitter did the 1st time around & make sure they dont see the same pitches especially if there cranking on them & just sitting on the fastball..

  • What?

    Outcoached? So which one of the errors in the first were the coaches mistakes, the one the first baseman dropped that allowed Robles to reach first to leadoff the game, or the fly ball that was dropped in right that allowed her to score. Robles also go on later on another error by the shortstop — all coaching errors right? Give me a break. If Amat makes routine plays in the first, South Hills doesn’t score and it’s a whole different game. But the errors happened and that’s part of the game, but don’t blame coaching….get a clue.

  • What??? WHAT lol

    LOL you’re right if there had been no errors in the first inning the score would have been 11-1…LMAO Still a routing in my book. Please keep the comments coming they are entertaining. Oh and I also agree coaching has nothing to do with this…it’s all talent and the coach is just lucky to have it on his team.

  • eastsider

    give props to Amat,it is very hard to be successful in C.I.F. anybody could have a great game. division 4 was tougher than division 3 this year.palm desert,amat,oaks christian,torrance and laguna beach all had succesful season and where contenders.division 3 was just not that tough this year.with garza pitching bonita would easily beat beckman

  • 12th man

    Bottom line~ They got “OUT COACHED” “OUT PICHED” “OUT HIT” “OUT FIELDED” they lost in every aspect of the game just like i ;posted earlier..You should read all the comments before you make delusional irrelevant comments that have no bare meaning or factual structure to what your saying~ I dont know why im wasting my time trying to explain the game to you..Oh! & by the way errors isnt why they lost lmao!…Trying saying “Going Yard” or perhaps “Shutdown”(pitching)
    Roger That!! Over & Out!! lol..

  • 12th man

    FRIDAY, JUNE 3 2011

    Dodger Stadium is located in the City of Los Angeles, easily accessible from freeways. Exit Stadium Way from the Pasedena freeway. All entries will be at Gate A (Elysian Park) via Stadium Way.

    Cars and buses are instructed to enter Elysian Park (Entrance A). The primary parking lot will be Lot G. There will be no charge for parking.

    $10.00 for Adults
    $5.00 for Students with a valid High School ID
    $5.00 for children under 13.
    Admission is good for both contests
    There are no advance ticket sales.

    Tickets will be on sale at one location only, located in Parking Lot G in the left field entrance.

    The parking lot gates, ticket booths and turnstiles will open at 3:30p.m., with the first game starting at 4:30pm.

    Admission to Dodger Stadium will be at Parking Lot G located in the left field corner. Individuals with passes, ribbons, etc., will also enter here.

    All seating will be confined to the first level (yellow) of the playing field. Bishop Amat will be the visiting team and will use the first base side and one -half of the seating directly behind home plate.

    Non-mechanical megaphones only will be allowed to direct the crowd. No mechanical noisemakers of any type will be permitted. No students other than game personnel will be allowed on the field.

    No one will be permitted with face or body paint.

    There is NO tailgating allowed at Dodger Stadium. Security will be patrolling prior to the contest and they have the power to arrest and/or remove people from the site.

    There will be bag checks at the gate. Dodger Stadium policy requires that no open plastic bottles, cans, ice chests, or beach balls be allowed inside the stadium. Also, bags no larger than 14 inches are allowed into the stadium.

    The CIF Southern Section is printing a championship program, which will be sold for $5.00 each. Programs will include pictures, rosters, records, etc.

    Approval for radio and/or television broadcasts of any championship games must be secured from the CIF-SS Office. The game will be broadcast by Fox Sports West and have exclusive rights to the game.

    Dodger Stadium has informed us that NO school banners will be permitted.

    Home team Palm Desert Third base dugout and side for rooter sections.
    Visiting team Amat First base dugout and side for rooter sections.

    Home Infield Practice 3:45pm, Amat Infield Practice 4:00 pm, Grounds Crew 4:15pm

    Each of the first contests will be limited to a maximum of 3-1/2 hours. No new inning may begin when the 3-1/2 hour time limit has been reached. If a game is called, it shall be finished on Tuesday, June 7th at the home school alternate site (outfield fence required)

  • Hey 12th man u sound like a dad who’s
    kid didnt play? and ur a little pist?
    Because no matter what u say the LANCERS
    had a great season one of the best in school history, they r young and well coached!
    in fact one of the best!!!!! so maybe u
    should transfer? or get a life!!!! seems
    like u know to much or have bad info!!!!

  • 12th man

    Not pist Georgie..Why should I be?? dont have a daughter who plays for Amat..I do however coach Travel Ball in Orange County for the last 8 years..So Yeah!! I pretty much know the game & after making 2 National apperances & winning the Tripple Crown three times some people mite say im qualified to Dissect the game & give some constructive criticism lol..”Get A Clue”

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    One question for you if you please. Since you are such a high self proclamed coach of either softball or baseball , I say self proclaimed because how can we really verify your self bestowed accolades , how is it that you have the name of 12th man. I would think that due to your place in baseball that name does not fit the bill . Maybe 10th man or something but isn’t the 12th man a term used for the fans of football teams such as the fans of the Seahawks , or do you also bring equal credentials in football to the table.

  • 64342

    12th man said:
    I do however coach Travel Ball in Orange County for the last 8 years..So Yeah!! I pretty much know the game & after making 2 National apperances & winning the Tripple Crown three times some people mite say im qualified to Dissect the game & give some constructive criticism lol..”Get A Clue”

    Triple crown = rec ball.
    Easier to win triple crown then spell. Travel coach, yah sure ;~O

  • 12th man your a joke! triple crown really
    u should be in a closet admitting that!!
    your word means crap!!!if your an oc coach? you would know about the level of play there! you should change your name
    still think your daughter rides the bench!

  • 12th man is a Raider

  • Get Real

    @12 man, such a humbling game. Are you not coming on here to show your emotions? Did the South Hill coach get “OUT COACHED” when his team commits 6 plus errors?