South Hills coach Scott Fisch on Friday’s championship against No. 1 Oaks Christian, “You want a quote, we’re going to win.”

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  • AMAT 73

    Well since we don’t have very many SH fans out there let me start it off by wishing the Lady Huskies good luck today . Keep those bats just as hot as when you bombarded us and stay aggressive. Bring that championship home to the SGV. Again good luck in your quest today .

  • Amat Suxs

    That is the typical Amat comment, and you guys wounder why everyone else in the SGV just loves to see you loss.

    South Hills,

    “Keep those bats just as hot as when you sent Amat home with their tail between their legs. Bring that championship home to the SGV.”


    The majority of the SGV is hoping you have the same results that your softball team had just a few days ago.

  • typical

    typical south hills supporter, thread up for a day and half and they say nothing about their own team, and when an outsider wishes them well, they bring on the negativity. typical.

  • Seriously

    Where did it say that was a SHHS supporter? You know what they say about assuming. Good Luck Ladies, way to represent the Sierra League.

  • Amat Suxs

    “Well since we don’t have very many SH fans out there”

    I thought Amat 73 made that comment. He is an Amat supporter right. Or do you consider that a positive comment.

    Man you guys really think you sit high on the hill, don’t forget your school is in Ghetto LA PUENTE.

  • AMAT 73

    amat sux,
    Tell me what you felt was so bad about my comment considering that not one SH fan even posted one comment on this thread. You people with your pent up anger towards AMAT and twisted minds will turn anything that someone from AMAT says into something negative. Let me clue you in on something idiot , we never leave with our tails between our legs when beaten fair and by the better team that day of the event. No shame in losing to any team if you have given it all you can which is what all Lancers do on the field at all times. Your closing line says it all with you wishing our baseball team loses. And you have the balls to knock my post .YOU ARE ONE SAD SICK IDIOT . Sad thing is you still never wished the Huskies good luck in today’s game and only came on here because of my post. Now go crawl back in your hole idiot.