Very sad news to report, Austin Lacy, who played football for Bishop Amat and Pasadena High School, passed after battle with rare illness

Updated: A standout football player and senior at Pasadena High School died Friday after a yearlong battle with a rare illness that baffled his doctors.
Austin Lacy fought the illness until the very end, surviving cardiac arrest twice over the past several days.
But at 11:12 a.m. Friday, in a Maryland hospital, his family members told doctors to disconnect the life support system that had kept air flowing to his lungs since Tuesday, said his mother, Karen Rogers

If you remember, we wrote a story more than a year ago in which doctors diagnosed Lacy with a heart infection and attempted to drain his chest of fluid when his heart stopped. It’s devastating news for all that knew him and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. This is an interview I had with Austin last summer, what an incredible young man he was.

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  • Xoch

    I want to extend my deepest condolensces to the Lacey family. I received word a few hours ago from my son at AMAT. The feeling is a very somber one on campus today. Austin will always be considered family at AMAT. There are many people that he touched while there.

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    Our condolences go out to the Lacy family during this difficult time, Austin was a nice guy & a great athlete. It was a privledge to have met him and an honor to see our 2 boys play together and make 2nd Team as LB’s in their Jr. year at Amat.

    RIP Austin, God has greater plans for you now and you’ll be missed.

    Juarez Family
    MLB #54

  • Victor H. Arenas

    It is always difficult to receive news of a former student’s passing. May the Love the Lord poured forth in Austin continue to shine bright in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. May that same love which will never know an ending, provide comfort to all of us as we endure the pain of his passing. The Amat Family will continue to pray for the Lacy family and offer your our support. May the Soul of Austin rest in the peace of our Lord. Amen

  • Observantcat

    Man, this is very sad news… Never met the guy, but when I saw his video interview I could tell what kind of person he truly was. His spirit bought him back to life to enjoy the moments God had allowed him to eontiunue to enjoy. These blogs can either bring out the good in our fans or sometimes the worst. In this case I feel there isn’t a person who has read about this kid that would have anything negative to say. He was your all American kid who loved compettition. I hope his spirit pushes his student body to pull together and use his spiritual gift to excel each and every student on that campus and beyond to realize how important it is to put God first and try and balance out our lives with love, friiendships, and spirits.

    God Bless you Man and your Family….

  • Love

    No one expects this.
    I’m too upset to type the proper words. He was the best that that ever walked on the BA campus. He will always be in our hearts. Please pray for him and his family.

  • Lori

    I only met this young man moments ago through this touching article, and am so saddened that a great, gentle, good soul is not walking around among us now, and I have to wait until my time is done here before I get to meet him again. As a mom, my heart goes out to Austin’s mom, and prayers of love and healing for his whole family.