High School Baseball season ends with today’s San Gabriel Valley All-Star game at Moor Field

The annual San Gabriel Valley senior all-star baseball game is today at Alhambra’s Moor Field, located a block and half from Alhambra High School. The game is scheduled to start at 2 p.m., and will honor two former coaches, Edgewood’s Karl Major, who coached arguably the greatest back-to-back CIF champions in area history, the 1977 and 78 Trojans, and El Monte’s Nick Montero, whose long tenure included 23 years with the Lions before retiring from teaching in 2000.

All-Star Preview: Fifty-two Valley seniors will wear their high school uniforms for the last time in today’s 16th annual San Gabriel Valley All-Star Game at Alhambra’s Moor Field.

The gates open at 11:30 a.m. and the game is scheduled for a 2 p.m. start. Each team (blue and red) will have 26 players. The West Valley blue team will be coached by Pasadena Poly’s Wayne Ellis and La Salle’s Harry Agajanian. The West Valley Red team will be coached by Sierra Vista’s Brett Stevens and Temple City’s Barry Bacon.

Red Team
Coaches: Brett Stevens (Head) Sierra Vista, Barry Bacon (Assistant) Temple City
Players, Position, High School
Rouric Bridgewater, 3B Diamond Ranch
Mark Chen, C San Marino
Jacob Ehret, P San Dimas
Gabriel Esocobar, 1B Schurr
Daniel, FarFan, P El Monte
Matt Gelich, OF Bonita
Fernando Gonzalez, SS Baldwin Park
Alex Guerrero, P Montebello
Caleb Halverson, OF Temple City
Andres Hernadez, OF Sierra Vista
K.C. Huth, OF Bonita
Jimmy Jacobo, 1B La Puente
Julian Jarrard, SS Temple City
George Johnson, OF West Covina
Robert, Lain, 3B Pasadena
Matt Lee, P San Dimas
Kevin Lengvel, P Diamond Ranch
Chris Marentes, C Gladstone
Kenny Mathews, P Diamond Bar
Robert Mier, 2B Bonita
Anthony MIllan, P Montebello
Matt Munoz, SS San Dimas
Elias Novello, P Sierra Vista
Nathaniel Sarkar, 1B Gabrielino
Jeff Villalobos, OF Rowland
Will Walters, P Walnut

Blue Team
Wayne Ellis (Head) Pasadena Poly, Harry Agajanian (Assistant) La Salle
Players, Position, High School
Nick Bueno, INF Monrovia
Adrian Velasco, C Monrovia
Wallace Gonzalez, OF Bishop Amat
Ryan Serrato, 1B Bishop Amat
Bernardo Zavala, C Bishop Amat
Hunter Merryman, 1B Pasadena Poly
Matt Saeta, C Pasadena Poly
Jordan Kutzer, P Pasadena Poly
John Auer, INF La Salle
Gary Goebel, P La Salle
Steve Petrovich, OF La Salle
Nick Cooksey, INF Glendora
Brennan Salgado, C Glendora
John Alexander, OF/1B Glendora
Tyler Dominguez, INF Arcadia
K.J. Edson, P Arcadia
Haram Park, INF/OF Arcadia
Mark Roche, P Arroyo
Roman Davalos, P Arroyo
Dom Martinez, OF South Hills
Richie Rollice, OF South Hills
Frankie Wright, P/INF Alhambra
Antonio Gonzalez, P Damien
Tony Veiller, P South Pasadena
Kyle Peck, P Los Altos
Steven Baltiera, P Wilson

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  • all star guy

    Could you please explain to me if you know, how are all star kids selected (process)??


  • TeachDGame

    @APach25 —- aaah because he is only a Sophomore, this is Seniors only right….

  • APach25

    Can someone please explain to me how Adam Alcantera (Bishop Amat) is not playing in this game?!?!?

  • APach25

    Oh well I guess I should have read it better, seniors only would make sense…..

    as I was…

  • BaseballDad

    Congrats to all the players who made the squads…but there are some glaring omissions from these teams. I know that there are limitations but how does Yepiz from San Dimas not make the squad?? and how in the heck does Murfett from Bonita not make it? There are pitchers on here who have ERA’s of 4.00 and over…Murfett’s ERA is under 1.00…It’s too bad when kid’s get left off teams like this. I realize that there are going to be people left off no matter what and that not everyone is gonna be happy but Murfett is a no brainer. That’s ridiculous.

  • all star guy

    baseballdad…. ditto, I agree!
    Which is why I asked Fred how these kids get selected.

    FRED please????

  • Fred Robledo

    This is a game for seniors and I have nothing to do with the selection process, this is an event run by Alhambra coach Steve Gewecke and Nogales coach John Romano, both of whom know the baseball scene well, and talk to area coaches about players’ participation in the game.

  • So Coaches – Speak Up

    Agree there could be arguments for the fringe kids that are fairly close – but WOW this list doesn’t make any sense on some positions.

    Don’t want to knock any kid on the list but how do you leave Mark Lindsay – catcher for Bonita off? Hit .422 with 23 RBI’s. Compare the numbers – to those on the list.

    Sad and guess life isn’t fair……

  • Steve Ramirez

    With no disrespect to Karl Major, but I will give the crown as the area’s best baseball team to the Bishop Amat teams of 2001 and ’02. Those Lancers teams not only won back-to-back CIF-SS divisional titles, but mythical national titles. And including the 2000 season, I believe they went something like 80-9 in three seasons. Also, the Giambi South Hills teams of the 1990s are in the argument as well.
    I have other memories of Karl Major when he was Covina High School’s principal in the past decade.

  • Joe’s Dad

    Lol. JOE HERRERA stats 424 batting avg. 36 hits 28 rbi’s 541 slg% 545 on base % and he did not make any errors all season. He can hit the ball a mile . What happened? I think he should be on the team. šŸ™‚

  • VVL Scout

    WHERE ARE COVINA PLAYERS??????????????????????????????

  • With All Due Respect

    Joe’s Dad:
    With all due respect ….Gladstone does not post stats on MaxPreps so no way to verify the numbers posted.
    And I’m not saying the numbers that are posted are 100% accurate, but at least they are there to give these coaches something to sort through.
    Not the players fault, but this is the stuff Fred and others have been complaining about year in and year out on coaches that don’t post and then get mad because their players are left off.

    Kids deserve to be recognized, but if the coaches don’t post anything, then tough to compare them to those that do.
    If the coach did post – then comparisions can be made player to player, league to league, division to division etc. It will never be 100% right, but closer.

  • As I see it

    Just for the record the Edgewood team won the CIF Championship in 1976 & 1977 and the National Championship in 1977. The two year record was 57-3. Gary Kretz coached in 1976 and Karl Majors in 1977. I know because I was one of the tri-captains on these teams. In that time frame three players signed – Jeff Toothman (76) 1B, Mike Pill P & Ken Angelo P (77) and (7) kids went on the start as freshmen at D1 schools – Sam Favata 2B (Fullerton), Steve Bridgewater 3B (Loyola Marymount) graduated in 1977, Mike Toothman CF (Stanford), Loring Davies 1B (Stanford), Rodney Daniels LF (San Jose State), Mark Adamack DH (BYU), Tom Grindstead P (Air Force) graduated in 1978. Rick Aguliera P played on the 1978 team but graduated in 1979. The 1978 team lost to Mike Witt and Servite in semi-finals. Amat had some great teams and I would love to see where they all went.

  • You gotta be kidding!!!

    Just read this blog and see Brandon Murfett is missing. Let’s see…all he did was pitch 56 innings, go 5-0 with 4 CG and 2 shutouts, beat both BA and Arcadia in bigtime games. Brandon, I don’t know what you have to do in order to get recognized but you had a great year!

  • Bohiifan

    You are totally right Brandon got screwed he pitched in big games all year having a great season and not getting recognized….he and his catcher mark Lindsay got screwed mark having a great season with a .422 average what was knott thinking? It doesn’t seem right these two guys have been doing it all year and don’t get recognized in the sgv even worse they are supposed to play in the inland empire all-star game but have graduation that night so both boys got screwed great season I don’t understand