Season’s over, time to start pondering boys and girls athlete of the year

The Monday after the baseball, softball and track championships begins the final leg of the award season, all-area, all-league and all-CIF announcements follow later this month, which also includes the special award we created two years ago, the boys and girls athlete of the year, which celebrates the multi-sport athlete. Last year South Hills’ Dekota Behr and Melinda Gomez won, any thoughts on who that should be this year?

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  • GameDayatUSC

    Tough call, especially for the guys. I think the best way is to have a tie. We should have BOTH Ruiz, from AMAT, for playing the toughest position in football @ QB, as well as him being able to play any position besides catcher for the CIF champs in baseball. He wasn’t the best QB in the valley, but played for the team in the limelight every week, but he WAS the best baseball player in not only the valley, but close to all of So.Cal. Also you MUST include McClain from Covina. A TWO TIME STATE CHAMP in track is a feat in itself. Those TWO should share the honor.

  • Aaron

    Is there a standout three sport athlete for the guys this year? Thinking about some of the Bonita guys this year? Idk, but the way Pendleton came back from that injury and was able to play the way he did…and then when he got on the basketball court becoming a very complete player on the high school level?

    However, the truth is not one person stands out like Dakota Behr did on the football field, wrestling mat, and pitchers mound.

    Ruiz wouldn’t be a bad choice, but I think we’re missing something even with myself mentioning Garrett Pendleton. Both are great young men. I also think the girls pick is extremely hard…a swimmer this year?

  • Living Legend

    How is it even a question, you have a back to back state champion in two events. It has never been done by any athlete in the SGV, so how is it even close?

  • Joe Amat

    I’m all for looking for that THREE-Sport athlete like Behr that achieved at a high level.

    If it’s a 2-sport guy it will be tough to put up better credentials than Rio who was All-Serra League as a QB and will be CIF Player of the Year (with possible State and other honors to follow) in baseball.

    Funny thing about Rio, his dad told me he wanted to play basketball at Amat too as a kid but didn’t want more hassles with their coaches about “sharing”.

    Love to hear from everyone about candidates at their schools.

  • Joe Amat

    Living Legend,

    unfortunately – two events isn’t “two-sports”

  • RIO

    MVP: Rio Ruiz without a doubt. CIF baseball Champion (29-4)
    Rio is the best QB in the valley(9-2)
    This kid is a leader and a winner!

  • bonita2011

    in any order Rio Ruiz, Matt Gelalich, K.C. Huth by far best athletes in sgv. valley. Congrats Rio on your Cif performance maybe now your critics can shut up.

  • BIG D

    Mclain hands down! he will be on the olympic team! And will beat bolt from jamaica!

  • Living Legend

    @Joe Amat, you really didn’t just say that did you, the dude won state in both events. I mean come on, that is 4 state and CIF titles in two years. Not another person around here is even close to that many titles.

    The dude lost once this season in the 100 and did not lose in the 200, hands down the best stats in any sport of anyone in this Valley. You are reaching for anyone else to even be in the question.

  • Aaron

    McClain is a two sport athlete, but not a standout on the football field. However he has four state titles in two years and that’s more than any kid in the SGV has. If we’re talking high school QB’s…George Johnson went 13-1 as a senior and doesn’t have anywhere near the physical tools Rio Ruiz has. Johnson also played baseball.

  • Joe Amat

    Living Legend,

    That’s exactly what I said – because I have a tendency to actually read the article and what the award is based on.

    Fred wrote: “…the special award we created two years ago, the boys and girls athlete of the year, which celebrates the multi-sport athlete.”

    I base my comments on that. Players that excel in multiple sports. (ie: All-League, All-Valley, etc) and are great in at least one of them – as McClain clearly is.

  • SGV Guy

    I would like to add Matt Fregoso, Rosemead HS, to the short list. He has had an amazing career. This year his football accolades were among the best in the state. Yes he does play in the Mission Valley League, but that should not take away from what he accomplished. He is a big time gamer. 28 TDs, 2600 yards, and his wrestling accomplishments this year and throughout his career have always been at the highest level. CIF 1st Team Running Back. Star News 1st Team Running Back. SGV All Encompassing 1st Team. 3x CIF Champion Wrestler, 4x CIF Placewinner, 3X Masters Placewinner and State Qualifier. 5 Counties (nationally ranked tournament) placewinner. MVP of 4 tournaments this year, including CIF. I am not even a Rosemead grad, but have been following wrestling for a while, and this kid is the real deal super athlete in a 125 pound frame.

  • Football

    I believe for the guy side it should be Pendleton just because he had the best season out of anyone else and for the girls side i have no clue who it should be its wide open Pendleton has the complete story

  • BIG D

    The guru is a retard who is not allowed to have a driver’s license! get it right for once! McClain would be on the cover of sports illustrated! Know one can do what this kid can do, all these kids can do what everyone does thats hit a baseball roll around on a rug and tackle let’s see what they can do on a track! get real people McClain is a prize runner!stick to working the snackbar at your kids so call allstar games!

  • Sellout Crowd

    Josh Luevanos from Glendora

    In soccer he led the team to a Baseline League Title and second round CIF while earning Baseline League MVP, 1st team all-area and 1st Team all CIF in Division 1.

    In baseball Josh was the lead off batter for the Tartans and helped lead them to a Baseline League Title, CIF and was a part of the 2010 CIF championship team. He earned First Team all Baseline League for baseball also.

  • Sellout Crowd

    Josh Luevanos from Glendora

    In soccer he led the team to a Baseline League Title and second round CIF while earning Baseline League MVP, 1st team all-area and 1st Team all CIF in Division 1.

    In baseball Josh was the lead off batter for the Tartans and helped lead them to a Baseline League Title, CIF and was a part of the 2010 CIF championship team. He earned First Team all Baseline League for baseball also.

  • Lets see

    Amat, Upland and JW North at CO next Tuesday in passing league. Hope to see Joe and 73 there.

  • sgv

    WC johnson kid played in the baseball all star game and is going to play in the hall of fame game. He lead his team to a win in the best championship game in sgv.

  • Colt74

    Joe Amat,
    I guess when you read it you actually read into it more than you should.

    “I base my comments on that. Players that excel in multiple sports.(ie: All-League, All-Valley, etc) and are great in at least one of them .

    PLEASE direct me to where it says that?

    “the special award we created two years ago, the boys and girls athlete of the year, which celebrates the multi-sport athlete.”
    That is what I read. Is my computer NOT letting me see the extras qualifications that you see?

    Track: No explanation needed
    Football :Covina won their league undefeated and went into the playoffs. Does that not qualify him as a 2 sport athlete?

  • just wondering

    Did MCclain even play during the football year?

  • Jean Beckman

    It’s interesting no one has come up with a FEMALE athlete. While she’s not a multi-sporter, you can’t ignore the accomplishments of Gretchen Jacques of Glendora in swimming. Multiple individual CIF championships as well as team this year. Look forward to seeing her in the Olympics.

  • Aaron


    Like I said, not a stand out, but still a two sport athlete. Although his individual accomplishments leave everyone in the dust in the state.

  • Joe Amat


    I was pretty clear in what I wrote. I put what Fred wrote in quotes
    and then my thoughts are not in quotes.

    There are plenty of kids in the valley that are multi-sport athletes and should be “celebrated”. In fact somewhere here it would be great to even just list them. They are a dying breed. But awards are designed to celebrate those that do so at a *high* level. And if it’s a multi-sport award – they should achieve, individually, at a high level in both.

    Now there is no higher level or greater accomplishment in any single sport than McClain’s. Without a doubt he is the Track POY and then some. However to achieve an award designed to honor the *multi-sport athlete* it should be one who *gains honors* in 2 or 3 sports.

    The highest yearly honor in the Amat Hall of Fame is the *Pat Haden Award*. That goes to the Multi-Sport Student-Athlete that was at least All-League in one sport and started in another AND has a great GPA.

    I think a valley award, encompassing 30+ schools should have an even higher standard of at Least All-League in one and All-CIF in another (like Josh Luevanos from Glendora). If you can throw in a League MVP or CIF Player of the Year that just adds to the accomplishments

  • Stats

    Interesting how Amat trys to put some half a@@ spin on the award. Real simple McClain was a two sport player. Rio was a two sport player. Rio was on a team that won a CIF title, and his numbers are very good, but really not even close to great. In football he did above average by the numbers he didn’t do great. McClain did above average in football by no means great. McClain was GREAT in track.

    Not involved in either program but this is a flat out no brainer. Take all the hype out of Rio and just look at the kids stats, nothing real special their. I think Joe over at Amat realizes that, he is big on numbers and hasn’t been throwing them out their.

  • no spin

    No Amat spin – Ruiz was an All-Serra League QB (remember – the league that is #2 in the State, #1 in 08 & 09) and will be the CIF POY in the Division and possibly the State POY for the #2 (or higher) team in the State. 2 sport excellence

  • Anon

    Obviously McClain should at least be AOY for boys’ track. Clearly he is a gifted track athlete and he is also a really nice young man.

    AOY for the girls? Shannon McKee, San Dimas. First team all-CIF for soccer this year, and co-captain of the CIF Finalist Saints which also played in the State/Regional tournament. First team all-league. Chosen for the all-tournament team in the SD soccer tournament in December. In track she was anchor on the Saints’ 4x100m relay team that finished second at CIF Finals in a time that would have taken them to State in nearly any CIF section other than the Southern.

    Varsity starter on the Saints soccer team since freshman year, and won league all four years (co-champions this year). Captain junior and senior years. First team all-league since sophomore year (second team freshman year). Team made it to the second round of CIF her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. CIF Finals this year.

    League champion or league runner-up in multiple track events since freshman year. Anchor on the 4x100m since freshman year. Made CIF Finals all four years. Multiple school and league records, including the new school record set at CIF Finals this year.

    All-area in both sports over the years. Was All-Inland Valley this year in soccer as well.

    Recruited in both sports by D1 schools and had visits all over the country. Signed with Cal and will play soccer there starting this fall.

  • Stats

    no spin,

    Once again throw those stats out there and compare. A while back I checked out the stats on the other qb’s in that league and then saw why? Not even going to waste my time checking but believe there was one quarterback with better stats and he was MVP of the league, not sure on that. I know Fred doesnt want this to go neg. but isnt Rio the reason why Bishop Amat lost league and in the first round of the playoffs. Sorry but you guys over at Bishop Amat pump up this kid so much but when it comes down to producing real stats he is just a real good player not even close to the same league as McClain.

  • Questions

    All this back-and-forth about my team won this and that, but this is an individual honor that is about the Boys and Girls Athletes of the year.
    Joe Amat said “I think a valley award, encompassing 30+ schools should have an even higher standard of at Least All-League in one and All-CIF in another”
    Anybody meet this criteria ?

  • Living Legend
  • living legend
    don’t be such an ass , read what he said, he is exactly right, Joe is (always)using numbers. way to represent amat.
    he didn’t badmouth or deny ruiz is a great player at all. this is why so many of you are disliked.
    and by the way, i myself think ruiz should be player of the year in baseball.

  • Stats

    old timer,

    By the number I’m not even sure if I would give him player of the year in baseball. Don’t know the stats on everyone else out their. I do know that Rio leads his team in errors at 3rd base. So he clearly isn’t the best defensive player on the team. He doesn’t even lead his team in batting average. I know he is going to get team MVP because he is Rio, but I would be taking a real hard look at that pitching staff. The bats didn’t win that championship, pitching did.

    Their are many other players out in the SGV with much better numbers on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Couple pitchers out their that had great seasons.

  • Lance Bishop

    Some of you clowns need to go back to pulling wings off of butterflys and burning ants with your magnifying glasses. This is about High School Athletes! Stay positive and keep your put downs, back handed compliments and ever so slight…”slights” to yourselves. Make your suggestion and MOVE ON!!!!

  • bohi

    did not see rio ruiz name on 2011 1st team all cif in football.
    i did see matt gelhich and k.c. huth from bonitas name on there.both made 1st team all cif 2011 football.

  • Stats


    Don’t waste are time, the criteria is at least a state record or attend Bishop Amat.

    Don’t start with the stats lil Joe don’t want to play that way this time.

  • AMAT 73

    First let me tell you that you are wrong on two things. Rio is not the reason we lost league and in the first round in football just as he is not the reason we won in baseball .He may not have had the best stats on the ball team but the kid came thru many times in the clutch to be considered a top player in the valley. At AMAT it is all a team effort. We win as a team and we lose as a team . Also how do you know he is getting team MVP ? Seems more like Z should get it by his outstanding job on the hill this season , but we will see. Also get off of Rio’s back because I only see you knocking him and no others who have been mentioned on here . What is it, you just don’t like AMAT or Rio because you sure sound like you have issues with either one or both of them .

    Joe wrote all Serra league as QB and (possibly) CIF player of the year in baseball which he will definitely make all CIF in baseball .

  • Colt74

    Rio is an OUTSTANDING athlete. I will never disagree on that. But “honestly”..what is more impressive. Being an outstanding athlete in 2 TEAM sports or being an OUTSTANDING athlete in an individual sport where its just YOUR accomplishments? And I will take CIF records and State records over an ALL AREA TEAM or First TEAM anything any day of the week. I’ll always go with an individual athlete over a team athlete…that’s just me…and not just being a homer.

    Do I think that because of Mr. Mclains records that Rio should be snubbed? HELL NO !! I am all for Mr.Ruiz and Mr. McClain being CO AOY…they BOTH deserve it. IMHO.

  • Stats

    Amat 73,

    Sounds like you are agreeing with me?

    You feel Z should get MVP of the team, maybe you should read my comment again. Thats exactly what I said, now lets see what happens. Does Rio get it because of the name or does the more desiring player get it because it is the right thing to do?

    Well between you and lil joe I would have expected that comment from you way before him.

    I have a question for you, you guys at Bishop Amat are big on winning and losing as a team then how does anyone at Bishop Amat win an individual award. Since Rio’s didn’t make those mistakes then he didn’t make first team, you can’t have it both ways.

    Is there some special standard we have to apply to Bishop Amat when we are talking about them or what?

  • Joe Amat


    There is NO doubt in anyone’s mind that McClain’s records and accomplishments in track are FAR more impressive than anything Rio has done to date this year in either sport.

    …BUT this is a multi-sport award…. which is why Dakota and Melinda won hands down last year over Remontay McClain and Bishop Amat’s Kylie Price (who played volleyball last year too) who won CIF in two track & field events – the 100 and the long jump.

    Most Outstanding Athlete in one sport is hands down McClain… Multi-Sport Award is left to debate

  • Stats

    lil Joe,


    Why is it a debate?


    Whats wrong you don’t have any, Let me give you a few in baseball.

    RR is ranked 154 on max prep in batting, that is second best on his own team. The only baseball stat that I am sure he leads his team is in errors. So we can conclude he had a decent baseball season.

    RR passing stats were above average nothing great completed over 60 percent of his passes. Should note not really that high for a running team. We don’t want to talk about the last two games of last season, I know you don’t want to go their. Overall he had an average football season.

    I am even going to give you one Nick Bueno from Monrovia. This kid is a two sport kid. He only batted .440 compared to Rio’s .455, but in football he won Monrovia a CIF championship. He did everything on the team and he showed up in the big games. One of the greatest individual performances, INDIVIDUAL.

    Now I see GREAT INDIVIDUAL performances with McClain in track and good in football. I’m sorry but I didn’t see nothing great this year from Rio.

    Please this is your shoot, throw us all those stats on how GREAT of a job Rio did to desire this award. So far all you Amat bloggers have been posting is lots of hot air.

    Where are those STATS ………

  • AMAT 73

    No I am not agreeing with you because you said you “know” Rio is going to be the MVP of the team. I do not agree nor disagree because I don’t know who it will be , only stating I would pick Z but it’s not up to me. Yes at AMAT we do win and lose as a team period … Individual awards are given by outside entities and if an individual has some great performances in a team effort then it will be noted by said groups. All league ,all CIF , or whatever are awarded by outside groups. We do have individual awards at AMAT such as the Haden award and others so yes we do have individual awards but they are given with the team player in mind. To answer your last question if you have never been a part of it I can see where you can’t understand it . Much like all the flak we catch on the blog . We unite as a team to confront the haters in a team effort. It has been said many of us preach the same lingo . Well it all comes from the same source .Being AMAT LANCERS .

  • stats

    Man and I thought we were in agreement that Rio is overrated by all those Bishop Amat bloggers. Well I would have to assume you agree that he isn’t deserving of “athlete of the year” award since you don’t even think he should be the team MVP, RIGHT?

    By the way what happen to lil joe, he still hasn’t come up with those stats?

  • Living Legend

    @old timer: when did I say anything about Rio, never said a single word about him. So who is the donkey now?!?!?

    See you want to say this about multi sport athletes, well McLain is that one he was decent at the other he is boarder-line word class. So show me someone who at this age is already do things that put them in the class of other world class athletes. That is what this argument is about the best of the best and this year with his accomplishments it is no doubt McLain.

  • Joe Amat

    Stat boy… Legend in his own mind… and all the others,

    it makes me chuckle when you get all flustered. Take a look *exactly* at what I wrote. My first comment was:

    “If it’s a 2-sport guy it will be tough to put up better credentials than Rio who was All-Serra League as a QB and will be CIF Player of the Year (with possible State and other honors to follow) in baseball…Love to hear from everyone about candidates at their schools.”

    I’m waiting (BTW – Bueno is a West SGV guy. and congrats to him for rolling thru those juggernaughts playoff opponents !:?)

    Then I wrote:
    “I think a valley award, encompassing 30+ schools should have an even higher standard of at Least All-League in one and All-CIF in another”

    that’s my minimum standard. give me some kids that fit that. there are some others for sure..

    In fact I ALSO wrote:
    “… like Josh Luevanos from Glendora” followed by “There is NO doubt in anyone’s mind that McClain’s records and accomplishments in track are FAR more impressive than anything Rio has done to date this year in either sport.”

    Boy, I’m really lobbying hard for Rio aren’t I?

    So instead of bitching and moaning – get your panties out of their bunch and give us some ideas that fit a MULTI-sport criteria.

    We’ll check back later

  • Stats

    Living Legend that is exactly what gets my motor running, some how Bishop Amat feels that someone from their program is deserving of an award, even when it is very clear they aren’t. I talk so much trash about Rio because you guys continue to talk him up like he is something that he isn’t.

    You guys cant come up with one stat to validate your claim. I have looked at Rio’s stats in football and baseball, I dont see anything. Not saying he isn’t a good athletic but I have seen many players much more desiring than Rio’s performance.

    Still waiting for those stats ………

  • Living Legend

    @Joe the Blow-hard: cause that is really all you do, I gave you the answer for your own criteria. You said multi-sport and I answered that. I also gave you video proof that McClain deserves to be the aoy for the simple fact not only did he win but he dominated in a way that no has ever dominated at the STATE level.

    I am not taking anything away from Rio, great athlete but in this year of sports in the SGV only dominated his best sport the way that McClain did.


    lil joe,

    I read what you wrote,

    “If it’s a 2-sport guy it will be tough to put up better credentials than Rio who was All-Serra League as a QB and will be CIF Player of the Year (with possible State and other honors to follow) in baseball…Love to hear from everyone about candidates at their schools.”

    You talk about awards, we all know how those awards are won. I won’t use names but I will give you an example, according to one of these local writers we have one of the top linemen in the area that at this time per his coaching staff isn’t even a starter next season.

    All the awards you listed are popularity contests. I once again would love to here some stats from you.

    “The best multi-sport athlete”

    Where does it state who won the most awards.

    Please give us some stats on Rio that support your claim. You love to give stats what up, is google blocked or what?

    What is real interesting is Living Legend doesn’t have to put up stats everyone knows McClain’s stats. That is the difference between McClain and Rio. To me it is just crazy that you are even attempting to compare these two kids.

    Where is the STATS

  • valley guy

    this stats character just doesnt know what he is talking about.another Amat ,Rio hater.Rio may not have the best stats,but if you where at many games you would know the level of competition he faced in both sports and how clutch he was in the baseball season,many of hits where game changers and winners.I would give it to Remontay

  • Stats

    Do I honestly feel that Rio is deserving of this award, NO. If this was the same kid playing at Covina we wouldn’t even be having this conersation. How can you give an award to kid that some Amat supporters don’t even think he is the team MVP (baseball). You mentioned key hits during the baseball season, well what about those key interceptions that lost them the league title and the first round of the playoffs. It goes both ways.

    You also notice lil joe isn’t coming out here with his 500 word essay to validate his point. He doesn’t have the facts or stats to backup his claim.

    lil joe lost for words thats a first.

  • Joe Amat

    Stat boy… Legend in his own mind,

    Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Sounds like you were hanging on every word waiting for a response. Some have other (better) things to do.

    Legend in his own mind – you don’t read so well do you? Maybe have someone read this to you… s l o w l y.

    Here are some stats for you and Stat Boy. ***FIVE carries, TWELVE receptions, ZERO inyerceptions, ZERO sacks, and NINE tackles***. McClain just didn’t achieve at a high level in his second sport, He was Covina’s SIXTH leading reciever, and their FIFTH best rusher, and TWENTY-FIRST on his own team in tackles.

    Not only “not the MVP” but he was a barely a participant. Keeping in mind I’m the one that wrote “There is NO doubt in anyone’s mind that McClain’s records and accomplishments in track are FAR more impressive than anything Rio has done to date this year in either sport” …but what he did in his second sport is hardly worthy of a multi-sport honor like this.

    So I’m still waitiing for you to “get your motor running” and come up with someone who has achieved at a high level in TWO sports. Instead of worrying about who SHOULDN’T get the award – tell me someone who should.

    Oh… and I’m guessing that AFLAC All-American Classic is probably a “popularity contest” too? Here’s some video to keep you entertained in the meantime.Put it on a loop

  • POY

    Ok I guess Ill throw my 2 cents in. I know alot wont agree, but again, this is my opinion. My top 2 nominations for the ATHLETE of the year are KC Huth from Bonita, and Rio Ruiz from Amat.

    Rio had a great football season taking over as thei QB taking them into the play-offs. He earned all league honors and made some huge plays for them. In baseball, numbers-wise, he may have not had the best numbers in the valley, but what doesnt show in the stats is his intimidation. Rio was walked and pitched around many times. He also knows the game and when its time to sacrifice. The biggest thing that that doesnt show in the stats is his heart and leadership. He gets his boys fired up and ready to go. He also emerged and their closer, closing out some huge games for them.

    KC Huth is an outstanding athlete. I think he would excel in any and every sport he’d try. In football, KC has contributed for the past couple of years to some great Bonita teams earning all league honors. Fast and fearless, opponents always knew where he was. On the baseball field, it was pretty much the same. Small in stature but huge in the heart and in ability. Not to also mention his cannon which Bishop Amat was able to find out about.

    Both, to me, are great and deserving candidates. My choice would have to be KC Huth though. I think all his hard work and dedication over the last couple of years deserves to be recognized. Rio is still a junior and will most likely win the award next year.

    Now, as far as Rio being the baseball player of the year? I think he would be a great choice but, there is one other player in the valley that is more deserving, Justin Garza.
    Rio has had a tremendous year, coming up with some huge at bats, such as the 2 run homerun at Dodger Stadium. He also closed some pretty big games for them. Garza though, was unknown to most before this season started. By the time it was said and done, he was 13-0 with an 0.51 ERA. Bell Gardens and San Gorgonio coaches both said he was the best pitcher in CIF after 0 runs on 4 hits in 13 innings against them both. Not only did he dominate on the mound, he also contributed with great defense and solid hitting, batting .389. He came up big in the game against Bishop Amat making a great play on a bad hop that would have resulted in at least 1 run, and maybe a different outcome in the game. There is no way he shouldnt be named league MVP, as well as tons of other accolades that are sure to follow. Again, this is only my opinion. Please do not bash anyone as they all are great and hard working kids. Congrats to all the kids that were nominated and considered.

  • AMAT 73

    Well I guess your taking my choice of Z as the teams MVP and running with it. My choice is Z for the simple fact that at the beginning of the season pitching was a major concern and this fine young man stepped up and proved to be the ace of the staff and Mr. Dependable . He was in my opinion the MVP and that is taking nothing from Rio as the most talented on our team . You forget that many of those big games Rio came in with his 90 mph plus pitching to put the game to bed not to mention key hits at the plate.In the final when he knocked that 2 run dinger it was the hammer Palm Dessert knew would fall but just didn’t know when. He started it off and the team kept the foot on the gas. How many coaches had to think about Rio’s place in the line up and pitched around him because of the threat he is at the plate.As far as errors hell every player makes errors he’s human . But just think he is so talented Nieto can move him just about anywhere as he did by putting him at 3b and he will shine so what an great advantage he gives a coach by that fact. He may or may not be the MVP of the team but I not anyone else but I feel Z was they key to OUR team . You could ask any coach in the SGV or anywhere else if they would love to have Rio on their team and you get a resounding HELL YES from all . My pick for AOY is Rio Ruiz no doubt. FYI , Rio was a part of the loses to Alemany and Tesoro just as he was part of the wins against the other teams but as the case in both he was not solely responsible for either wins or loses . As I told you we win and lose as a team . He was an all league pick in the Serra in football which is a hell of an accomplishment . You may have just shown your assinine thinking process by your line ” I talk so much trash about Rio because you guys talk him up like he is something that he isn’t “. WOW to use that bullcrap for the purpose of talking trash about Rio is a showing of your true stupidity .Do you honestly think all the publicity and placement on various teams and so forth is because of us talking up Rio. Now let me finish with this , I am not taking away anything from McClain because what he did on the running track is truely awesome but I don’t think he was a factor on the football field as to win the award for AOY. I’m not sure but I don’t think he was an all league selection in the VVL and not the top back on his team but maybe my buddy Colt74 can elaborate on that subject for us . BUT AGAIN THIS IS JUST MY OPINION before you get your chonies in a wad again as Big Joe mentioned to you earlier . You got your stats , maybe the ones you didn’t want to see but you got them .

  • fb102

    Amat 73,

    What does this mean: ‘But just think he is so talented Nieto can move him just about anywhere as he did by putting him at 3b and he will shine so what an great advantage he gives a coach by that fact.’?

    WHAT is the FACT in that statement?

    Do you REALLY think RR can play ANY position on the diamond? SS last season too many errors. 3rd base THIS season WAY too many errors. His stick IS huge, but he’s gonna have to get better on D or he’s gonna be an outfielder in pro baseball.

  • BHS

    Most underrated player in the valley, Matt Gelalich. He was a three time All-league defensive back and has been playing baseball since he was a freshmen. He was probably the most consistent player for both the football and baseball teams at Bonita. His brother Jeff is playing at UCLA and it’s believed by many that Matt is better than him.

  • AMAT 73

    Just what I wrote is what I mean . Show me a player who has not made any errors. Errors are part of the game . A bad part but a part and you hope the errors don’t cost you . I think his pluses greatly out weigh his minuses. Who knows maybe some major league team will draft him as a DH and not worry about the errors. Seems the people who judge basball talent for a living can look past the errors that most bloggers can’t seem to get over .If that is all you can say negative about Rio then so be it . That is your opinion . In answering your position question , maybe not catcher but in a pinch I am sure he could do a good job. By the way who is your choice for AOY or did you just come on here to knock Rio or a post by an AMAT supporter.

  • Living Legend

    @blow Hardder Joe: real weak take, come on guy you ate better then that. I’ll tell you why I’ll give you a little more time to
    come stronger.

  • Living Legend

    McClain not winning aoy in this paper well be as bad when this paper did not give Shaun Cody the football poy his senior year!

  • fb102

    Your initial foray in this blog subjectwas ALSO an OPINION, not a FACT, no matter how you MEANT it.

    I agree with this part, errors ARE part of the game. But, so many errors for an elite player? There ARE players in the area who have higher averages and better fielding percentages.

    As I wrote, His stick/bat IS huge….but DH, really. Way to young and promising to be relegated to baseballs part-time gig dont you think? RR is a GREAT player who does have room for improvement.

    SOME folks believe RR is the greatest player ever, already. When someone writes a contrarian view, all heck breaks loose.

    As for AOY, Id choose Matt Gelalich, KC Huth, Remontay McClain and if RR got it, that would be fine.

  • swimfan

    I don’t know what the criteria is but if you’re going to give athltes of the year for dominating their sport, who dominated their sport more than Glendora’s Gretchen Jaques? She is to swimming what Mcclain is to track. undefeated in cif finals, 8-for-8 and cif records in three of the our events shes swam in…

  • Education

    Its amazing what I’m reading on this thread. Multi Amat bloggers state he isn’t that good of a fielder, he’s not even the team MVP. His batting is nothing special. This kid has been living off the hype from his freshmen year and really has been a disappointment since. Baseball is his sport and the numbers aren’t their. He doesn’t hit for power, batting average is second on his own team. Then you have an Amat blogger start up with his 90 MPH fastball. My question going into the season with no real pitching staff and not even using a kid that throws over 90 MPH? Someone is going to draft him, first round don’t this so, third or fourth as a project. He gets that ride to USC take it, he may need that education way sooner that the Amateur faithful think.

  • itendshere

    He’s a nationally ranked volleyball player and 8th round draft pick. DONE!!!

  • RIO RUIZ is 2011 AOY

    plain and simple

  • numbers?

    All these people talking, Ruiz’s numbers are among the best of the valley, he hit .455 (top ten), the best in the valley, is third in the area in the most important category, RBIs (33), tied for the area lead in doubles (14), finished with three home runs, and competed against by far the toughest schedule of any area team, winning the classic and completely clutch in the semifinals and finals….know your stuff, ask any high school coach around, there is nobody better.

  • numbers?

    Ruiz’s combined team record in 2010-11, 38-6, that playing a Pac-5 Division football schedule and in one of the toughest football league’s in the state, country, whatever you want to call it. Then doing the same in baseball, again, consider the competition compared to what other area teams compete against, Palm Desert twice, Torrance Twice, Esperanza twice, and a handful of others and winning one of the best tournaments in the country, the national classic, and finishing the job in the championship with a two-run homer. He performed at the highest level and delivered, and did with all the pressure of expectations…I’d like to see another kid in the valley walk in those hyped-up shoes and deliver like he did. Give the guys his props.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man the DH comment was more tongue in cheek for all out there harping on his error count. Just a joke , no more no less. Of course he has much room for improvement which will come with further coaching at USC ( I hope ) or in the minor leagues. I don’t think anyone is pegging him to instantly make a major league roster are they . As far as an elite player that is exactly what he is , one of the many elite players in the SGV. Is he the greatest to ever wear the Blue and Gold of AMAT , only time will tell but he will be in the conversation .Rio is a fine example of how a Lancer should carry himself and a great representitive for our school . I must add I do like your choices of the young men from Bonita but I just don’t think McClain, other than what he accomplished in track, measures up to what the others did in 2 sports. Being superior in one sport does not make up for being average in the other sport and by what he did in football he is average .

  • Anon

    I’ve got to go back to Fred’s original statement, that the Athlete of the Year award goes to a “multi-sport athlete.” And it should. We should be talking about area athletes who excelled in more than one SPORT, not more than one event.

    Give McClain the AOY he deserves for track & field, and give Jacques the AOY she deserves for swimming, but the overall Athlete of the Year should go to the boy and girl who showed their athleticism by excelling in more than one high school sport.

  • wow!

    After reading this blog, I’m not so sure RR doesn’t have an agent already!

  • Fred has described this award as going to the best multi-sport athlete.

    I have no say. It’s really Fred’s call, but I will give my two cents here …

    What McClain and Jacques did was more impressive (to me) than what anybody else did simply because they dominated the entire state/Southern Section in their respective sports. If you have any doubt just how amazing what they’ve done is, ask yourself when was the last time you saw anybody go 8-for-8 for their career in CIF swimming championships or win back-to-back state championships in track. And when do you expect that to happen again?

    BUT, Gretchen isn’t a multi-sport athlete. And Remontay did play football, but wasn’t a standout football player.

    So, to me, that makes this pretty clear:

    Rio Ruiz — Played QB and slugged at an extremely high level. Not many kids are good enough to do what he did at either position/sport, let alone both.

    Matt Fregoso — Among state leaders in rushing and an outstanding wrestler. Factor in his size. Even more impressive.

    Gelalich/Huth — Both excellent football player. Huth was All-Area LB and a great baseball player. Gelalich was also outstanding at football and easily the scariest baserunner in the area.

    Beejay Lee — By far the area’s best all-purpose player in football. Also an accomplished track athlete who had some bad luck at the end of the season.

    As for the girls … well … I don’t know. There doesn’t seem to be a Mel Gomez type out there, which shows just how special she was.

    For boys, my two finalists are Ruiz and Fregoso.

  • Answers

    I like Arams take on the boy’s side and agree that the award should be for the athlete that competes at the highest level in mulitliple sports. A true multi-sport Athlete of the year. I’ll take Gelalich of Bonita. A 2x All-CIF athlete. All-CIF Football 2011 and ALL-CIF Baseball 2010. A stand-up kid any program would want to have. Congratulations to all the athletes who’s names are mentioned in these post’s.

  • WestCovinaBulldog

    Badley Ojala West Covina- He helped the bring the Bulldogs not one, but two CIF Championships in Football and Wrestling. And also contributed in qualifying the Bulldogs for CIF in Golf.
    Football- Starting Tight End and back up middle linebacker (Behind Dupleasis).
    Wrestling- Helped his team in winning the CIF Dual Tournament. Placed 1st @ League 2nd @ CIF 8th @Masters and qualified for the State Championships.
    Golf- Helped contribute in qualifying his team in CIF for golf.

    Mind you the kid is only a 10th grader, and walking around with two rings on his hand!
    The kid is a definition of an ATHLETE.

  • just sayin’

    yeah – another popularity contest